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  1. For sale. - Complete booster and pedal box out a 1968 1600, some surface rust, will need a new clutch arm or weld to fill the wore shaft. $250 plus shipping OBO - wiper linkage and moto. $75 shipped
  2. Early Complete heater box with valve and cables out of a wrecked 68 1600. Small crack on one corner! Heater valve arm has no cracks Price $225 shipped
  3. @conkitchen we’ve been doing a Sacramento NK&K event for a few months already! https://www.facebook.com/neueklasseundkaffee/
  4. I could use the driver side tan armrest that has the top piece on it-I really just need the top piece. It looks like the armrest from an E9 from the photo. I might be able to help you with 2002 parts. I bought my '02 48 years ago last Sunday.  Send me an email to  [email protected]  Thanks, Drew


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  6. @Darrel do you remember what you used as far as front brakes when you used the late 2000 struts? I have a set that want to install on my 2002 while keeping 4 lugs but with vented brakes. So how can one upgrade braking system on a late nk strut! Which caliper/vented disk to chose from?

    SoCal Vintage Caravan

  8. I’m running complete 02 struts and brakes on my 67 1800! only way that it’ll work is that you use your complete 2002 assembly with strut bearings as well as they’re different as well! Good affordable early struts bearings are almost impossible to find!
  9. I’m running on a really lowered 1800 ET15 14x6 195/60
  10. No, not really. Just happened to have those. Need one?
  11. There is 2 sizes! You’ll need the bigger one
  12. Working on the subframes and brakes for the 02!
  13. Got some good ones but attached to the seats. Where are you located?
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