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  1. This may help http://www.2002tii.org/kb/150
  2. ray_

    Incoming E30 M3

    Very cool! Cheers,
  3. Very nice. I almost bit even though I don't need it. GLWS!
  4. Good job! And Meguiar's is good stuff! Cheers,
  5. Where's my chat function? I miss conkitchen in there. ;-)
  6. I dunno... but it seems like 3000rpm is where things start resonating on M10s. Cheers,
  7. Fifteen posts in 12 years? Quit flooding the FAQ!
  8. I saw it mentioned recently (not here) that someone had used 3M double-sided tape to mount door seals. An interesting option, if it works! Cheers,
  9. It's still a bit unclear to me, but I think there may be a positive lead that is not connected at/near the battery....
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