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  1. Hey restomods bother me not at all, if the result is positive! Have you seen my car? 😉 As you proved, a tii cone filter falls not in that category! 😉
  2. Dammit! Now what am I supposed to rant about?
  3. That's a great cone filter! 😉 ^ Cheers,
  4. I prefer E90s to E46s, so no! Apologies to OP. I'd get a motor like KenH's, with working a/c. 😉 Cheers,
  5. They do have distributors. And rotors No advance to be found on that shaft, though.
  6. But an S14 is just an M10 with an extra cam. ;-) Cheers,
  7. ray_

    It's done

    How about using electromagnets with the ability to reverse polarity?
  8. ray_

    It's done

    The exhaust manifold studs look a little long.
  9. How can you post that without blipping the throttle?
  10. And here's a more direct link. http://bmwccafoundationstore.com/book-icon Cheers,
  11. Hi James, In addition to the excellent advice above, I'd look carefully at the hoses which are routed over the throttle rod. They seem quite near the rod. Cheers,
  12. ray_

    Engine Swap question

    Awaiting your addition of 0.2 litres.