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  1. This makes sense. I didn't have any issues in the 8 years that I had them in the car. The wiring harness was a premade kit that I purchased from a reputable vendor, I don't recall seeing anything else that was special about the harness but maybe there was something added inline. My LEDs are just the bulbs in the H4 housings, I added the anti-flicker capacitors so they wouldn't mess up the old relays. As I stated previously, the LED bulbs I have are designed that you can rotate the bulb once installed, this allows you some flexibility in adjusting the pattern of the beam. I set the lights up using the reflection off of my garage doors, and it appears to be a pretty sharp cutoff. My friends said that there isn't glare (but they are probably just being kind). I believe the LED headlight bulbs do run hot, as most of them have a fan built into the back. Either way, it is really nice technology and makes driving at night a much better experience both for me, and the pedestrians and animals that may get in the way.
  2. My personal opinion is that you should upgrade to LEDs for the headlights. I don't claim to be a lighting expert, but the technology with LED is better and the electrical draw is lower reducing stress on your switches and wiring. Many years ago I upgraded a Porsche 944 that I had to H4's... I installed a really nice harness with heavier gauge wiring, relays, and it pulled power straight from the alternator. It was better than what I had, but still dim compared to modern cars. My 2002 had H4 headlights when I purchased it, I looked into H4 Bulbs and found some bulbs that were pretty inexpensive and it is a night and day difference (Pun Intended). The bulbs that I purchased also have the ability to be rotated once installed so you can adjust the light pattern. The one thing I will note, is that I went with a 6k bulb which works great and really lights up the night. But it is blue/white and does not look as factory on the car. If I were to purchase some new bulbs I may go with a 4k or lower to match the color of the earlier lighting.
  3. tashakes - Thank you for the quick feedback on your experience with the New Generation URO Door Seals.... it will be interesting to hear the feedback from the individuals that had the old generation Door Seals. I may add these to my Christmas list of items to buy myself if there is any money left over after getting my kids their gifts! 🤣
  4. I personally did not have a great experience with the Wurth Silver wheel paint. For the money I was not impressed with the lay down and the texture of the finish. I decided to do a little research and find something a little more budget friendly and readily available. What I found was that some people on a Porsche forum were using Duplicolor DE1615 Aluminum Engine Enamel and I gave it a try. I'm not building a concours car and was painting all 4 wheels so I wasn't concerned about trying to match or blend existing paint on a wheel. Below are thoughts: I was thrilled with the results! I have other BMW & Porsche wheels in the garage and this paint is almost an exact match The lay down of the paint was excellent (Note: When spraying this paint you will see swirls of light and dark gray, do not try to correct this with more paint. It will dry in one uniform color) The paint is readily available at most parts stores Being an Engine enamel the paint is resistant to most chemicals. Just to be safe I used a clear coat designed for wheels as my final coat (I figured it may be more resistant to brake dust) Below are some before and after pics
  5. I think the GPS Speedometer is a great option if you are not concerned about the originality of the car. I was planning to go the Speedhut route as noted above, but after looking into other options and came across a GPS speedometer that I liked on Amazon. It was $71 shipped to my door, doesn't have all the fun features that you get with Speedhut but it did allow me to program in my current mileage and comes with the remote button that fits in the same spot on your cluster. I took apart the cluster, painted the other needles to match, and upgraded to LED lights. I'm happy with the end result.
  6. Not the best pics....but I really appreciate a nice steering wheel. This is the first car I have had where I installed a wooden wheel.
  7. I recently installed a Bluetooth version of the 123, and initially wondered if there was any advantage to having some static advance. However, in the end I set the timing to 0 and let the distributor do all the work of advancing the timing at the values that I programmed. The one thing that I still don't have a complete understanding of is the vacuum advance. Can any of the experts in this thread provide a simple explanation of the vacuum advance? When it would come into play? Benefits? And possible suggestions of initials settings? Thank you
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