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  1. If you have ever seen inside of one, you will notice a little spring and other parts that rust. I would lubricate, store in a low moisture environment and keep safe. Speaking of which Id happily store them in Australia for you..... well it is dry.... well except its pissing down this week :-) Pictures by the Rob Siegels blog (I hope you dont mind Rob) which as ever is extremely good! (I hope that was enough sucking up for forgiveness)
  2. SydneyTii


    Nice Sportstars!
  3. SydneyTii


    Sportstars are just so cool!
  4. That’s crackers!! Right, time to dig all the shit out of the loft and eBay it, might pay the mortgage off. what a shame that book wasn’t that great🙄
  5. I bet it sounded great!! i think the Tii air canister has its own very unique sound, especially at WOT...
  6. How did you go with this idea, did it work out well or did you find the air cannister ends eventually?
  7. Please don’t do that, it creates a precedent the rest of us can’t live up to!🙄
  8. Oh dear perhaps I should change to Sydney02😜
  9. I’d be interested in that as well please.
  10. I know of someone making a copy of the inlet manifold, a quality replica of the original casting. I have seen it used with Jenvey ITB’s, the issue with the Jenvey on the Alpina manifold from memory was cold start, it needed a bit of clever tinkering to set up a common feed if you see what I mean. my brother in law had an A4s in the 80’s lovely torquey motor, he sold the whole car for nowhere near the price of the TB’s now....... sigh.
  11. Noticed a couple of things, Dim rear lights on one side Reverse light out Small trickle of water on my trunk carpet Popped off both covers, found tired lens gaskets, dirty dull light unit, blown lamps. so New lamps all round, Pulled the light unit was super easy, cleaned unit, and lens, painted with chrome paint, which was only silver in reality, cleaned contacts, refitted the big black seal with some mastic even though they were in good shape, then fitted new small thin gaskets for the lens. What a big difference, and no more leak. it was very surprising how faded the paint was. id highly recommend checking your rear lights, super easy Saturday morning fix.
  12. For a Tii it's not a bad idea, the battery and air cleaner do restrict the access to the oil filter and alternator somewhat, that said my tray is removable so really it's only a 10 minute job to get access, but it would be easier if the battery was in he trunk, I'd use a battery box myself as it sits to one side.

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