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  1. STOLEN!!!!! trailer with1965 BMW 1800 Ti SA has been stolen !!! Car vin 995013, trailer vin 40LAB2227RP025131 Trailer plate : OQI513. Colorado Springs , CO. Saturday am early 22 Sep 2018.

    BMW 1800 TISA

    @tjones02 so the ones on my picture were just optional to Webers? Any picture of tisa velocity stacks and length?

    BMW 1800 TISA

    He is talking about these... 1st 2 pics for Webers(tisa) other 2 from solex’s
  4. Installed IE 02 coilovers with Alfa gtv6 brembo calipers that were previously in my old wrecked 02. NK steelies won’t clear brakes calipers. Had to order 12mm spacers. No i wait to see if went too low!

    02s - Advertising & Print

    @jgerock feel free to edit the article and add more. I know you have lots and prolly better resolution.
  6. Replaced window regulator and got new keys made as I only had the ignition key! Thanks @bimbill for the regulator!!!
  7. @eurotrash my cousin has a set of centercaps for those wheels, let me know if interested. He said he was willing to part with them! They need some work.
  8. I ran the Alfa alu calipers for ages(until I wrecked the car). The fit most if not all 13” wheels. Believe they’re from a GTV6. I believe mine are the early version This setup will be going into my 67’ 1800 once I heal from shoulder surgery.

    Bavarian Klasse

    @BavarianKlasse care to join this discussion?

    Bavarian Klasse

    From a Facebook member a few minutes ago....... “What a day!!! I just picked up my 1971 Agave 2002 from the mechanics shop that I purchased from Bavarian Klass. The $2900.00 bill was a shocker. Well the car I purchased from BK was billed as an almost complete project on Craigslist but when I spoke with BK he noted there was not much to do, and I could send it to the “Hobby Shop” a local shop near where he lived in Oregon to finish it and make it a good driver. He sent me numerous pictures of the car in various stages of paint and repair. I paid the $1700.00 he said was the cost of the repair to do all brakes, fix the clutch that he said was like new and install the drive train. The car was supposed to be driving at that time and he showed me a screen shot of the bill from the hobby shop. The pictures looked good and when I had a question about something that did not look correct, it was replied with "it is just a shadow" or I’ll fix that before I ship. After I paid $8000.00 for the car, $1700.00 to the shop and $1700.00 for shipping I was shocked when the car arrived. Rocky said the car was in excellent shape and from the pictures it looked like it except for a few things. Here are a few things we discussed: He noted that he took the car to the painter for a color sanding and buffing – That never happened, and the car defiantly needs it. Very poor prep on the car and lots of dirt in the paint and panels that needed more attention. He noted that the car was shifting bad when he loaded it on the carrier and he said the system needed to be bled (Funny I was charged for the master cylinder and the bleeding of the clutch system) Well when car arrived the clutch pedal was on the floor. My repair shop removed the clutch and the clutch, pressure plate and bearing were rusted so I had to have them all replaced. All the hoses were incorrect and needed to be replaced, the sway bars needed to be installed. Valve cover needed to be replaced. Done All these were supposed to be completed by BK!!! So here is the best part. I called the Hobby Shop to ask about the work and they noted that they did not work on the car. BK said they kept it off the books so I can get a discount. Yea right... So please be careful when buying overpriced stuff from him as he jsut gets it for a steal from an old guy that has dozens of old O2's in a field. So now I have $14.300.00 in a car that is worth 7-8k. BK refunded my money for the "repair" when I threatened to sue. My next post will have the car for sale. It's now a decent project. Anyone have the same experience?”
  11. Problem is what if it does show up as a grey market and now your car is flagged by dmv and hell starts...... Know a few ppl that dealt with this and it’s no easy task. Or it could be as easy as registering an out of state car. Which still requieres VIN verification @Rocan here is a recent example.
  12. 68-74euro cars are considered non-collectible vehicles by the state of California. They are now required to meet regulations of the manufacturing year(EPA, etc) you will have heck of a time registering a 68-74 euro vehicle in California unless(need research on this) the vehicle has been registered stateside in your name for over a year. The visual VIN verification by DMV likes seeing the under the hood epa/dot/smog/etc stickers. I would buy the reproduction stickers to your year, install and bring the car for inspection.

    Rim Widening

    I think they band the barrel and you have the choice offset wise where to weld the center. My wheels were rebarreled and not banded.
  14. La Jolla has some. Mine was rebuilt by them! Are you in a hurry?