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  1. Einspritz

    Reuse or replace clutch

    Ibid. It still has the grinding marks....
  2. Einspritz

    Reuse or replace clutch

    Then sure, why not "while you are in there". But, depending on the person and the usage it might be best to keep that in your parts hoard, because there may come a time when they are NLA, like Turbo PPs and you have to spend dozens and dozens of hours researching to find a suitable replacement. Me personally? I'd reuse it because now I only drive maybe a few thousand miles a year at most, so it may last 10 years. I used to drive 15-30K miles per year; weekends roaring around in the mountains for 350 miles. But back then, I maintained 4 cars, and couldn't afford the time to jack up the car, pull the exhaust and driveline, transmission et al., then back together during the week. Having to do that service twice in a short time would make having the car more of a chore and no longer fun.
  3. Einspritz

    Reuse or replace clutch

    How many miles are on this unit? How many miles do you drive in a year? Could you get 10-20-30-thousand miles? Sure, depending on how well your shifting skills are. FWIW my Tii has over 200K on the clutch, mostly highway though, and I always "double clutch" and rev match on downshifting, its second nature..All bets are off if you live and drive in San Francisco. You could choose to just replace the disc if there are no offending grooves in either the flywheel or PP. If you do choose to replace the PP, I would advise against purchasing a "heavy duty" or "sport" clutch. With the stock Tii Hp, the "regular" is fine to handle that. The problem is that the HD PP, aside from giving your leg a workout in traffic (BTDT) it tends to make the center thrust bearing in the block to wear unnecessarily, allowing the crank to move forward and aft out of specification. A compromise is the PP from the E30 M3, good for up to at least 235 Hp. The overarching decision is what is your time worth if you have to do this again in a short period of time rather than just drive?
  4. Einspritz

    steering box

    from e-bay web listing This part is not compatible with 1971 BMW 2002 Base Sedan 2-Door 2.0L 1990CC 121Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated.
  5. Come to think of it, look up the same polish that is used on Harley Davidson motorcycles....
  6. Oil to the bearings only, no water cooling; old skool, first production car with a turbocharger (from a truck). Things have come a long way.....and not.
  7. Einspritz

    NOS OEM Goodies

    Thinkin' about it.......
  8. Exhaust thermocouples do a great job of getting temperature, but no so good at %CO. the FLIR sounds great, but how do you get temperatures under full throttle / full load? I might add, but since I don't know the S14 / 2002, that it might be a good thing to have a heat shield above the steering idler bushings a - la - Turbo. IIRC it is still available from BMW. What I DO know, is that without it, the proximity to the down pipe causes the bushings to melt. In addition, the Turbo has a cooling duct right in the spoiler; it's not an air intake for the engine as some have said, but points to the center of the turbocharger. It still gets mighty hot under there....the perfect place for a roadkill BBQ. I put about 50K miles on the M3 before I did the coating, but never saw a "rainbow" effect in the stainless steel......
  9. Yes. Also, you can see that I have installed two bungs for each of the downpipes. Sensors revealed that. In addition, and separately, I probed each of the individual cylinders at the ports but not under load; high and low idle. Same thing. Occurs at WOT, and partial throttle upon acceleration and steady state. Here's the rub: while the 2 & 3 are rich, the 1 & 4 are lean, the injection system squirts (twice per cycle) in ports 1 & 2 then 3 & 4 simultaneously. Given that the intake side TBs are all equal, my only explanation is that the scavenging is causing the effect because the same mount of fuel and air is being delivered. Yes, I had the injectors checked......as well as all the Helmholtz and "pipe organ" calculations. Of course you would never detect it if you use the port that the ECU sees as it is averaged due to the crossover placement. I haven't been able to get other S14 owners to put in the ports and take readings.........but would be interested to find if "they all do that" or it is just me. No one else in the E30 M3 gruppe seems to care, and S14 members don't get it. So, there you go. Mystery.
  10. You might also find this interesting. On my S14, Cylinders 1 & 4 run lean while 2 & 3 run rich relative to the average, hence the soot shown. Perhaps the mixture is burning "down there" due to the scavenging effect of the header where the two pipes meet. I haven't measured the length nor volume to see if that is the case. Since you have a 4 into 1 you may not have this happen, where one part is much hotter than others.
  11. I used Swain Tech on my E30 M3 daily driver stainless S14 manifold. It looked great when it was new, but the white faded as the years and miles progressed. Then, at the hot spots the "outer" white coating flaked off revealing the "inner" dull coating. I spoke with Swain Tech about it and they said "sorry about that" but that is what it does. They did note that the heat containing properties of the coating were still intact; I am not convinced however. So, if you don't drive too much, then it shouldn't be an issue. Alternatively, you can install a heat shield sleeve over the two lines to keep them "cooler". I intend to do this on the Turbo even though I have never had a problem. Shown is what I have done on the A/C lines on the M3. I got mine at the Hot Rod shop across the street. Eastwood makes an internal coating but I have no experience with that. In the case of an '02 with a header, I never had a problem with heated brakes........
  12. Just so we have perspective on tool rolls......... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/mb-300sl-toolkit/ I used an Eye bolt, and triple nutted it to itself, painted to match. Can you post a picture of yours at your convenience? Thanks.
  13. Einspritz


    I'm still working on the Codex, but calculated the rear Green / White / Green to be 126 Lb. in. whereas my rear OE White is 165 Lb. in. The front Hakola Turbo Green / Blue calculates to 119 Lb. in. whereas the stock 2002 Green / Blue / Green is 97 Lb. in. Tomorrow I will be in the shop and can look for my front springs........
  14. Einspritz


    thanks I do not know that about the blue..... can you refresh me on the paint markings for those front and rear? I am assuming that those wire diameters are for the above springs from bhakola?
  15. Einspritz

    NOS OEM Goodies

    I'm back again!