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  1. Yeah big +1 on this! makes all the difference, ridiculously so..
  2. Lol great idea Carl! yeah masks are everywhere here, even though they are now saying Covid is eliminated in Aus except for returning international folks and the odd quarantine hotel outbreak, there’s something to be said for being on the Arsenal end of the earth😜 I think we have been extremely lucky. it’s truly heartbreaking to see the growing figures in the US, stay safe guys.
  3. On a friends car we used fibre glass in the rear windscreen aperture, about 2 inches was affected with lots of small holes, we sanded as best we could, rust treated it both sides painted with POR paint and filled with fibre glass filler, sanded flat painted again, applied tie coat then primer and paint matched top coat. New rear screen rubber and it’s like the day we did it, that was 7 years ago, I had a similar repair done with a patch in steel, they didn’t seal it well and now it needs doing again.... he doesn’t let me forget his fibreglass!! 🙄
  4. Yeah Mike, it’s dry here at the mo, but by Feb you feel like you’ve stepped out of the shower every time you go out, mostly this year because it’s La Niña’s turn, better that than the bloody fires! Still I’m close to the beach so at least that’s a positive, apart from the facial tan lines from the masks😜
  5. 😂😂 yeah it’s like C I told you it was hot out today.......
  6. Yeah totally it was 46 when I got in, bloody hot both sides of the world!!
  7. You lucky buggers and this is in the shade!!
  8. I love a Recaro, but my goodness the standard seats done well takes some beating! beautiful interior.
  9. I wish I lived closer! looking forward to seeing this one!
  10. Any impact with braking bias’s or can you just load and go?
  11. Is it low revs or on idle on the throttle? does the car idle correctly once warm or does it hunt. What colour are the plugs? id recheck the idle setup if it’s stalling off throttle in roundabouts or corners Mcartneys book gives you a good way to set up WUR and idle. If it runs ok but dies in corners off throttle it points to idle perhaps, the pumps are almost built proof.
  12. Not a bad idea, food for thought! I have the full e30 setup, so cable, mounting block etc, so it would be a shame not to use it, perhaps I should mount it on the right hand side, then run the cable to the starter as it’s not to far, I think that’s how the e30 was setup... will report back when done. sorry think I bombed this thread😜
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