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  1. I think there is a lot to fix here, both metal wise and asthetically. If it has been sitting for any length of time you can add another few more Benjamin’s to the total. I think it’s overpriced even at 5 then there is the shipping. I would not chase this one and try to find a car that is been better cared for. They are out there if you are diligent and patient. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. you still have the distributor?
  3. I am in search a few parts on behalf of a South African Owner. He is having difficulty in finding some critical pieces to get his 2002 Touring back on the road, so I have offered to help track down some if not all. The parts need to be in good DD quality (5-8). Full set of over riders Full wiring harness Rubber filler tube Single Barrel Carb Wiper Arms Fan Blade Mirrors (side) ....more to follow If there are Touring body bits out there he looking for the rear plastic grill that are located on the C pillar. TIA, and to any Touring owners out there, any info or sources you care to share would be very much appreciated. Regards
  4. Sub categories for the future perhaps: Best Survivor Best Patina Best B & Afters Best Restoration Best Resto- Mod etc
  5. Looks like a very nice find...welcome to the 02 madness of ownership
  6. Hello,

    This website tells me I do not sufficient content count to use PM :( Email me if you wish at [email protected] to continue. Thanks. Tom

  7. Nice job on the shelf, and love the inserts...killer
  8. pm, me I have a set that I am considering selling, shipping maybe an issue depending on your local
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