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  1. I have the UNGO box (from the '80s) that shuts off the coil and wired in 4ea. 110 dB sirens IN the interior with a "secret switch" to turn it off. Any thief rocking the car or opening the door has 30 seconds to turn it off or they will get ear bleed from the sirens...(think of the hunchback of Notre Dame screaming "The Bells!")...It has worked in so far as nothing has been stolen, but they did break the wind wing mechanism with their screwdriver......right next to the sticker that denotes the car is alarmed. I have a separate battery in case they try to disconnect the mains..... Silly thieves, move on to another car.
  2. All of the above and / or "rent" a free coolant tester from your local big box parts store with the dye to tell if you are getting exhaust in your coolant, indicative of one of the ways coolant can be diminished.
  3. I seem to remember "back in the day" (the 80's) these were used on BBS / aftermarket rims so that the lug nut would not score or wear the rim. "Some" rims had steel inserts in the holes and you would not need these, but for others which did not, you used these to prevent undue wear. IIRC, they were the "fancy expensive" lug nuts.
  4. No, it should be open to the internal of the box, and you should see a small platform which is the indicator of the box oil level cast into the top.
  5. collect a full set: https://www.lislecorp.com/specialty-tools/filter-fuel-and-oil?recordsPerPage=max
  6. didn't you ask the same question in another thread?
  7. I don't' understand why this is an issue. My rebuilder said it was no problem to get bearings and seals from "stock" without any modifications. I just never pressed him to put together kits, because, well "I got mine". IIRC two years ago they were the same as from a K27. Have your guy check to see if it is true, if not get back to me and I will go down to my rebuilder.
  8. I tried using different units in my spring rate calculator and it just doesn't come close with the dimensions of the springs. Mystery! Promulgated by the internet and this FAQ. Orange denotes a rear spring, but if the ride height is acceptable, you can use it. 147Lb.in. which I presume is more than OE stock, but less than say, my specially wound front springs at 250 Lb. in. Unknown to me at this time is whether a different spring was used in the U.S. for ride height with the spacers up front. There is much missing information in that spreadsheet as I don't have measurements or windings for some springs and therefore cannot calculate the rates for comparison. I would like to complete that if anyone has definitive specifications........ Again, it is best to consider the predominant usage with passengers and "junk in the trunk" and a shovel to dig down the rabbit hole of suspension choices with respect to handling (understeer / oversteer), braking, and transient response......To each their own.
  9. that would be me. It's called the Motion Ratio, which is defined as the ratio of the wheel to spring center. You measure the swing axle length and the relationship of the spring to the pivot point. For the rear it is 0.591 For the front it is 0.967 With all due respect Mike, those numbers are not Lbs. In the manual, the units are not defined, though they can be used to see relative differences between them. There is another post here on the FAQ and it is incorrect too. My spreadsheet has calculations of spring rates, though NOT with respect to the amount of compression when loaded, no one seemed to want to provide me with that figure. I have calculated a matrix wherein given the spring rates F-R I can tell you generally if the car will have a tendency to understeer or oversteer. Another thing to note and is important, is that the factory choice in springs takes into account a fully loaded car, with 4 persons and full tank of gas; so if you are going to delve into the art of suspension design, you need to do that when you calculate the CG. HTH
  10. Sorry, but you have to do the work, or e-mail them to see if they have the parts you need. You need to find the bosch number for your unit, then look up parts for that specific model. easy.
  11. There are others on your side o the Atlantik. you need to find the Bosch PN, the many digit part number.
  12. https://www.aspwholesale.com/ https://store.alternatorparts.com https://www.maniacelectricmotors.com/ That's enough for now.
  13. It's called a Diode plate, and depending on your alternator model, they may still be available through third parties. Of course, they are long NLA from BMW.

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