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  1. I've used the 123/red coil/no ballast for 5+ years and several long trips, no issues.
  2. No it won't, it needs full 12 volts to operate and again it's what they recommend to do.
  3. Not sure but it uses a 1.8ohm resistor, it is over 1ohm and is what 123 recommends to use.
  4. Can't help with the fuel issue, which sounds like it's running consistently rich. For the 123, get a Bosch red coil and eliminate the ballast resistor. Hook the red wire to the positive tab of the coil, and the black wire to the negative side. Blue wire goes to ground (a good one - I ran a hidden wire to the neg side of the battery as well as grounded to the body. Don't use a blue coil, it's internally resisted.
  5. Join e9coupe.com and ask a member in your area to see and possibly drive a car. There are a few NYC members that would surely oblige.
  6. A true coupe has no B-pillar (French for "cut") and relies on the roof and rockers for rigidity. With all windows down it's quite an experience (and looks cool). Safe? 🤣 Unfortunately neither car is very safe. I drive with my head on a swivel around town. On the highway I let her rip. It does outweigh the 2002 so that may help in certain collision situations but I'm no physicist. SUV's frighten me.
  7. You really should seek out a nice example of each and drive them. As mentioned they are different experiences both visually and driving so see which one stirs your soul and holds your gaze. They both have great history. I am fortunate to caretake an e9, I've always wanted a Tii (which is why I lurk here and because I like to read about 02's) but at the moment don't have the coin or the energy to maintain 2 of these creatures. I would really like to have a real Ti if money is no object (I dig side drafts) without getting rid of my 1st lust the e9 but that is not included in the poll.
  8. Can you make a model for 6 cylinders? Maybe offer them over on e9/e3 and big six forums?
  9. Up the idle screw on the rear carb to see if it starts "working" and go from there
  10. One made in Germany - getting harder to find. Worth the extra $ so you don't have to pita replace it a couple months later.
  11. No, in response to the caps tending to be loose on the 123
  12. Bend the cap springs inward to increase the arch, this will tighten them up and hold the cap on better.
  13. What kind of carb? If it is leaning out at that rpm under light load it could also be the idle jet running out of gas before the mains take over and you have a lean gap between the 2 circuits. So either get your mains in sooner (larger main or smaller air corrector or smaller choke-depends on severity of change required) or a larger idle jet. What AFR does it idle at and WOT at?
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