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  1. I think Jaymic and IE have them as well.
  2. Lol I guess it’s a relative term!
  3. We could do with some cold here!!!!
  4. SydneyTii

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    “If I am going to have to swap those out (for urethane) then I may as well change the whole bar. “ mmm been thinking about upgrading mine as well, not sure what to go with? The Ireland ones or just a thicker bar from any of the usual suspects.... Postage will be a killer, wish we had someone onshore to use!
  5. SydneyTii

    My big 2002 career move!

    BMW have a service department! Good luck with the new venture Paul, any chance of opening an Aussie branch😜
  6. SydneyTii

    Too many cars?

    I had 7 at one count, no historic plates (cheaper restricted driving amount) fully insured, then alignment of the planets transpired and all of the “on roads” fell in the same period, WOW that was a quick lesson! I sold all but my Ute, Tii and 4wd. But I’d so like a Baur🙄
  7. Wow, how much are they are where is he !!!!!
  8. Alfa’s and 02’s just look the part!
  9. SydneyTii

    2002 Number plate for sale

    Captain clueless, I can get one for each state in Aus, of which there’s 6 plus 2 territories, jeez I’m all set!🙄
  10. My Parker faceplate has a “tongue” on the back that the radio lays on, must say that both the koogle and Parker setups look great.
  11. E30 BBS and normal BMW alloy wheel nuts here.
  12. “The difference here, for me, is that the journey is more important than the destination“ Now this right here from Simeon Needs nothing added!!
  13. +1 on Anders comments! Definately try and over estimate. Dont over restore it will become too precious. Sort out mechanical and drive. Bodywork is eye wateringly expensive! Choose sensible upgrades where necessary i.e 5 speed if you use motorways, aircon if you hit hi temps in summer, H4’s if you drive at night a lot + drivings lamps. Oem suspension rubbers transform the car, don’t lower to much it will become a pita if you city drive, eibach sports and Billie HD’s work well. Make sure you brakes are good!!! Have fun😎
  14. SydneyTii

    Best fitting period wheels

    They suit your car, I like the way it sits. Ok cleaning up my Octavos at last, will have Sportstars and Octavos to choose from soon. Very different wheels but they both suit the 02, and with my all new suspension setup I keen to see how the 13’s feel. Exciting!!
  15. SydneyTii

    URO Door Seal install and review

    It would be one of those “ oh that’s how they did it” moments. Either that or some new German swear words would be learnt!