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  1. Markster


    Clear coat applied. Looks fantastic.
  2. Looking great!
  3. Hello M3Ginz. yes the entire car is stripped. The paint will be door jams and out. There are sone ares like floor pans that will get a fresh coat. The Agave is stunning. Really pleased. Where you located?
  4. Markster


    Those are a few days down the road!!!
  5. thanks Shawn - no my car's side markers are not lighted. My car has a manual choke - what do you mean by cold start relay? 70 is a 6 fuse.
  6. yes I am curious why Shawn opted out of coating it? Are the coatings problematic? Or do we know yet?
  7. I called Travis at Rhode Island - he is very helpful and appreciative of Shawn's post! He said he could get me Shawn's harness exactly in 12 weeks but same prices Shawn paid. 2500 or so. He does not get a return until about 4 completed projects. So.... I have some ideas - a group buy? I have a '70. I "think"it is the same as a "69"? Surely the same number of fuses. 🙂. Are there four of us here that are interested in a group buy of a 69 harness for their car? Perhaps we could get the price down... Travis also said if I sent him my harness it would add about 4 weeks to the process of him duplicating it. He also recommended I go to Steel Rubber Products for the Grommets - they are not included and they are pricey but great product. What harnesses went to what year cars - a question for the historians here? Real OEMers chime in please?
  8. Hey Shawn - wondering here if the 69 wiring harness is the same as the '70?
  9. Hi all - I too will be doing the swap in my 70. I am curious if anyone has used their mid rise lift. My car is completely disassembled at the moment I getting paint. I am thinking I will assemble the entire subframe and slide under and up. Just not sure the scissor will accommodate that or be blocking me? Any experience out there w the scissor jack? good point about keeping the old box. I plan on doing that too.
  10. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/danville-1972-bmw-2002-tii-trade/7315008963.html We can guess it runs! 1972 Bmw 2002 Tii TRADE - $1 (DANVILLE) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) 1972 bmw 2002 tii fuel: gas odometer: 111111 title status: clean transmission: manual 1972 BMW 2002 Tii Looking for trade offers CLEAN TITLE IN HAND Purchased from the original owner I have tons of service history I have the original window sticker! Runs amazing 4 speed manual Perfect blue interior All matching numbers besides the motor Motor was ordered from Germany after the first motor needed a rebuild so the owner went with factory replacement motor! Miles unknown PLEASE TEXT ME BECAUSE IM USULY AT WORK 9---2---5---3---0---9---9---5---7--8
  11. yessir - but I did not get that turbo feature. 🙂. darn.
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