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  1. My goal now is to get this finished before The Vintage and drive it down there with my Mom which should be a fun/interesting adventure. Anyone else planning on driving down from VA?
  2. I think the first place I’ll take it is Katie‘s cars and coffee and hope it makes it there, it’s running a bit rich right now. I did just register for the vintage though so that is my goal to get it finished before then and drive it down there.
  3. I have the driver side outer and the squeegee but the trim piece is a little bit bent, I believe I have the passenger side but it’s missing the squeegee and apparently you can only get it with a new trim piece and not separately so I may have to order a new one so in that case I’ll just have to order a set so they match better.
  4. It’s just mocked up and they are only holding the panel on for now.
  5. For sale Zender front air dam p/n has some damage to the upper holes and some lower curb rash. I’ve never installed it as it’s too wide for my car. I’ve had it for a few years just sitting around since it came with a bundle of parts I picked up so I need to clear up space and get rid of it. Would prefer not to ship. DM with questions/offers/trades. Thanks.
  6. In addition to the ongoing light saga, I cut the holes in the door panel for the cranks and door handle. I used the bumper camera cutting tool from work which made perfect holes so I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. Added the clips to the lower door trim so now that is completely installed. Unfortunately the Bodyshop filled the front fender hole towards the rear so now I have to get it redrilled to put the front fender trim in. Heading to Colorado this week to visit my mom, but will probably buy the rest of the trim I need to finish the exterior when I get back and then I can work on the interior wiring and figure out what’s going on with all that so I can run power to whatever is going to live in the center console.
  7. Thank you!! I’m getting more excited about this project now that I have made more progress recently, it’s starting to look like a complete car at last. I worked at and lived down the street from KTM of Aspen (was then located in Carbondale, CO) around 2005-07ish.
  8. Thanks, Found it after spending an hour looking through every single box and it even still lights up haha. With the hazard plugged in everything seems to be working normally. Had an issue with the front left turn signal, but I had the wires swapped so fixed that today too. Also converted the rear lights to the @BLUNT led kit which looks waaaaaay nicer/brighter than the other bulbs.
  9. How did you wire it and what did you use for an adapter?
  10. I just found that behind the console, I wasn't sure thats what it went to though. Thanks for the info. I looked for my switch, but can't find it anywhere so I guess that will be the next purchase haha then I will probably find it right after I put a new on in.
  11. Ok, so actually the plate bracket doesn't work the way I want it to. I know you're supposed to cut it to make it work, but in that case I'd rather just make one that works the way I want so I probably won't end up using it. In other news I am attempting to solve all my lighting issues, the first being my fuse popping and thanks to @I'm SpaghetTii's dome light thread which I came across the other day and yesterday discovered my dome light was the culprit after randomly remembering reading his thread. The cover had come off the positive wire and I think when my dad installed the light it scraped the body and was sitting against metal and shorting. The other main issue is that my rear tail lights were inop and also my turn signals don't work. I printed some wiring diagram off of a thread here which was helpful also. The rear tail lamps turned out to be a bulb contact issue, and I think the main turn signal issue is due to not having the hazard switch installed. Which leads to the next issue of having no idea where hazard switch is and once I do (maybe) find it, what does the connector look like and where is the switch supposed to be installed? Since I have the console my dad made in the car right now, I'm assuming the old console had a place for it?
  12. Just got a plate bracket and am going to put year appropriate plates on.
  13. There seems to be a lot of slack in the column, can that be corrected by the adjustment screw on the steering box (I read about it somewhere on here) or would the box need a complete rebuild? I wasn't sure if the screw just made the steering feel a bit tighter or actually took up play.
  14. I think I have "found" a lot of things I've needed only because at the time I looked at it months/years ago I didn't know what it was or where it went and put it away somewhere, and now going through stuff again I'm like "ohhhh this is what this is for and I had it all along" haha I guess now I can pass some things on to other people that may need it.
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