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  1. The '02 turbo head had M10 studs on the exhaust side & later they added a further bracket/stay to support the weight of the turbocharger dangling on the end of the manifold.
  2. There's an '02 on the hillock in the back of this early 1960s race in Kuala Lumpur That's a Merlyn Mk5 and a Lotus 22 in the foreground... more info on racing in South East Asia here: https://rewind-media.com/2021/07/30/racing-in-the-federal-capital/
  3. The key booklet for fault finding the injection and cold start is here: if the cold start valve spews fuel all the time, even without the starter turning then the valve may be bad...they are difficult to find...I understand theres better availability in Datsun/Nissan 240Z world. The Zeitschalter has been recreated by Jason here: There are options to manually switch the cold start via a dash switch or a relay if you need an economy solution.
  4. From an exterior diameter/dimension perspective the barrel of the cylinder will push through the gearbox hole in either direction. Don't whack the thing so hard that you snap the ear off the gearbox casting... When grabbing to twist it, grab the 'lower' parts not the machined surface that must pass thru the mounting hole.
  5. Hi Scott, I wouldn't spray a liquid oil near the upholstery....it will get everywhere..and it smells... I have used wax to fix the problem (candle wax, ski wax...I dunno about bikini wax)..just rub it on the offending sections. The wax is clear in colour and stays where you put it. After a while the fresh upholstery will confirm to the channel and things will keep moving.
  6. From your vid and the original statement on correct orientation...my only guess is the guts of the valve are installed back-to-front???
  7. Yes, I have had same issue where the thread in the mirror body (partially) strips, I seem to recall fixing it my replacing the original bolt, which has some tapered thread, for a standard ?M4? bolt of same length...since then its fine.
  8. That large plug is the >73 type, the earlier ones have a smaller/squarer plug with round connector pins/sockets
  9. That's the cap for the top of the strut tube. To retain the telescopic shock insert.
  10. What's this? never seen or heard of. Neither on any price list I've seen It's also an alloy airdam, not GRP. The UK BMW club knows the car.... It's been in Malaysia last 15 yrs.
  11. Another dimension - back then, the dealer network was not BMW-owned, so they were under less control and some were agents for Alpina as well. I have a Schwarz tii with documented history, first owner the Managing Director of BMW Concessionaires (UK) Ltd, specified with CR 5Sp, LSD, Electric Roof, Alpina Air Dam, Alpina Quarter Bumpers, Scheel (?) seat, Alpina Steel Wheels (Carb Logo Stickers on centre caps) - no engine mods I am aware of. BMW Group Archive shows delivery to BMW Concessionaires UK (no detail on gearbox & axle), and an enquiry to Alpina shows no record of this car. So, it had Alpina additions 'when new', but these were fitted after BMW delivered it to UK.
  12. It's an unfortunate design feature that the other side of that cracked arch is the spring and shock strengthener which is open to the elements and collects road dirt. Rust starts there and eventually appears inside the trunk. It's a significant and structural repair.
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