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  1. skylund


    Former daily driver currently undergoing M42 swap. See a cool video on this car (and my love for it) by fellow '02 owner Josh Clason here:
  2. skylund

    74-76 Cluster parts

  3. skylund

    FOUND: Broken/working speedometer

    @Harry Malkas Thanks for the quick response, but Ray looks like he has what I'm looking for. @ray_ Thanks! I'll drop you a PM
  4. Experimenting with hacking new speedometer guts into an old housing for the M42 swap. Would prefer later (non-silver dollar) faces, but open to whatever. Doesn't need to be working- even better if it's not working and cheap. Thanks!
  5. Skylund,


    Yes, that's me in mt 67 1600, Bristol. You got me ! I'm not joking when I say I drive my 1600 everywhere.



  6. Hey @Slavs is this you? Snapped this a couple months back about to merge onto the 110 south.
  7. Quick shoutout to @oh2ryan. Bought some euro turn signals that were exactly as described in the ad. Packaging was pro and shipped quickly. Highly recommend. Thanks!
  8. skylund

    1600 grilles, quad grilles, bumpers, etc

    PM'd about euro turn signals
  9. I chopped up my radiator area to make room for an M20, and then changed my mind (M42 turbo!). I'm hoping someone has the metal shown in the borrowed pic below that they removed for their swap so that I can either weld it in or make some sort of removable cover. Located in Los Angeles area. Thanks!
  10. FWIW, my inka 2577438 was manufactured 9/1/1971 and registered as a 1972.
  11. The castle nut and cotter pin holding the ball joint is a rusted mass, I'm hoping to find replacements to save me the trouble of removing the nut/ball joint. Location: 91214.