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  1. Call here: http://www.vacmotorsports.com/contacts.html Maybe they can help.
  2. The hose from the valve cover goes to the intake side of the filter housing, before the compressor.
  3. They are and I did because although they are 2nd overbore, BMW has them for $300.00 each. Parts horde, collect a full set!.
  4. The Radioman should be able to service that. I may have one of those and the manual. Will check tomorrow.
  5. 25th huh? Might make the trip just to see ya.......if I can get the day off. Any other Turbo owners going?
  6. Hi. Did you ever get your car back and talk to Carl?
  7. 1)you can use this with your hex : https://www.lislecorp.com/specialty-tools/fasteners/1-2-hand-impact-tool With a swift whack of the hammer. sometimes you can "rent them for free" at your local parts purveyor. 2) I have also taken Vice Grip pliers (you know, the real ones, not the cheepies) and secure them really tight on the ridge of the plug and whack that with a hammer.
  8. The first European car with a turbocharger, IIRC
  9. Except for the fact that it is like the dash, foam center with vinyl exterior.
  10. I have had a J&S for ~25 years. the knock sensor allows the redardation of the individual cylinder in 2 Deg. increments for up to 50 deg. IIRC. I use (on two cars) the boss on the intake side between cylinders 3-4. But you have to use a blind tap or grind off the end in order to thread to the bottom of the hole to seat the sensor. No one has addressed it, but you should really calculate the knock frequencies, primary, secondary, and tertiary specific to your chamber volume, piston shape, and head shape and volume to make sure that your sensor is calibrated to your specific knock.
  11. I have missed something. What are the stub flanges from to make this work? I have the bearing housings, and everything else, but not the quaife unit nor flanges. Have a quaife in the M3, and am generally happy, but not in snow. Seems easier than sourcing a lsd.
  12. The lengthy post that accompanied the chart was deleted by the web site. Again. Webmaster? Get your design guys to delete the script!
  13. CO% to Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Table.pdf
  14. Re71s as my daily driver (E30 M3) now on the,second set, got ~ 30k on the first set. Very much worth the money for me; one of the things I never go on the cheap. The other is brakes. BUT you have to have the suspension set up correctly so you don't unduly wear the outside edges. And It depends on how much you drive yearly. I now figure all choices on current 2002s will probably never see the wear bars in a decade.....,..so buy what fits your wants/needs and go with that.
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