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  1. Paul your attention to detail is a cut above.....well done. When are you ready to get it dirty.
  2. please forward the tracking info once you have them shipped.



  3. For me it was: Power coated Front sub, rear sub and trailing arms Olive/Grey Struts, control arms, torsion bars pitman arms, backing plates......, basically everything but the sway bars and diff cover were a mat black
  4. joysterm

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Went for another "shakedown" drive this fine lasted less than 10 minutes after blowing a fuel line dumping 5 gallons of gas in the process. #WAPO
  5. joysterm

    Shits and giggles exhaust cutout

    looks like you have avoided any fitment issues. Curious if the is any concerns with ground clearance. I may want to put this back on my wish list......looks fantastic.
  6. joysterm

    Shits and giggles exhaust cutout

    That is pretty much spot on as it was explained to me. There isn't many spots to place the unit without the exhaust pipe hanging much lower than it is already. .... coupled with a lower ride height made the exercise less than worth while. Although I am sure someone with mad skills will take a run at it someday.
  7. joysterm

    Shits and giggles exhaust cutout

    Interesting.....maybe the vintage crowd will fly under their radar
  8. joysterm

    Shits and giggles exhaust cutout

    I tried, or I should say Midnight Motorsport did when they built my exhaust system. Apparently there was not a lot of room to allow the "piss off the neighbours" upgrade. I was disappointed to say the least.
  9. joysterm

    Recaro Frames

    price change
  10. joysterm

    Recaro Seat and Bolster Covers

    Bmp price reduced
  11. Hello All This information/product was posted last week many may be unaware of this offering It is a vinyl door liner that replaces the factory vapour barrier if you car still has one. They are rather pricey not too mention the shipping costs. Here is the active link to the thread that displays the product. Ordered
  12. Various materials, and covers as prices. Most are in reasonable condition. Priced in pairs but willing to sell individually or as a lot. I would like to see find a new life rather than get tossed. I believe most of these items were from LX models but can not confirm their origins. Shipping extra 20.00 for it all...... Seat Covers Backs (2) 15.00 ea. 25.00 pr Seat (Fair) 15.00 Seat (Poor) 5.00 Bolster Covers Fabric, complete set Some fading 1 cover worn and tearing..........10.00 each for the best, 20.00 set Black Fabric weave (2) left side only excellent condition 5.00 each Seat Back cover 10.00 Black Vinyl covers 5.00 each, as is Both left side one with some splitting Assorted Felt liners....15.00 lot Free with the lot.
  13. joysterm

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Appreciate the info and the link. I will file it away for future use. Regards ....
  14. joysterm

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Curious what type of foam you are using? I can see this being a option that will be used more often. good luck with it.