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  1. Agreed nice car but this crazy, what’s a well sorted roundie gonna fetch although there was only two bidders flexing... some sanity remains I hope
  2. ....looking for a 4 bolt flange that will match up to a fine spline output shaft (Getrag 242) .. Any help or leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Save yourself the grief (and leakage), spend the extra $$ and get the OEM seals. I would not trust after markets seals.
  4. I can’t imagine the internal struggles you must have gone thru. Best of luck with the sale.
  5. I have a couple if interested, I’m close but will have to wait for the border to open, probably not the ideal situation for you. ...anyway an option
  6. I got a couple but I’m on the wrong side of the 49th. Your better off finding one local me thinks... good hunting
  7. A few of the local cars from the 604 gathering this morning....
  8. Hopefully all this will be settled by the end of June, and we can go from there. I'll stay in touch...stay safe All
  9. ....me too. The word is the US government will unilaterally open the borders to Canadians in or around June 22. This allagation was attributed to a Imgaration lawyer from Blaine, yesterday. It was passed along to him apparently by a ranking CBP official. I am not saying that it will be not without consequences. Until the clowns from Ottawa get rid of the quarantine requirements any Canadian crossing would still be subject to a 14 day isolation order by coming back. Then again it maybe an attempt by the US to apply some sort of pressure on Ottawa to follow suit.
  10. Hey James ....just throwing this out there but the word is the border is gonna open up sometime in June, and after a year and a half there is a few us up here that a have a serious thirst that needs to be quenched....(wink wink) I was wondering if there would be any interest for a CAN-AM get together once it does?
  11. until
    Meeting gets underway 8:00am Garry Point, Steveston. Typically very well attended with a wide range of cars, from Imports to customs. Hope to see you there!
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