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  1. I am sure some of the guys from the Seattle area will weigh in to help you out. You will come to find that your moving into a very active and supportive community. I know packing up all your stuff will be a PITA but you will be thankful you did......make sure you bring an umbrella too. Welcome to the PNW
  2. They are still available ( W&N) but at a considerable cost....... 52.00 EACH + shipping and the import duty probably has some impact as well
  3. That is quite a gap.....I think he is hurting right now seeing this go at 30 (less the juice) 40 maybe, must be something we can not see.
  4. ya I agree, the seller is probably not that happy either, should have had a reserve on it!
  5. Up for your pleasure today will be a 1974 Turkis........NM/NA https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1974-BMW-2002-237191
  6. Here's my 2bits worth Good luck with the upgrades
  7. the current owner has already posted the info to the classified board earlier....
  8. Complete set (4) of dust caps, good condition with minor signs of wear. Shipping extra.
  9. At the risk of stirring the pot further concerning the “ proper sub frame colour”, I respectfully disagree. At least where it applies to pre 72 production dates. My subframes were a olive green...ish colour, not black. ( Dec ‘71 2580042)
  10. As I am sitting here on this sunny west coast day , the first day of a new decade pondering the year I turn the big 7O i can't help my self by adding my 2 cents worth to the conversation. I am of the camp that believes the devil is in the details and you do sweat the small stuff. The small shit matters, or it should if you take pride in your work. I do not consider myself an expert when it come to Tii's but some of the small stuff on this car speaks volumes for the stuff that maybe not visible or obvious to a well informed buyer, IMHO. Specifically I am referring to one of the pics that show the engine bay. If this classic has gone thru a "cometic restoration" why is the roller missing on at least one of the hood latches, why could you not mask off the window washers, better yet why not remove it all together before you blasted the car with that gorgeous colour. You also may have wanted to remove some of the brackets and mounting screws while you were at it. Pretty sure they were plated not painted.....just saying'. It is a nice looking car but the price it is fetching is an indication the high bidder is not that knowledgeable or observant as to what is correct. His money to spend as he chooses granted but these shortcomings are an indicator what is lurking underneath all the lip stick. I am reminded a song title of a local band that had some success back in the 80's "A 3 dressed up as a 9". Not sure if the title is reflective of the condition but the spirit certainly is in my view. I can only imagine the conversation this would generate if listed on BaT ps @PaulTWintertonyou can keep your shorts on.....it stopped raining, you should be good with sandals too. Welcome home.
  11. joysterm

    E21 hubs

    Mike I may have a set for you........checking, get back to you as soon as I hear back from friend.
  12. Found it, one of the ,members of the local BMW community found it abandoned in front of his house late Saturday.....these BOLO actually work.
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