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  1. The diagnostic lump off the original coil wire and the circular pickup off No1 plug lead.
  2. https://www.finjector.com/eng/2_pole_connector_set_for_d_jetronic_injectors_and_temp_sensors-p-2564-39
  3. For all those ancient Bosch connectors go here: https://www.finjector.com/eng/
  4. You say the rev counter bounced about...if the needle is dropping to zero and then springing back up when the engine is misbehaving then that points to a low-tension issue (tach is fed from low-tension side of coil)...likely culprit is condenser of you are running std ignition.
  5. The Peugeot Kugel installation seems to avoid the need for careful mechanical synchronization of thottle butterfly and fuel lever by relying on manifold pressure (with barometric compensation). There's a few parts from our turbo cars you'll recognise. Just FYI, sorry for being off topic.
  6. Broken injection timing belt
  7. Doesn't it just mean that the custom transmission bracket isn't right? The engine/box is on a 3point mounting, the transmission mount defining the flange face angle both horizontally and vertically. Your guibo won't line up because of the end of the transmission is too low and too far to the right.
  8. Just to close the loop somewhat, a discussion on the mainlist just unearthed the sidestripe graphics...
  9. These ultra-cheap units get reasonable reviews... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluetooth-Vintage-Car-Radio-MP3-Player-Stereo-USB-Classic-Style-Car-Stereo-Audio/123937552729
  10. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/bmw-2002-turbo-federbeine-fahrwerk-02-e10-tii-nos-struts-neu/1275514360-223-6443 Seller claims NOS struts for turbo...fyi
  11. I found a guy in Germany who claims to be reproducing the manifold...so far i only see a CAD drawing, but he promises photos of the real thing soon... Euro400/pc, no word on shipping ...
  12. From '79 the E21 was assembled locally in Malaysia - easily imported into thailand back then...not sure about the US spec certainly seems to be a more vibrant 02 community in Thailand than there is in Malaysia...here its strong fopr e30 & later but the earlier cars are rarities...
  13. There's no doubt that the quality and stability of plastics from the 1970s was far better than today... I posted elsewhere my cars running-in sticker still going strong despite 40 years exposure to sunlight... I dunno if all the stickers were that quality and if the adhesive stickosity remains good...but I would say it's likely it's still good.
  14. Here's one: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Einspritzduse-Kugelfischer-DLO20D-BMW-2002-tii-Peugeot-504-Ford-Capri-ALPINA-A4/183918953525
  15. Calipers on upside down? Bleed nipples should be up. its happened here a couple of times recently

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