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  1. Drop a used engine in the car so you can get back to driving. If you can't find one locally, post in the WTB section. Determine what your goals would be if you rebuild your current engine and start sourcing the parts required for the build. If you are really 2 years away from retirement, maybe this becomes one of your first retirement projects. And when you are done with the build and install the fresh engine, you get to sell the used engine that kept you going for a couple years and recoup some funds.
  2. As the ad title states I am looking for E21 hubs. My car is non-tii if that matters.
  3. It appears that you can get the SuperSprint from Turner Motorsports. However, I don't believe they have the side exit. https://www.turnermotorsport.com/BMW-E10-2002/c-5-bmw-exhaust-systems-and-parts
  4. Hi Harry, I would like to order a set as well. Thank you, Mike
  5. A lot of it will depend on your budget, timing, and desired color of seat. I know there was a guy in Thailand that was restoring OLD Recaro's and usually had a little bit of inventory, maybe someone can provide a link to him. If you are patient and post in the WTB section, and regularly search Recaro or FloFit on craigslist and Facebook marketplace things with pop up periodically. But with older (period correct) seats you can expect a little bit of work to make the seats perfect. The old MKII VW GTI & GLI cars had some nice recaros, that is where my seats are from in the pic attached (Recaro Trophy). I found them on craigslist for short money and have swapped them into a few different cars over the years, but before I put them in the 2002 I had an upholstery guy cover the centers with a fabric I provided to match the rest of my interior.
  6. A couple pics... First one is of my older daughter when I bought my car. The second pic is of my younger daughter a couple weeks ago.
  7. I accomplished a lot on my car in 2020, and I have quite a list going for 2021.....here are a few of the top items from my 2021 list: Install new rotors & repack wheel bearings (Done) Install Bilstein Front Strut Inserts (Done) Install 5 speed with lightened Flywheel (I have all the components, just need to get time in the garage) Install AFR Gauge in the seatbelt indicator pod Install Header Figure out which exhaust system to go with (I have a stock system, I have an IE system, and I have a Supersprint muffler with the dual tips)... the stock and IE leave a bit to be desired sound wise, but I actually think the IE is quiet because of the resonator design and would actually sound better with the stock resonator attached (I tried it in the garage). The Supersprint sounds great but I am having trouble getting it to line up properly, and the mounts need to be modified because it is set up for an early car. That is part of the list... I guess I need to get to the garage 🙂
  8. Car looks great! Do you have anymore details to help us with the starting price? Is it still a 4 speed or upgraded to a 5 speed? Has anything else been done to the engine besides the dual webers? What does it have for a differential? I would suggest trying to sell the nice wheels separately, as not everyone will want to go in that direction with the look of the car. It allows someone to have more of a blank canvas for the car, and you to get more value from the sale of the wheels separately.
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