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  1. Hey guys, sorry wasn't properly following this thread, but yes still available and yes I can ship it, PM me if you're still interested!
  2. The Master Tinkerer and I are two peas in a pod on this one! Mint + Big Bumpers for the win! Are they big? Yes. Do they work? Yes. Do they look just fine? Yes. Side markers though. . . those must go when possible!
  3. Unfortunately jumping out of gear can be a sign of a pretty worn out transmission. The reason it happens is *something* is too loose and thus can't hold the gears snugly enough when they're engaged. The common places where this slop might be are: Transmission/engine mountings (allowing the transmission to move enough to pop things out of place) External shift linkage Internal shift linkage Syncronizers Bearings If the first two seem OK, then it's most likely time for a rebuild. . .
  4. I just don't understand how this all works since it's now generally accepted that a manual shift lever is the ultimate millennial anti-theft device. So what do they DO with these cars that they spend so much money on?
  5. @Bibm5, be careful what you wish for! Assuming you have an 05-10 model, I'd suggest you start by checking fuse #21 in the drivers footwell!
  6. The Mint green one was mine; aka the better maintained of the two (obviously)! And I think it's both awesome and hilarious that it still sports the little Airheads sticker I put on the back!!!
  7. Guy I sold my first 2002 to back in 2008 recently reached out to me on Facebook to let me know he was selling it to a shop called eMpower Automotive up in New Jersey. Sure enough, that's my very first car still looking great up on their Facebook page! I'm so happy to know where it is and that it's still living a great life!
  8. To be fair, part of that whole third (bottom) volume of the Odyssey stack is the wiring diagrams, but I had to buy that one separately AND they're really not that well presented/user friendly. I'll give a nod to the NewTIS site here for quite useful diagrams for modern BMWs at least: https://www.newtis.info/ Also pulled that thing out to do a brake job which in hindsight was unnecessary; fortunately modern disc brakes have remained very straight forward. But yeah despite those slight concessions, the rest of the uber-complicated crap doesn't hold a candle to the 2002. I don't think I can name a job on that car that I can't pull off with just my toolbox and some jackstands (and believe me, I HAVE done almost everything that way!)
  9. Beat me to it, but this was definitely my immediate guess when I first say the picture. Those look exactly like the little end plugs that slide in the ends of the lower black rubbery side trim, either on the doors, fenders, or quarter panels.
  10. Wow, never realized those were priced per pair, that does look like a pretty good set of seats! Just too bad the don't seem to have a tan leather option. . . I'm a little leery of whether those brackets would actually fit properly though based on their description with the entirely wrong years; is it confirmed that the 2002 seat mounts are common with early 6-series seat mounts? "The Corbeau BMW 2002/630/333 seat brackets are manufactured to be a direct bolt in to the 1977-1989 BMW 2002,630 and 633"
  11. Don't know the exact answer but I can't think of a reason why the factory torque spec would NOT be a good value. The joint now has more 'meat' on it and is the same size fastener, so I wouldn't worry about factory being too high to hurt anything, and on the other side I can't see how the posi-locks would make it any more likely for the joint to try to loosen up, and therefore no reason factory spec would be to low to keep things together either.
  12. Well done, you did everything exactly correctly and that got you a nice running motor! Just the kind of success story we like to hear! Good job for taking your time and doing things right!
  13. I really like the addition of O2 sensor support, good on ya Pat for including that functionality!

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