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  1. before drilling, get yerself some clips and measure the pin. I'd wager it's 5.5mm diameter based on holding an allen key against mine.
  2. Measuring from the seam in the rocker, directly below the fender/door opening, the fender trim mounting hole is exactly 6" forward of the seam. From the seam rearward (seam at 0"): 5.25, 16.375, 27.5, 38.375, 46.875, 53.125, 60.375. That was driver side. Pass side is the same except the first measurement at the fender is 5.75ish! The trim mounting hole centers are 1.5" below the door sill top edge. This is on my '73 USA market car. 😉
  3. I wonder if there is a really strong double-sided tape, or other adhesive option available these days. OTOH my trim is not installed. I guess I could walk out to the driveway and look after the dog quits sleeping on my leg Cheers,
  4. Ouch. I was hoping for a wood-fired oven pic from you....
  5. Well, you're older than Gary! I mean your car! Your car!
  6. That's better What Paul said, or use Steve at Blunttech. Both excellent sources of knowledge and proper parts. Cheers,
  7. That's too bad. I think you're gonna have to sell the car. Good luck. Pls disclose the issue to any interested buyers.
  8. Do they quieten things down noticeably?
  9. And the way the RallyLights relay kit does this is with a plug that accepts one of your headlamp plugs (see bottom of pic). Cheers,
  10. I had only one problem with those seats -- the dog couldn't pass from the front to the rear seats! Cheers,

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