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  1. Hi everyone, I seem to have reach some sort of size limit with this article, so if I can't get that increased I'll break it up into two separate articles, sorry about that!
  2. So, the line that is plugged is your fuel return line. My best guess is that when someone (likely a doofus) installed that electric fuel pump, they plumbed it straight to the carb (maybe with a pressure regulator and maybe not, so something else you should check), and then left it at that and never bothered with an overflow return line and just plugged the old one. While the car should run OK this way, the added pressure will wear out the needle seat in the carb a lot faster. My personal suggestion would be to redo this with a proper fuel pressure regulator and overflow return. FYI, the orginal vent line should come from rubber filler neck and run up to a plastic tank above the right fender well. -Carl
  3. Hmm, alright will if all 4 wires are flashing nicely and with a new set up plugs, my guess is that your ignition is in fine shape and we should really focus on the fuel. And I meant the float needles, but it sounds like you've done your due diligence on these carbs. Still at this point, it might be worth just pulling the lids off and the jets out and just checking everything over a second time, especially because I agree it looks like it idled better in your first video. I just have a hard time believing that the difference in airflows really explains those plugs. . .but let me keep thinking! Viel glueck!
  4. Second the flow difference and those plugs are what I see as the main concerns. #4 also looks *too* clean, like not much is happening back there, but maybe that's just the picture. Here's my two cents for both the carbs and ignition items: Ignition - put you light on each HT wire individually and make sure you're getting consistent steady flashes for each cylinder. If so, then put in fresh plugs. If not, look deeper into the distributor. Carbs - I know you've checked the float levels, but how old are the needles? Might be one needle isn't sealing at the same height as the other. My other thought is the acceleration pump circuit. Is yours the piston or diaphragm type? I forget how they adjust, but you can at least visually check for similar amounts of 'fuel squirtage' when you pump the linkage and then look into any adjustment if something looks off. I can't think of how one might leak extra fuel at idle, but should be possible. P.S. Wie geht's das Wetter in DE diese Fruehling?
  5. My 5-speed seems to leak a bit, but I've also never had it out to try to change the seals either. It just shifts so damn nicely every time with the MTL in there for me it's just worth it wipe things up once in awhile rather than try to mess with anything.
  6. Hmm, one other thought re: flooding. The 10% ethanol in gas these days lowers the vapor pressure, making it easier for the liquid gas in the bowls to boil/vaporize. If this happens it can then condense in the passages and dribble into the intake throat, give you a rich condition at startup. I've seen it often happen to 911s with IDAs, but there the carbs are directly above the cylinders, so gravity affects that setup more than sidedrafts. Not much to do about it other than trying ethanol free gas, and opening the throttle all the way while cranking to try to clear things out.
  7. How hot is hot? You might be having problems with vapor lock if you have a stock and tired fuel pump!
  8. Sold!
  9. Yes, sorry, didn't mean to concern you, just indicates that in all likelihood, your chain, sprockets, guides, and tensioner at least have been replaced at one point; in my opinion a very good thing! I see it as a sign that a previous owner cared properly for the car, and some of the important parts are newer than 40+ years old!
  10. Still available!
  11. I can't remember if there are any holes in the end to put oil on the timing chain or not, so you might want to check that, but even so I doubt that bend would cause an issue. Speaking of, looks like someone changed to a single row chain and sprockets, so you know you car has previously had some thoughtful maintenance done!
  12. My Haynes says 0.023 - 0.069mm, so if you're confident in your measurements I think your bearing clearances are fine and you should start looking for other causes of your noise.
  13. MMMMM! I love mint so much, always been my favorite 02 color! Since we're sharing, here's mine: Still think my respray is just a tad more yellowish, but oh well, doesn't really bother me. Only bummer is with the humongous appreciation in 02 values recently, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to swing another one. . . Note to self: Must keep eyes open for rust-free Mint project cars!!!
  14. Very nice looking! I've never tried refrubing wheels yet, but everyone generally seems to get great looking results from what I can tell. How difficult was the prep work with all of those spokes before you started painting?
  15. Ok boys and girls, thanks to your encouragement my tech article on EFI conversion has begun! Follow here as it develops: