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  1. I finished up the right front - The fender came out great. (I invested in a pinch roller to do that rib). .040 4130 weldable sheetmetal. I did most of it with MIG and gave the TIG a go for the touchup. This was my first time doing touch up successfully on the car with TIG. A real pleasure. The body also went well - I used .063 4130 weldable sheetmetal. This is the metal I cut out. I have the W&N patch panel but decided I could fabricate this piece and get the job done - and though it is not how bmw did it - it came out really well.
  2. Pretty much finished the quarterpanel on the left. Really pleased with the effort inside and out. I bought a W&N patch panel and I fabricated a patch for the interior bit. I used 4130 easy to weld for the custom patch - was nice to mig weld - and available in .060. And the patch panel...underneath - .060 thick.
  3. indeed. I tackled it for a bit and took a breather. You are going to need to hone out the bushings. You are going to have to machine off the worm gear and then weld? on the new one so it will never come off. It is not for the faint of heart if you plan to use all the items in the kit. I posted a bunch of my findings on it a while back before covid and my crazy decision to paint my car...
  4. OK so I am wondering what the purpose of this is? It is a cube of sponge like material from 1970 I am sure. But why? Here it is again from the side and pulled out a bit. And in case you are wondering why I care - I need to put it back in? So it can catch more water and start the fifty year rust process over again? I bet you Blunt has them? 🙂
  5. Is the shaft centered in the opening? Folks bend them back in this forum. They are often bent because folks carry the trans by holding it by this shaft!
  6. Yes indeed, my three attempts before I snagged a NOS BMW Water Pump. I still have these in a box somewhere. What the issue was for me was how the fan mount was placed on the impeller shaft. It was not properly placed so the belt would not line up. You can see that in the group shot - everyone had different depth setting. One of these is a Graf. The bottom one is the NOS.
  7. Got me a t-shirt! (for all you cyclists out there they are on sale at Silca). https://silca.cc/collections/2021-semi-annual-sale/products/1972-bmw-2002-team-car-t-shirt-mondrian
  8. I cut out the rust - shown above and below on backside. Not too bad. Cut away minimal amount. Now ready to fabricate two patches on the body and stay tuned for the fender work! and here is the body shot and for fun I took some pics as deep as I could into the rocker. One is looking back towards rear and the other is looking straight down. Just surface rust. I guess I treat that with some rust proofing jelly. I ordered the sheet metal for this section from W&N but I decided to fab it. Will be posting that on eBay soon.
  9. Today I removed the fenders to check and see how bad the rust is on the pillar. Not Bad!!! Great news. I was pretty anxious to tackle the leaded joint up front. I mean I have taken so many fenders off cars - dodge dart, plymouth valliant, vw Bug, (never a ghia though) and NONE of them had a leaded joint! OK so I started there first. ground off the paint to see only shiny metal - got out a pic and sure enough it was soft. Then I got out the heat! IMG_4566.MOV And sure enough there were the two welds folks spoke about - or
  10. i used dry ice to freeze the floors and crack away the insulation. i used a heat gun to lightly heat and scrape off those 1 foot square sound panels on the side quarter panels of rear seat.
  11. Since I am getting brave on the exterior I decided to open up the next can of worms. The quarter-panel. Besides W&N is having a sale! This was my first quarter on this car and I had no idea what I was getting into - could not really tell from inside what was behind it - and the manual was vague to me too- just some vague ideas from a guy named Barney and his Ceylon in the FAQ. Thanks Barney!!! 🙂 So I went for it. What you see here is me cutting open the rusty panel and finding another slightly rusty panel behind it - turns out it is spot welded to the outer rusty panel -
  12. And here she is just about finished up for the painter/undercoat. Thanks again to Coloincaalpine for the donor hook!
  13. Here is what was to me my first exterior panel work. It was fun and easier than I thought. I am done with it and will let the painter finish up the detail. No more rust. A member Coloincaalpine donated the sheetmetal from a donor car. Here is the donor panel... I lined up the two factory holes with my rear panel factory holes and did some eyeballing of the lines for what seemed like hours. Then I cut out the rust and clamped the panel behind scribed it, cut the shape I needed out the donor so it fit exactly the hole I cut in the rear panel, and inserted in the hole and used some ma
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