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  1. Mike I can put you in touch with the guy that did mine...let me know
  2. Just a brief reminder for the German Car Festival in North Van this weekend. For those planning to attend, we could meet up at the Park and Telford Starbuck's....say 9:00am and arrive as a group otherwise hope to see ya there! Hopefully we will see a good turnout. Gates open at 9:30
  3. A few high end classics from this weekend's C &C ........these three would be on my wish list .....sorry, I was the only pre 80 BMW
  4. Anyone planning on attending this weekend's event. Meeting at the Safeway Starbucks' 2315 W4th at 7:30 to enter the event as a group. Hope to see ya there.
  5. until
    Open to the public · Hosted by Classic Car Adventures and RX Autoworks
  6. I will humbly yield to those who are much more knowledgeable than I but I think you did pretty well for yourself. although the cost of the car would have some bearing on that. Welcome to the madness
  7. ....that aside, how can anyone drive without side mirrors .....looks weird without them too!
  8. disconnect the brake lines to the MC disconnect the linkage from the pedal box and any thing else that is attached to the booster and/or MC( looks like you may have done this already) then remove the nuts on the back of the booster. slide it forward The bracket attached to the firewall and inner fender can be removed after
  9. It is likely a factory replacement which I believe were identified with an X at each end of the boss as opposed to a + for factory original blocks. There are casting markings on the intake side of the block that will indicate the date it was cast.
  10. Agree with the initial comments as well. Can't tell if this is a sunroof car but regardless I would check all the A & C pillars as well as the floor at their base as well. If the towers need attention rest assured there is some rust lurking somewhere else. Hopefully you get lucky.,
  11. +1 with @Stevenc22 and @Jbaumshelter

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