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  1. Music was much better when ugly people were allowed to make it. just say 'un
  2. On the right side half moon that supports the p/b lever there should be a single screw hole that attaches the p/b light switch the bracket, it's then bent so that with the p/b is on the switch is closed and with it off the switch is free and turns the light off.
  3. It would be rare for the fan to shed a whole blade it's usually just the tips. Pictures would help here.
  4. Yeah, switched side to side or front to back, I think they would fit anyway, but side to side would be my first guess. Maybe try to slip a probe into the front of the shafts behind the timing gear if one is open (no Plug) you've found the problem if not your next step would be to remove the distributor drive cover off the rear and see what's going on.
  5. Rocker shafts in wrong, the intake side should not have a plug at the rear where the oil pressure sender comes in.
  6. Yeah that's a 75 or 76 you can tell by the coil position moved forward to the radiator support. Not that the year really maters
  7. Yeah 200k for a motor that's only going to be paraded around the track is a little steep for me (maybe after my mega millions hit tonight) but the big problem would be figuring out the fuel there was a video of a build of one of these motors and ran it at I believe Silverwood but BMW declined to name the fuel formula and what they were running didn't make the engine real happy.
  8. Before you make up your mind on a carb or carbs we need to figure out what's been done to your engine I see no reason to assume someone just strapped duels on it and called it good, it is already fitted with a non vacuum distributor. I for one would like to see a picture of the cam and rockers.
  9. I think the factory's 1200hp f1 qualifying motor is a bench mark that's going to stand.
  10. In that case IMHO go ahead and balance it BMW did a fine job balancing but it's done as a set if you change parts you loose the balance. Just MHO.
  11. My vote would be to source a replacement m10, and build it for a turbo, it would be a shame to damage a (presumably) numbers matching tii motor beyond repair, where a rebuildable m10 should be cheap and available.
  12. Are the rods, crank, and flywheel etc. from the same engine or are they mixed?
  13. Mike the cylinder head I think your referring to was one side of the ford modular v8 it had the same cylinder spacing as the m10 a few guys were hot to try it some years ago but I've never heard of anyone getting it running.
  14. What's your vin number? All regular 74's started with 422 I belive.
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