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  1. 02' starts but won't (electric promblem)

    So, we need to separate things here a bit. If the car STARTS, then your ignition is clearly working, and the issue with getting it to idle and/or stay running is a fuel and/or air issue. Since you indicate it is ONLY the lights on the dash that seem to be malfunctioning, for that I would first check the big 12 pin connector on the back of the instrument panel. A second good thing to do would be to check for +12V at the fuse panel to make sure you really are getting voltage properly to that point. But again, other than a problem internal to the ignition switch itself, there really isn't an electrical failure that would give you ignition during cranking and then die afterwards; the igniton is powered by a single terminal (green wire) from the ignition switch that is hot in both run and start. If you do indeed suspect this issue, it's easy to circumvent. Just jumper the ignition straight to the battery so you KNOW it's got 12V, then try again. My personal suspicion is that you will get the same result though, as it's more of a fuel issue, but easy to test!
  2. Sway bars and strut brace

    I absolutely LOVE the sun visor clips for holding the pencils, that's 2002 owner ingenuity to a T right there! And FYI, just placed my order with IE for the stabilizer bar kit! Might still do the front brace later, but will wait on that for now.
  3. Sway bars and strut brace

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, think I'll go ahead and pull the trigger on the stabilizer bars, see how I like that for awhile, and then probably add in the front brace a bit later to finish things off!
  4. Sway bars and strut brace

    I have my AGM batteries under the back seat and really don't want a rear brave, but I'm open to considering the front one. How about the IE stabilizer bars, worth the $400 upgrade?
  5. Also remember when electrical troubleshooting, the clever Germans tried to help you out some: all SOLID colored wires are unfused and can be traced back to the battery (usually via the ignition switch) and all STRIPED wires are fuses and can be traced back to the fuse panel!
  6. Sway bars and strut brace

    Happy so far with my HR springs, 3 dot IE spring pads, and Bilstein HD shocks. Billy Sports were WAY too harsh for me. Thinking next step should be IE 22mm roll bars and maybe front strut brace. Use is around town fun car and playing around on mountain roads, maybe a few autox once in a while but not very regularly. Any thoughts on if this is a good plan, something different, or just leave it alone as I don't really have any complaints currently? Feedback and opinions welcome, thanks!
  7. Distributor/Electronic ignition options...

    I'm with Toby on this one. As clever as the 123 dizzy is, a programmable crank-fired setup is similar cost/effort and way, way, way more accurate, as it cuts out all of the slop in the crank cog, timing chain, cam cog, camshaft, camshaft gear, distributor gear, and distributor itself. Ever wiggle the rotor in your dizzy? However much movement that is, multiply that by 2 (as it runs at 1/2 crank speed), and that's your actual range of inaccuracy! But short of that, any of the above methods that get rid of points I would consider a very solid improvement, as long as they're coupled with a tight distributor in good condition.
  8. What to do once the engine is out...

    +1 for @Eurotrash, pretty much can't thing of anything different/better to add to that essentially perfect M10 project outline!
  9. Paint color? Chamonix vs Fjord Blue

    Always, always, ALWAYS go with whatever color YOU want/like best, first and foremost!!! That said, while I never care if a car is ITS original color, I do kinda like 2002s sticking to AN original 2002 color. Plus, you can get a proper new color sticker for whichever (factory available) color you do go with: So paint it Inka or Taiga if you want; if you're keeping the car, make it what you want! There's no such thing as a 'bad' 2002 color after all!
  10. Refurbished 320is sport steering wheel!

    Last chance before it goes to ebay. . . !
  11. Refurbished 320is sport steering wheel!

    Price dropped to $250! If no one wants it I'll keep it, but I think this should be a great deal for somebody in need of a nice wheel!
  12. Garage Sale

    Will take an ashtray to finally fill in that one hole in the rear, sending PM now, thanks!
  13. (UPDATE) Side mirror attachment solution... maybe

    I might see if I can do that, but if I recall the problem is that you can't really get to the back side on the inside of the door to get the nut in there. Second layer of door metal gets in the way, I believe, but will definitely take a second look.
  14. (UPDATE) Side mirror attachment solution... maybe

    Good timing, I'm having this same problem myself! Was able to find some new basket nuts somewhere (currently waiting for them to arrive), but I think it's the door metal that's the issue, so for $35, I might very well try out that rivnut set!
  15. E39 headlight and Grote fog lights, super cheap!

    E39 parts sold, fogs pending payment.