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  1. 03/02/2020 - Hot Springs, AR
  2. 09 Gasket ring A14X18-CU 1 07119963201 $0.18 10 Screw plug AM14X1,5 1 07119919228 $0.85
  3. I have gone through many threads discussing ways the 02 wiper motors can stump their owners, however I think I may have found another variable for conversation. One fine day, I turned the key to ignition with a cold motor, and the wipers started operating. Gently mashing the on/off stalk switch did not interrupt the cycle at all. Once the engine started, the wipers responded to the switch, parked like normal, and would turn on/off normally thereafter. Following my first short stop that day (with a still warm motor) the wipers did not activate with the key turned to ignition and operated normally. Day 2- With a cold motor, the wipers started up again with power sent to ignition. Yet again, the uncommanded wiper action went away after the car had been driven around a bit. Has anyone seen this before? I know correlation doesn’t imply causation, but the grounds/contacts have been checked and the wiper motor hasn’t been tampered with otherwise. Scott
  4. Does the roughness go away when the engine is warm? I had similar symptoms prior to fixing the thermo-time switch wiring.
  5. The ‘stopper’ is a mounting point for one of the KF linkage springs. Is this for your daily driver? If not, I would just wait until you get the original back from the shop as the blasting shouldn’t take but a few days.
  6. Is the shifter rod installed backwards? I accidentally did that and it affected the range of motion
  7. Looking forward to the new site/layout! I put the idea forth once before, but could we please get a tii specific section? The differences seem to be trivial, but I feel there are enough distinctions to warrant a standalone forum. Scott
  8. With whatever speakers you end up going with, I highly recommend the Pyle Bluetooth amplifier. You can hide the little box out of sight, and it will automatically connect via Bluetooth with the ignition turned on. I removed an aftermarket head unit in an attempt to keep a more original look...but hiding out of sight is a modern audio system. And it’s only $58 ! https://www.amazon.com/Pyle-Auto-4-Channel-Marine-Amplifier/dp/B072LDM7N6/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-drs1_0?cv_ct_cx=pyle&dchild=1&keywords=pyle&pd_rd_i=B072LDM7N6&pd_rd_r=ce6a1e02-b1c2-4467-bd7a-c463a6852d01&pd_rd_w=w9oO8&pd_rd_wg=mVQtj&pf_rd_p=0cde3a01-d103-425f-9f3e-bbb0c13a3bdd&pf_rd_r=76WJ6QE23WW2AZ29RCY4&psc=1&qid=1602254290&sr=1-1-d7c5a1b3-0934-41ba-b86e-21e5a37a4fcf
  9. I recently had the intake manifold and valve cover bead blasted, and put the throttle body as a complete unit through an ultrasonic bath. Finished up with some Gibbs corrosion prevention
  10. Perfect time of year to use as a daily driver
  11. If this is for a tii, an adjustment/calibration to the CO adjustment using the KF guide can help clean up the idle
  12. Might want to swap in a new brake check valve ($10). I chased the cause of my mushy brakes for about a week before discovering my valve was going bad.
  13. I’d have to check my notes, but when doing mine last month think it was just 73 ft/lbs with some 271 red locktite.
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