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  1. Have been thinking about these and wondering if any local folks had a set I could check out and see how they work first hand. I’ve been using jack stands for a while, but don’t always feel that secure. Thanks, baron
  2. FIXED: ( I think!?) Changed trans mount and was in the process of removing motor mounts when I discovered the nut that I lost when reinstalling the starter. It had fallen between the oil pan and the subframe. The sound went away after I replaced the trans mount as it probably have a little lift off the subframe. Now, I only wish I didn’t have a crack in my drivers side bracket....[emoji107] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah, I was under it prior replacing trans mount. I gave the body some good shoves and it was solid. I think when I lifted it from the rear, it pulled the front wheels back which then went down the ramp. Not good! I think I’m going to look into the quick jack. I have a low ceiling garage with tight space around and this might be just the right thing to feel more secure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So..... I'd been working on my car trying to figure out the weird sounds coming from the trans areal after installing a new starter. I had the front wheels on ramps and rear on jackstands. Car felt solid for some time. well.... I was lifting up the back end to remove jack stands and front wheels started rolling down the ramp pushing the jack I was lifting with back at me! Rolled to garage floor stopping at a board at the bottom of the ramp tipping one jackstand and the other found its way to the drivers side backseat floor. Kinda scary and I didn't get hurt, but need to be MUCH smarter and more careful. Feel stupid but can learn from that. I also now have the floor sheet metal all mucked up and pushed in that I have to contend with. Any tips on getting the floor back to its original-ish shape?
  5. Thanks Toby. Yeah, I do have the round drivers side mount and will replace with the upgraded mount. Is there an upgrade to the passenger side? I know Ireland has a reinforcement plate to weld in, though I like the one someone here on the FAQ fabbed up themselves.
  6. While trying to hunt down some clunks and sounds after installing my new starter, I think I narrowed it down to the engine/trans mounts, but looking for opinions here. They are old (10 + years) and oily ( saving that for another time) and while they look ok, there is a noticeable big engine movement on first start up and the trans and exhaust are rattling pretty good when I get underneath it. When digging around I also noticed a hairline crack on the drivers side engine mount. ( see photo#1) Bummer. That got me thinking it was the mounts. My thought was the new, torquier starter caused a failure in the mounts that were on the edge of failure anyway. Not totally sure yet though. Is this crack alone enough to cause movement and thus hitting of parts? I suppose I will be getting this fixed soon, but is it ok for a short drive or is it not road worthy? Don’t want to make things worse. I’ve been looking at used welders so this could be the ticket that makes that happen as well! When looking for anything loose around the driveline/trans area, I noticed a hole on the shifter platform with what looked like a bolt missing. ( See pic #2). Is there something missing here? The guibo is on the lower part of the pic. I looked on Realoem but couldn’t figure out if there was something there or not. Do the motor mounts seem like the probelm? Am I missing anything? Thanks, Baron And if you have too much time on your hands and want to read too much on my clunking issue: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/241732-driveline-clunk-and-clicking-after-new-starter-install/?tab=comments#comment-1338586
  7. I spent time under the car this week looking around. I did take off the access cover and nothing came out and all looks good. Thinking it might be the engine/trans mounts.
  8. Thanks. Need to see if I can find out if that nut is the culprit. I’m curious about the starter. If it was not disengaging then why would being in gear be different than neutral. Hope to dig into it this weekend. Thanks for your response Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sorry if this is a bit long, but I could really use some help. I'll try my best to describe whats going on: I just buttoned everything up on my 73tii today after replacing my starter with one I bought on eBay. Install seemed pretty straightforward and I did one test of the starter (with fuel pump fuse out and intake runners still off) and it turned over ok. The start up isn't so great with a bit of a “clunk” when I first turn it over and then it idles normally. When I put it in gear and start moving, it sounds like something rotating is coming into contact with something, but I'm not sure what exactly. I only removed the bolts to get the starter out and back on, otherwise I didn't really remove anything on the trans, shifter, exhaust or anything. I did lose a nut when installing the starter so not sure if it got wedged in somewhere. Could it be something on the new starter is hitting something? Seems kinda fast to be the guibo considering the car is just barely rolling when I moved it, but then again I’m not too sure. Here’s a video when I was bringing it into the garage to put it up on my ramps. The first 3 secs are at idle and then you can hear the “clicking” as I’m going up the ramp. I wasn’t too smooth going up so it kind comes and goes. It’s not a great video, but it was the best I could do at the time. Once I let off the gas in gear the sound goes away. And in neutral it doesn’t make the sound and I can rev the engine with no clicking sounds. I also had the front on ramps with the back on jackstands and ran the car in gear and I didn’t hear any clicking. Then once on the ground it started it up again. I’m a bit confused at this point… Post-NewStarterSound.MOV
  10. UPDATE: something is not right... So i finally received new intake runner gaskets (3&4) and proceeded to put it all back together. also replaced + and - battery cables as the + wouldn't reach and the - was pretty old and oily. I had done a test start ( fuel pump fuse pulled) before putting the runners back and it seemed to engage fine with no weird noises. well, after putting it all back together it started up fine once fuel got where it needed, but i'm getting a weird knock or transmission related sound when i try to move fwd/ backwards and after I shut it down I'll get a few clunks. When in neutral, there is no other noise. I did lose one of the starter nuts when trying to reattach them and lost it. Put another one on and starter appears secure. what am i missing? or did something else just happen to fail after I put it all back together. thanks, Baron
  11. When i got home, I cleaned off the old starter and for the life of me, couldn't find a number anywhere. I took some photos and it looks like post A appears to be the switched power terminal. The top posts are connected to the ground wire as seen in the picture, just as you said Flagoworld. Unless i'm missing something, i think i'm good to put the new one on and wire it up. thanks for your help. Baron
  12. Thanks for discussing! I will check when i get home and can take a better photo of the top of the solenoid
  13. I'll take another look this evening and see what i find after wiping if down.
  14. I looked on both the old and new starters and there was no numbers visible, of course. I only have two wires connecting to the old starter. The positive lead from the battery which went to the larger terminal and a beige insulated cable with a single female connector that I assume was the switched power, though couldn't see the color of the wire. I do have a relay near the distributor with a (green/red?) wire going from relay > resistor > coil terminal. So can i assume i'm ok to just plug my beige wire on the A lead of the new starter and i'm good to go? Sorry for basic questions, but electrical stuff takes some time to sink in and I don't want to fry any parts if i don't have to! thanks
  15. Update: after some digging around I found this starter on Ebay and it just arrived today. It cross referenced to the SR441x and the retailers name showed up on some previous FAQ posts. I just want to make sure I wire it correctly. Besides the + wire from the battery, there was only one other female connector that slipped onto one of the two male connectors on the old starter, location shown in the pic. The new starter has 4 male posts, labeled A-D in the second pic. There are two different size male posts, so i'm guessing mine will only fit two anyway. I'm guessing its A as that size looks right but haven't checked yet. Didn't know if there was a reason it would be C. I also read some different posts about some rewiring in case they had a ballast resister at the coil, which i believe I do (73tii). I was curious if there was some extra electrical work that needed to be done. Just want to fix it all up right. thanks, Baron

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