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  1. First? Removal of the aftermarket window tint. I don't like aftermarket window tint. I can't see through it at night for one thing and it looks bad in the daytime. Each used BMW that I have purchased, had to have the tint job removed.
  2. until

    Here's the group photo from Saturday night's gtg at 3840 Robertann Drive:
  3. My garage fortunes are beginning to improve. I will have pictures to prove this in a few months time. Love that photo at the top of the thread.
  4. My Christmas present to Mary's nephew: his first ride in a 2002, ever. Since he has been driving manual transmission Hondas for quite a few years, I told him to take the wheel and drive it. Joel was a very happy guy, speeding through the Greene county countryside on Christmas Eve. He had never driven a car anywhere near that OLD. It was a revelation to him.
  5. until
    I have posted this event on Facebook as well. The venue will be my house this year. Mary and I will provide the Mettwurst, Bratwurst, Knockwurst, sauerkraut balls, potato pancakes, beer, wine, etc. If you have a favorite, then BYOB. If you overdo it somehow, we can put you up for the night. If the weather is nasty later in the evening, likewise, stay overnight. Address: 3840 Robertann Drive, Kettering, OH 45420. Clear your calendars. Come and represent the RGB and all things 2002. See you in January!!
  6. First: I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Yes, I know that they took some liberties with the truth in the story line. However, the film led me to watch two more documentaries that are currently on Netflix. One is called: "24 Hour War" and the other is about Carroll Shelby and his life/career. The Hollywood film intrigued me and it got me to research that period of time in racing, whether it involved Sebring, Daytona, Watkins Glen, Lime Rock or LeMans...it's all riveting. What an amazing time it was. The 1950s and 1960s racing was simply balls to the wall and downright deadly. The leaps and bounds in automotive technology were astounding. (of course passenger cars changed very little....) The guts it took to pilot these death machines is unbelievable. Your thoughts??
  7. Good Luck! If you pass through Ohio, give me a holler. I can put you up for the night and feed you!
  8. I have never driven one of the gorgeous CS coupes, but I certainly have driven quite a few 2002s. I love the looks of the coupe, but the propensity to rust, the unavailability of some of the parts and the prohibitive cost to buy one and to care for it have always kept me far, far away. I bonded with the 2002 when I was 16 driving my dad's Golf 02 which was nearly new back then. Driving a 2002 on twisty back roads is a pure joy. I am sure that it would be fun in the CS coupe, but since it is much larger and heavier, I doubt that it would generate as many laughs and smiles. Andrew Wilson owns immaculate specimens of both cars. That is the solution to your query. ....... I know that I'd love a CS coupe, I just need the funds.....
  9. There are 2002s in Ohio; more than you might imagine. Welcome to the addiction.
  10. That does not look like a BMW paint code at all. Maybe an odd GM color? Time for new wheels, lowering springs and some Bilsteins! Good Luck, friend! Welcome!
  11. This is a great start for some one interested in a 2002 project. It's needs aren't too intimidating either. I met the young man who owned this car. He and his dad were working on this '76 Mintgrun and a blue E28 sedan that had a very long list of issues. As I recall, they were getting overwhelmed by the two projects. They live in a rural area north of Dayton somewhere. I was envious of the large barn where they kept the 2 BMWs....
  12. That was fast! Does that same couple want to bid on your next car for sale as well?
  13. What is the VIN? You can send it in to BMW to get the build date and delivery date. BTW, Terry Sayther in Austin, hosts a fall drive in late October through the hill country between Austin and San Antonio. Your 320i would be welcome there. Good luck with the Sahara/Golf 02!
  14. Thanks to all of you who attended: Charlie Grafton, Dirk Rasmussen, Michele Rasmussen, Jake Metz, Liz Metz, Mike Self, Peter Schoppelry, Ben Younce, Rowan Younce, Walter Ingram, Jonathan Tinker, Sarah Farthing and Speed Racer himself, Jason Gipson.
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