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  1. Enjoying this!!!
  2. I am doing my early valve now - gonna guess because the old valve oring is OLD 🙂 - 13mm x 19mm x3mm - anyone can confirm this? Buna? Could be 2.7mm?
  3. I am curious what to clean the silver dollar dash with? What is the composition of the "silver"? Reason I ask is my previous owner has some how coated it with black. Was wondering what if anything would restore it? My cluster is dated 11/69 which is original for the car. Is there documented procedure on restoration of the cluster? How to clean the plastic lenses?
  4. Seems to me the hood hinge is missing the fender mounted support? That's a red flag like item. Or did they "upgrade" to gas strut?
  5. Actually yes you could - sorry. It would work fine in my best guess. You would loose the ability to put a stop in how far the hinge opens tho?
  6. Hey Dan -thank you! Just got your note but too late! I had a blast. It is finished (dare I use that term?). Here are some pics. I am really happy with the outcome. I was gonna machine new blocks but then the Corona Virus hit. So next best thing was to insert some steel plates and bond them in with JBWeld Stick epoxy. Worked like a champ. After this I could do dentistry! Lots of photos but these sum it up. Something about keeping it original and not using the currently available hinge bracket... So now my hood won't fall down in the slightest breeze. It actually feels like a new car hood when it springs open and snaps into the open position! Awesome German Engineering refreshed a bit! The inserts are .065 thick steel sheet. We can't tell over here but we think the original spring holding block is made from magnesium?
  7. I have a plan. Machined out the slot and will insert new steel inside. (yes buying the new model would work too but this should work and be way more fun!) IMG_2749.mov IMG_2749.mov
  8. OK, the vote is in. remove the head too. sounds like a plan. will be my second build. 🙂. Still a beginner. Who has a preference on the gasket set mfgr.? Thanks folks.
  9. Markster


  10. Ok so here is what we know. When engine is running at idle and at higher revs there is a vibration. Pressure plate is brand new. Clutch is new too. Where it all went "outabalance".... during rebuild of block (resurface and bore 1mm)(new rings, pistons and bearings) (no line bore) the flywheel was resurfaced, then balanced then the crank was balanced then the assy with pulley was balanced. And yes crank was a bit out - should have been our first clue... Put the "balanced assembly" into the engine and checked flywheel specification and learned that the resurfacing was out of tolerance. Took the flywheel to another shop and they resurfaced (confirming our suspicion it was done wrong and balanced and fixed the out of tolerance). The original shop told me their grinder was out of spec and they had fixed it. Did not rebalance crank.... that is the issue. So I know the crank is out of balance and the flywheel is not. I am planning on doing it all over again. My mechanic friends are egging me on too! Top end is great. . Went with Maxsill (sp?) pistons. New rings too. Sooo... my duty is to fix it all the way this time. Newbie at large but doing it right the second time. Keeping the tear down to a minimum is my goal - so if I do not have to take off the head I do not want to. If its not broke don't fix it? But hey I want to do it right this time so chime in y'all!
  11. Hi folks- wondering about tearing into the bottom end and removal of the crank for re-balancing - can this be done or do I take entirely apart the top too? Engine out of car. Top end is perfect. Crank may be out Of balance due to PO machine shop error.
  12. Video is not very telling... But did you do a smoke test of all the vacuum lines? Timing check?
  13. I'm curious on best way to clean up the oxidation of this alum? Wire wheel seems a bit to antagonistic. Maybe some J&J Baby Soap since it is so rare? 🙂. Seriously though am I crazy to worry and just buff it out?
  14. I can help with pics if needed! This is mine - doing my interior at the moment! 1970, built in November 1969.
  15. Hi Ian - can you just drill and grommet a panel without the hole?
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