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  1. Looking for NOS automatic parts - particularly the shifter and shifter surround/ PRNDL indicator and brushes. Interested in anything automatic though - let me know what you have Thanks! Jake
  2. Yep, it’s gone! Excited for what the next owner will do with it. I’m splitting time between Gritty and Elwood. I need to get Elwood drivable and sold so I can dump that money into Frogger. Hopefully I’m 02-ing In 2021
  3. Mine arrived yesterday and i was able to try it out last night. Amazing tool, I wish I'd have bought one years ago. Thanks for doing another run Pat!
  4. Lightly used, still in nice shape. Price is $17 shipped in the US.
  5. Thank you! I was surprised too - its such a good start, saving thousands & and months of time versus starting from '0' on a full restoration. That being said, it didn't help that I didn't market it especially well. I was always one foot in/one foot out on this project and often made up reasons to not advertise more widely or put it on BaT.
  6. Well - 2020 wasn't the year. 2021 won't be either ... at least for me. 1515129 has found a new owner and I am so excited to watch work start on this car again. Its a very special car and while It is disappointing that I'm not the one to build it, I am very glad that it will be built.
  7. Selling the last of my stash of early nose trim. One is embossed and meant for the 'black stickers', the other is embossed and dimpled. My understanding is that the black sticker trim was for 1966 cars and the embossed and dimpled was for 1967-early 1968. I could be wrong, perhaps someone could enlighten me about the correct applications for this trim. Both trims have some damage and wear, but could be put on a 'driver' or patina car as is. I would expect that a professional trim repair shop could fix these if you wanted them in nicer condition. These are hard to photograph, so I've included a video for each below. "Black Sticker trim" - $250 + Shipping&Paypal. IMG_8321.m4v Embossed & Dimpled trim - $375 + Shipping & Paypal IMG_8326.m4v ) IMG_8321.m4v
  8. Swan neck mirror. Was crunched at one point, but I bent the housing back in shape and had a local mirror company cut and install a new mirror. Neck is pitted. Base is good. Would be a great piece for a driver car. I’ve got more than 95 in it, but want it to go to a good home. price plus shipping & PayPal. Shipping capped at 15.50 & I’ll research cheaper options.
  9. 10 slat kidney grille. Driver quality or good candidate for restoration. The slats are nice and tight and very straight. Overall it’s in pretty nice shape, but there are a few defects: —-Typical Dings in the typical places. I tried to point out a few of them in the photos. These dings are mostly pretty shallow and some are hard to notice. Could be bent back out. —- some corrosion on the grille. Could use a little steel wool and polish. —- one of the mounting studs snapped, as they like to do. Looks like There is still enough left to mount though. this was the 10 slat I’d planned to use for my 67 until I found a slightly nicer one. Figured it was time to get it off my shelf and into someone’s car. price is 225 + shipping. Worst case scenario is flat rate at 20 bucks, hopefully cheaper with regular packing.
  10. Happy Build day Wolfgang!! remind me- how long have you owned this one?
  11. Is there a riviera one in that bunch? How’s the rust?
  12. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/232835-1967-1600-2-shell/?tab=comments#comment-1325244
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