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  1. J, thanks for this feedback and analysis. I note you’re selling the car, and will assume that it’s not because of the way the A/C works.😉. GLWTS!
  2. Any progress on finding an A/C solution lately?  I’m in SW FL, so certainly am looking to take 2002 climate control to the next level.  I think I have now read everything on the site about this, and it’s not real promising if you want to keep your glovebox, but trying to complete my homework before I commit to a conventional solution.

    1. West Palm 2002

      West Palm 2002

      I used a period correct berh console 

      and all other parts new 

    2. 0257


      Thanks for the input — have been offline a while but now back at this project.  I am currently looking at whether a Restomodair Cyclone might work — about the size of the Clardy — if not I’ll probably go with the ICE unit, which has a little larger evap than the Clardy I have in hand.

  3. Oh yeah, it’s the Bantam II. Never mind.
  4. Chargin, I like everything about that interior. Bob has promised me photos of some installations, and I’ll bet he leads with your car. Ray as usual knows the entire faq by heart - thanks Ray - now the question for Grizzlebar is which RestomodAir model that was. Vapir II? Or Bantam? I don’t think the Bantam was available then. On the other hand, RestomodAir says the Bantam is targeted at pickup cabs and they’re not sure its output is adequate for a sedan. If it’s the Bantam, well that settles that.
  5. 0257

    No Joy

    Grizzlebar, which Restomod model was this? Vapir II?
  6. I am enjoying all the threads on A/C and appreciate the Sisyphean task of trying to improve on existing approaches. But as someone on this thread said, new products are emerging all the time. One I have located is the RestomodAir Bantam II. It measures only 16.5(across) x 7.5 (tall) x 10.75 (deep). Has complete climate control and infinite adjustability among the vents. Also can be ordered with bluetooth controls (hmm). Anyone have any experience with RestomodAir or its products?
  7. I really appreciate these updates, especially the glosses on installation, which everyone seems to agree is challenging but do-able. I have heard from others that the unit functions well once installed. The issue of the trans tunnel raises a further question: I have heard that undertaking a 5 speed conversion also may require tunnel “reshaping”. Any thoughts on whether a 235/245 conversion can be done in conjunction with the Dtech installation? A lesson I have learned the hard way (and doubtless will again) is about taking two steps forward, one back. A/C and a 5-speed are the two most meaningful mods one can make to a driver ‘02, and I would like to keep the option to do both!
  8. Is the crankshaft pulley a/c-capable? Cannot tell from the photo. It would have the a/c pulley closest to the block, then the KF cogged pulley, then (if attached) the alternator pulley closest to the radiator.
  9. Is this an a/c pulley? A/c pulley would be on the block side of the KF cogged pulley, alternator pulley on the radiator side.
  10. Harry, do you have a tii crankshaft pulley set with the a/c pulley?
  11. This is the the hub with the A/C pulley on the inside (closest to the motor), the cogged Kugelfischer pulley next, and the alternator pulley closest to the radiator. Need one in reasonably good shape. If you’re not sure what I mean, see the photo in this post: Thanks. Ken
  12. Very informative posts. Is there a consensus yet on what condensor is the largest that can be fit without having to cut into the sheet metal in the nose?
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