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  1. In Ohio, only one historic plate was required even before this change was put through.
  2. I don't think that I will be using this, so here goes: but I am not sure on the price, actually. Useful if you want to attach the original air cleaner can and snorkel to you Weber carb. PayPal: [email protected] Thanks! Jim
  3. Good luck. Best wishes for happy times in California!
  4. THANKS to all of you who purchased items and cleared out some clutter in the workshop. Mary (the boss!) thanks you too. Shipping via UPS will be slow. Please be patient with me. If you have any issues, let me know. Thanks again....
  5. Rich: that sounds okay to me. Send me your address. I will send the whole cluster to you. PayPal: [email protected] Jim Denker Kettering, OH 45420
  6. I have some more parts to part with: 1) Lug Wrench: SOLD 2) Window cranks: SOLD 3) Pedal pads: $5.00 SOLD 4) Locking gas cap; no key: $10.00 SOLD 5) Oil cap: $10.00 SOLD 6) Side Markers: $10.00 SOLD 7) Summer-Winter box/snorkel: SOLD 8] License plate light cover: (1): $5.00 SOLD 9) Redline tune up kit: SOLD 10) Instrument cluster: Make offer 11) 1973 only front bumper brackets: SOLD 12) Outside Mirror; Talbot style?: SOLD 13) Gas cap #2; no key: Make offer Prices do not include shipping. I may be willing to deliver within a 50 mile radius of Dayton, OH. I may be flexible on prices. Contact me and we will see....
  7. Brit, I assume that the spare tire well will fit any 2002 or 1600, except for the 2002 turbo edition. Jim
  8. Guys: I am clearing out some storage space. First, a spare tire well with no rust through; it's ready to be welded into your project car. Second: an original air cleaner can. Third: a shifter boot. Fourth: a fan blade. Fifth: a used 1600 mirror. Sixth: a used valve cover, stamped 72 (year). In addition, (Seventh) I have a bus-style steering wheel that was original to my '73 2002. Eighth: a miscellaneous mirror that I don't know the history of. Ninth: Front bumper brackets from a 1973 2002 in excellent condition. Tenth: old instrument cluster, obviously it is lacking a speedometer. Eleventh: a locking gas cap with no key; good otherwise. PRICES: 1. $100.00 SOLD 2. $25.00 SOLD 3. $10.00 SOLD 4. 40.00 SOLD 5. $10.00 SOLD 6. $30.00 SOLD 7. $50.00 SOLD 8. $40.00 9. $50.00 10. Make offer 11. $10,00 I will not ship the spare tire well. I'd be willing to drive up to 50 miles to meet w/you. I plan to attend the next Vintage in NC, if/when it next occurs....I won't ship the front bumper brackets either, they're too heavy and the shipping would be $$$. Same as above with the spare tire well...
  9. I just love this photo. This was taken at a Cars & Coffee in Batavia, Ohio last Saturday by Jason Gipson. So, in the photo, there's my Sahara 02, Scott Aaron's Verona tii, and Jason's Beer Snob.
  10. Jim_75Sahara

    Mini Cooper

    I can imagine Mike Wheeler bringing this Mini to Edd China to fix up. Edd would have quickly rejected it as too beaten up.
  11. I was watching this documentary today with Mary when I was startled by the sight of a 2002 just to the side of CSN during the photo shoot for their famous album cover shot on the porch of a dilapidated house that was promptly bulldozed days later. Who's 2002 was it??
  12. This tired, beat-upon 2002 is not the 02 you're looking for. You can do so much better. This one would be a bottomless pit for tossing your money into. It's going to need EVERYTHING. It is so forlorn, it should be given away free. Sad, sad, sad.
  13. My Dad with his 72 Golf 2002. Probably Spring of 1973?
  14. That is amazing. That looks like my 02, so I wish that it were me enjoying the scenery and the whole experience.
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