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  1. are you sure its the right bush? one end of that TCA has a smaller bush than the other.
  2. Linwar in Southport offers remanufactured servos, different types for 1502 and others 02s https://www.linwar.com/bmw_e10_brake_cylinders_servos.html According to the parts book: 34339555270 Booster 1600-2Cab and 1602 34331103339 Booster 1600-2 Ti , 2002, 1602, 1802, 2002A, 2002Tii, 2002touring 34331111958 Booster 1502
  3. wind the top hat washer down one turn or two, its leaning out too quick as it warms up.
  4. dlacey

    Key blanks for 67-68 cars ?

    These keys are common with VWs of the the era... Should be widely available..
  5. dlacey

    Round tail light question

    I thought the tube retains the external chrome rings and acts as a spacer that the reflector assembly butts against? Then the knurled nuts hold the reflector on.
  6. Mercedes got Teves/ATE to remanufacture them, price is eye watering... https://media.daimler.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko/New-T50-brake-booster-for-Mercedes-Benz-classics.xhtml?oid=9913448 Iruna brakes makes a servo of almost identical dimensions that's almost a bolt-on replacement, except it uses UNF instead of metric unions. Reasonable price in Europe, dunno if they have US disti. http://irunabrakes.com
  7. dlacey

    Have I created a fire hazard?

    The tape is no problem at 12volts, but I doubt your solution will last...there's some 'give' in the tape and the pressure will reduce...but you are close...suggest looking at the cleanliness of the connectors (polish with fine abrasive) and the bulbs themselves. The system has fuses, so even in the event you used metal tape, fully conductive, the car would just blow a fuse...no risk of an electrical fire.
  8. dlacey

    Open Heart Surgery

    Given how corroded it is then it appears your rebuilder did not test it .. that's maybe not unusual as it's considered an accessory rather than critical to pump operation. So then maybe your 6mm discussion just indicates that it wasn't setup at all...
  9. dlacey

    Turbo Red VDO Gauge

    It's black plastic - difficult if not impossible to stain. I am sure paint is fine....you could make one quite easily by sanding back the late style lux wood effect part and a bit of spray paint. Much more difficult to fake is the Speedo...especially the mph Speedo.
  10. How's the condition of your front suspension bushes? If these are worn the wheel has more 'freedom' than designed and can start to rub.
  11. dlacey

    Open Heart Surgery

    Yes, you can remove the WUR in the car, it forms the pivot for the throttle shaft, so you need to pull of that stuff too. That failure is "what they do"...any chance it was good when tested and has corroded in shipping/storage??
  12. I think this is an issue that's not clearly understood....it would mean that if your throttle body has been replaced then the 4mm pin idle setting is not possible/irrelevant/wrong....
  13. dlacey

    Where to find 2002 car auctions?

    Don't underestimate the value of a wanted ad in a club magazine/forum.... Many owners are not super-motivated to sell , but if they know an enthusiast is looking for a car then they'll make the effort.
  14. AFAIK the tranny is effectively built around that plate, so to remove it requires a complete strip down of the GB.
  15. In steve's link above that turbo pump has a similar Bosch tag to the OP's