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  1. Thanks Lee If anyone needs these we have a set or 2 left https://www.blunttech.com/shop/1482btkt
  2. I can send you 2 of these You loosen the set screw, Drive the pin out and replace these 2 top hat bushings and youre back on the road https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/transmission-differential/23-41-1-466-120
  3. email if we can help in any way sales@blunttech.com
  4. Ive got it 75.77 but that sure doesnt look like itll work with what you have there I see a set screw as in early linkage
  5. These are dssr's Double sheer selector rods You dont need one There are cheaper was to get this job done using 74-76 shifter linkage These are nice though. Measure center to center on your current selector rod and Ill see what I have for you. We are a parts only operation We are car guys but not shop guys. Its not a difficult job. Just need to know what works
  6. must be a 323 bell housing? If you have an M20 Id scrap that linkage and upgrade to a modern lever or at least 74 to 76 linkage. I may have a DSSR for you if you can measure center to center. Ive never seen that shift lever mechanism either
  7. Email sales@blunttech.com EMAIL ONLY PLEASE 008 dizzy 50.00 roundie rear covers 3 sets 10 a set for yellowed 20 a set for less yellowed glove box 40.00 note small blemish on front Nice driver quality sold rear diff carrier with poly bushings 50.00 chrome with black knob rear 1/4 latches driver quality 50.00 set armrest chrome cover thingys I have 2 10 each hood latch lever 5.00 SOLD misc knee trim 10 each 60 for all 8 early front bumper spacers 5 each left and right SOLD drivers flag driver quality 60.00 eibach 6" 450lbs springs 50.00 pair SOLD Amber side markers 10.00 SOLD Misc switches and relays tell me what you need water choke 32/36 taken off running car to swap for 38/38 a year ago should bolt on and go but I can include a rebuild kit at cost if you like 75.00
  8. we have new at 65.30 https://www.blunttech.com/shop/63-31-8-477-110
  9. If Tom has you covered please disregard We have the axles with good serviceable boots. Bolt on and go Email if needed sales@blunttech.com
  10. BLUNT

    misc used 02

    yes but they just sold Hal emailed me
  11. please email sales@blunttech.com Please email all pricing is OBO plus shipping Some of this stuff is dirty as I dont have facility to clean used parts here. set of rods Believed to be new. Ive had these for years 100 bucks obo SOLD e30 front plate mount Good for 2002 rear 5 dollars early all chrome rear 1/4 latches Nicest Ive seen I dont believe there is any pitting once cleaned up 100.00 pair SOLD door side latch for B pillar free SOLD trunk lock mechanism 5.00 SOLD bypass tube 20.00 SOLD hella 500 driving set New but used as mock up for our light bars. Never wired but smudge prints on white covers AS NEW 50.00 SOLD 215MM flywheel 75.00 215mm used clutch kit PP and clutch disc Mileage unknown but tons of disc left 75.00 SOLD late NOS fuel neck soft and pliable NEW but dusty 50.00 SOLD standard 2002 front hubs 50.00 pair SOLD standard rear hub (one) good splines 50.00 SOLD greasy trans crossmember with e21 mount 10.00 SOLD
  12. ready to go Jeff 245, 240 2 pc, 240 e30 with dual ears. We have completed kits for all 3 trans plus the getrag 240 behind the M42
  13. Many thanks guys I took my birthday off and hung out at the dog park while DealinDave covered for me. Great day/
  14. Ive got Saab cv boots on my NK I think. The clear boots are avail and we have in stock. At some point Ill install them on my car. The Saab boots were on it when I got it. Tom makes a good point about grease vs oil
  15. No tracking yet Matt but itll be on your steps tomorrow Thank you
  16. Ive got a single new Koni sport here
  17. Ive got new oil style stock strut inserts
  18. 600 OBO 13x5 early Tii steelies blasted and powder coated .
  19. we have new https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/body-sheet-metal/41-35-1-885-108
  20. Jim koni says 7/11 availability. I scrounge up a pair for Doug Hitchcock yesterday after you decided to wait. Found 2 singles on opposite ends of the world.
  21. I've got it from Dani and it's correct. Can send from work
  22. If youre talking about the brake light switch I do not. It has a copper sealing washer and I tightened it as I would a drain pug with the same copper sealing washer
  23. Do you want to try the new site? Id be interested in what you think about ease of use

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