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  1. Would CKD cars, delivered to Portugal (or its colonies; e.g. Angola) have smooth trunk wheel arches/shock towers? Or would they have factory shutz applied?
  2. Does anybody have a car that was delivered to Portugal (or one if it’s colonies; e.g. Angola)? thanks
  3. 2k2tii


    $700 shipped *original early, marine blue, seats *original, correct OEM material *original stuffing *mount brackets included *bmw cards still under the seats! *headrests included
  4. $150 shipped retails new for $231 (see third pic)
  5. $150 shipped retails for $358 new (see third pic)
  6. $150 shipped booster plus the following: bracket 34331112637 brake light switch 61311368786 holder 34331112906
  7. $330 shipped rear door cards 51431816847 51431816848 NLA ash trays included 51167466072 NLA
  8. $150 + shipping Steering lock assembly 32321113711 NLA Steering column tube 32311110904

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