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  1. When I wrecked my 02 I decided to do a spreadsheet of the items installed in the car showing the price of each item at the time of the accident. It all totaled to about $49k without the cost of the actual car! I was lucky enough to have only around 9-10k into it at the time, including parts/paint/car etc. Car was a rolling project with a close ratio tranny that I paid 3k for. Some parts came from other cars, while paint was 2k. Wheels around 1k.
  2. Yes! There is tabs in the nylon piece that allows you to pull it out and reinstal! I’m still waiting for the driveshaft to be finished so I can assemble and drive!
  3. Selling 2 tii exhaust manifolds. $200 shipped each continental us! Good condition. no visible cracks! 1 2
  4. @halboyles if I’m not mistaken, C belongs to a 1600ti with the remote servo
  5. Stock pedal linkage. Had to bend the bridge a bit to clear my dual Weber’s!
  6. Sweet score! I was lucky enough to pick a set last year! Mine have a different part number(R1/476)! Curious to know the backspace on your set! @Conserv going to be jealous! My center cap not original. Been working on making some for my set!

    Camden Super Charger

    @64FHC when I 1st started the project. I contacted Camden and a nice lady was able to verify whether the supercharger was ever serviced by them using the serial # on the blower!

    Camden Super Charger

    @64FHC Your blower might need to be rebuilt. I was running a detuned version of the Camden kit before I sold the car! I bought an incomplete kit with a missing crank pulley. I had to custom make one and was putting out around 3-4psi. The kit originally came With 2 pulleys 8-10psi. I believe! Couple of pics of my Florida 69 2000 with the Camden supercharger and a 5 speed!

    Scam Alert by 73Tiii

    @Fraidknots can you please elaborate who the scammer is (your title mentions 73tii, while in your text you mention 73tiii) You keep mentioning 2 different members and seems fair to make sure who the actual scammer is......! Is it @73tii ? or @73tiii ? These are 2 different members!

    Looking for sheet metal

    Early or late trunk?
  11. @Fraidknots is this user @73tii or @73tiii ? And can you post links to said parts or thread? Or how the transaction went about?

    FAQ Registry - How to?

    See if this link works for you!

    5 speed swap NK

    @02tom I going through the same swap! I had both differentials - early with 3 bolt centering pin snout flange and 6 hole symetrical flanges - later with 4 bolt flange and 6 asymetrical output flanges. Took 2 minutes to remove the output flanges and interchange. It’ll be easy for a machine shop to drill and match them to the axles. Still need an input flange to see if their splines are the same and will cut the snout Really want to use the early 4:11 but will wait until I find another diff to swap more parts in between. The 3:64 might be too tall with the 245 5 speed! Will report back!
  14. I’m removing my stock seats and storing them. want to Rehupolster some period speedwell buckets to match. Been looking for a close match to the oxblood vinyl. Any leads on who carries the closest match to the Oxblood material? Here is a Picture of my current interior....