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  1. This survivor is screaming for some attention and a 4speed conversion. If the border was open I'd be taking a trip down the I-5 GLWTS
  2. I am not sure if this will help as you are the other side of the border. Here is BC our basic car insurance is controlled by the Provincial Gov't, it does however allow you to seek private insurance in as much it relates to collision and comprehensive coverage. They also offer a collector and modified collector program, that has defined perimeters which provides a much cheaper rate compared to a everyday driver. Currently any car/truck built prior to 1991 is eligible for this program but strict guidelines for interior, exterior suspension and performance modifications have to be addressed to qualify. They however, do not have an agreed value clause in the policy. They rely on market value from what I understand so it does allow for much comfort for many. You also have to be a registered owner of another car/truck to qualify. In my case and because I have modified my 2002 I have chose a third party provider to address my needs on the recommendation of the shop that painted my car. I was required by the underwriter to have an independent registered appraisal completed before the Insurance company was prepared to enter into an agreed value clause. It covers 100% if anything happens to the car with the exception of PL & PD coverage. It includes storage insurance when ever the car is not licensed for the street. This forces me to buy basic insurance but at a much cheaper rate than the general public, ( because of the collector status). As far as the premium is concerned I think each state or province is different so dollar figures will likely not mean much. I can tell you that in my case my combined costs for basic and agreed value is more than half of what I would pay for basic coverage with a relatively low deductible with NO agreed value. Finally most of the guys around here do use Hagerty as their third party insurer, I do not. Also I am not sure of their requirements but I understand they place a value on the car based on their research and pictures, no appraisal required as I understand it. I think their premiums are fairly close but I am sure in my case the premium is likely higher based on agreed value. I am sure you will get lots of response that will be better suited than mine...good luck!
  3. Ya the dry ice is not that cheap either at around here. Looks like you were lucky with yours at it came off better than most...but you were right in getting it off to check how far the rust had extended. Good with the rest of it.
  4. until
    Typically well attended by the local BMW community, great cross section of other classic and vintage rides.
  5. until
    Its that time of year to knock off the corners on your ride and enjoy quick trip to the beach.
  6. Good to know but I would have tried dry ice first. Less fuss no hammering
  7. I wish you were closer to take a run at this. I have seen a few of these type projects pop up locally with far less to offer than yours at 3 times the asking. Great looking seats and the dash doesn't seem to show its age from the rest of the car. If your a body and metal guy, this would be something of interest...IMHO. BTW, not that its a deal breaker, I am assuming it's number matching? GLWTS
  8. Feel free to introduce yourself and ride, and once again welcome to the group.
  9. Had my Quick Jack for few years now and luv'em...no issues whatsoever , common sense not included
  10. Like I said the CO is less than forthcoming when it comes to answering any questions at this point. Still waiting on a call for an address. Thanks for your input though, I have a friend that is interested in the car so this all helps.
  11. There is a lot of things wrong with the pics including the colour. It looks like Riviera but the post says gray so who knows. Supposed to see the car with a friend tomorrow but not holding out much hope.....
  12. Don't get too excited about this offering, there are some sketchy mods and trying to get info from the CO is like drawing blood from a stone. He states it has no rust, asking 19k (CAD) ....lol
  13. +1 to the comments above. I am in a similar situation with a recent purchase of a 325is. I am very reluctant to alter it in any way except for some needed suspension upgrades. I think there is a stronger market for those cars that are closer to original as opposed to one that has been tricked out.....but then again I could be wrong. Good luck with yours.
  14. Not that this will help you out, but I am finding very difficult to find much in this size range at all apart from the afore mentioned Advans, Bridgestone has discontinued r71's as well; so not a lot of selection in high performance tires these days...frustrating if you are in the market. There has to be more options out there.
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