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  1. I have a front and rear windshield that I pulled from my 1970. Good shape. Pitted but no chips. Clear no tint. best offer?
  2. Hi folks - I am selling my Tan Interior - 1970 is what it came out of. The seats include the mounting hardware which is quite unusual according to those who have seen and LIKED them. I am selling because I bought a stock interior. The front door cards have the plywood from Aardvark Racing - I did that work - came out pretty well. The door vinyl is unusual custom piping pattern. The Recaros have newish webbing on the bottom - I did that as well. The back seats have new foam and I won't admit to doing that (;-)) as I am not proud of that effort - should be replaced with the correct stuffing. No tears. Cloth is in pretty good shape! Door card vinyl is showing age on top edges from UV damage. Seat rails need to be re-chromed or powder coated. Was originally done in Merced CA. I am going to use the armrests not shown. Seats work well, no rust, complete and ready to roll.
  3. I am moving from bit to bit on the car shell these days. Getting ready to roll it out for paint. When I bought the car five years ago a friend pointed out how the exhaust was not correct. I was a bit miffed since I did not know that about the car. Well in a quick effort last night I started to pick at it and noticed the patch was brazed in! So with a little heat and a pair of pliers - off it came! Here it is removed. The metal for for the wall of shame.... I am pleased! I did a mock up t
  4. Markster

    Hello Dolly!

    I added two supports to the rear dolly. - in case I go over 5 mph with this. Like in a local parade? (keeping my possibilities open here - paint is gonna cost me 15K so who knows when I will get up the nerve to get this baby done!!?!)
  5. Markster

    Hello Dolly!

    Sure. Give me your email.
  6. Nice work Joey. Inspirational!!!
  7. Hi folks - anyone have one of these in decent shape to sell or trade? I could probably spend four hours reinforcing this one but figured I would ask for a donor piece first. I am in NorCal.
  8. Markster


    Hey Rich- I used the gasket as my guide. Then I used the bluing. Then I used a dremel like tool.
  9. Markster


    Got them back! (Girl Friend not impressed) these are the before pics.
  10. Tackling the bottom of the spare tire well. Several spots of rust... Circled with a marker. So... had to fabricate sheetmetal with a groove pressed in for rigidity. I've got a lot to go in terms of shaping and cutting to size but wanted to post the first day of effort here. Had a blast dreaming this process up. I used my arbor press, routered out piece of plywood and a piece of hardwood as the press. Came out pretty well.
  11. This weekend I tackled what no sane person would ever do. I removed the tar undercoat by the previous owner (the carpet in the cover shot is long gone) from the inside of my trunk! Used Lacquer Thinner and Adhesive Remover and a plastic putty knife with much luck. VERY pleased to report very little body work underneath. Good news for when we strip the car - now I can have the trunk shot too. When I get more braver I will tackle the rust on the fenders - not much but a few spots need to be filled with metal.
  12. Hi all - I just did the same thing - and saw mention of the bushings being a PITA. My pitman arm puller worked like a champ in pushing out the two smaller diameter A arm bushings. I had to put a socket in-between the bushing and the puller - to increase the throw but it worked like a champ - out in a few minutes.
  13. Hi all - do these adjusters come out? I am gonna get my backing plates powder coated...
  14. This is a little less uncertain compared to rust on the shell.... 🙂. About a 1/2 gallon of degreaser! A puller and all ready for paint!
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