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  1. Hans


  2. We have new but I also have a set of new rears only in H&R if you happen to find fronts
  3. Do you still have the shift surround for a late model 2002?

  4. I have the ability to make them in aluminum not stainless but I cannot secure the proper anodizing in Asia. I had a damaged piece of trim lined up with the help of Mike Pugh but the cost of each piece once anodized makes it questionable at best
  5. I have a new set of early OE black panels in stock
  6. I must have bought this for something but I cant remember what for. Its brand new in the box. Black rear seat delete kit (205.00 on estys site) and a matching parcel tray carpet. 175.00 its like this but black. If you want actual pics I can unbox and shoot
  7. ok Disregard my call. I wanted to make sure you didnt think that was enough to do the entire car
  8. https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/body-mechanical-trim/1487btkt
  9. Ive got a red tipped mast and base. No wire
  10. With center caps .Straight and true. Could use paint. 2 00 OBO
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