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  1. joysterm

    Jack....Lug Wrench....Original tool kit

    Are you still in need of a jack, have one if interested.
  2. joysterm

    armrest brown BMW '72 2002

    I take them please send PP info.....thx Mike
  3. joysterm

    2002 Beauty Shots

    +1 ....I agree leave the trim . Unless you want to turn back the clock and switch to short bumpers too I would not mess with the belt or knee trim. Much to be said for the clean look but not with long bumpers, IMHO. I deleted the markers but that is far as I went. I have not installed the rear (long) bumper yet
  4. joysterm

    Trapezoid Mirror

    I am gauging interest before I proceed much further with these mirrors. I have had all the bases re-plated and the heads polished to a very high quality but before I invest any more time and money in rebuilding them I am wondering if anyone wishes to purchase them as is. There are 4 left side and one(1) right side mirror in this lot. The image below is just 2 out of the 5 available. I have been trying to source replacement parts for these primarily gaskets, internal hardware and glass. I have enough new gaskets to complete the build but the glass is somewhat of a different story, I do have the originals in most cases but not sure if I feel comfortable putting old glass in such a high gloss piece. I have most of the mounting hardware for each but maybe short a some of the internal fasteners. If you are looking to upgrade your current situation with newly plated and polished pieces please PM if you are interested. I am willing to include any of the parts you may need but they will be as an additional cost. I am looking to break even on these but realize you are able to purchase complete repos for roughly the same price, however I and confident they are not finished to this level of quality. Addition pics provided upon request. Thanks for you time. Price 125.00 each shipped (as is)
  5. joysterm

    LS Swap

    ooow..... another disruptor. Love it
  6. joysterm

    Rough tii Bellingham, WA

    "ran great 15 years ago" .....not sure you can bank on being relevant now, looks more like a 9K parts car
  7. what do you want for the sliders?
  8. joysterm

    Do You Know P. Jacques ?

    Thanks Steve ....I did not dive into the site
  9. joysterm

    Do You Know P. Jacques ?

    here is an active link Sorry you may need a translator to read it. Looks like they only cater to Francophones
  10. joysterm

    interior trim panels on quarters

    I took a giant leap and cut the heart out of the cards to keep the moulded section only and fabricated a plywood frame to replace the hardboard section that was removed. Then glassed in the moulded section to my liking. Not the quickest way to address your needs but for me I did not want to trust 40 year old moulded hardboard when sinking a considerable amount of resources in to my interior. I also wanted to deleted the ashtray, something I am sure purists would never do. Here are a few pics, if you care for more info check the link here.
  11. joysterm

    Used 02 parts,subframe, driveshaft, small stuff.

    smoking deal for any local