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  1. Even with the cool campy bolts!!
  2. Been done before....
  3. Here is a NOS euro set by Hella
  4. And just for comparison, here is the piston and some numbers on an 1800ti block. Peter does your block also have the numbers like in the 3rd picture(top left on 1st pic)
  5. So the 65 1800ti suffers from extreme sloppy shifter. What's the cause on the early long neck trannys? I've worked on the late 02/e21 trannys but never on long early ones! Do I have to drop it down to replace said part? Is it #23 on the top diagram?
  6. 65 1800ti (smokey new header) 64 1800 Also have a 45 dizzy, assuming it. Belongs on the 1800ti
  7. The 14x5.5 ame with the 2000cs coupes if I'm not mistaken. My 64' 1800 has 4.5" my 65' 1800ti has 5" my old 69 2000 had 5" my old 71 2000 had 5"
  8. Seems to be the same race!!!
  9. Guys need the clamp that connects the 2 part linkage on an early nk. Or a possible solution before I drill it and put pins/set screws etc. The splines on mine are gone and the pedal swivels free as there is no resistance anymore! Need the the one with one bolt as it has a smaller diameter opening!
  10. They should be the same lips/barrels as your set
  11. What are you looking for? Dealer, Blunttech, etc can still get some parts(must have title if in USA)
  12. @mich02 any pics of them installed?
  13. They came Installed in an 1800ti that's now being restored in Switzerland. Car was Polaris with the red interior and had this unique(to me) seatbelts. Maybe from a 700 or.... Also, the roundel is not a cheap sticker it feels more like a nice badge
  14. Amazing!!!!! Congrats Mark!
  15. @Naz can't remember what I used! My machinist friend did it for me. I blew the motor on my 68 02 and the spare motor had a 6 bolt crank. I just used the stuff I had to make it happen. Here is a picture of spare flywheel I'll eventually install. Picked it up from someone here in the forum!!