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  1. ray_

    Connector identification

    I think '76's have the washer bottle/pump on the driver side. Cheers,.
  2. ray_

    '73 bumperette buffers needed

    Thanks Jason!
  3. I'll add my additional $0.02. Try and locate the line ports away from the compressor unless you like burning your hands during refrigerant admission Cheers,
  4. That's interesting. It apparently was not included in my (purchased) "complete Behr console." Unless I missed it. Cheers,
  5. Driver quality at best please! 😉 P/N 51119558125 (Thanks TMS for the pic!)
  6. Those were chevron seals. 😎
  7. I'll blame ethanol... unless you correct me 😎 Good catch. Cheers,
  8. Total capacity is reached when it's full 😉 The factory service manual is available on the site. And a Haynes manual is also a good resource for you. Cheers,
  9. Yeah I'd fill it while idling with the valve open, to a half inch from the top. Rev it a few times. And then put the cap on and go for a drive.
  10. You may need to bleed air from the system. Was the heater valve open/set to warm when you filled/ran the motor? Check temps with an IR gun. GL,
  11. ray_

    New beater E30!

    Yeah Does that thing have an idler pulley? Replace that too I don't know all that much about E30's. I know a little about my E24, though. Cheers,
  12. ray_

    New beater E30!

    Does the a/c work? Very cool! Check the cooling system components. I hate plastic radiators. The tanks break, the hose necks break. They just break. Cheers,
  13. ray_

    Tips for teaching a new driver?

    That all sounds good. There are online defensive driving courses available which may enable insurance discounts.Twenty bucks for the 4 hour course may net you a 10% premium discount (though all drivers on your policy may need to take it). If this link works, it's a preview to the NSC course: https://www.safetyserve.com/finesource/elearning/courses/titles/DDC10Demo/index.html You can't speed thru the course pages, which drove me a bit crazy Cheers,