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  1. +1 on Jim's post, the level will self regulate, so just fill it to the top and let it drain down to it's own level it will add slightly to the crankcase oil level so don't top the crank oil level until the pump has drained on a fresh rebuild.
  2. You can also use a soldering iron with a pencil tip to make the hole.
  3. Yeah Andrew just shut up your obviously in the presence of the master of tiidom (TOUNGE IN CHEEK)
  4. The B+ should go to the term with the black wire just as before the little black box is a radio filter to reduce interference in the AM band, as for the regulator I'd try it but be ready to replace it if your getting any funky readings from the new alt.
  5. Probably going to need to call Max or Blunt that part is so cheap it may not be worth listing.
  6. Yeah I kinda figured that I just added the last part for people reading this later. If it was my car I'd get the ring it's under a buck and thats no place for a leak IMHO.
  7. Part number 0711 996 3466, common to a lot of BMW models. In reality no need to remove that plug when rebuilding if you remove the rest of the freeze plugs before hot tanking.
  8. Otis always had a good eye for spotting and posting a good rack.
  9. While that bolt is rusty the most damage is through electrolysis, where did it come from?
  10. It's a dummy switch just used to fill that spot.
  11. Plumbers tape works well here and it's cheap at any hardware store. http://mobileimages.lowes.com/product/converted/611918/611918068336.jpg?size=pdhi
  12. Try a shop that services diesel or hydraulic pumps they may have some thing that will work for you.
  13. To/bearing 21511204525 for the 228mm clutch. The standard 320i To/bearing 21511223366 is for the 215mm clutch.
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