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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/this-1950s-roadster-nearly-bankrupted-bmw-now-the-car-sells-for-millions/ar-BB17tGCA?li=BBnbfcN
  2. @Pinaman, thank you for resurrecting this thread. I joined the site shortly after this thread was started and today is the first I have seen these posts. Some great shots submitted....they just never get old!
  3. until
    Gets underway at Gary Point Park, Steveston.
  4. I have posted an event that maybe of interest to the group. The BMW Club of BC is hosting their annual gathering on Aug.16th at the Waterfront Park (North Van). It will provide an opportunity for the group to gather and show off our respective rides to the local BMW community on mass. if the group is interested. There is however an entry fee for those who wish to participate. The details and further information has been posted on the event schedule along with a RSVP request. As we close in on the date we can discuss if we wish to meet just prior to the event so we can be positioned together. In addition, there is a Cars and Coffee event scheduled for Sunday, July 26th hosted by Cars & Coffee Steveston. The event starts 8:30. at Gary Point. Hopefully we can get a few cars to attend, usually a great selection of cars.
  5. until
    23rd Annual BMW Car Club Concours d’Elegance @ Waterfront Park The BMW Car Club of BC Concours and Heritage Celebration is an annual event to celebrate the BMW marque. We are fortunate to have a high proportion of well maintained older cars in our club, many of them are excellent condition daily drivers. The purpose of our ‘Concours’ is as a ‘gathering’ to recognize and appreciate the various BMW vehicles manufactured for over 100 years. It is meant to be a fun social gathering for club members and the public. Participants are encouraged to bring their BMW and show it at this event by entering it in one of the two categories. The Display category is for the showing and appreciation of your BMW. We recognize the beauty and value of these cars, and are encouraging every BMW owner that attends the event to display their BMW on the grass for others to view. For those that have a competitive nature, we have the Judged category. Here we have a variety of classes and trophies for the top 3 cars in each class based on how clean and detailed the owner has kept their BMW. The judged classes this year will be: Classic BMW pre 1998 Modern BMW 1998 – 2018 M Cars The judges will consider 21 factors of each judged car’s exterior, interior, and engine bay. Points will also be awarded for age of vehicle and mileage. Let it be said, “garage queens are at a disadvantage – these cars are meant to be driven.” In addition to viewing all the cars, this is a great event to meet fellow BMW owners and socialize. It is an event suitable for the entire family. We’ll have a unique hot dog vendor on site available at a reasonable price, or you can bring your own picnic lunch, or head over to Lonsdale Quay for something exotic. Every car entered will receive a 21st anniversary BMW Car Club Anniversary dash plaque. There is a cost to entering your BMW in the event. Display $10 Judged $20 Participants that won their category last year are not eligible to enter their car in the Judged category. This gives others a chance to win the top prize. For those wishing to enter their BMW in the Judged category it is recommended that you show up closer to 9:00 am so that your vehicle details can be recorded for the judging that occurs later in the day, and to give your BMW those last finishing touches.
  6. Mike , I seem to recall it was welded as is. I did have to open up a hole to access the hex head under the right motor mount though. Everything was power coated, I was not worried about trapping and moisture as that crossmember was not sealed up with the addition of the plate.....besides it never rains here.....hahah
  7. Have you reinforced the motor mount. I would recommend that you do if not already, as well as reinforce the sub frame cross member with a plate. IE offers both offer these still I believe. I stich welded the control arms as well.
  8. His eyes could tell quite a story am I sure....no doubt they will be brighter now thanks to your compassion. Stay safe and be well. Mike
  9. A trip up the Sea to Sky Hwy to Whistler today for lunch with the some of the "orange gang"and an Alpha .....not much traffic, perfect weather, great scenery. @PaulTWinterton @BCbryan
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