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  1. I was wondering whose car that is, interior looks great, Anthony! I bought one of these for my E24. It's a very nice, well made precision piece. Cheers,
  2. Please don't call it an E10
  3. As you know, there's a lot of info here regarding how to make that work. The optimized (frigiking) system may be marginal for you, though, based on the summer temperatures there. I find the weak links to be blower speed and evaporator area. But very low humidity there will work in your favor I think! Cheers, I think a quality ceramic tint will help considerably.
  4. https://12sunsets.getty.edu/map/narrative?mode=no-map&d=0.42000&seed=922
  5. Are you suggesting the charge light stays off after you tap the gas? If so, don't worry about it. If not, see above Cheers,
  6. My favorite wheel on a squarie! Better late than never!
  7. There's still time. Nice project! Cheers,
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