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  1. Just about to start daily'ing mine again while waiting for a new knee, it has 14" e30 basket weaves, I love them...... but they are filthy before you get to the end of the road (and not easy to clean if you do it a lot....shh don't tell Marshall) so I think I will be going with Superlites, I really like the classic look and the ease of cleaning I feel very little difference between a 13 and 14" wheel, but that may just be my butometer!
  2. Recaro's 5 speed overdrive if you drive long distance Battery relocation if you have a tii or side drafts Third brake light Upgraded headlights Brake refresh Suspension rubbers Good tyres
  3. Thanks for the explanation, they certainly look nice in the pics I’ve seen, the review of how they feel/handle elsewhere ( read the Pirelli thread again) seems good, I need a New set of 13’s for my Octavos, I have a whole stash of 02 parts I will probably never fit and a good few 13 inch wheels, that fall into the same category so maybe I should get on and have a clear out and get the 13’s on, and I’d probably have enough money left over to recover my recaros..... But that’s anither story🙄
  4. I understand but you can buy a reasonable set of Michelin tyres for $400 AUD, it’s not like they are rubbish tyres, are the CN36 tyres over 50% better value? What would that value constitute, compound, longevity, grip, or more, I’m not sure what makes them 50% better in this case? are they a high performance tyre?
  5. Not in Australia they aren’t ! $1200 for 4 you can get good 4wd tyres for the same. Maybe it’s a short run thing, but the CN36’s are not cheap.
  6. I don’t want to make my rust wet🙄😜
  7. Yeah nah, had these little cars for most of my adult (there’s a stretch) life, and I couldn’t give a toss about the money. Not interested, never will be, these cars represent fun times and fond memories, I’m absolutely stoked my daughter is now into them (and a little bit worried) but as sad as it may be, I’m a bit attached to them, god only knows why. They cost what they cost, the parts are what they are, there’s bugger all I can do about it and I don’t give it a thought, if something is silly expensive, so what I don’t buy it. life is too bloody short to care about this sort of thing. Just drive them and enjoy them while you can! They’re still fun, when the sun is almost up in the morning, I will be flogging it to on the long way to the beach, grab a coffee have a chat with the fellas if the surf is shit, like I do most weeks, and go home to the family, Stuff all the rest of that crap, it’s only a car, even if it’s a slightly special one😎
  8. Cheers Ray, got it, we don’t have those in Sydney, they seem like a real pain.
  9. Not being a smart arse..... honest. But what is the thing with putting the fuel filler in the trunk? Am I missing something here! Is it a problem with US fuel additives, I know I spill fuel mote often than not, but I just wipe it down at the garage and give it a quick wash at home if I've really made a mess, never had an issue in 30+ years, just wondering if it's a new issue I need to look out for?
  10. Oh god hurry up already! 😀
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