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  1. We'd like to see lots of pics of the underside, rockers, frame rails and subframe attachment points. And rear shock towers. Cheers,
  2. Yeah I'm sure they'll be available again later, for cheaper. 😁😁😁😜
  3. So... your thermo time switch and cold start valve are operating correctly? Cheers,
  4. Bristol sucks! ... the same way Primus sucks.
  5. That's not a tii cable. j/k
  6. Very cool. Suggest whoever buys should source a proper steel Huf key blank. Cheers,
  7. Also, when were the flexible brake lines last replaced? Cheers,
  8. I agree. That guibo looks like a turd. 😎
  9. No I'm not. Tii heads had no provision for a mechanical fuel pump.
  10. That's not a tii head, in case anyone is wondering.
  11. Does the a/c work? ;-) GLWS

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