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  1. Looks from here... ;-) ... like a fuel issue. Maybe the low voltage is affecting the relay/pump? I was going to say coolant temp sensor, but I won't. Turn the headlights on and see if they dim while cranking. Good luck,
  2. See if this helps ;-) For emissions, I think I'd start by removing everything related. I don't recall what year your car is, but those which came with electrical emissions controls/solenoids had dedicated harnesses for such. All assuming you don't need to pass Cali emissions testing! Cheers,
  3. Toca

    Thanks Ray!  I’ve been scouring the FAQ to find a much more detail, w/photo’s and step by step on how to clear all emissions things.  I have left the emissions in a state of flux till I figure out the resistor thing and I do remember reading that If you had a blue coil,  the resistor wire is included in the set up but there’s not a complete explaination of how to  RE_WIRE the resistor wire,  keep it in-line?  Tie with other cables?  Attach to the fuse box in space #12 ( I believe )?  As I said (and I read a lot),  I haven’t come across that DETAILED write-up.... can you give me a hand?  BTW- My coil is black.  And that’s strange that I found the resistor wire crimped together with a black and red-stripe wire leading to the coil.  If I understand correctly,  the resitor wire is an in-line wire between the batt. And the coil so the coil will not get a full 12v’s but 9v’s,  is that right?  This car was running just fine with the set up of Blk coil & resistor wire-?  Go figure..... Here’s some random photo’s as I was dis-assembling the cluster fuck of cables running into the fuse box. Hope the give you some prospective... This is the coil before dis-assembly...







    Perfect example of the crimped wires including the resistor wire. (Botton Right corner-of photo) there are 3 wires crimped together? and the black wire just above the coil is power to the coil.....and, has its own connector/spade  on the coil.  



  4. Hey, that filter that fell out of your tank belongs on the bottom of the fuel pickup, in case you didn't find out yet. Also I don't think you are supposed to have that resistor wire along with the ballast resistor. But that may depend on your coil. Or other things! Good luck with the project! You're making good progress. Well, compared to the past 37 years anyway!
  5. Loosen the connection at the downpipe, Put a 2" pipe between the rear subframe and the exhaust there, then tighten the downpipe connection and remove the 2" pipe. (Thanks to Marshall for the tip) Cheers,
  6. 6mm was alluded on the Ford application. Try searching spark plug cable separators too. 😎
  7. Yeah. I don't remember ever seeing that. Realoem doesn't show it, nor for the (6 cylinder M1 Kugelfischer). None here, neither ... ;-)
  8. No photo? I think they are a product of your imagination!
  9. It wasn't that hard. I just looked in the garage.
  10. Hi Jon, I'm working on restoring my '73 and have not been able to determine the proper way to address the fender attachment at the top edge of the nose, Could you share your expertise as to how you achieved the near-factory result as shown on this car? Pic attached. Thanks.
  11. as that thread iterates, they ain't good for part throttle response. Cheers,
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