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  1. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    True, but it won't tell you the resistance of the wire, which just as important.
  2. Einspritz

    235/5 Rear Mounting Bracket

    Yes, I could do all that and install new brackets that I got from Lee @ massive, or the ones that I cut out of a parts car. Here's the conundrum; this is a Turbo and the 4 speed I had rebuilt, one of 1650 ea. .... and is in essence a "close ratio" 4-speed; more rare than a 235/5. See my other posts for the ratios' comparison vs. speed in gears....50 mph in first! I also have a 235/5 to be rebuilt as an alternative after I acquire all the parts. When I am able to analyze and compare the two transmissions as far as engine speed to MPH in gear, acceleration in gears, etc. I will do that. Now, I have had a CR "Euro" dogleg in my M3 (and corresponding differential ratio) for many years and really like its ratios in the mountains, around town, not so much. I did the same comparison for this car, but reality is a bit different than a computer simulation. So, back to my question; the only way for me to satisfy my curiosity is to actually have the bracket and test fit it when the time comes to install the drivetrain, and make my decision then.
  3. Einspritz

    Front strut upper spring plate Spring Pocket

    Close enough! Forward your PP address and I will send it right away. $27 via FF right? My Info: Frank t. Hittell P.O. Box 1363 Lafayette, CA 94549
  4. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    the Green / White wire should be in its own sleeve all the way back to the trunk, so it is unlikely a short along the way.......check the resistance / continuity with LOOONG test leads from the fuse box to the trunk to see if there is a short....
  5. Einspritz

    235/5 Rear Mounting Bracket

    Thanks, yes, I intend to do that to basically compare using a "U" bracket or the OE type tunnel mounts. I REALLY do not want to remove the OE brackets, and thought this might be a solution. I can't check anything until "all the other restoration stuff" is done, but wanted to be ready to do so.
  6. Einspritz

    Front strut upper spring plate Spring Pocket

    Looks pretty good, though you can check it with a straight edge or ruler. It should be flat "spot weld to spot weld".
  7. Does anyone still make the "U" shaped mounting bracket using the 4 Speed body mounts and extending rearward for a 5 Speed? Or a machining diagram or drawing so that I can have one made. This would be used instead of installing OE type brackets to the tunnel. Thanks
  8. Einspritz

    Front strut upper spring plate Spring Pocket

    I am interested, but need to be ABSOLUTELY sure that it is not bent in the center, either up or down. It must be flat. I have many of those, and don't need another. yes? Thanks!
  9. Einspritz

    Window actuator spring

    IIRC there is a Mercedes part for that, but your best bet is Mike. If he does recommend a bolt, then consider if a shoulder bolt from someone like McMaster-Carr will do the job better than a threaded piece.
  10. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    The Tii pump is not 2 Bar it is 5 Bar, the valve at the back of the injection pump has a 2 Bar restriction spring.
  11. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    Sure the 044 pump pushes 300 Liter / Hr. at 3 Bar, as you better have your fuel Pressure Regulator in good working order. More importantly as I mentioned before, you will REALLY need to replace your electrical wiring as the 044 pump draws up to 15.5 amp vs. half that. Having put 135K on an E30 M3, I am just now installing the third new pressure pump (it has two pumps) after 75K miles. I think the 044 pump is overkill for a stock S14 system AND the wiring harness is just not up to snuff. I do agree that you need to rev the S14 into the power band. There are two peak torque points, 4500 & 5500 RPM with the OE cams.
  12. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    Here: Tii OE pump: 0-580-364-002 superceded to 0-580-254-985 > 103 Liter / hr. @ 5 Bar / 72 psi the FAQ common replacement (universal by Bosch) 0-580-464-032 110 Liter / Hr. @ 3 Bar / 43.5 psi The S14 OE pump 0-580-464-070 130-195 Liter / Hr. @ 300 Kpa / 43.5 psi, , <6.5 Amp
  13. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    Is that an OE Tii pump or the "replacements" as they are different in their delivery, pressure and amperage draw. In either case, the Positive (green / white) wire from the fuse box is insufficient in its gauge to supply the pump(s). You can find other discussions on this, but you should replace it with a 3mm or greater wire so that there is no line loss. And I suppose that if you still have the OE wire, that its resistance is high due to corrosion. Maybe you did that with an S14 transplant.
  14. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    Start with this: Did you check your temperature sensors resistance values while cold, hot? Did you check your fuel pump relay? Do you have an ICV installed? Check the resistance values of the three pins? IF the ICV internal valve has frozen or ceases to rotate in a free manner, then the likelyhood of you frying the ECU transistors is great. VERY GREAT. See picture for black square "ON588" there are two. Corrosion / overheating can be seen on the back side of the board. IF you have these replaced, or are swapping in a "known good" ECU, you will fry that as well unless you replace the ICV.