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  1. Jim_75Sahara

    13 inch tires

    The 13 inch Yokohama Avid T4 is no longer available. I had a set of them a few years ago.
  2. Jim_75Sahara

    RGB Kentucky Ridge Run 2018

    And that goes for Mr. Gerock as well!
  3. Jim_75Sahara

    RGB Kentucky Ridge Run 2018

    Consider yourself invited, Les! We have special plans for our tenth anniversary edition of the RGB's Fall Drive & GTG in 2019.
  4. Jim_75Sahara

    New Member! 1969 2002

    More details please! VIN? Do you know its history? BTW: best of luck and have fun!
  5. Jim_75Sahara

    BMW 1600 - 1968

    That should find a new home very easily. I hope that the new owner will keep it mostly stock due to its rarity.
  6. Jim_75Sahara

    A reintroduction of sorts

    You can park it in the garage and ignore it for a long while or you can sell your 02, but you'll be BACK. Wilkommen!
  7. Guys: the Denker-McCarty B&B will be available to fellow 02 travelers next April.....
  8. Jim_75Sahara

    Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, TN

    I will need to postpone this trip. I have to work the September 8th weekend.....
  9. Jim_75Sahara

    American Graffiti-2002 connection

    When I watched it, I managed to have nostalgia for a time when I was just three years old. I definitely remembered the look and feel of that era through my little person's view of the world. Universal Studios was reluctant to release the film. They didn't know what to do with it. (!) The budget was held to $770,000. It has returned more than $150 million. Many of the crew worked for free and for film credits at the end of the movie. Cars used in the filming could be had for as little as $25/day. Filming was done very quickly in Petaluma, Modesto and other sites throughout California.
  10. Jim_75Sahara

    Well this sucks

    Perhaps you could get some of the other drivers to make statements as to the conditions at the surprise! construction site. That would certainly help with your insurance claim. (I think!)
  11. Jim_75Sahara

    Finished tii Restoration

    Congratulations, Larry! Though it's not Sahara, I love what you've done with your tii!
  12. Jim_75Sahara

    PVGP Thank You!

    Greg: We need to meet you: Sahara 2002. Living in Ohio. Attended PVGP. You should join the RGB....!!
  13. Jim_75Sahara

    Newbie Intro

    It would be a quick flip, Mike.
  14. Jim_75Sahara

    Newbie Intro

    A fair number of us have urged Mike Self to fly out to California, buy a '76 2002, drive it back to Ohio, have some fun driving it for a while and then with some relatively easy cleaning and refurbishing, sell the 02 for a nice little profit. It would make for a good story, right? The 2002's in the Midwest offered for sale tend to have problematic rust/bodywork issues....