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  1. Toby, I can get nuts on, and either shave the threaded end of the bolt or use a washer under the head to get space. This doesn’t solve the rubbing giubo problem, though.
  2. I have been doing more homework, and I note (based on this faq post:) that there are at least two part numbers for the 3 bolt flange for a 320i 245/2/4. They are: 23211224091 23211209612 So far these are just hits in RealOem. In the RealOem diagrams they look identical. Bc I was searching by part number (based on a faq post) I am not sure why I get the two different descriptions for what appears to be the same transmission. But I know build years and even production runs may have been different.
  3. Look at the bright side: your commute supports the gasoline economy that makes our shared habit possible.😄
  4. Look at the bright side: your commute supports the gasoline economy that makes our shared habit possible.😄
  5. Xavier, good to hear from you. If I don’t get Zouave back on the road we’ll never fun the coast roads around here together. It would be great if you can take that flange to cover measurement.
  6. Appreciate that. I feel that has to be the answer, though I note the diagrams I have seen in RealOEM for the 245/2/4 all show a very shallow collared flange like mine. See part no. 7 on the attached: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=1733-USA-02-1982-E21-BMW-320i&diagId=23_0700
  7. Well, you should hear what people are saying about you. How?
  8. 50 mm bolts are for the 3 bolt flange. 61 mm bolts are for the 4 bolt flange.
  9. After the “plastic surgery” on the clutch and the input shaft spline front edges the trans mated to the block just like it should. It’s snug now. Not sure that should affect the output shaft flange distance from back of trans case, as all those parts travel together.
  10. 50mm factory bolts. Again, the issue appears to be the distance between the front of the trans output flange (where it meets the driveshaft) and the back of the transmission. Not enough distance with this flange to fit the factory 50mm bolts and nuts, and even if I space those with a washer I get front outside edge of giubo rubbing against shift selector surround where it meets transmission case. Seems I need a flange with a longer collar. Or, uh, something. Keep the ideas coming!
  11. Good one, but the speedo drive gear is in, and as the attached photo reflects the nut just barely clears the threads...
  12. Just got the output shaft flange off. Here it is, all of 15mm deep, a lot shallower than my 4 bolt.
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