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  1. Language NSFW. Cheers,
  2. I may bring mine.
  3. Naw. Just correcting speeling in two posts. I was classroom champion in the spelling bee. In grade 5. My last notable achievement!
  4. Very cool! No body/paint work needed? Motor is in decent shape? And, tires... Looks okay to me.... I think! BTW I'm right behind you, with a coming disassembled '72 tii barn find sitting for 15 years! Cheers,
  5. Engine and Drivetrain

    Those rounded clips are not the ones I see on the 4 boxes I disassembled recently. These ones are flat spring steel. I wonder if they would work for you.... Cheers,
  6. Looking good, Andrew! Cheers,
  7. Here's another choice. They did mine. In 1987. http://www.precisionautoresearch.com/PERF_ENGINEERING_SRVCS/PAR-KFpromoposter.pdf Cheers,
  8. Coolio... BTW the VIN for your listed motor, 2761028, is a '72, not a '73. Cheers,
  9. I believe MikeS once posted that blowers from hair dryers could be fitted in the defrost ducts. That may be a cheap solution to one issue.... Cheers,
  10. Damn. I thought I had this cinched!
  11. with danco_'s head, you may need to run an electric fuel pump. Cheers,
  12. Well, I was promised a 3.91 about 18 months ago. But the hoarder here needs to figure out which storage unit he hid it in!
  13. Progress, on the project car floor.... Pan is too wide. Hazards of having an originally auto-transmissioned car! Cheers,