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  1. Jim_75Sahara

    Vern is Back!

    I will be more than proud to have Vern parked on the driveway, come Tuesday evening! I am excited about our trip to Eureka Springs! See you soon!
  2. Jim_75Sahara

    1972 BMW 2002 tii - BUYER BEWARE!!

    Despite the possible scams, I have bought several cars through CL and I've sold a few that way as well. So far, I have been lucky. In each case we talked on the phone first, then met up with each other to see if we might strike a deal. If there is bad chemistry for any reason, I am not going to work with that individual. That's not to say that I couldn't get burned one day!
  3. We had a smaller turnout this year, but nonetheless, a very lively, fun evening at the Troll Pub. Thanks to those of you who ventured out. Perhaps we can return to Kreimer's Bier Haus next year, if they can manage to remain sans smoke/fire/destruction.
  4. Jim_75Sahara

    2018 Ofest Video--lotsa 2002s in it

    You're right, Mike! Your 2002 showed up multiple times. Nice video.
  5. Jim: Perhaps you can turn it into a Harlequin version 2002. Cram as many colors in as you can! It would be a massive hit.
  6. I found the panels to be ugly and I didn't want them there. That is all.
  7. First there was the love affair for Inka. Now it has moved on to Bristol. When does Sahara get its turn? HA!
  8. I had the dark window tint removed. HATED it. Need to get a better third brake light installed. Dorky one in place now. Sound deadening panels on the inside of the trunk lid were removed, with great effort. Waiting for a warm day to remove the rest of the sticky residue left behind.
  9. My '73 2002 has a/c and it actually works properly! I use it on hot days, at highway speeds. It is a power drain if you're driving 'assertively', but on a long drive on the highway, it helps!
  10. Jim_75Sahara

    my 1975 bmw 2002 - on bay area CL

    Looks like it was actually Mintgreen instead of Taiga....
  11. Jim_75Sahara

    need advice 1976 purchase

    My unsolicited opinion: If I were your uncle, I'd either give it to you FREE or for a token $1000 or similar figure. I'd feel quite attached to that '02. Therefore, I'd want it to be loved, refurbished, DRIVEN and LOVED some more. I'm definitely not knocking him or this particular 2002, it's just good to see them preserved and enjoyed by a younger generation of '02 owners. This '02 could become a beautiful blast of a car, but it will need a lot of time, money and effort to make it safe, reliable, comfortable and fun to drive again. GOOD LUCK. I hope that you are driving it soon!
  12. Jim_75Sahara

    Post picture of your SAHARA car plzz.

    The two on top: Franz. The one on the bottom: Dieter.
  13. You will definitely spend more than $20K for the car that you have described, probably $25K or so. You could instead buy one that's closer to stock. Then you could decide to make some incremental changes over time. The stock 2002 was quite a fun car. However, if it must be modified to keep you engaged, you could do that, starting with a cheaper, closer to stock 2002.
  14. Jim_75Sahara

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Scott: I was given the choice of Pirelli ($$$) or Kumho tires ($$). Thriftily, I chose the Kumho tires. Size: 185 70 R13. My spare tire is exceedingly dry-rotted. To make the new tire fit into the spare tire well, it is going to be OEM skinny, but at least it will be new and capable of holding air without failing immediately! Mike was (of course) wondering why I was getting new tires.... They are over 10 years old and showing stress cracks all over the place! He has tires going back to the Truman administration!! (and darn proud of it)
  15. Jim_75Sahara

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Yeah. Mine: speedometer repair, 5 new tires, a new thermostat, an oil change and then troubleshooting a cold start issue..... Good luck with yours, Scott!