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  1. Can you make a model for 6 cylinders? Maybe offer them over on e9/e3 and big six forums?
  2. Up the idle screw on the rear carb to see if it starts "working" and go from there
  3. One made in Germany - getting harder to find. Worth the extra $ so you don't have to pita replace it a couple months later.
  4. No, in response to the caps tending to be loose on the 123
  5. Bend the cap springs inward to increase the arch, this will tighten them up and hold the cap on better.
  6. What kind of carb? If it is leaning out at that rpm under light load it could also be the idle jet running out of gas before the mains take over and you have a lean gap between the 2 circuits. So either get your mains in sooner (larger main or smaller air corrector or smaller choke-depends on severity of change required) or a larger idle jet. What AFR does it idle at and WOT at?
  7. Mine are not noisy at all and I am coming from a modern set of Michelins - no difference. Great in the rain too (unfortunately found this out also). Mine arrived in 3 days from Longstone. Oh, and they're awesome to look at
  8. there were 2 on ebay germany recently, try a saved search and be patient.
  9. I've used a single barrel for vacuum on my 123 and it shows no ill effects of any pulsing. Rumor has it that it has a smoothing software built in. I also have an anti-pulse valve just for this reason, but it didn't seem to matter to the 123 but perhaps get one if you're concerned: https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/vw-carburettor-kits-parts/vw-aircooled-manifolds-linkages-parts/other-parts-vw-aircooled-manifolds-linkages-parts/anti-pulse-valve-vacuum/ Otherwise, see for yourself and hook up a single runner and watch the 123 software vacuum display to see any unusual behavior. I wouldn't use an array of check valves for multiple ports linking as this seems awkward, and I wouldn't link the ports together from each carb (I tried this also) as it can mess up your mixture by pulling from an adjacent cylinder.
  10. spray some starting fluid down the throat, if it fires up, it's the carb most likely.
  11. I'm visiting Vermont and there is a beautiful Agave 02 on the same lake, anyone here? Has a distinctive name on the license plate. Lovely car, would like to see it up close if you're around this weekend.
  12. Ask Longstone for a tracking number tonight and they will liely have it to you when you wake up.
  13. Those are going to look insane on your car and you won't be able to stop looking at them. I haven't in the 3 weeks I've had them on. Given the approachability price-wise of these tires, we may see a trend towards original rim size, we've forgotton how cool they look. Not to mention the smooth ride with the extra sidewall.
  14. make a set of base gaskets from material from local autoparts store. Trace the pattern on the manifold then trim out the shape and insides.

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