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  1. 2k2tii

    71 seats

  2. 2k2tii

    dinan turbo manifold

  3. 2k2tii

    solex carbs

  4. 2k2tii

    WTB hood

    Located in Northern California
  5. 2k2tii

    tan door panel - driver’s side 51411830503

    passenger side image included for reference
  6. Looking for a brand new one if anybody has one tan door panel for 74-76 car driver’s side part number 51411830503
  7. 2k2tii

    parts lot

    Used ones go for 500 this one is brand new
  8. 2k2tii

    parts lot

    $20 each
  9. 2k2tii

    parts lot

    message for prices
  10. Hi Harry, do you have the pieces shown in the attached pictures? p.s. your inbox must be full because I can’t send you a message. You may need to delete some messages to clear inbox space.
  11. 2k2tii

    air cleaner

  12. 2k2tii

    air cleaner

    Shipping is 32.91 total 107.91 via paypal friends and family to 2k2tii@gmail.com i will send the tracking.