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  1. The problem is the huge hump in the floor, I don't know of any base that will accommodate it with out some fabrication.
  2. Although it seems a shame to undo the work of what is obviously a master fabricator 😂 do put a add in the parts wanted for stock seat rails and look up the thread on fitting e30 and later seats to the 02 you'll get a good idea of the ways later seats have been added.
  3. Paul, good luck on your new business I'm sure your knowledge of early BMW's will carry you through, most important have fun.😁
  4. That's the wrong o ring, the one you need is sorta flattened and fills the whole groove.
  5. Do you have a fuel pressure regulator? Webers don't like to see over 3 psi, anything more you'll start to over power the floats
  6. Another thing, on a 75 and 76 model the rear brake line runs down the side of the car and on a 74 and earlier it runs straight down the trans tunnel. The windshield washer bottle on a 74 is on the right fender on the later models it's moved over the brake support.
  7. In your shoes at this point, I'd get your tii distributor recurved to the ti spec, and replace the f11 emulsion tubes with f16's, it sounds like your getting close but the closer to perfection you get the more the minor details count.
  8. Gracer, your right f9 or f16 tubes for a m10, f11's are for air cooled VW's I'm old and easily influenced and also on my 3rd beer.
  9. To add to what Toby said f16 tubes are better for a stock or mildly warmed 02 the f11 are better for modified m10 they both work but cover different ends of the range.
  10. A lot of jetted webers over the last couple of years have been fitted with 5.0 aux's way to big for a stock 02 your stuck between 4.5 and 4.0 but the 4.0 are hard to come by these days.
  11. Before doing anything what size are your aux venturis? these are one of the controls the determine where the main circuit tip in.
  12. The problem with your Solex is most likely a ruptured accelerator pump diaphragm, but the price of a rebuild kit is about 1/2 the price of the 32/36 and the weber is just a better all-around carb. The fuel percolation problem is not a carb problem but a new fuel formulation problem that you and the rest of use just have to live with. By all means you need good hoses and pump to replace the gas that has boiled off.
  13. I think I'd find out what Byron (preyupy) is doing and do that. Byron has built any number of race engines and has seen more than his share of rotary disassembly.
  14. If there's not enough adjustment on both ends you'll have to move either the top or bottom bracket until it's in range. Your also going to need to figure out a fix for the throttle return spring.
  15. If the battery is to cold it can't chemically convert the charge into stored energy which damages the chemical make up so that it will charge much less or not at all when returned to normal temps, if it's overheated it will start a run away chemical reaction until it catches fire, think burning cel phones or Boeing aircraft
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