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  1. @eastsidebimmer - this looks similar to your issue, yeah?
  2. The only engine swap I would recommend would be another m10. If you can find a good used m10, it could buy you some time. M20/m42/whatever will be way way more expensive. definitely agree with the others above- take it somewhere who can accurately diagnose and quote you what it would cost to fix/rebuild whatever. They could also quote what it would cost to remove and replace only too so you have your options.
  3. Here is a set of two Bosch 6v coils. These lived in my 66 Road Spares Kit - since i don't own a 6v car anymore, its time to let this stuff go to someone who needs it. Both Bosch Black 6v - one is PN 0 221 100 025, one is PN 0 221 100 016 Selling as a pair for $40 shipped. I haven't ever seen 6v coils come up for sale here before, so I don't have much of a benchmark. If 40 bucks isn't fair, please make an offer. EDIT: looking for some other 6v stuff? send me a message and i'll see what i've got. I've got a pretty decent set of ignition parts & Relays i was carrying as spares too.
  4. Set of 3 driveshaft guibos, 6 bolt, roughly 3" center to center. One is NOS the other two are very good used. I had these in my road spares kit for the 1966 as it used 3 guibos (!!!) but IIRC these fit 02's thru the early 70's. NOS is stamped "SGF" & "JURID", Good used are both just stamped "JURID" Sold as a set of 3, hella cheap - 40 bucks shipped in the US. If that price isn't fair, feel free to shoot me an offer.
  5. BUMP for a PRICE DROP 49 bucks + Shipping. If that's not a fair price, please make an offer.
  6. Thanks fellas - Can confirm that my car would be a great candidate for someone who was wanting to put a car together. Will save considerable time and money over a project that is "rolling dead / needs rust,paint,bodywork". On top of what's in the ad, I've got literal tons of parts (used, NOS and new) that can be sold along with my shell in whatever configuration a buyer wants/needs to be able to put a car together. Plus, in my biased opinion, a super early (January 67) car is way cool. OP - I hope you find a great project - whether its this one, mine, or some other car. I hope you post your progress in a project blog - looking forward to seeing how things go! Jake
  7. Selling a shorty console. Comes with both sides and the top crossmember, and 8 screws with grommets. Missing the lower crossmember, but this can be made out of a block of wood. needs some repair on The top corner where the top crossmember attaches - vinyl, stuffing, wood. Asking 75 49 +shipping OBO. SOLD it’s currently packed in a 14x14x5 box that weighs 4 pounds and shipped via any carrier, but can be repacked in a large USPS flat rate box if that saves a few bucks. USPS Flat rate runs about 20 bucks.
  8. Bump - still for sale. Car had been considered sold and was working on completing the deal for the last several months, but the buyer has gone MIA and won't return Calls/texts/emails. I'd really like to get this to someone who can do it justice. Wish that was me, but can't see it happening in the next few years and I hate to see it languish in storage.
  9. Sending a pm edit: turns out I don’t think this will fit my application- GLWS.
  10. I haven’t installed the ones I bought a few years ago, but can attest that they’re great quality. Definitely recommend
  11. That's good to know! I thought they went thru feb or so of 68. Very cool. I wonder when they stopped with the nose trim and the positioning of the roundel and 1600 on the back
  12. Looks like a great early car. Ill bet it’s had it’s dash changed at some point to the later style instead of the “chrome” bottom which is a bummer. Hopefully it still has the dimpled trim that carried into early 68. If it were mine, I’d refresh the mechanicals and drive it as is. Looks great and has a lot of character. Also agree that 16 is too high for this one, but 11-14 is probably fair Nowadays depending on how mechanically sorted it is
  13. Hey y'all! As y'all (some more than others) are aware, business is down for everyone right now. I wanted to offer a sale on these fender aprons to help bring some business to the one man shop who produces these beautiful aprons. I know we're all stuck at home and working on our BMW's right now and If you've got a few extra bucks, please consider supporting him and picking up a great garage accessory to protect your car's paint. I'm knocking off as much as I can and throwing in free shipping - these have never been cheaper! This has always been a passion project for me and I'm very thankful for all the support over the years. I'm excited to be able to try and support this shop again. The cover we designed protects both fenders and the radiator support. No need to buy two covers, or to carry your single cover from drivers to passengers side as you transition to work from a different part of the engine bay. I know many of us use the radiator support as a tool tray when we work - this cover will protect it from nicks and dings. The cover has a hole for the hood latch and a slit sealed with Velcro for the hood support bar. The cover supports itself via these two bars, but we have included a grommet on either side to use as a tie off for restorations or race cars without those items installed. The covers are black with a soft underside. They will come with a fitted storage bag for when not in use or travel. Want to see some reviews & info from past group buys? Take a look GB Vol 2 & GB Vol3. Want to see more photos of the four different aprons I sell? Take a look here Pricing is $210 shipped (including paypal fees) for BMW 2002, e28 and e24 aprons. E30 aprons are a little cheaper at $205 shipped.
  14. bump! If someone wants the lens on its own, no chrome ring - make me an offer
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