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  1. Exactly where I am now, but do you think I can find a snorkel end from nearest the rad anywhere!
  2. Lol I even corrected that but stuffed it up🙄
  3. Dry ice and a good hammer! Scrap, white spirits, sand, then POR or other product. I laid my stuff down didn’t stick it to the floor pan, didn’t think I needed to. Get it up the firewall / front footwell as far as possible. Make sure you don’t have any leaks, but not sticking it down will make sure you don’t have a rust trap. Lots of modern foam based lightweight products now which save the weight of the types like dynamite as well. Large foam pieces under the rear seat if you don’t have a sub! loads of info and pics on here, do a search you will like it! 😜
  4. Incorrectly seated distributor cap, damaged centre pin in the top of the dizzy, bad spark plug, sounds like something electrical/ignition. Following with interest! Good luck.
  5. The Kuglefischer really is a clever bit of kit, the atomisation that it puts out will be incredible!
  6. I remember an auto back in the UK in the 80’s that was converted to a Tii, was a lovely car to drive and quite “nippy” off the mark as well, I have a write up on it in one of the Jaymic “jottings” .... yes Jaymic had a newsletter written regularly by Mike Macartney.... oh boy I’m getting old. if anyone’s interested I may be able to scan it and post it?
  7. Found another good reason not to install a TEP battery holder😂 Bloody remarkable little car!
  8. I'd be interested, I run Octavo's now and am looking for a spare, any idea how much it would cost to ship to Aus?
  9. Please excuse the ignorance..... I have an old set of Recaros that need some work, the covers are shot. However the foam is firm and is not disintegrating, just looks yellow, what's the norm here, would a trimmer just make up a set of covers, or redo the foam and covers?
  10. Bilstein HD's and Eibachs sports, fixed camber plates, 35mm lower, nice ride great handling, just need to sort out my sway bars now!
  11. No mine do not have the larger chrome bit at the top.
  12. Yes my 74 has those seats, have you checked when your car was made? It might be a 73 that was delivered in 74?
  13. I likey!! Surprising isn’t it😂😂
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