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  1. Metric Mechanics advertises an M10 stroker build using S14 cranks for far less $$$ than a complete S14 conversion fwiw: Though I don't really have a problem with engine swaps in general, I kinda prefer to see M10s in 2002s and M20s/S14s in E30s, though with any/all modified to its owner's desires/intend purpose! I really like the Honda K24 engines, but I think those engines are better suited for swap projects into small mid-engine cars, like MR2s or X1/9s!
  2. AustrianVespaGuy

    Nose panel opening by the battery

    Before I changed to underseat AGM batteries, my big lead-acid battery actually snuggled up into that plastic corner up there. I now use that opening to funnel nice cool air into my EFI intake tract!
  3. AustrianVespaGuy

    Need help Purchasing 2002 BMW

    @Mojan We're throwing a lot of opinions at you here and are checking out some drastically different cars; I think it's time to take a brief step back and get more information from you regarding what you WANT in a 2002. I see that you prefer a round tail light version, but what's your end goal? Project, turn key, motorsport? Give us a few more hints on your intended use and I think we'll be able to steer you more precisely.
  4. AustrianVespaGuy

    Old stabilizer bars worth keeping?

    Thanks Tom, but we're also getting ready to move, so since these are rather non-critical parts, I think I'm just going to pitch them. My spare head and oil pump on the other hand have made the cut and will get moved with us though! Just wanted to make sure the stabilizers hadn't gone unobtanium and rare for some dumb reason or anything.
  5. Now that the Ireland bars are installed, is there any reason to bother keeping the old stock bars and links, or can they best service society but just getting recycled? Can't imagine they're worth anything or that anyone ever wants to switch back, but figured I'd check in before I pitch them!
  6. AustrianVespaGuy

    Reusing door panel vinyl on new card

    I did a full write-up/article on this here:
  7. FWIW I use American Collector's Insurance and it's stupidly affordable, though I do have both a garage and another car so I can't offer you much more than another option to call and ask.
  8. AustrianVespaGuy

    Ideas needed for spare tire

    Mine's only a 14" that's 195mm wide, but when I remade my trunk panels out of plywood I just elevated them a bit with lots of extra little plywood feet in order to get everything high enough to clear the spare. Suppose I lost a little bit of trunk space overall, but worked great, looks great, an pretty easy (if you're in need of new trunk panels anyway, at least). -
  9. AustrianVespaGuy

    Engine Swap question

    I would second the advice of putting in the 320i engine along with your existing carb and intake system. That'll certainly be the quickest in easiest, as well as then affording you the option to rebuild your original engine at your convenience. I would also agree that CIS is one of the worst things ever in automotive history, maybe only taking second place to thermal reactors and/or Chrysler's 'Lean Burn System.' (All three give me the willies just thinking about them, yuck!) If you decide you are interested in EFI, then read through my Megasquirt article for lots more information on the subject and of course feel free to ask more questions!
  10. AustrianVespaGuy

    Vicariously Viewing Vintage

    Sort of on topic, anyone from SC going that wouldn't mind picking up my T-shirts for me? Even though I had to cancel, I still really want the shirts since they have an 02 on them this year! Let me know, thanks! -Carl
  11. Just my two cents, I think you should focus on the obvious inspection stuff first (wheels, intake, airbox, etc.) Tuning around a little bit for emissions/power/etc. I think will be the easier part; between rejetting (leaner) and fine tuning the 123 advance curve should give you the control you need to get there. When I previously lived in an emissions testing area (albeit nothing like TUV, just a tailpipe check) and had sidedrafts, I remember simply plugging the jets on one of the cylinders to pass the test, so I was running on 3 cylinders and a 500cc air pump!
  12. AustrianVespaGuy

    Rear stabilizer bracket - how screwed am I?

    Well, I want to drive the car to a friends tomorrow, so I went ahead and finished up the rear. When I do the front I'll take a crack at seeing if I can make one of the front brackets work better on that driver's rear corner. In the mean time, I think I understood/followed the instructions (preloading the suspension, etc., but for anyone in the know, do these endlinks look? About the right amount of compression on the bushings and the links themselves lined up more or less straight? I put the sliders where they wanted to naturally go just so that everything basically lined up, which happened to be almost exactly 4cm from the end on both sides, fwiw:
  13. AustrianVespaGuy

    Rear stabilizer bracket - how screwed am I?

    Alright, thanks Scoob, I'll pull it back off today and make another attempt at getting one of the front brackets started back there, as I agree the *right* u-shape will definitely fit the bushing better.
  14. AustrianVespaGuy

    Rear stabilizer bracket - how screwed am I?

    Well, got it on there eventually using the 8,000 different lengths bolt method to draw it down. Since the U-shape wasn't a very nice U anymore it kinda squishes the bushing in funny ways, but doesn't seem like it'll affect the function at all; no lateral movement that I can tell and still rotates freely which I suppose is the point. Maybe I'll go back and try and get one of the front brackets on there again later, but for now I think I'll leave it here and try it out for now!
  15. AustrianVespaGuy

    Rear stabilizer bracket - how screwed am I?

    Yeah, that's what I'm trying for now but having trouble getting it to fit over the new larger IE bushing/bar and still line up with the slot in the bottom and nuts on the top. Might take a LOT of very fine bending to get it all to line up. . .