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  1. Jim_75Sahara

    need advice 1976 purchase

    My unsolicited opinion: If I were your uncle, I'd either give it to you FREE or for a token $1000 or similar figure. I'd feel quite attached to that '02. Therefore, I'd want it to be loved, refurbished, DRIVEN and LOVED some more. I'm definitely not knocking him or this particular 2002, it's just good to see them preserved and enjoyed by a younger generation of '02 owners. This '02 could become a beautiful blast of a car, but it will need a lot of time, money and effort to make it safe, reliable, comfortable and fun to drive again. GOOD LUCK. I hope that you are driving it soon!
  2. Jim_75Sahara

    Post picture of your SAHARA car plzz.

    The two on top: Franz. The one on the bottom: Dieter.
  3. You will definitely spend more than $20K for the car that you have described, probably $25K or so. You could instead buy one that's closer to stock. Then you could decide to make some incremental changes over time. The stock 2002 was quite a fun car. However, if it must be modified to keep you engaged, you could do that, starting with a cheaper, closer to stock 2002.
  4. Jim_75Sahara

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Scott: I was given the choice of Pirelli ($$$) or Kumho tires ($$). Thriftily, I chose the Kumho tires. Size: 185 70 R13. My spare tire is exceedingly dry-rotted. To make the new tire fit into the spare tire well, it is going to be OEM skinny, but at least it will be new and capable of holding air without failing immediately! Mike was (of course) wondering why I was getting new tires.... They are over 10 years old and showing stress cracks all over the place! He has tires going back to the Truman administration!! (and darn proud of it)
  5. Jim_75Sahara

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Yeah. Mine: speedometer repair, 5 new tires, a new thermostat, an oil change and then troubleshooting a cold start issue..... Good luck with yours, Scott!
  6. Jim_75Sahara

    Getting ready for road trips in 2019.

    Last night, the RGB Off-Season Dinner was postponed with extreme prejudice: the restaurant caught on fire last week and the weather here last night was absolutely horrid. I am sure the weather was rough in Noblesville, IN as well, so I am pleased that Reggie and crew have my 02 tucked in safe and sound. The guys who went to Greer, SC instead (Jason Gipson, Andrew Wilson, Rob Siegel and many others...) THEY had the right idea!
  7. Scott Aaron and I had the very same impulse: getting our 2002s delivered to Reggie's Motor Works for some off-season maintenance. Mike Self and I took advantage of some decent weather recently: Mike was driving my 02 and I drove my Mini to Noblesville, IN. It gave Mike a chance to notice anything that might not be 100% with my car during that trip. We like the fact that our 02s are not left out in the winter muck. Better yet, they will both soon be ready for a busy driving season!
  8. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Obviously, we are not holding the dinner on January 19th after all, in light of the very recent fire at KBH. I have moved the date and the location to March 16th at the Troll Pub and Wheelhouse in Dayton, Ohio. I've reserved their private party room, so if there's no fire and no snowstorm, we should be just fine. See you there!
  9. Hope to see you there on Saturday the 19th!
  10. Jim_75Sahara

    Too many cars?

    So am I.... For a time, I owned a 2014 Mini, an '87 E30 and a '73 2002 - - which doesn't include my wife's 2015 Mazda 6, my son's (titled to me) 2014 Nissan Altima and my daughter's 2014 Honda Civic (also titled to me). I found it difficult to keep up with the needs of all these cars. Thankfully, we had previously culled the herd of the oldest cars: a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara and a 2001 Taurus wagon! I was left thinking that I don't have enough time to drive three personal cars. I had owned the 325 eta since the latter half of 2010. Gradually it had gotten to the point where it was safe, reliable and definitely fun to drive. However, I felt that I could get another E30, eventually, with a strong preference for a later 'is' version. Pretty happy right now....
  11. It's coming up soon! I hope to see you there!
  12. Jim_75Sahara

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    Happy Birthday, Ray! See you in Arkansas!
  13. Jim_75Sahara

    Texas Toler Turkis trip - thanks!

    More incentive for y'all.....
  14. Yesterday I received a Christmas card from Barney and Tori Toler of Leander, TX. This photo was slipped inside that envelope. I'm at the wheel of this lovely Turkis, somewhere in the Hill Country, with a big smile on my face.... So, anyway, I met Barney a few years ago at MidAmerica 02 Fest. He had just pulled into the motel lot with a beautiful, just-completed '72 Golf 2002 that massively grabbed my attention. After a lengthy first conversation, we've been good friends ever since. Last October, I joined Terry Sayther and his crew of Texas 2002 owners for their Fall drive through the wide open spaces between Austin and San Antonio. I was greeted by Barney at the Austin airport. I'm no Andrew Wilson, I FLEW down there! I stayed overnight at the Toler's home and then we hit the road for Austin and Fredericksburg the next morning. I had arranged to borrow Tori's '74 Turkis 2002 for the long weekend. I had never driven an automatic 2002 before, so besides being my first time in this part of Texas, I'd get to experience a no-shift '02 as well. I had a great time from the moment I touched down to the moment my plane left Austin. Thanks to the Tolers, Terry Sayther, his wife, Debbie and everyone else involved with that gtg. I highly recommend either DRIVING there or if you're like me, FLYING there to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fun of hanging out with some great 02 owners. Andrew drove down to Texas from Maine in 2017, but that's just NUTS... ha!
  15. That 2002 would have been cheap-cheap-cheap a few years ago. That price is just stooopid.