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  1. OK good. Just didn't want you to have the possibility of fire, which would be.........bad.
  2. Am I seeing a cracked fuel line and a small fuel filter? Please change the filter to a metal cannister in order to handle the pressure.
  3. The best upgrade is better compounds on pads and shoes. www.porterfield.com. IIRC
  4. Generally alternators start charging @ 1500 rpm initially. In addition to the voltage, check the amperage on the main positive wire charging the battery. Perhaps your voltage regulator is suspect, or your ground from the alternator to the block or other grounds are not good. Remember, it doesn't put out 100 amps all the time.........
  5. Mind's drilled, but you might consider the industrial tape that is used for auto emblems and bump strips. Note though, that you need to make sure that water can't get under there. Even with bolts, water gets under and rust ensues, until the bolts rust off. ..........search 3M automotive industrial products.
  6. The automatic equipped cars (yes?) have different timing curves than manual cars. European cars are different than U.S. cars. So, look in the specification sheets to find your distributor. (there were 4) The advance curves are both in the graphic and the specifications. Pay attention to the footnotes! The easiest way to find out if your unit is good is to take it to a shop that has a machine to measure such things. Otherwise you then need to use a timing light (one with advance built in is best) and check your timing at each of the specification intervals to see if your unit follows the specification. There might be a tutorial here on the FAQ, look at a manual if you have one, (you do have one right?) or perhaps the shop that is installing your transmission can do it for you, as you don't need to drive the car to do it.. HTH
  7. Have you checked your distributor curve to see if you have enough advance or that it is working properly?
  8. Perhaps this will help in conjunction with the diagram. This is from a '72 Tii. A '74 is not too much different. I made this along with the lengths in preparation of making a new harness. It took me dozens of hours to do. The fuse box entries proper are left up to you, but the connections are found within the "From" and "To" columns. Note: As with ALL Tiis, the fuel pump wire should be increased is size as the OE has too much voltage drop in order to sufficiently power the pump. A 10 Ga. AWG should be sufficient. You don't need to increase the gauge of the Brown ground as it is short and can handle the load.......but advisable to make a new wire there. 1972 BMW 2002 Tii Wiring Codex.xlsx
  9. Take the .pdf file to Kinko's and print it on a large format printer. I did that on ~ 24" x 36".
  10. Yes. I do both. Knock sensor too. But the reality is after tuning, the settings don't change unless I change the gas.
  11. You are too lean at WOT. Should be 12.8 to 13 AFR, or 4.0% or richer @ no more than 4.5% CO. will change depending on your fuel. The condition of your engine, distributor curve, will all effect the performance. The turbo proper is probably the last item I would look at, despite oil leakage unless it is fouling your plugs really bad.
  12. There is no gasket between the turbo and manifold. Only newer cars use them. I have never had one, and if the flanges are truly flat, it shouldn't leak when hot and torqued properly. As above, I think you have a tuning issue, even if you have blowby past the intake seals. AFR at WOT?
  13. I use mothballs, paradichlorobenzine. Inside, in the engine bay as well. Also known to keep the bears out too.
  14. I cannot find it on their website. IVECO? IZUZU? Still not found........
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