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  1. One side of the heater circuit goes from the back of the head to the heater valve and then through the heater to the hose that leads to the water bypass under the carbs.
  2. No, those are on the strut side of the ball joint. The lower part of the ball joint was riveted to the control arm and replacements are bolted.
  3. Well it's a great story no need to stop telling it part of the mystique and all.
  4. Pretty sure it's a tall tale, nitriding works on steel not cast iron and is applied when the metal is quenched, it's also a surface treatment only and would most likely removed when the block was machined after sitting out side for a year. When I was a young lad my parents bought one of the first Volvo 144's with a factory pick up with a tour of the factory included one thing I remember was a field on the factory grounds they used to stack b20 blocks in for a year to stress relive before machining and assembling them so that part is likely true
  5. I've been a RV owner for over 30 years and have owned motorhomes, trailers and 5th wheels in reality dumping the tanks is just another chore and accidents almost never happen. First timers are understandably nervous but your just hooking a hose up between 2 spigots pretty hard to screw up. It's a bit harder on small R/V's because you have small tanks and have to dump more often but anything larger and you should only have to do it once a week for 2 people and if you can't stand the thought of a little poop in your life don't have kids. West of the Mississippi most if not all states have some rest areas with RV dumps for free so you just pick the closest on to home and empty there.
  6. One tip for tranny install is to turn the front wheels to the stop this will lower the tie rod a bit,
  7. Yes it does, but interference is interference, but IMHO is something is going harmonic which as Ray said is 2800 to 3300 rpm.
  8. If it's misfit rod bearings or piston interference why doesn't it happen below 3000 rpm?
  9. Can you imagine what the navigator is saying to the driver. Must be something like this "you crazy #*^[email protected]#)(&^%%$#@[email protected]##$^&**+_*&&^%$$##@!~ mother f*cker!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Another way to look at it: if we were to make a parts failure spreadsheet for all 2002 the spindles them self's are going to be very close to the bottom, with proper care they don't fail even on race cars running wide slicks. Now days you can fit just about any size brakes that can be made to fit inside the wheels.
  11. I'd venture to say the new pump might be a smidg better at moving water, the old one is nasty.
  12. There was a thread last week on reupholstering seats using a product called curly hair that looked real good when done.
  13. My first step would be to connect the battery as it would be in a running car then see whats what.
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