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  1. Have they seen recent active service?? If not they may rapidly degrade when they get some exercise... A bit like an old spare tire can do once you fit it...
  2. could be struts or..hows the flex disc in the steering? just above the steering box....that would explain the inconsistency of steering over bumps
  3. I have one the same...its not that noisy in real operation...its making a noise in your video because of no load...the motor is spinning fast and the flexible drive is resonating. Once the panel is in with all the friction of the seals etc the motor is much slower and the resonance doesnt happen. Mine sounds OK when working, not annoying. Make sure the electrical connections are in good shape...this motor takes a high current...
  4. A problem with the right front brake is most likely, but could also be severe movement in left front suspension (dead control arm bushes)
  5. Its first time i see the panel assembled to the cables and cable guides before fitting into the roof.... seems risky with such a delicate painted part...would have thought the normal assembly of the cables and guides into the roof before adding the panel last would be less likely to end in disaster...
  6. The strap is just there for installation, it squeezes the guibo so all the bolt holes line-up...once the bolts are in remove the strap.
  7. Yep, if its an original strut, remove the top cap, pull out the guts and dump them, drain out the oil and then drop in your bilstein insert and screw the cap back on. You might wanna replace the perished rubber shield (might be long-gone) with something off a toyota or whatever you find locally, like this: https://www.amazon.com/Absorber-Rubber-Bellow-Corolla-48157-05020/dp/B07XNZ56GN To protect your Bilsteins from road grit etc.
  8. ---> the strut itself is made by Sachs
  9. Originally the front strut is a wet shock design, the pistons and fluid run directly in the shock tube. All insert-type shocks are replacements..
  10. All, For your info, I have found that the filter from an 1997-2005 Subaru fits quite well: SCT SB992 Mann C3747 Mahle LX1518 Filtron AP121/2 It doesn't locate per original, but X/Y size is fine, edge rubber seals against the internal ledge and the box closes and clamps the filter OK
  11. Pat, Just confirming the safe arrival of the TuneBox in Malaysia! Thanks, will test at the weekend! Dave
  12. I just found one NOS..I wonder if it will work...
  13. I tried repair by blindly replacing transistors with suitable types.. didn't work for me. Ended up buying the Bosch replacement part. To avoid extra wiring for the button to the dash you can wire a relay off the headlamp flasher circuit and the start circuit so that the cold start injector only fires on a combination of start&flash... Works in a warm climate where there's no need for the injector to continue in the first 20 seconds of running...(just a few extra wires in the engine bay).
  14. Maybe it would only bleed one circuit, since the stop intrudes into one fluid chamber of the mcyl , but suggest bleed at the servos on a RHD car would be a more effective way to roughly bleed the top of the system.

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