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  1. See forum post for most recent updates. Blog entries are kind of redundant.
  2. Thank you. Will send pics of them when I get back home.
  3. I need the screws for the rear quarter glass and b pillar chrome trims. I tried to see if I could get them and looked on realoem, but I didn’t see them listed separately. I held off on the plating for now since I’m working on getting all the glass and seals together first.
  4. I was also able to get the steel wheels my Dad had saved as spares powder coated until I find something else more permanent to put on. I think they turned out pretty nice considering they used to be all rusty and in terrible condition. Now I can try to get rid of the Borbets that were on the car. *I will also be posting some spare parts soon that I have no use for if any one is interested in the Borbets, wood faceplate cluster, A/C heater box stuff and some other misc. parts. I have some interior pieces as well as a lot of extra glass in good condition. I will most likely make a separate post in the for sale section.
  5. So I finally have started working on the car again. I was waiting on pricing for a new windshield since mine tipped over and cracked. Decided OEM was the best and really not that much more then after market so I ordered one through work. Installed both front and rear glass last week and was waiting on lock strip installer tool so I can install that this weekend. I've also started to install all the exterior trim clips, but discovered how much paint is in all the holes and will have to ream them all out before I can install the clips now. I also ordered new vent window glass for the front doors since there was a combo of green/tinted/clear glass all around and now it will all match. I needed new seals too so I had to wait on those. Does anyone have pictures of how the rear quarter glass seals and trims fit in and what order to do it or a link to a "how to" on here? This has all been apart so long I'm not even sure I have the little screws and fasteners anymore. 92CBA6B0-0FD2-4BAB-B240-46A1DFBF6AF2.MOV A62F6158-5D12-4420-8E74-E054C90F6EA0.MOV
  6. I have all the engine compartment together. I mostly just need door component pieces like the outside handle attachment bolts and window regulator pieces cleaned and redone.
  7. I just called a place in Richmond and they will do it. It's $55 to clean and then minimum charge of $131.13. Kind of expensive for some nuts and bolts, so maybe I will try to find some new hardware since that will be cheaper then sending out and replating. Is all the original hardware supposed to be the yellowish colored or silver zinc color?
  8. I took my hardware there only to have them say they don't do zinc plating so I will have to find another place to do it. I left a trim piece for them to take dents out of and polish so hopefully that comes out good considering they charge per 3/ft of trim.
  9. It’s call Metro Plating. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m taking some trim pieces to them too to see if they can remove some dents/dings and polish them.
  10. I’m going to take it to a place in Maryland that will clean it and recoat it.
  11. I just plugged this into my car last night and everything works.
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