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  1. Hi, looking for the front bonnet belt trim piece with the embossing used on the early cars. Thanks
  2. Hi Harry, According to message received when messaging you, you are not accepting private messages. If still available, I would like to see a picture of the Early model chrome trim between taillights. Thanks
  3. Looking for an air filter housing for a 1966 1800ti Thank you
  4. If you think the mirror is rare, try finding the gasket for it
  5. His phone number is 541 401-0771 Continuous calling, texting and leaving voicemails at that number resulted in him finally texting me back after 2 days with “stop calling me, money refunded’. I am on the east coast and started blowing up his phone at 6am, which was 3 am his time. Must have dialed him over a hundred times. Good luck to you.
  6. After threatening him, and continuously calling, texting. and messaging him, non stop for 2 days, at all hours of the day and night, he refunded my payment. I hope no one else falls victim to his scams.
  7. Anyone have any recent contact with Bavarian Klasse? Rocky contacted me on April 17th, offering a part I was looking for, here on this forum. I paid him and he said he would ship, It been over 2 weeks and have heard nothing from him. I have messaged him multiple times through this forum, his BK Facebook profile, his personal Facebook profile, and left messages on his phone. No response.
  8. Does anyone know if the battery trays were painted black, or the same color as the engine bay? My 2002 is an early 1968. Thanks
  9. Apologies if I have been unreasonable or violated any protocol with my post.
  10. I am looking for an embossed hood trim piece also, in any condition. Please let me know if anyone has one. 2k2tii, do you still have one? Thanks Sal
  11. Picked up this sales folder shown in the pictures, which I had never seen before. Written in English, printed in Western Germany and dated 1968. Anyone know the history of this folder? Where was it available? Thanks
  12. Rumor is the company is being sold and will reopen under new ownership
  13. I got mine from Carl Nelson at http://www.bimmerdoc.com/ Give him a call at (858) 488-1555 His plates have the correct dimensions and rivet holes. If you have a gift store that does engraving, like the "Things Remembered" store that you find at some of the malls, they will help you pick the correct front and engrave the numbers for you.
  14. Website shows 2 in stock. When I ordered mine, it got in 3 days. You can also pay extra postage for next day delivery. I just felt like a rebuilt unit with a warranty was a better option they buying one from someone who has had one lying around for a while. Good luck.
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