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  1. I’ve even seen these used to hold a TEP rear battery holder in.
  2. Did you check your suction and delivery valves?
  3. I think but am not sure that MVP are doing Trunk lids and hoods soon, certainly trunk lids, may need to check on hoods?
  4. Plus it’s hip to be square and ..... Yeah squaries are better! 🏃🏼‍♂️
  5. Absolute doesn’t matter, my Recaro’s are much more comfortable, just a bit of curiosity 🤔
  6. So one more time for the slow Aussie.... my original non sport 74Tii Seats are made my who?
  7. I meant the non sport seats like fastricky was discussing, they look great to me, I think you mean the original sports seats like in the Turbo? Yes I think they were recaros. Others will probably qualify that.
  8. Be interesting to know what percentage of 02’s have Recaro’s as opposed to Original seats. I love my original seats, but they are nowhere near as supportive as my Recaro’s, and now I only use my car at weekends I could go either way..... but the twisties kinda make that decisions for you😜
  9. Cheers Steve, I think the Euro pumps are functionally the same, yes perhaps a “tweak” to the Cone but not a impactful one. The US 74 pump I believe has a different delivery curve. looking at the b +c pumps there is no physical difference except the WUR/mixture pivot bracket that I can see. This is interesting research,boy have I read a lot of posts😎
  10. Guys do you know if the type B and type c Kuglefischer pumps are interchangeable? I realise the warm up regulator/ mixture bracket is different as one uses a return spring which pulls the lever and one uses a spring on top of the WUR that pushes the lever and top hat. I think they are functionally the same, has anyone used a b when they originally had a C?
  11. Great recommendation! Thank you.
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