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  1. Had a little bit of progress last Sunday - the windows have come out! Feels like a much bigger milestone than it probably really is. Huge thanks to Ben Weber for his expertise. I’m really good at breaking glass and appreciate the pointers and help getting them removed safely. Glad we took the glass out for this repaint. There is some surface rust on the front, but nothing bad yet. Very happy to catch it in time.
  2. That’s super cool! What are the details on the car? Color, still 6v? Would love to see some pictures. if you need anything - drop me a line!
  3. I’ve got two aprons that are going out tomorrow , should have the last one out later next week. the E24 aprons will be a similar time frame- maybe a little longer. Excited with how the prototype looks.
  4. Shortly after the last post I got sent out of town for almost two months for work and the project stalled again. Since getting back there have been numerous other “distractions” that have left Frogger sitting in nearly the same spot for 6 months. time to change that. rotisserie plan is likely scrapped. It’s totally disassembled and I don’t know that I want to go to the trouble of putting it back together. Working on getting some dollies to roll it around without front/rear suspension. either way, there is still a lot of cleaning to do - so we started in the back with some zep degreaser, spray bottles, a paint scraper and thick gauge wire brushes. It was nasty. Still is pretty nasty, but better. I wish we could pressure wash it or steam clean it- I’ve only heard of services like that in California though. We don’t have water at the barn, nor do I want to deal with that mess, so it’s a non starter. Maybe once we load it on a trailer we’ll take it by a DIY car wash to get it as good as possible. Next weekend will be more cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Still need to take rocker and knee trim off and pull windshields too. IMG_0119.MOV
  5. Update: Got one apron sent out, and will pick up two more Tomorrow or tuesday (gsshack & Petroengr). I talked to the shop today and he expects to get the others knocked out end of this week. If anyone is still interested shoot me a PM and we can get you in line for one of these aprons. I've got an e28 apron ready to ship if anyone is in need. Thanks! Jake
  6. Thanks to everyone for all the interest - I really appreciate it! I've mentioned this to a few people but wanted to talk about it here too: This is a total passion project for me and I get really excited that folks enjoy these. Since I don't make these myself there is next to no money in it, but it supports a small upholstery shop here in Louisville. The owner is always excited to hear from us and I'm really glad that we can support this small business. A big thank you to everyone who has purchased one of these aprons and from everyone with interest in one. I'll start a list here so I can keep things on track with shipping/production/etc. These are made to order, so as soon as I get paypal payment I'll get production started. 1. @JWT - Paid / shipped! 2. @gsshack - Paid 2002&e30 / Shipped! . e24 apron in production. 3. @mattnahangi - pending 4. @David Layton - paid/shipped 5. @Half Moon tii- paid/shipped 6. @no1uno - paid 7. @petroengr- paid / shipped 8. @rockyford77 - paid/shipped 9. @Wcox16 - paid/shipped I did receive a payment last night - but I don't know which one of you paid - no note on the paypal or message via the FAQ. Please drop me a line so I know who is who. If anyone else is interested please let me know!
  7. The 2002 and e30 are readily available and will just need to be made - in fact we have an e30 apron in stock. The e24 will take some more effort as a pattern still needs to be created. I'll take my e24 by later this week and see if he can get something made up. I'll shoot you a PM to coordinate Thanks!
  8. they are still available - Pricing has gone up since this group by (materials are more expensive) - I left a message with my upholstery guy to check pricing and timeline.
  9. @Lucian - that's absolutely horrible, I really hate to hear that. I hope you and anyone else in the car is doing ok. I'll send a messagein a little bit
  10. 2.5 years have gone by fast. The 67 has been in pretty much the exact same spot for all of that - were hoping to change that soon. I had put the 67 up for sale last year, but after speaking with a few interested people, I never made a deal. The car and parts are still for sale, but I’m going to start working on it again this fall. Let’s get caught up: Feb 2017 - welcome to the barn, found its spot. July 2017 - friends RV and several other cars out of the barn so we could hang lights. Lift was added Jan 2018 to the area the red 66 is sitting. June 2019 - dusty, spiderhaus, covered in blankets. Waiting. We’ve been working hard getting other projects/distractions out of the way or at least buttoned up so I can bring this project into the work area. We’re close. Currently planning to bring this out first part of October. First task will be a thorough cleaning to get all the nasty dust off the car. No water at the barn, so it’ll be a sponge bath.
  11. @patallen I'd be in for the next batch too.
  12. Both mirrors pending sale. Gas cap cap still available.
  13. All prices +shipping. Happy to combine with any other items I’ve got for sale. If prices aren’t fair, please make an offer. Thanks! Locking gas cap, no key. 20+shipping nice cap, driver quality. Key hole flap in good shape, not sagging. Flag mirror 45+shipping Higher end of driver quality. This is one I should probably keep for frogger, but I’ve got to declutter. Has some scratching in the middle of the glass and a weird spot bottom left. For a driver car I don’t think you’d be disappointed. Trapezoid mirror - 30 + shipping nice body, but glass is out. Glass is in pretty poor shape, but maybe it can be remirrored or used as a template for a new piece to be cut at a mirror shop.

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