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  1. There are 3 different styles, the earlier carbureted ones have the oil cap on the right hand side like your m10 version.
  2. I am looking to buy one of these spark plug wire inductor loop doohickies for the diagnostic port on the valve cover, I believe they had black wire covers as well which is what I would prefer over the white if possible. Thanks!
  3. In your first pic you are correct that those are the vacuum take-offs, they are covered so you'll need to unscrew them and install tubes that will accept vacuum hose. They are manifold vacuum, useful for synching at idle. Here's a pic of one of mine for reference:
  4. did this and it also helped thanks.
  5. This seems to have done the trick, warm up is much improved, with a little more tweaking I believe it will be solved, thanks much.
  6. I'm trying to sort a '74 Tii warm up issue, car starts fine, idles well, then before warming up completely the idle drops and raises repeatedly, have to hit the gas to keep it from stalling. Then once the engine is warm it idles fine. Is there a Kugel adjustment(s) or tuna can tweak? The warm up regulator appears to be moving up correctly and is not stuck. Any ideas? TIA
  7. I'd say this is just about perfect, as long as WOT is around 12.5, no need to frustrate yourself trying to improve on this.
  8. I agree that your mains look small, I would drill those 120's out 5 at a time until your lean hole improves, my guess would be 135 or so, then adjust air correctors accordingly if it is too rich in the upper rpms. I think the reason you are only 1.5 turns out is because your idle jets are quite large, so consider a 55 or so, you will likely need to open the mixture screw to compensate for the smaller jet, further improving the lean hole off idle and compensating for the richer mains.
  9. Are there any mods or hacks to replace this particular item? Does anyone have a used one for sale? This one is kinda toast! Thanks.
  10. Yep, another poor sod looking for this part, this one is rotted out, new or used, thanks.
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