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  1. AustrianVespaGuy

    M10 Vs M42 (realistically)

    Hit the most important points then, well done!
  2. AustrianVespaGuy

    M10 Vs M42 (realistically)

    What might be most interesting for the OP is: what led you to select the M42 for your turbo build rather than the M10? Looks great and LOTS of ponies in a 2002 though, that's for sure!
  3. AustrianVespaGuy

    2002 Beauty Shots

    No, just the empty carseat, there for when my toddler asks me: "Home Depot shopping in Daddy's green car?!" Ahh, good kiddo!
  4. AustrianVespaGuy

    M10 Vs M42 (realistically)

    My Megasquirted M10 is very, very similar to @Schnellvintage's build, just with 9.5:1 IE pistons. Don't have the dyno graph to prove it but also puts out about 130 HP at the crank. Now for the interesting part: I've been surprised but come to the conclusion that it's also just a tad faster than my new-to-me 325iS with the stock M20 up to about 80MPH or so. Above that the larger displacement M20 can better keep pushing the air out of the way, but on the street I've decided that built M10 > stock M20. ALSO, at ~130HP, the M10 has a specific output (65HP/Liter) EQUAL to the 282 HP/4.4L DOHC, variable valve timing, COP, etc. all fancy modern M62 in my 2000 540i! What I'm saying is, from my point of view, properly built internals are what make an engine, almost regardless of starting configuration. Maybe a DOHC engine has more potential overall, but the M10 has a LOT of overhead that can pretty easily be squeezed out of it! Build and install M42 if what you want is a 2002 with an M42, but you'll have a hard time convincing me that a stock M42 is enough 'better' than an M10 all on its own to warrant the swap on that premise alone. Also for high altitude, see if you can find ethanol-free gas. Not only does pure gas have more energy density than the diluted stuff (gasoline has 1.5x more joules/gram than ethanol!) but carbs like it better, and it's less likely to boil off and cause you issues with vapor lock!
  5. AustrianVespaGuy

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Popped for some of the full-res versions from the photographer. Point me by please, Miata!
  6. AustrianVespaGuy

    Bmw M10B20 engine noise

    30psi hot seems pretty good, so I think we can rule out main bearing/crank issues, so that's good. Could still be a clearance issue up in the pistons though. 😕
  7. AustrianVespaGuy

    Dealer Parts Guy : what make is a 2002tii ?

    EVERYWHERE, not just SC! I'll never understand it. Classic argument from the guys I work with is always: "But what IF you need to haul something?" To which I always reply: "That's what a trailer hitch is for. . . and the trailer (also easier to load, btw.) I don't need to drag to work everyday." But I'm still the odd one out, it seems! My dad does better yet: he has a Vibe with fold flat seats and likes to help the guys in pickups at Home Depot tie the orange ribbons on to the ends of their wares sticking out of their beds. He then loads his 8 foot lumber into the Vibe and closes the rear hatch! GULP!
  8. AustrianVespaGuy

    Sunroof rust

    FWIW, I'm in the middle of something similar on my E30, albeit for different reasons. I completely cut out the sunroof cassette/try and am now in the process of welding in the sunroof panel itself. If you don't care about loosing the sunroof part, I think you could probably do something similar if it proves challenging to find a proper donor roof.
  9. AustrianVespaGuy

    article ..... 2002 history

    What I learned/found most interesting in this article was how large a role the US market reputedly had in progression to the 2.0L engine for the 2002. I never suspected the Amis had that much influence with the German decision makers, especially back then! And this part: "the turbo lag was significant and thus hard to predict, making the car a challenge to drive, especially if the driver wanted to use a heel and toe gear-change which performance oriented drivers would be near certain to do." No surprise to me that it wasn't a big seller, and leaves me wondering why in the world they're worth so much today. I'd STILL say no thanks!
  10. AustrianVespaGuy

    Tii Rotors?

    Looks like Ireland has them, reasonable price too; probably what I'd go for!
  11. AustrianVespaGuy

    Finally became a 2002 owner!

    Damn that is a clean looking car, nice find! And even if beige isn't generally you thing, don't sweat it, there is NO SUCH THING as a bad 2002 color; they're all great looking! Also, and I literally just posted this on another thread, if you have a more modern car for a daily driver, see if you can live without the A/C; I'm in the camp that unless you truly, desperately NEED it, A/C isn't a very good fit for a 2002, but that's me. Please keep an eye on the underside and try to make sure the midwest winters don't eat away at that beauty! What's his/her name by the way?
  12. AustrianVespaGuy

    What is the best air conditioning system?

    Plenty of information all over this site for A/C options and builds, but I'm going to go ahead and throw out my opinion that while it can be done, the 2002 is a car best run without air conditioning; they're really not meant for it. Unless you live in a seriously hot climate AND it's your daily driver, I'd suggest at least waiting to see if you can live without it. Especially if you have a newer daily vehicle with A/C, I think it's a case of 'less is more!'
  13. AustrianVespaGuy

    Advise on Fuel Pump for Supercharged M10

    If you going Megasquirt fuel injection, just get the drop in high pressure fuel pump from and E30. Pops right in your tank, use a 3-bar regulator, and you're good to go! I think this is the one:
  14. AustrianVespaGuy

    HELP! Turn Signals Not Working on 73 2002

    Hard to tell from you pictures, but now I'm thinking you green/yellow wire might look OK and that really is a green/white (not faded yellow like I was assuming) dangling there. Only green/white wires I know of are the ones that come from fuse #12 to provide switched power to mostly-tii-specific thingys, such as the fuel pump and time switch. Check it's continuity to fuse 12; worst comes to worst you have an extra free switched +12V wire under the dash, and that's never a bad thing!
  15. AustrianVespaGuy

    HELP! Turn Signals Not Working on 73 2002

    Green/yellow is where the +12V comes through the stalk FROM the flasher and then goes OUT to either the RT or LT turn signals, so 99% likely that's your problem. Hazards would still work as long as the green/yellow is still intact between the hazard switch and the flasher. Here's the diagram and I've drawn the +12V path for you: As for the clipped wire, it's one of two things: 1.) It might be the grey wire from the ignition that supplies the power to the parking lights, even when the ignition is switched off. 2.) It also might be the white wire, which controls the high beams. So test and see whether it's your high beams or parking lights that are not functioning properly and that'll solve that part of the mystery too!