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  1. Luis, is it for an early 1800? If so I’ll take it!
  2. Jackpot! Most likely one of the 1st ALPINA cars! Wow!
  3. Wow. Let’s see some engine bay pics!
  4. There is this old thread with some dead images(thanks photobucket) https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/119855-wheel-encyclopedia-too-many-pics/ and there is the new better version here, feel free to collaborate, add, modify, etc.... https://www.bmw2002faq.com/wheels/bmw2002/
  5. @adavis I agree with @halboyles never had the choke working/connected on my 40dcoe setup and no problem in cold weather. It started fine Yesterday when it was 38°. You need the angled neck pump. Bavaria pumps are that way as well as any Ti pump
  6. @NickVyse yeah! Never seen another Tampico nk out there!
  7. I have one for sale but I’m afraid might be outside your price range. 67 1800 in Tampico! PM if you want details and pictures
  8. 1/18/20 8am-11am MARKET 5-ONE-5 Welcome to the third monthly Sacramento Neue Klasse and Kaffee. An event open to all Vintage cars! The gathering will take place from 8am to 11am at 915 R Street, Sacramento, CA Neue Klasse and Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse and other Vintage cars. Sacramento event wil take place on the third Sunday of the month. http://neueklasseundkaffee.com
  9. 02/early nk/late nk struts. single sided ears are early nk with 3” in between
  10. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles.html/technical-articles/history-and-reference/
  11. I had to run a wire on mine as it wasn’t present!

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