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  1. Curious when the engine VIN # location was moved from under the water divider to back of block by tranny like all the m10s I’ve seen! Mine is a matching numbers June 64’ 1800
  2. I don’t think the top one belongs on a 67’ Haven’t seen a valve cover date stamped 67’ yet. Most date stams I’ve seen start in 68’ I believe 67 should be no ribs. there are like 10 different M10 valve factory covers
  3. @nate_williams I’ve been looking as well for a set for mine. Once you come up with a solution(not IE) let me know. Also will be interested in your CS set when time comes!
  4. Got the derby 1800 steamed cleaned! Super clean undercarriage on this one. Couldn’t snap pics on the rack after cleaning! Here are the before pictures
  5. @dfeigen thanks Doug! Yes windshield is in! Did it the way you suggested. Double looped the rope and had the locking strip in the seal! Seems ok so far. Wish Bmw still made the early nk seal!!!
  6. Will be there since Thursday afternoon. Camping at the track.
  7. So, what’s the trick to install the locking strip on an early nk. I’m reusing the windshield seal! Do you use a tool like the one would use for a 2002? Don’t want to snap the chrome pieces. I have a late nk windshield seal and locking strip(ugh) on the way in case we fail reusing the original seal etc...
  8. http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/bmw-2002-drip-rail-molding-installation-tool
  9. @Hien see nick’s picture! See the small hole on the cam.(yellow circle) if your cam has it then you don’t need the oil sprayer. My 64 1800 didn’t have it and neither my old 65 1800ti. I should have a sprayer for you if you do need one. You’ll prolly have to order the crush washer etc for it!
  10. If you found an early windshield seal please do tell! Need one for my car!
  11. @alfagta might have a set of rear Koni’s! Will take pics and send! They were in one of my Nk’s!
  12. Set of all silver deep grills, driver condition. Need good cleaning. Passenger bezel has a little dent(see pic) $350 shipped!

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