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  1. Just make sure that if you are replacing the steering bushings, that you do it while the subframe is out. Then in goes the follower arm for the track rod, THEN the heat shield.
  2. Position the bracket distally to the engine mount and it fits only one way. The proper fitment uses a socket head cap screw, wave washer and lock nut on the distal side. HTH
  3. Generally, it takes about 1500 rpm to get the alternator to begin charging. Once you reach that threshold, you need to keep it above to keep charging. You can test this with a clamp on ammeter / volt meter on your positive battery cable and should put out about 14V and amperage commensurate with the alternator. On later retrofits, say an E30 with the voltage regulator on the back the voltage output should be indicated on the piece. You can up the voltage using a different voltage regulator, an adjustable regulator, or by modifying an existing voltage regulator to get 14.5V http://vwparts.aircooled.net/Adjustable-Voltage-Regulator-1980-91-VW-Vanagon-p/adjustable-voltage-regulator.htm HTH
  4. And....if you are overheating in traffic you can use the heater to help cool it down. Of course you might just want to crack open the window to expel the heat. Exceptional at heating up that roadkill Hot Pocket!
  5. I say invest in a J&S with knock retard and add a wideband, tune the fuel to your best and be done with it. Just because you don't hear knock doesn't mean its not. and / or invest in race gas at the track....only $90 to fill up twice a day. :)......unless you have a Tii, which will require extensive tuning for each.
  6. ...and the standard consumption for a 2002.
  7. Just a thought; you might call Dave Redszus at Precision Automotive to see if he has experience with the pierburg injection systems and will be able to help you with servicing and tuning. Or recommend someone who does. 630-766-4402
  8. I spoke with Dave at Precision yesterday regarding the status of rebuilding my pump. One item that we discussed was the fact that the piston in the enrichment cell (#24 Pressure Regulator in diagrams) had worn the cylinder with scratches due to the movement of the piston. Since the piston and housing bore are both aluminum, excessive wear was observed which would cause blowby and therefore reducing the effectiveness of the pump to enrich the fuel under boost. I don't know what the clearance specification is, but that, along with the prospect of the rear seal leaking (due to lack of use) hydrolocking the piston, should raise awareness if you are seeing your Turbo "go lean" under boost. Dave was able to fix the issue and the pump should be "good to go" soon. As an aside, be sure to check the oil fill plug on the rear of your pump and top it off if necessary. HTH to raise awareness on higher mileage cars.
  9. Hi; If you are looking to get new diaphragms for the fuel pressure regulator, consider these guys in Sonoma: http://oddparts.net/what-we-do/ I haven't used them, but they are all over the Sports Car Market mag pages. HTH
  10. Are you sure that it is a check valve and not a 90Deg. fitment? If it is just a fitment, then you will also need the inline check valve which goes between that fitment and the intake manifold. Look up "Power brake exchange" with one facility in San Jose CA and another in Southern CA and see if they will have what you need, and / or have them rebuild your unit....you can look up your booster for an exchange price or have them rebuild yours....I think a good thing given the diaphragm is probably OE and what, 40 years old?
  11. A reality if you are going to replace the seats in an oversize size, is that you will have to have them made as I bought supposedly the last 3 exhaust from BMW for a turbo and had to have one made, which isn't a big problem but you will have to provide the proper specifications.
  12. I'll add that I have a 40kV coil, J&S electronic ignition and those things still foul, ditto for the Silver plugs. I finally learnt though.
  13. Now that " you got yours", will you please share where you got the synchros and shims and other parts such as bearings as well as how to contact Bill? Thanks!
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