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  1. Sal Savino

    Bav auto

    Rumor is the company is being sold and will reopen under new ownership
  2. I got mine from Carl Nelson at Give him a call at (858) 488-1555 His plates have the correct dimensions and rivet holes. If you have a gift store that does engraving, like the "Things Remembered" store that you find at some of the malls, they will help you pick the correct front and engrave the numbers for you.
  3. Sal Savino

    WTB non tii booster

    Website shows 2 in stock. When I ordered mine, it got in 3 days. You can also pay extra postage for next day delivery. I just felt like a rebuilt unit with a warranty was a better option they buying one from someone who has had one lying around for a while. Good luck.
  4. Sal Savino

    WTB non tii booster

  5. Sal Savino

    WTB non tii booster

    You can purchase one from CARiD for $196
  6. Rock Auto has the 13" Trico 33130 Classic Blades on closeout for only $1.26,33130,wiper+blade,8852
  7. Sal Savino

    Engine Bay Decals

    I like Mike's suggestion. Many of us have already added pictures and info to the Registry on this site. Maybe add pictures of the stickers there?
  8. Sal Savino

    NYC to Bar Harbor

    Warren"s Lobster House in Kittery, ME. Just minutes from Portsmouth
  9. Sal Savino

    Washer nozzle issues

    I've had mine clog up like that. I unclogged them by letting them soak in a pot with hot water and then reconnecting them to let the water flow through
  10. Sal Savino

    Grill slat options

    Brushing on acetone for a few minutes will not do it. The grilles need to soak in a container filled with acetone for a night or two.
  11. Sal Savino

    Grill slat options

    I purchased a set of grilles with faded/missing slats to put on my 1968. I decided to paint them black to maintain originality (that's how they came in 1968). Removing the glue was difficult and tedious. In the end, soaking them in acetone worked for me. There are a few threads in this forum that discuss other methods- you'll find them if you search. I used Direct to Metal (DTM) paint. There as a definite paint pattern, as Steve described above. This is the paint I used: Worked out well for me, I would think that applying black tape can be a tedious process as well, as the glue would still need to be removed so it applies smoothy.. You did not mention the year of your car, but if its a 1970 to 1973, you may consider purchasing new slats, which are available from several vendors. I think the cost is in the neighborhood of $100 - $110 per side. Have fun! Sal
  12. Sal Savino

    Is Vintage Autobahn legit?

    I purchased a mirror from Conmer. No issues whatsoever.
  13. Sal Savino

    2002 Seat Back Bezel

    2002AD charged me $5 in shipping when I purchased my set
  14. I am working with a custom metal fabrication shop to explore the possibility of reproducing the belt trim molding for the front of the bonnet, with the embossing used on the early cars. I'm looking for a close up picture of the embossed part of the piece that shows the pattern and the details. Are the indented sections of the molding smooth, or do they have a pattern of small dots? I would appreciate it if someone who has this molding would post a few close up pictures. Please indicate the model and year of the car. Thanks in advance.
  15. Sal Savino

    2002 Seat Back Bezel

    You can purchase these new from 2002AD