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  1. ray_

    1973 BMW 2002tii - Inka orange, on BaT

    I'm almost a conserv I mean purist when it comes to tii's, but I really like this car. I'd change only one thing (initially). Cheers and GLWA!
  2. ray_

    Cabin roar - reasons ?

    Check your windows and also door hardware for loose pieces and vibrations. Also the hood. Do you have hood insulation? GL,
  3. ray_

    Cabin roar - reasons ?

    If that, it'll be a lot more noisy when he has it actually spinning.
  4. Ugh. Don't do that. The roof part, that is.
  5. I can remember to screw on that speedo cable nut much faster. Because my under dash panels are in a box on the garage Is the ground wire helping? Clean your VR connecting fasteners Cheers,
  6. I looked at the front also. Thanks for not mentioning the quarter lip rust! I have a new euro rubber, with fasteners, to replace that rubber. I broke the fastener on that piece reinstalling it after paint. I have the quarter lip replacement piece also 😉
  7. That looks like a pretty fair deal. Andy? Andy? Hi Andy! Cheers,
  8. ray_

    72 Tii on BaT

    I hope the "rust free donor car" was previously compromised to preclude a rebuild! The battery is not under the rear seat? That's silly (Maybe the above were addressed in BaT comments -- I haven't looked) Cheers,
  9. ray_

    Correct Redline?

    The 123 does indeed have a rev limiter. Tho one eye on the tach is a good idea too Cheers,
  10. Is this a competition?
  11. I had my heater box out for the 2nd time in 18 months. At least it's easier the 2nd time. BTW, when you rivet (the original design) back together, don't forget to plug the internal fan wires in beforehand. 😉 Cheers,
  12. ray_

    Cleaning out some stuff 3:91 LSD

    I think that's very nice. But it's more that I paid for my car (Though I may have spent that much on the car installing/breaking/fixing the a/c. 😉 ) May be a niche market for a proper, strong LSD. GLWS. Cheers,