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  1. Son of Marty

    Analyzers from the day

    Back in the day when service stations were being converted to convenience stores that sell gas you could pick this stuff up on the curb now it's worth big bucks and it all still works on pre-computer cars.
  2. Son of Marty

    Cheaper 5 lug hub for tii struts - E24!

    The hub from Bav you have listed is for a later car using the sealed bearing system and if I recall correctly uses a straight spindle and wouldn't fit Tii spindle. I don't know if Bav is wrong or just showing a generic hub, your original research on the Tii and e24 hubs is spot on.
  3. First rule of anything moving that weighs more than a ton, don't stick anything out the window that you want to go home with.
  4. Son of Marty

    Spare Parts list

    I also carry the old set of hoses that I changed out if their not to bad, and a few clamps for them. also a 10" piece of steel plumbers tape for exhaust hanger repair.
  5. If the mounts check out the other thing that can cause this is worn pitman arm bushings.
  6. Son of Marty

    Zigzagging guibo

    The guibo is meant to absorb torsional loads not lateral (alignment) loads if the output and driveshaft faces are not parallel your guibo life will be short.
  7. Son of Marty

    Anyone Familiar With This Noise?

    IMHO, In the end your going to need to clean off the old oil and drive it for a bit to really see where it's leaking.
  8. Son of Marty

    Found on German Ebay- Ti air filter housing

    Looks like the 2000 cs used straight outlets, so that's not it, maybe one of the Glas cars?
  9. Son of Marty

    Found on German Ebay- Ti air filter housing

    That's a N/K air can it doesn't fit a 02 there's no cut out on the bottom to clear the brake booster.
  10. Back in that time period had a roommate who was a importer of foreign car parts and I'm pretty real sure that it was not offered in a set with the hub (the wheel is universal the hub makes it for a 02) but it's still a great period piece.
  11. Son of Marty

    Great diff / tranny fluid article

    Ooop's Toby, did you know the 4x in 4x4 means 4x the maintenance and 4x the cost to maintain. PS this is the winter where 4x4 is real nice to have here in the great PNW😀
  12. I'm with Simeon not sure what problem your trying to solve with your 200 bucks
  13. Son of Marty

    Anyone Familiar With This Noise?

    The two other places that commonly leak are the shift rod seal or the output flange seal, lots of threads on replacing both.
  14. Son of Marty

    Squirrels with tiny little canes.

    I'll second Simeons answer screw it up and the light will be forced down
  15. Son of Marty

    Anyone Familiar With This Noise?

    Yes loc-tite and change all the nuts to the self locking type the one in the picture looks like it's just a regular nut.