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  1. If he waffles on that, I'll give you my customised down pipe for him, to sweeten the deal further. ;-)
  2. Oh I dunno. I'm not a member at present But I may not be averse to showing up anyway
  3. So THAT's what color mine is supposed to be!
  4. I'm unique! Just like everyone else! 😀
  5. Here for your consideration, excellent for your high-horsepower / turbo project, one unique, one-of-a-kind free-flowing M10 downpipe. Guaranteed lower back pressure than stock. Carefully finished over the last 47 years in red oxide. Can be further modified successfully for turbo applications. No low ballers, I know what I have. If it doesn't sell here it's going on eBay. NO TEXT MESSAGES!
  6. That happens. 🙂 mash the terminal a bit tighter and maybe support the wire somewhere. Cheers,
  7. And one of those search threads may reveal what happens if your screws are too long ;-)
  8. What type of break-in oil did you use again?

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