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  1. Driving season is still on here in Ohio. Very wet though over the past week.
  2. Photos from yesterday's drive.... Thanks to Ben Younce for being the brave one to pull the trigger and organize the event for us. Cleves wasn't my favorite, but the rest was super!
  3. No! You can't be selling it! Will you return to Vintage at Saratoga with another classic BMW?? Jim
  4. I have listed this event on the FAQ RGB calendar for October 24th. Ben Younce is finalizing the details. We will meet up at 10:00 AM. The drive will be approximately 190 miles in total. We will be driving the back roads of southern Indiana, stopping in places like Madison, IN and Oldenburg, IN. For those of you using Facebook, the event is featured on the RGB page. Many of you have been asking about the schedule for the RGB Fall Drive 2020 on Saturday October 24. #1 Eat a hearty breakfast. The 10AM meetup and departure point will be Anderson Ferry on the Ohio side (near the Airport,) One Anderson Ferry Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45204. From there we rather unnecessarily set sail across the Ohio (Bring $5 cash!) to the great state of Kentucky for our first driving stint that includes a brief stop at the Markland Locks and Dam. From there we head north to the completely acceptable state of Indiana for a drive along the river’s scenic byway with a brief stop in Madison, IN to check out the Lanier Mansion Historic Site. Our planned lunch stop is the Stream Cliff Farm Winery where you can taste/buy wines, order food from their restaurant to enjoy in their outdoor space or packaged “to go” anywhere on the grounds. You’re also welcome to bring your own picnic lunch if you prefer. From there we venture to the ruins of a historic mill and then up to the Oldenburg Brau Haus for a Spaten on the back patio. From this point it’s a choose your own adventure for the route back home. If you’re headed back to Cincinnati or Northern KY, IN 1 back SE towards Lawrenceburg is the suggested route. Others headed east to Dayton/Columbus can depart in that direction. If there is sufficient interest, we’re working on a few primitive campsites in the area that can accommodate socially distanced overnight accommodations. If you’d like to stay overnight and camp, please message Ben Younce asap. The long-term weather forecast looks sunny and in the 60s. This is a family friendly event and we hope there is a little something for everyone to enjoy on what will be one of the last good driving days of 2020. 7You, Dirk Rasmussen, Scott Aaron and 4 others 7 Comments Like Comment
  5. My 75 02, Dieter, doing some off-roading in April of 2011. The second picture is of the car one day later - after all of the mud and cow shit were cleaned off.
  6. Ben Younce is setting up a fall drive in Indiana for the RGB crew. Details are still TBA, but we will meet up at 10:00 AM and complete a roughly 190 mile circuit of interesting byways, including a ferry ride, a lookout at a lock, a visit to historic Madison, IN, a winery-restaurant and a beer hall in Oldenburg, IN. The RGB page on Facebook is the place to look for more information, but I will update this page once there are more details to share.
  7. I didn't get a chance to note the license plate or to snap a quick photo, but I saw a very nice Pastelblau squaretail drive through Concord, Massachusetts on Friday the 25th. Anyone here??
  8. Anyone here drove a Pastelblau squaretail through Concord, Massachusetts yesterday afternoon? I saw your 02, but only for a moment.
  9. Welcome Charlie. Glad that you came to your senses and bought a 2002! That one looks very nice. This year is a bust, but get your 02 road trip ready for next year: MidAmerica 02 Fest, The Vintage, Saratoga Springs, RGB drives, BMWCCA events.... Hope to meet you soon and have you at RGB get togethers...
  10. Rare vintage BMW colors appeal to me as well.... but it’s your car, your dreams...
  11. Wow, I approve heartily. I will have to check out Midnight Motorsport when I come to Seattle to visit my niece next year! Beautiful 02! Well done.
  12. This part is from a 1987 Zinnoberrot eta E30 that I no longer own. I used a spare passenger seat to repair the driver's seat. I am left with just the seat back. So, it is black, vinyl and it is from a comfort seat. No rips, no tears, no stains. Clean, dry, no odor. I don't need it. I found the black comfort seat headrest that goes with the seat, too. Flexible as to price.
  13. Very nice... If I didn’t have mine already, I would be looking seriously at your 02, Tom! GLWS!
  14. My 73 2002 was named Stella when I bought..... her. I renamed it...… Franz. Gender fluid? Regardless, I liked the story of WWII Luftwaffe pilot, Franz Stigler. He was a young man who had thought of going into the priesthood before the war. During the war, he became a top pilot and Luftwaffe officer. On a day when he had already shot down two B17s, he came upon a B17 that just wouldn't go down, despite the horrendous damage it had suffered. He pulled along the right side of the bomber in his ME109 to look closer at this riddled, smoking wreck that was still aloft. Franz then moved over to the left hand side of the bomber and made direct eye contact with the pilot, Charlie Brown (!!), and lost all interest in finishing off this pathetic plane full of Americans, some dead or dying. So, against orders and at the risk of facing a firing squad if caught, Franz escorted the B17 to the northern coast with hopes that the crew would make it to Sweden which was much closer than England. The bomber instead pressed on for Its base in England. Years later, both Franz and Charlie wondered about their adversary in that struggle and what might have become of the other guy. Somehow, they found each other, exchanged letters, phone calls and eventually visits. They became closer than most brothers until they died of old age issues. There is a fascinating book called: “A Higher Call” that I read about this encounter and moving friendship between Franz and Charlie. Anyhow, I have named my BMWs male names. I suppose that I could decide on a feminine name if the mood struck me. I'd certainly name a Miata a female name and ditto with the neo VW Beetle, but for me, it's a gray area at best! P.S. Dieter was named for the Mike Meyers character featured on 'Sprockets'. (SNL) Konrad was named for Konrad Adenauer the postwar German leader. My 2000 328ci was named Werner because I liked the sound of it. There was a guy on my swim team long ago named Werner Jessen. People always mispronounced his full name. His uber-German dad would correct them: "It's VAIRNER YESSSEN!" (phonetically there!)
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