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  1. name inspirations

    There is a very famous '02 named Louie Agave. (Louie refers to Louisville where it was residing at the time of purchase with Agave referring to the paint color.) You could insert a different first name that references the locale of your '02....
  2. 2002 Beauty Shots

    Recently washed, but garaged right now. We just got three inches of snow for our first day of Spring.
  3. first bmw 2002!

    Congratulations! I assume that you are somewhere in California. You're in luck, there are lots of 2002 owners in your state and a number of shops that cater to classic BMW owners. First word of advice: make sure that your '02 is safe & reliable. Worry about the looks of your car later on... You must have good brakes, shocks, tires, hoses, belts, etc. Make sure that the cooling system is doing its job properly. Take it out on relatively short drives to shake out the trouble spots. The more you drive it, the more you will notice things that are amiss and need attention. Also, get in touch with local '02 owners; they'll be very happy to help you and will be eager to include you in the fun of ownership. Pretty quickly, your goal will be true road-worthiness: i.e. - - going on road trips with friends, gatherings with like-minded 2002 owners... Have FUN.
  4. 1800Ti....$75K ?

    Yeah, $75K sounds like a whole lotta money to most of us, but to serious ($$$$) collectors, this car could be a bargain.
  5. Introduction >> New 2002 Owner

    Congratulations on your new adventure with 2002's and good luck. I've included my noob photo, shortly after I purchased a rust-free '75 '02 down in Athens, AL... (2004)
  6. MidAmerica 02 Fest Update

    Walter: We head back to Ohio on Sunday. I am driving a four-speed '02 with a recent (2017) engine rebuild. These cars are tough and they aren't opposed to high-revving, in fact, they enjoy it.
  7. 1800Ti....$75K ?

    I like it a lot, but seeing as I am not sitting on millions of dollars, it seems very expensive to me. It is a rare time capsule from a time before BMW's were common in the US.
  8. 2006 mid America pics

    Walter: talk to Mike Self. He can allay your concerns. The M10 and the 2002 as a whole are quite tough. How many '73 Pintos and Vegas are still on the road? For that matter, there are mighty few Impalas, LTD's or Fury III's from '73 that have survived. I believe that you and your 2002 should make the trek to Eureka Springs in April. It is NOT TOO LATE to get a room at the host hotel, btw.
  9. 2002 factory colors production numbers

    I'm guessing the top three paint codes by volume will include: Chamonix, Sahara and Malaga. Am I right??
  10. Just got mine. Closer to Colorado than Inka.
  11. 2006 mid America pics

    You're thinking of Chris Tobias. He later sold the black roundie.
  12. Yes, a bunch of people stayed at my house that year, but we were all en route to Vintage in NC. The welcome stands. If you're passing through, I can put you up and serve up breakfast! (the photo below has me in my now-sold '75 Sahara during a 4th of July parade in Yellow Springs, Ohio...)
  13. I met you at the Vintage Fest in Chicago one time. I was without an '02 for a while, but I came back. Instead, I had a 2000 328ci and an '87 325 eta coupe for a while. Join us at Eureka Springs in April.
  14. Lazy Sunday with Derby ... March 4, 2018

    Franz finally came out of the garage. The battery had lost its charge, so the terminals were cleaned and the battery was recharged. After a successful drive on Saturday through Greene County, Kettering and Oakwood, this 02 received a thorough washing and a shorter drive yesterday. The dark window tint is coming off very soon.
  15. until
    This will be a very casual event; no headcount is needed. Just show up and join me in the outdoor biergarten at KBH. Kreimer's Bier Haus is located at: 6052 State Route 128, Cleves, OH. Our Off-Season GTG there was a great success, so now we need to experience the ambiance along the river with beer steins in hand.