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  1. Well I can warranty it’s gonna cost a shed load of coin to make that right!
  2. SydneyTii

    I'm sorry

    Instead of, or in addition to?
  3. All good mate, only friendly banter, there’s ceartainly some truth in your comments, the pricing situation is definitely challenging! Theres room for everyone’s opinion I reckon.
  4. Can’t say I get this bit about maintenance, a Tii is qhuite a set and forget car, sure regular maintenance that you do to any other car, but what’s the extra you need to do with a Tii over a carb 02, A well setup Tii is a lovely car to drive. id go along with the space aspect, but take out the battery and air cleaner in about 10 mins and there’s not much you can’t access. The same lack of access could be said for a ti with factory air box. yes Tii specific parts aren’t cheap, but a kuglefischer pump isn’t unobtanium! Even an A4 isn’t that hard to setup, unless you have wear in the components, All the 02’s are straight forward to fettle. The big coupe is simply stunning, and definitely one of the nicest cars I’ve ever seen, but you need serious skills or coin to fix a rusty one. if i could I’d have one of every 02 model, in particular a turbo, an A4s and a baur, and just because I could (you know cos I’m already in fantasy land) I have a csi...... but Santa isnt real and the Easter bunny’s suit is getting a bit tight now...
  5. Good call Scott, ive seen these up close, they look quite period in the perforated finish, I saw them and cobras side by side at a show, and whilst the Cobras looked nice they looked far more modern, but still very nice. i assume the price is per seat, if so it would work out the same as a retrim of my recaros.
  6. Ok cheers Steve, i thought it would be s stretch, Time to give up on that idea! i guess it’s off to the trimmers for my Recaros, I will just go with a retrim in something that looks appropriate to a 74.
  7. Guys has anyone had success in making the original seats as supportive as Recaros, I don't mean so much in the twisty bits, though you could build the bolsters up a bit, but more along the lines of not making your back sore, without being too soft or lacking lumbar support? I am at the point where my Recaros need recovering, but id rather put the money into the original seats as I think they look much nicer. I think I may be kidding myself, but maybe someone has pulled it off? I thought i'd seen someone ages ago say they managed to get the original seats to a high standard, and that they preferred them, I may be going nuts but I thought it was someone like Sports Car Restorations....?
  8. So finished pics in about 2 weeks then Barney? given how quick you turn these around!😜
  9. Nice wheels, they will look cool refurbished!
  10. Well let’s see you get that one under the back seat! 😜
  11. Haha yes very true. I used to be a sparky, and we used a lot of Pyro (Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable) and as an apprentice I can’t tell you how many times I put the end on the cable without the gland or shroud on, usually after a big night out with the felkas!!
  12. Your fuse should not be rated above the cable rating, i.e. current carrying capacity, and also fused in mind of what it connects to.
  13. I wouldn’t bother, they are not expensive, and then you know they’re done. Also I’d use the Kunifer ones when you replace them, obviously not so prone to rust😀
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