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  1. Ignition timing has quite an effect on running temperature, as the points wear and close-up the ignition retards and running temperature increases. Try reseting points and timing. If you have some electronic ignition then check the timing.
  2. Local BMW mag shows a lot of local cars:
  3. Now I am on another Thai 2002 weekender... Running a bit better this time after ignition service... Weather uncooperative, 02 goes good in deep water... Here's the car on the main north/south Rd negotiating the traffic...
  4. Pump the gas pedal to operate the accelerator pumps... A determined push all way to the floor... Then release the throttle & start normally.. Be prepared to use the throttle to keep it running first few moments. If its freezing outside you likely would need a squirt of fuel up the inlet to get it to fire.
  5. What is a 'new alternator bolt'? is it a longer bolt than before? could it be touching something inside the alt?
  6. turn the steering to maximise space to swing your wrench
  7. Slightly off-topic, but maybe a good strategy. Wayback a friend in UK had a Triumph TR2 which was already a 40yr-old car and in quite a 'used' condition. He took the car for for a 2 month driving holiday in Europe in August & September...he booked one week of breakdown/recovery insurance for the last week of September.... he drove across France in the direction of Italy until the car broke down (it did after a few days, somewhere near Lyon)...then holiday'd there until late september, then activated his one week of recovery insurance to bring him & the car home...
  8. If he fitted/removed the pump he would have had the relief valve in his hand, it pops out under spring pressure until the pump is secured in-place.... Yes, pan can be removed in-situ by careful positioning of the crank.
  9. Is the pressure relief valve correctly assembled? If its missing, upside down or no spring then there will be no pressure.
  10. I just did a weeks vacation with the family plus luggage... i would add spare fuel hose & condensor to your list plus some electrical wire, some tie-wire or cable ties plus duct tape. These cars are great long distance tourers...i predict you'll have no issues
  11. This gives me an idea - I swab your interior and submit the DNA-rich residues to those genealogy sites and get you a complete family tree of former occupants... sweatygearknob.com whostouchedmyhandle.com this could fund my next restoration....
  12. Remove the brake handle, pull the cables up further, then reinstall the handle... You can thread the cables into the handle later.
  13. But what does "when the car is off" mean? I thought rolling, engine off...? If the engine is switched off and car stationary then ?
  14. could be a stone stuck in a dust shield...can often be fixed by reversing and braking to spit the stone out

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