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  1. skylund

    Rear Subframe Mounts

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah this is consistent with what I'm seeing. I think I'll also need to bend the rearmost tab (running laterally) toward the upper plate to make contact. Thanks again.
  2. skylund

    Rear Subframe Mounts

    Oh man, thank you so much for cataloging your work on this. I am about to undertake the same subframe support repair and thought I was losing my mind trying to get my existing cylinder to fit with the W&N replacement parts. Do the tabs for the upper and lower W&N plate sit flush with your cylinder sandwiched between? I'm not sure if they are supposed to be bent to fit, or if I'm doing something wrong.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I don't know how you could measure anywhere else with precision in the Z-axis. The depiction in the diagram and my own measurements threw me off, but I appreciate the sanity check.
  4. Looking at the frame measurements here and rear subframe mount diagrams discussed here, here, and here, I'm not 100% on the vertical position for the rear subframe mount measurement, shown as point "B" in the annotated image attached. I can't, with any certainty, visually match the point circled on the left diagram with the detailed diagram on the right. Specifically, I can't figure out exactly where the line 64mm below the diff mounting tab holes (shown in dotted red line on left) would fall in the vertical direction. On my car, one side is rusted out/removed completely, and the other side is rusted and has been hammered on enough to render it unreliable. That said, on my car, 64mm below the diff mounting holes lands about 2mm below the cylinder housing the bolt (shown in dotted red line on right). Can someone confirm? Am I missing something obvious?
  5. UPDATE: I think it's running on all four cylinders now, but I don't have the ear for it since my exhaust is only a downpipe at the moment. I took a (poor) video as I pulled out the spark plug wires one by one. What do you guys think? Even if firing on all cylinders, still sounds pretty rough to me. https://youtu.be/LYszJHbdN9g In any event, the plugs aren't fouling or wet with fuel anymore. As much as I'm embarrassed to admit it, I think @TobyB and others were right, and somehow my wires were crossed despite checking and re-checking them. I can't verify this conclusively since I also swapped fresh spark plugs and checked all my connectors, but this seems to be the most likely explanation.
  6. Thank you for the helpful replies! My incorrect terminology threw people off. I'm using the stock e30 M42 ignition coils system. I'll do some more digging tonight and report back. To answer questions: Seems like all of them are spraying something, but I'm starting to suspect two are gunked up and not spraying properly. Could this cause a cylinder to miss altogether? Once I do more electrical diagnosis, maybe I'll swap two of the injectors and see if the problem follows. Weird, indeed, but a cheap fix to try. I have one strap from block to frame rail, and the starter ground (from the M42 harness) to fender. This also makes me question my trunk battery ground, which I have connected to a trunk mounting bolt, but I figured since it cranks, it was good enough. Updated my post to mention that I performed e30 stomp test and got no errors (1444). My understanding is that Motronic 1.3 doesn't provide much granularity beyond this. Ha, no the rag for a gas cap is a custom mod. I don't think it's the issue, but I need to replace the fuel neck anyway. I'll order these parts now and rule it out. As mentioned above, my terminology was unclear. I'm using the stock M42 ignition coils and NGK spark plugs recommended by other M42 guys. These are supposed to be pre-gapped to OEM specs, but this is an easy thing to confirm tonight. I haven't heard of this as a common M42 issue, but it does have an ICV. Will check tonight.
  7. @Simeon Compression for 1, 2, 3, 4 cylinders was 188, 190, 192, 194. I think next step is to rent a fuel pressure gauge.
  8. Help! Finally got the M42 wired up, but doesn't seem to be firing on cylinders 3 and 4. Symptoms: Cranks and fires quickly but sounds like a Harley After running for a minute, (new) plugs on cylinders 1, 2 have tons of carbon fouling and cylinders 3, 4 are wet with fuel mixed with some black gunk. (see image below where I've already wiped some of the gunk off) What I've verified: Spark getting from coil to all four plugs each ignition coil to its respective plug using in-line spark tester. Interchanged the coils/wires with no change. Quadruple-checked that the ECU->coil->wire->plugs are going to the correct cylinders ECU->coil->wire->plug path is correct for each cylinder . New fuel pump is pushing fuel through the lines when cranking/running and otherwise off Compression seems ok: 1 – 188 , 2 - 190, 3 – 192, 4 – 194 Timing chain/cams/gears/crankshaft hub all line up as they should at TDC Tested specs of crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor and swapped with working replacements Performed "stomp test" and got a "no fault" code of 1444 What I haven’t verified: Haven’t checked fuel injectors or tested fuel pressure regulator. Seems like fuel is getting on the plugs. Maybe it’s too much? Could this cause flooding on only 2 cylinders? Haven’t swapped ECU, but this was working when the motor was pulled from the donor car. Other (probably irrelevant) details for completeness: My car: 1971 2002; donor: 1991 318is Engine ran great before pulled, but sat for a year before starting Cooling system isn’t hooked up yet Brake booster isn’t hooked up, but I’ve blocked off the vac hose I only have a downpipe hooked up for exhaust (with new O2 sensor) Gas tank filler neck cracked, so a rag is currently serving as a gas cap Given that the engine sat for a year, my guess would be the injectors or the FPR, but the fact that gas is apparently getting into the cylinders is throwing me off. Any ideas?
  9. skylund


    Former daily driver currently undergoing M42 swap. See a cool video on this car (and my love for it) by fellow '02 owner Josh Clason here: https://jalopnik.com/watch-the-story-of-one-mans-bond-with-a-bmw-2002-5824199
  10. @Harry Malkas Thanks for the quick response, but Ray looks like he has what I'm looking for. @ray_ Thanks! I'll drop you a PM
  11. Experimenting with hacking new speedometer guts into an old housing for the M42 swap. Would prefer later (non-silver dollar) faces, but open to whatever. Doesn't need to be working- even better if it's not working and cheap. Thanks!
  12. Skylund,


    Yes, that's me in mt 67 1600, Bristol. You got me ! I'm not joking when I say I drive my 1600 everywhere.



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