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  1. Well, just loop a recording thru your iPhone then. ;-)
  2. BTW while I was testing my faux tii clock, I had it wired to a 12V wall wart. It wasn't keeping good time so I was fooling with the adjustment. And, as Mike has said, the wall wart was so unregulated that I cold never get a proper adjustment. Be sure to have a decent, stable power source for your desk clock! Cheers,
  3. Cooler than inka! ;-) Cheers,
  4. FWIW I'm 98% certain those are Frigiking parts. Cheers,
  5. and...
  6. But then you won't have anything to complain about I fixed the clunk on the blue car front suspension finally. The PO's paint on the strut housing threads wouldn't allow the nut to seat tightly. ;-) Cheers,
  7. ZINZ does! (sorry!) Cheers,
  8. How much for that white car behind it?
  9. You know... i was this far || away from asking Steve to prove his assumption.
  10. Yes, squirrel cages! Haha! I'm not sure how critical the dimensions are, other than the shaft diameter.I think you will be able to successfully source new pieces. It is interesting to me that the length of my cages is much less than yours. I do not think the Behr console width is different in the Touring, but perhaps I'm mistaken. Good luck!
  11. Next we'll hear how he's swapped out headlamps! Darn modifiers!
  12. If it doesn't go "clunk tick tick tick..." it's not a true tii clock. Mine has been running since '99. Before that, I don't know it's history. The Cali climate is good to them. The faux tii Kienzle in the blue car also goes clunk tick tick tick... but at a different timbre. ;-) Cheers,
  13. Your floors match my countertops!