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  1. Sorry, No clue - I’ve never removed them from the packaging.
  2. Selling a genuine BMW headliner for a sunroof car. Purchased from BluntTech and has sat in my closet for a while. Would like to pass it on to someone who can use it more immediately than me. Part numbers: 51 95 1 817 302 51 44 1 804 085 price 225 shipped thanks!
  3. New - old stock red center tail light Its in great shape, only “blemish” is what looks like a silver finger print on the bottom side of the lens. See last photo. 100 + shipping (usps flat rate)
  4. Drive safe! Looking forward to catching up next weekend
  5. Hello RGB'ers and distinguished guests: It's May and that can only mean one thing - everyone frantically tearing their cars apart and rebuilding them for the Vintage. While you're furiously swinging wrenches I've got a caravan route planned so you don't have to. The plan: We need to depart no later than Noon on Thursday 5/16. I plan on arriving at about 11 to grab a quick early lunch and gas up ahead of time. The exit will have a Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, & McDonalds for your dining pleasure.This will be best/only lunch stop so best to plan to arrive with plenty of time before noon. Upon arrival, there is a large parking lot between the McDonalds and Gas station, so lets plan to meet there. Again, I'd recommend planning to arrive by 11am, gas up upon arrival, then park in the big lot and meet up with everyone else for food etc. Where to Meet: We will meet near Lexington, KY, specifically exit 115 KY 922 (Newtown Pike) on I-64 / I-75. 115 is the first exit after 64&75 merge together, but for those of you with GPS you can plug in the McDonald's address to find us -> 1946 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY 40511. Take a left off the exit and you'll see the restaurants on the right side of the street. Also, If anyone is coming from 'points beyond' and leaving earlier in the week & would like to join the caravan, there are several good hotel options off this exit. The Route: >>>>>> https://goo.gl/maps/chXEmer456sNvywj6 <<<<<< We will take I-75 South to Corbin, then US-25E, then I-40 E to Asheville. It's the same route we took last year and was a really nice, easy, scenic drive. The one major change from previous years is that we are eliminating the Corbin stop. Hopefully pressing on and only stopping once will allow us to beat some of the Asheville rush hour traffic. What to do next: 1) Comment below if you're planning on caravaning with us, then shoot me a PM with what car you'll be driving (color/model/etc) and your best contact number. **I will compile a driver contact list and distribute to everyone when we meet in Lexington** 2) Get excited, tell your friends, finish building your car. 3) Pack walkie talkies if you have them - really useful during the caravan & on site on Saturday - there is no cell service. The journey to vintage is half the fun, and last year's caravan was an absolute blast. You do not want to miss out this year. Feel free to PM/Call/Smoke signal me with any questions or concerns.
  6. I'm really excited to get back to SF and be at the show this year. Long shot, but if anyone wants to have their second car at the event I'd be happy to volunteer as a driver - frogger won't fit in the carry on luggage.
  7. Yeah....whoops. Well, the car may or may not make it on the rotisserie. I just got assigned a 6 week work trip and have run out of time to prep the car. Before I left I threw the steering column back in and I’m going to try and send it to the body shop as is so they can make progress while I’m gone. Not what I wanted to do, but probably the right thing to help limit some scope creep. I went thru with a paint pen and marked some of the less obvious trouble spots and holes that needed to be filled. I’m planning on deleting the front and rear side reflectors, closing the “aftermarket” holes in the hat tray and dash. Considering keeping the knee trim - I kinda think it looks good with the early long rear bumper. Car as as it sits now:
  8. For just the shell? Heck yes - that’s 10k over asking. Im guessing you want parts with it too. That all depends on the parts package that you want. Send me a PM with your phone number, let’s talk.
  9. I've got a 6v Tach Cluster with "5.67" date stamp across all three sections. Doesn't appear to ever have been tampered with which is congruent with the car's unfortunate life (driven not a lot of miles, put away in a barn, rusted to death). It even still has the goofy factory Styrofoam protector for the extra pins. Cluster is for sale if there's anyone in need
  10. Selling a silver dollar Cluster, 4.70 date code, has a clock, not a tach. The upper left corner has been cracked - you may be able to run this as is, or swap the gauges into a good housing 115+ shipping. If that's not a fair price, please make an offer
  11. 6x 0 280 155 746 - Multiple application, 4 hole injector 2x 0 280 155 746 - Ford 4 hole injector Collected these for an m20 swap project. Should work for m42 as well. The 2 Ford injectors have been rebuilt awhile back, the others have not. 60 + Shipping. If this isn't a fair price, please make an offer.
  12. Selling some Engine computers - Price is + Shipping. If price isn't fair, please make an offer. check fitment here-> http://www.bimmerinfo.com/DME_versions.htm Bosch Motronic 1.7 - e30 M42, years 90-91 0 261 200 175 $75 Bosch Motronic 1.3 - e30 i/is/ix have two @ 75 each Bosch Motronic 1.1 0 261 200 153 $50 Bosch Motronic 1.3 0 261 200 525 75 Bosch Motronic 1.1 E30 e/es m20b27 0 261 200 154 50
  13. NOS ATE Brake master cyl for a bavaria. IIRC this works as an upgrade for 2002 &/or NK brakes, but i can't remember 100% Looks great, comes with two new Brake Reservoir Grommets 240 + Shipping. If that's not a fair price, please make an offer.

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