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  1. Son of Marty

    Cooling System Flush

    I haven't used that product but I have found that back flushing with water for a while will help it to work better I pull the block drain and radiator hoses then stick a nozzle like this in the block drain and wiggle it around until the drain water runs clear. 4 bucks at home depot Etc.
  2. Son of Marty

    5 speed swap clutch issues

    Good eye Nick, sure does look like something not right there, it looks like it maybe the throw out bearing guide has something on it also.
  3. Son of Marty

    5 speed swap clutch issues

    Is your slave cylinder installed with the bleed nipple pointing up if so it's in upside down and it won't bleed completely.
  4. Son of Marty

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that, although it wouldn't be that hard to cut a new one if you had to.
  5. Son of Marty

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    I guess I'd get another exhaust shaft and drill/remove the end plug for the o/p sender, as far as I know the shaft it's self is the same other than it's plugged on both ends.
  6. Son of Marty

    Spark plugs with threaded tips....

    The Bosch plugs used to be screw off type but now days with Bosch you just don't know, ever since they shifted production off shore their quality control has gone down the crapper.
  7. Son of Marty

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    Yes you need the kl-9 filter which has a metal case by the radiator, at best you'll have 29 psi on that filter way too much for a plastic filter and if the fuel return system plugs up or fail the stall pressure of the electric pump is about 100 psi
  8. There are no part numbers on the transmission id is visual.
  9. Seeing as how you want to park your car on THE LAWN then the 3.45 and 4 speed or c/r 5 speed are your best bet IMHO.
  10. Son of Marty

    What is this switch?

    I'm pretty sure that's ether part of the smog system of a neutral safety switch it was a 1 year only deal most have been scraped years ago.
  11. Yes it will go right in but, you'll need to change a bit on your half shafts to fit correctly, do a search on it as there are a couple of ways to do that. Oh you have a 76, you just need to use the output flanges from your old diff and you should be good to go.
  12. I'll take number 7 if it's not spoken for'
  13. Son of Marty

    Choke options?

    Well if water is out you can run a electric choke just need 1 wire thats hot with the ignition on if you have a idle cut off solenoid you can splice into the wire or you can set it up to retain your manual choke.
  14. Son of Marty

    Why did my half shaft unbolt?

    Yes torque and loc-tight it's always on the drivers side due to rotation you'll need to check the flange for ovaling of the holes where the bolts were loose, also I have never seen a half shaft that hung that low it maybe damaged.
  15. I think if you set it up as a club you'll find it easier to protect your self from liability etc, I don't know about Cali but in Washington it can be done that way.