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  1. If you found an early windshield seal please do tell! Need one for my car!
  2. @alfagta might have a set of rear Koni’s! Will take pics and send! They were in one of my Nk’s!
  3. Set of all silver deep grills, driver condition. Need good cleaning. Passenger bezel has a little dent(see pic) $350 shipped!
  4. Selling a nice set of BBS/Mahle wheels with like new Toyo proxes RA1 205/60/13 13x6 et13. No caps local pickup preferred. $650 OBO
  5. Pickup only $100 paseenger tobacco front seat. Think it’s from a late 72. Good condition. Missing reclining knob and cover. Located in SJ ,Ca
  6. I might have a spare set of those handles! Will check and let you know!
  7. Looking for an early 1600 exhaust manifold Daniel
  8. Make sure your Venturi is still in the right place? Is it being held by set screws on bottom of carb or the spring clip on the Venturi? I had a similar situation a few weeks back were it moved just enough to make a puddle on cylinder #3. The spring clip was damaged and compressed that allowed the Venturi to move
  9. Anybody has any engine bay shots? The Recreation of the 1970 Marcello Gandini designed BMW Garnish unveiled this evening at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.
  10. How many known 2000ti’s still alive in the US?
  11. I think the chamonix is now down with “the collector” but I haven’t seen the Granada since the Brisbane show 10 years ago or so..! @tjones02

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