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  1. What lovely scenery, you and Nick are very lucky!😎
  2. Spot on! Jaymic, Bluntech I would imagine, W&N etc
  3. Yeah it’s weid, goes in out out of all gears fine if just using the gear stick, same if the clutch and gear stick is used as long as the engine is off. But when it’s running it tight as all hell to get into 1st and 2nd. Better as it warms up. its a bugger, I can’t get under if the moment, to check up close.
  4. A good bodywork / metal former guy can fix that, just remove the poor repair and fabricate a new piece. Better safe than sorry.
  5. What do you think fellas, clutch / throw out related?
  6. What are they out of? They look a bit different to e30’s it is it just me?
  7. So first time back in the car after knee surgery today, i could test the box a little better, (could depress the clutch) ok so engine off, just using gear stick and I can get into every gear with no resistance engine off and using the clutch and gear changing, again just fine. didnt test the engine running and going into gear (knee had enough) but usually when cold it's difficult in 1st and 2nd, So does this seem more throw out bearing, hydalic and or clutch related? any feedback appreciated. cheers.
  8. How are these tyres working out guys? please could someone who’s been running them for a while chime in with a review, I’m thinking about getting some and would love to hear some experiences. cheers.
  9. I think they mean Minnesota in Nigeria! 😜
  10. Love your test bench idea! im using the e28 pump it’s very good.
  11. I’ve got one for a Tii, it’s really good, I got it from someone on here who was making them as there isn’t one for the Tii, I highly recommend it to the other Tii guys. ....... update, just found the message from the seller, he’s on this board and goes by the username Themis very quick straight forward transaction and a quality product. Hope this helps someone.
  12. I have used both the cavity and UB, it is very easy to apply and stays on. I coated some steel 2 years ago and it’s been out in all weathers, hasn’t changed at all. i believe it’s far superior to Tectyl, PPC Sell it, they are in warriewood, Sydney.
  13. Depending where you live, you may want to make sure that as long as it’s sound and no rust underneath, that you coat it with something like Bilt Hamber, it’s a very dark high performance anti corrosion wax for car underbodies. Really good product, highly tested and well regarded. i live close to the ocean and it’s working on my car, just a thought.

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