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  1. ray_

    Bypassing hazard switch

    Mine are. But I don't like how they're shining. I may need to adjust that one day. There's a tech article here with all the bulb types outlined btw, in case you knew not... Cheers,
  2. ray_

    Bypassing hazard switch

    My ceiling light and clock on the ugly car are LED'd
  3. ray_

    Bypassing hazard switch

    I might imagine he put LEDs everywhere. But good point. Cheers,
  4. ray_

    Bypassing hazard switch

    The original system is... interesting 😀 When mine works, I do my best to not disturb it further 😀
  5. ray_

    Bypassing hazard switch

    Your L and R turn signals are controlled by separate fuses. You might pull one at a time and see what happens. .... this stuff drives me nuts.
  6. ray_

    Bypassing hazard switch

    Ooh, now there's a black art Are you somehow backfeeding power from the turn signals to the flasher relay? Maybe some diodes are in order also!
  7. ray_

    70 M2 build

    Dave Varco has written a manual. Not certain if it's still available. You might contact him. https://www.2002parts.com/m2-s14-engine-swap-kit.html I don't know that the effect on balance is that pronounced, especially with a lighter/relocated battery. Getting the motor a inch or so farther aft of the radiator is certainly a good thing though. Cheers,
  8. ray_

    123 Distributor. Which one?

    Well the dizzy shaft fits the stock housing, so one would figure a stock o ring would fit. I have a new stock o ring here just for this purpose but have yet to pull the dizzy again. I'll keep you posted. I may examine how to cut a spiral... Cheers,
  9. ray_

    123 Distributor. Which one?

    I could machine in a spiral... 😊
  10. If the washers are too thin, the cap nuts will not compress the gasket sufficiently.
  11. ray_

    123 Distributor. Which one?

    What about Boeing? 😉
  12. ray_

    123 Distributor. Which one?

    I also have this issue. Leen APK is not interested in admitting any fault or providing relief.
  13. ray_

    I.E Rad drain bung size

    It's this size. Same as a fan temp switch.