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  1. joysterm

    Rocker trim install help

    I feel you....I have yet to tackle mine for the same fears. I have been told by a friend that if you are using the new clips offered by W&N for example, you should use a thinner type rubber washer placed between the mounting clip and the lower sill plate. This allows the clip to stand off the sill just enough the trim piece grabs the tabs more securely. Apparently its a trick the E9 guys have been using. Haven't tried it but sounds feasible.
  2. joysterm

    craigslist ballard, seattle

    Think you should reach out to a few guys in the neighbourhood, they maybe willing to help you look it over. The car looks like it has some short comings (painted B pillar trim, early deck lid and door trim looks like it is missing as well) but the most important thing determine the level of rust. A couple of nice set of wheels though ....good luck.
  3. The Canadian Cemetery at Beny- sur- Mer Juno Beach Normandy Thank you to all who sacrificed since that day and to those who continue to serve
  4. here's mine, nearly completed but sans head unit and gauges
  5. joysterm

    Coming together -

    oooh, another distruptor ........ love it
  6. joysterm

    1972 Tii (vancouver)

    + sketchy owner = a nightmare for an unsuspecting buyer
  7. joysterm

    1972 Tii (vancouver)

    Trying to get any history out of this guy was and probably still is difficult to do. He always had a excuse as to why he did not have the VIN, when pressed there was always another excuse, I gave I have no idea where it came from, only relying on the input from others who commented. Personally I never had an opportunity to set eyes on the car, but happy to do so if anyone wants to pursue this.
  8. joysterm

    1972 Tii (vancouver)

    NM/NN .......Price 65,000.00 (CAD) Please use caution ......this is, to the best of my knowledge a former east coast car that was purchased by the CO earlier this year. I believe it was offered on CL in North Carolina (but not confirmed) in the same color. It has been up for sale in this market before but has just now resurfaced with some new improvements, I would strongly advise you to perform as much due diligence on both the car and owner as you feel necessary if pursuing this sale. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. edit: After checking a previous post, the car was offered here in Aug 2017 not this year as stated above. It was apparently sold on Ebay for aprox 18,600 USD after postings on numerous CL through out the southern and west coast cities. It was sold with a South Carolina title, so I am not sure if the title was ever transferred to the CO who operates used spots car/ Porsche business here in BC.
  9. joysterm


    Nt....wrong section
  10. I feel your pain ....I have not driven mine in anger for some 40 years and now nearing the end of a 5 year re-do, I will gladly wait a few more months, but its killin' me
  11. April........ here in the beautiful BC
  12. joysterm

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Me too....but the beard gave it awy
  13. joysterm

    Interior Bits FOR SALE