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  1. Hey Fletcher - I am learning welding too! My son has taken some classes and we are gonna give it a go on my frame rail. We have done lots of practice welds with TIG and now going to try the Mig. We have an ESAB machine that does both. Well wait it does nothing actually - it is all in the tremor of the operator is what my son says. So stay tuned - wish we were closer - we could figure this out. But I do not have a band saw either!
  2. OK so when I built the engine the first time I assembled the flywheel and noticed serious runout. Came to find out the flywheel was machined on a table that was not calibrated and yes it was seriously out by about 8 thousandths. So I re-machined it and finished the engine build. All was good except I had this nagging feeling that perhaps the crank was wrong too? The engine idled roughly but at high rev. it screamed. So....when Covid came I figured time to tear down the engine and fix what I thought was a crankshaft imbalance from my machine shop because they balanced it with a flywheel that was machined incorrectly. Sad but true fact is the crank was fine. A bit more thought and of course it is fine. I do not know what I was thinking. Well I do know - I thought if they balanced the crank with a bad flywheel then the crank is bad. Well not so the flywheel was not flat but it was balanced. Anyway - live and learn. A good story for around the campfire with some buddies one day I hope. I did find that I do not have the nerves for the Dellortos - so off they came. Don't get me wrong - they howl. They are beautiful. But when I pulled the top end off I could see that chambers 4 and 3 were surely getting more fuel than the other two. I think that side draft in fact has an issue and that is why it was not idling smoothly - Someone here said that a while back when I described the rough idle -!!! So a few months later here is the build. An no flywheel runout. 🙂 Weber 38/38, Pierce Manifold, New W&N exhaust I always wanted, Blunttech Ulitmate Five Speed Conversion, an Ebay 5 speed (prayers please) and my son powder coated the oil pan and baked the header with ceramic coating inside and out... Now it will sit outside the car while I finish up the frame-rail and interior restoration.
  3. Markster


    Did a little smoothing out of the new intake from Pierce.
  4. My fit-up number umpteen - going well. front to rear location, shock tower location, floor pan location all good. getting ready to plug weld all the holes from drilling out the previous brake fluid rotted rail. Once those are plugged I plan to fit in the rail once more and weld it in. Nice working with such a solid California car - no rust in the pan or any other portions along this mount up. I would say the most difficult fit area was here where the fire wall meets the floor pan and the new rail - if this is not right no other dimensions will be met. Next difficult area was the floor pan - I had to "bring it down 1/4 inch to "meet" the rail. Another area of note about the rails out there is the width of the new rail is 5 or so mm wider than the old - no issues but close to pedal box. Comments welcome - I am sure some of you have tried this? 🙂
  5. ok so I think it's easy - you do not remove the collar - just remove the seal from the back of the flange and make sure you put new seal in same way! All done. Used the OD of my 30mm socket to press it in very nicely.
  6. Can you identify this part? Getrag 245 somewhere?
  7. I worked on the front seal of my Getrag 245. Do I pull it out from the back of this flange? Or is there a trick to remove the steel collar for the throwout bearing?
  8. Fit tested the Getrag 245 with BluntTech Ultimate 5 Speed Conversion kit! Dug out the shift rod seal. Front and Rear seals next.
  9. Engine assembly - Crankshaft and rods, timing chain, oil pump all in... Getting oil pan powder coated. New W&N engine hardware kit is NOT exact to my early model. W&N new supplied 10mm Oil Pan Bolt kit does not have the 10mm oil pan bolt with washer and lock washer installed 😞 - so going with what I pulled out - all of them are there anyway. Ordered paper oil pan gasket from Blunt - because I have failed on the cork in the past.
  10. My paint shop called today - doing a ceramic coat on my header. They want to know where the other header is.... 🙂.
  11. I am curious about getting vinyl from Hancook. What product did you find worked? Seems to me we want a product that has a super light weight and very thin backing? I called them and they were at a loss on what to recommend...
  12. Ok. So what is best treatment for the headrest? Chrome plate? And yes familiar with ceramic vs powder coat. Thanks all. Really appreciate the wisdom here.
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