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  1. I can send you my accident appraisal etc if you need!
  2. @duggi need another one?
  3. @hellayego think you have to try a different tire! My wheels are the same diameter as yours.
  4. @hellayego let me measure the diameter of my borranis. I got the full set from the picture plus a stray spare. Also I was using summitomos 205/60/13 the time.
  5. Alpina Design Airbox for Alpina A4

    Ahrend 02 tuning makes those!!
  6. Body shop dolly

    Check with Tom over at . Bought mine from him.
  7. Renown USA X Speedhunters collaboration steering wheel

    No affiliation and haven’t seen the product but.... was reading the comments about this particular wheel over on the speed hunters release write up and he avoided twice the question 3. Where are the wheels made?
  8. Here's to a great 2018

    May this year bring the 1800 the will to start on cold mornings.....

    @joysterm what about the orientation of them guibo bolts? Should half of them be pointing the other direction? Thoughts?
  10. 3.36 LSD for '74 Turbo

    I have a 3:36:1 ring and pinion to build a turbo diff. Daniel
  11. What air dam & wheel is this?

    ESAP wheels!!! 6x13s
  12. NK Neue Klasse 1600 1800 2000 various parts II

    @Coastalcrush408 make sure you get the screws with the door handles otherwise they’ll be useless!
  13. Very nice cluster from a 72’ roundie. $200 shipped OBO
  14. Selling a good driver set of grills and kidney for the NKs running the horizontal grills. $350 shipped OBO