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  1. I also had a question about my vin, when I type it in anywhere it never comes up. Is that common? It's the number from the original vin plate. Even when I try to look things up at work it doesn't ever pull up in the system.
  2. Thanks to @jgerock for sending out a grille bracket to me! Did my best to duplicate it since I only had one. Not perfect, but good enough.
  3. Hi Ana,

    I have a lot of hardware and stuff left over from my ‘72 restoration, need to downsize my collection—some plated, some ready to go to plating, misc. other parts like trim pieces, glass, door parts, etc. Don’t hesitate to PM me when you need something or you’re free to come over and take what you need, I’m in the Gaithersberg area (I’m the one who bought your alloy wheels).


    1. bimmer_b


      Hi, nice to hear from you again and thanks for the offer! The only things I can think of at the moment that I need are the trim pieces for the door and quarter panels. I thought I had them, but when I looked the other day I found that I don't have the ones I need. I may have to just look through whatever you may have to see if there is anything else. I have ADD trying to work on everything at once and can never remember what I need one week to the next :D

    2. fjord-tii


      Feel free to text me at 301-335-4562 if/when you want to come over or have something you need, I’m doing lots of home projects during COVID. I have several bins of stuff. Not sure if you are going for near concourse or driver. I have knee-level trim pieces and clips in okay condition, headlight buckets that need plating, round taillights, parts and trim.

    3. bimmer_b


      Will do. Might be able to come by next Sunday, but will send you a message when I think I might be able to. Thanks again! Hope you have a good week!

  4. I think I had the other incorrect ones in before and swapped them out for these. I’m not sure which is correct, but these definitely fit better than the others I had on. Do you have a picture of what is supposed to be on the steel?
  5. How do you mean secure them? I haven't looked in a while at what's on there so I'll have to check.
  6. Got other door seal in, although I suspect both seals have shrunken a bit unfortunately. Also installed the antenna mount and clip and remembered I had a set of sport springs sitting around so now I’m excited to get this to work eventually and install them. (I usually post everything on my Instagram bimmer_b since it’s easier so excuse the tagged photos. I’ll take real ones soon)
  7. Also just got the KW install tool so I will be installing the roof trims sometime this week.
  8. Thanks Jason 🤍 I actually had a set of the rings which I installed a few months ago. I’ve done more to the car than what’s posted here, but I am a terrible forum thread updater haha.
  9. Thanks for those pics! I’ll email Paul, I wasn’t sure if Maximillian carried material.
  10. Thanks! I actually was thinking of some type of rack. I think my bikes might be too heavy though, and I don't know if i'd be able to mount a true bike rack to the roof.I think that's a long ways off anyways, after body is complete I still need to get the interior done. Speaking of, do you know where I might be able to find stock or reproduction material to have the seats redone?
  11. Malaga is such a cool color though! You should keep it the stock color. I'm digging those mud flaps too! I used the 3m super weatherstrip adhesive and the trunk seal is tight. I wish I could have found some C clamps, they would have held much better than the angle of the clothes pins, but it worked out ok. The door seal I glued last night I will inspect again today to see if it held, it was much harder to keep pressure on it and Ill probably get something else to hold the other side down tonight when I do that one. Running the seal in the upper channels was such a PIA haha.
  12. I did find one white spacer in my bag of parts, also wasn't sure where that was supposed to go. I think I just need to see one installed. Do you have any pictures of yours?
  13. Back to work on the car this week. The glue the body shop used to glue the trunk and door seals did not bond to the seals so they came off and I re-glued them yesterday. I also ordered a replacement rear center trunk trim piece since mine was too damaged/scuffed for repairs. I also ordered new roof trims, which I'm waiting on the tool to install. Now the trunk area is complete and I can move on to the door and side window glass. I finally riveted in the b pillar trims and I just need the interior screws for the rear vent window latches for that section to be completed. I am waiting on my hardware for the door glass track pieces to be bead blasted so I will work on installing and adjusting that once I get the pieces back. I tried to start installing the front bumper brackets, but A. I'm unsure which hardware is correct for the frame section and B. when I did try to put some bolts into the (what looks like slide in recesses) in the frame I wasn't able to get the brackets over them. I guess I need to see a similar car to see how it is installed since the parts diagram isn't much help. Also, if anyone happens to have any spare brackets that hold the front kidney grilles I need some since they are NLA. I suppose I could make some at work, but I'm not sure how big to make them or how specifically they attach to the front end.
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