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  1. Thanks all...this is what i wanted it to be ! an output to trigger an electric aerial...i am gonna fit a modern blaupunkt stick-on-the-glass amplified aerial (because I dont wanna drill for a traditional aerial)...i can use this green connector to power the modern blaupunkt gizmo. I dont think a 3.5mm audio-type jack fits...I think its more like a screw-clamp connector where you just stick a wire in....There's a hole in the top case to stick your screwdriver in to clamp the wire..
  2. Hey All, Does anyone have a snapshot of the installation/operating instructions for an early 70s Blaupunkt Frankfurt (mine is 7 639 670 - C3954234). Specifically, i want to know more about the single green connector in the ~middle of the back of the radio...is it an input or an output? do you stick in a wire or a certain type of plug? Hijacking one of Steve's pics: from the seminal article on these jewels:
  3. I have never known a broken crank on an M10 road car, certainly a spectacular end for that engine. Its happened to me on other motors that are known for this weakness: suggest you get that crank chrome plated and mounted as art. Here's my paperwieght off a triumph engine:
  4. So thats got the 150 miles per hour speedo? only 60-something cars got that
  5. Standard gearbox was a 4speed (strengthened version of Standard 2002 box), the option was a 'dogleg' close ratio 5speed. There was never a 'normal' 5speed (i guess you mean standard "1st in top left' and overdive 5th gear).
  6. Paint Quality was obviously a big thing!! I like the engine building @8mins
  7. I updated the post with the other pages off the Trade Classics website...i think theres a page missing but thats all there is...
  8. It says he's running an EFI system and somewhere I read its a garret turbo....so I guess its running more boost...theres an 18-yr-old article there saying 300hp.
  9. If it's smoking from a joint or connection then that exact place is not clean and creating resistance.
  10. https://www.tradeclassics.com/auctions/bmw/1974-bmw-2002-turbo/ Nice history and some significant induction mods.... looks like normal wet-climate 2002 corrosion breaking through
  11. seems to last forever...they specced great plastics back in the 70s
  12. Part No 10, what does it connect to or clip on to??
  13. This site offers great destination advice for your next roadtrip: https://placestovisitthisweekend.com/
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