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  1. AustrianVespaGuy

    Megasquirt EFI (and EDIS) for the BMW 2002 - Part 1

    Hi Zach, so yes it's true that Microsquirt can run a PWM valve for idle control natively (which a lot of cars came with from the factory), but it cannot control a 4-wire stepper motor for idle control without the additional module; just a different way of doing things, so it's good to plan out your build first to make sure you know what you want and which hardware you're going to use. Glad the 914 is running so well for you though, that's fantastic! Hooray for Megasquirt!!!
  2. AustrianVespaGuy

    It Works? !!!!

    Fantastic news! Congrats on the major success!!! Can't wait to hear how is running here shortly as you get things dialed in!
  3. AustrianVespaGuy

    Repent and Ye will be saved

    Feels good to get all of that crap cleared out of there, doesn't it? And don't worry too much about your first attempt issue, I generally ended up doing each section of my Megasquirt wiring about 3 times on average before I was happy with things! Just how wiring goes, bit of an iterative process!
  4. AustrianVespaGuy

    Instrument cluster disassembly & refurb

    Hey Randy, mine rattle like crazy sometimes too, can you link me to your pics? Thanks!
  5. AustrianVespaGuy

    Bmw e10 carpet

    Personally I don't quite care enough which way is 'originally correct,' but for those of you that do, you COULD email the German 02 club to ask for their take on the E10 matter. Hell if you want, I'll even write it in German for you to keep up my practice, but again, only if someone cares enough to deem this necessary. . .
  6. Well done and congratulations! Too bad this still doesn't leave us quite clear whether the regulator, brushes, or alternator itself were the culprit, but most important thing is that it's back working again, good job!
  7. NEVER! DIY is ALWAYS >> Pay the man if you have the balls to just go for it!
  8. Whoops, sorry! Currently assembling another Megasquirt for the E30 so have EFI on the brain, apologies tii brethren!
  9. Which ground bolt? Check ohms between the body of the alternator and the engine block (should be 0). I bring this up because something is still nagging at me here. Might be wrong but I don't think either a failed regulator OR dead brushes would cause the dash light not to work. And after re-reading your original post, I'm also not clear: do you have the factory 2002 alternator and external regulator, or the internally regulated 320i alternator? I ask this because the 320i alternator should be self-exciting, and unlike the factory 2002 one in fact should NOT need the L light circuit in order to get energized. I'm about 90% sure on both of these, but not 100%. . .
  10. I used these guys in Jacksonville FL for my Megasquirt injectors and would certainly recommend them. I will note though I didn't end up having them actually clean my injectors, as they tested out so perfectly on the incoming test we decided messing with wouldn't gain anything, so instead I had them perform a few different tests (I was hunting for a smoking gun) in lieu of the cleaning, but they still shipped me new orings and seals back with them, just in case! PM me if you want more details and I'll dig up the correspondence.
  11. Check to make sure your alternator is grounded; if it's not, it would explain all of your issues. Assuming the alternator is internally regulated (as I think all 320i alternators are), it only has three connections: 1.)B+, where the fat red cable goes to the positive battery terminal. 2.)D+, also on the output of the alternator but isolated from the battery, this is what goes to the warning light on the dash. The other side of the dash light is hooked to +12V from the battery, so if the alternator voltage is 0, then viola you get current flow from the battery through the bulb to the alternator. Note this only works if your alternator is then grounded in order to complete the circuit, and obviously won't work if the battery is utterly and completely dead. 3.)Ground, where I suspect you issue lies.
  12. AustrianVespaGuy

    76 2002

    CA STILL won't exempt 42 year old cars?!? Even with, say, an engine swap or EFI conversion to make it 'cleaner' than it was originally/brand new? That's narrow-minded fascism as far as I'm concerned! Forgive me surprise, I just thought everyone was basically to at least 30yr+ exemptions in this day and age. Age discrimination still has a last holdout though it would appear!
  13. AustrianVespaGuy

    A "light" cylinder head refresh - does that exist?

    My take is since you have two at least 'serviceable' heads, keep the car running with one of them for now, and then you needn't feel rushed to take your time and rebuild the other one properly. Which one you choose to put the effort into is basically up to you, ala original matching vs. E12 preference. If you want to keep costs down a little, see if someone around here will lend/rent you their spring compressor tool so that you can pull/install the cam yourself, thus keeping the machine shop labor down a bit more.
  14. AustrianVespaGuy

    Recognize this E30 electrical connector?

    I think most connectors tend to be available new somewhere, although they're usually not already pinned, but unfortunately I also don't know where. On my build, I just got a used pigtail off of ebay for both of these connectors, and I see there's one currently available if you want:
  15. AustrianVespaGuy

    Crank but no start

    Yup, if you have a timing light, even better!