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  1. Front strut spacers Key buzzer Seat belt interlock
  2. Clean said fuses, if that doesn't work at least you'll have clean fuses.
  3. It won't wick into the wire if you use a heat sink at the wire end of the connector, that alligator clip has more uses than just a roach clip, follow it with some glue impregnated heat shrink and the terminal will be stress free. Also use rosen based flux.
  4. As my aircraft electrical instructor used to say " you can pass a million amps through a wire the size of a hair, you just can't do it for long" 😂
  5. It's also possible that the flange is bent 3 or 4 mm should be easy enough to see. Just saying.
  6. I'd start at 2 out and tune from there no one is going to be able to tell you over the phone a setting and have it be right for your set up you might wind up with one at 2 1/4 and the others at 2 1/2 you need to get the engine up to temp and with a good sync on the carbs tweek each screw to get the best idle and smoothest transition when you come off idle, have fun and play with them.
  7. Sorry the number should start 0711 ect look on real oem under cooling system/hoses drawing 11/53 and it's there. nothing special about it any parts dealer including napa should be able to fix you up.
  8. If the ring lands are slightly oversized total seal piston rings will custom make rings to return to the original clearance the only question is how much wear can be off set and still retain the original strength of the land?
  9. 14mmx18mm aluminum washer part number 7119963213 used on BMWs from 1960 to present. Under .50 cents
  10. Paul I had the same problem for a while but it's been good since Steve did the big reboot last month. When I post more than one comment per thread the original post always reappears in the text box that has to be deleted before I can answer.
  11. Uai I like your car and the mods you've done to it but please tell me that your not thinking of driving your car on the street with low back seats IMHO thats a really really bad idea. I'm having spinal fusion surgery on Friday I really hope not to see you there!!!!!
  12. There's not much play in the engine mounts but it adds up 3 feet back at the tranny, try loosening them and aligning your guibo then making the rear cross member to fit that position.
  13. Yep check your belt. It's probably running on the cold start injector then theirs nothing to back it up.
  14. It looks like in the video that your rear venturi is not fully seated and sticking out from the carb body a bit, but it just maybe the camera angle.
  15. Are the u joints clocked correctly even one spline off will cause the d/shaft to whip every revolution.

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