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  1. Yes there is a post discussing this very thing, have a search it wasn't that long ago, buggered if I can remember what it was called. I believe there is some sort of thinnners that removes he faux wood stuff, just be careful. I bought the dido rings on eBay but I think they also need the ones that you have underneath for the version to work, I do remember reading someone used silicone to hold the glass still for this type of parcticular rings and cluster combination.
  2. I love that these are being produced again and by the after market, it’s just great!
  3. I guess when you love 02's ..... well you just do! But if anyone ever makes a copy of Barneys badge.......i'm first in the queue!!
  4. I think it is the any key issue! It would appear Microsoft have been advising for many years, that you only need to hit the any key to continue. However there appears to be an issue finding the any key.
  5. My cm5905 or whatever it’s called doesn’t have the code, it does light up and tell me so🙄 so I’m might mount it because my Parker faceplate has a radio hole, and then I’m thinking iPhone Bluetooth to a Bluetooth speaker, tried it the other day, really surprised by the sound it provides, I have reduced hearing in one ear courtesy of an opponent in the ring (youth is a wonderful time where we do fun and dumb things😂) so there’s Little point in a wild stereo, plus that and the 02 isn’t exactly the best acoustically anyway, well perhaps under the hood!
  6. You should be wearing your sunnies if it’s that bright😜
  7. A Tii is not as reliable as a 2002, I beg to differ, they are also 30% more powerful than a standard 02, that’s more than a slight gain in performance, but I’m biased. Don't think there is a best, just the ones we all favour personally. Be interested to watch the opinions on this.... just going for beer and popcorn now😜
  8. Chamonix is classy malaga is classic
  9. Hi. Was write up that you might know of someone that makes replica A4 manifold for the Tii. Have you got anymore info.





  10. I’m with you Steve, my late Lux was the same, I guess seat engineering at BMW wasn’t a big thing!
  11. They look very comfy! i much prefer the original seat look to Recaros, but my old back isn’t so keen..

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