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  1. Is this what you are looking for?
  2. I second this fraud alert his email is jamestyler8180@gmail.com
  3. Still looking for the correct sill piece. See pics 3 and 4; I am looking for the early version without the plastic piece that sits on the shelf (on the edge closest to the door)
  4. pics 3 and 4 give you the best idea of what I’m after. I’m looking for left and right side
  5. $400 shipped
  6. 2k2tii

    235 dogleg

    Removed from a real alpina 2002 does not grind in any gear or make any noises I can meet you at the Bay Area Brisbane swap & show this coming Saturday, May 4th.
  7. $50 shipped retails for $114, see 2nd pic
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