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  1. joysterm


    I have the same tree in my back yard ......a real PITA this time of year but i like you have put yours to a good use. Well done!
  2. show me yours.......i'll show you mine (72 stock)
  3. .....sorry don't recognize them...something not related perhaps.
  4. I wish it was closer....I’d be a player with this one but then again the PNW has more than enough Inka’s already...... just sayin’ hope somebody takes a run at this, looks promising.
  5. For the life of me why compose a description of a restoration that falls woefully short and contradicts what is displayed via the pictures.
  6. You may want to reach out to Patrick @midnightmotorsport in Seattle, I believe he maybe able to steer you in the proper direction.
  7. don't forget to drill the access thru the lower plate for the hex head (engine mount) bolt
  8. I would say that at 999 that's a pretty good price for the system. It certainly does all that I need it too. I have a rather small double garage so its perfect for that. It gets the car off the floor nicely with easy access to the driveline. The jacking points are somewhat narrower which maybe a concern but I found another set of slotted blocks that fit in the seam of the frame rails that helps stabilize. All in all a valuable tool, doesn't take up a lot of storeage room either.....hth And thanks for the kind words....much appreciated. Mike
  9. Received the bit of hardware/dust collector yesterday and hanging out with a couple of new found friends
  10. First piece of hardware/dust collector and hanging out with of couple of new friends

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