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  1. Where the hell is this cash extraction point?? all I can find is the big hole that the cash flows into...... maybe it’s in the blue book. but I can’t afford one of those 😂
  2. SydneyTii

    Drilling for belt line trim???

    I'd seriously question drilling panels like the hood and trunk, unless you live in a dry state. Some of the stick on stuff is surprisingly good, also not all of BMW's trim pieces fit well now, the corner piece on my hood new from BMW is a poor fit.
  3. 😂😂 yep this right here. Plus the BFH thing is overstated, get a good body guy to do it, you can barely see mine. if you love a 4 speed you could always hedge your bets re value, fit a 5 and just leave it in fourth😜
  4. You can get very good carbon fibre (?) ones now, Nick Vyse knows who sells them, I cant remember.
  5. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    Cheers John, I have purchased one from Simeons suggestions, its a CTEK.
  6. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    I could guarantee this is exactly what would happen!
  7. SydneyTii

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    If I ever do this I need shooting! The display part, not the driving.....
  8. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    Got one from the first link, great price, thanks Simeon!
  9. SydneyTii

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Can’t see the issue. Nice car, good price, good mods, and if people pay a lot for rs2000’s then a tii, which to me is far better, is worth what these cars are getting. its a shame that we see the value going up so much if our hobby in one sense, but it also means that more will be saved.
  10. SydneyTii

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Simeon there is a place in Brisbane that reskins them, which given our summers and their ability to do it to cope with our UV would probably be the go, but they are quite expensive, I think I just searched for them years ago, buggered if I remember who but they do door cards as well, just a thought, hope that helps ( if only a little) god knows how but my dash is mint, but my car is nearly always covered and someone spent s good bit of money on it years ago so I guess it got done then.
  11. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    Hi Simeon, where did you get it? i get it electrically as I used to be a sparky, but as you have said these later tenders would probably not induce to much into the circuit st one time, thus avoiding alternator of battery issues, especially if it’s a quality unit and they make a point of saying it can be used whilst the battery is connected.
  12. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    Tii John, negative is kinda under the snorkel, I have one of those disconnect switches on the battery that you screw in, but it drives me nuts trying to line up the screw thread and the bolt bit.
  13. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    Well that sounds familiar, looks like that’s the go for me then!😂 Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciated as usual.👍
  14. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    I was trying to avoid a switch, but may end up just fitting my TEP rear “brace”
  15. SydneyTii

    Battery Tenders

    Ok so I’ve read some posts where the recommendation is to not have a battery connected to the car when a tender is on the battery. so my question is are there any that can be? and what is the reason that it’s best not to have the battery connected? i believe the genius type can be connected with the battery still connected to the car. TIA