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  1. How are your TCA bushes? And subframe bushes? When they go bad the wheel starts rubbing..
  2. Thats not a Tii sender... the unit you have there seems to have fuel feed & return unions...Tii sender is just a sender...nothing else. I dont recognise the thing on the far right of the piece..is that a filter? how heavy is that piece? is there a pump inside the main body? Seems it may be off a K Jetronic car??
  3. dlacey

    vented disc specs

    Thanks, 22mm is the number i needed. Whats the minimum thickness or wear limit? might it be proportionally same as that on the Tii solid disc?
  4. Hi All, Whats the original thickness and minimum spec for the standard turbo vented rotor/disc? dave
  5. dlacey

    Chinese Turbo

    Obviously the slow boat to China...
  6. AC is a basic human right in the tropics. Not only to lower the temp, but mostly to pull the humidity down. Most important when it rains...a car without AC is undrivable because of condensation.
  7. dlacey

    Chinese Turbo

    At the Shanghai Motor Museum This pic from TripAdvisor but I got the info from another BMW enthusiast out here who is visiting... https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g308272-d1979498-Reviews-Shanghai_Auto_Museum-Shanghai.html
  8. dlacey

    Spare Parts list

    Points,condenser, fan belt, tyre repair/pump. Otherwise they are reliable
  9. Last 2 days i have a problem using Chrome on Windows AND Chrome on Ubuntu, but not Chrome on Android. The site loads and functions normally, but if I leave the tab open for 10-15 mins and go browse something else... the browser hangs. Normally I am browsing the general discussion forum. In the last months I have noticed chrome slows down when bmw2002faq is open, but in last 2 days it's started to hang...on windows I can use task mgr to quit & restart chrome, on ubuntu only a cold boot fixes it. it is definitely related to bmw2002faq, without this tab open the browser is stable all day.
  10. dlacey

    Gearbox Numbers

    So we might guess that 24 of the first 732 cars had CR 5 spds, and a further 111 of next 321 cars had CR 5sp... of course many assumptions here, but it looks like the alternative gearbox got more popular...but if it continued at that later rate then about 338 out of 1672 cars got the 5sp....meaning the Strengthened 4sp is a very rare box with only ~1330 ever made.
  11. dlacey

    Interior installation sequence

    I would recommend: Wiring loom Headliner A/B post trim Dash Windscreen Rear screen Rear side window rubber and window Carpet Rear shelf Rear seats Centre console Front seats Then doors can do at will: Door seal rubber Locks/handle Quarterlight Side window Alignment Alignment Alignment Door card Handles, armrests
  12. dlacey

    Sunroof panel restoration

    Originally no foam, just the headliner fabric folded over the metal frame & glued to the back.
  13. dlacey

    Gearbox Numbers

    Mine fits that pattern...gearbox 708 in chassis xx732. Thanks...I a minded to change a few oil seals if it's not too difficult. Otherwise I will just drive it & see how shifts/sounds.
  14. dlacey

    Advice on a 'garden find'

    All, I am currently stripping and refurbishing the running gear, I have new bushes to fit from my stash of tii parts. Question is the colour of the running gear...what's your opinion? Heres my guess based upon what I found as I removed paint: Sump: grey Front subframe:? Front antirollbar bar: black Track control arms: grey MacPherson struts: black Steering rods: black Rear subframe: grey Rear antirollbar: black Rear trailing arms:? Brake back plates: black Any factory correct pics or advice on how it should be??