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  1. Hi Dan, I'm interested. Can you please send me pictures. Thnaks, Will
  2. Is there a difference between the "original HD" compared with the newer P30-0023 HD in terms of quality and durability? Thanks
  3. PM sent for the malaga trunk lid. Thanks
  4. Hi Andrew, Just to double check with you, did you use the repair sheet for the rear inner wheel arch (attached link above) or the bmw complete outer wheel arch? If you used the former, it would be better, since the latter left side is not currently available and more expensive. Thank you very much. Regards, Will
  5. Thanks Andrew. I was considering the patch replacement panel but I'm not sure about fitment. Do you know by chance if the Walloth replacement panel fits well? Regards, Will
  6. I will buy the belt trims, head light bucket, front fender, front signal light. Thanks
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