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  1. I've not seen anyone on the internet suggest sewing machine oil. Hope it works well for you. Clock oil is available on Amazon for about $20,000 / gallon. But you can by 3 drops for $10. Cheers,
  2. Views from below

    time to drive
  3. name inspirations

    You can't do that! That's my car's name!
  4. Probably no room for my chit there, then. That'd be a blivet for sure!
  5. Can't log on. Tried 2 browsers. Yes, I'm signed in. Cheers,
  6. WTB - Best Condition Possible 2002 (68-73)

    That car looks great. I'm not in the market but I have a soft spot for early 1600s. Do you have a link to more photos? Cheers,
  7. Headlight Upgrade Options

    You're likely not wrong 😁 I was referring to "them" in the more general sense. 😉 Cheers,
  8. rogers tii feedback

    And don't forget the ice cream! Jim, you should tell Bo about that.... Cheers,
  9. Gas smell in cabin fixed!

    If Hal Boyles or someone wants to give me two of those little leaf spring-type thingies, I'll not say no! Cheers,
  10. Gas smell in cabin fixed!

    I've never seen a black one... Cheers,
  11. When re-wiring, try to to block the engineered-in, flow-through ventilation. ;-)
  12. Gas smell in cabin fixed!

    I'd send a bill to your resto shop Well, if I were you.... Hot glue may fix that. You might determine what sort of plastic it is and have a try. Only fumes go thru it anyhoo. See ya at Mid Am! Cheers,
  13. I'm not certain internal grounds are a big issue. I'd say the positive pixies going thru the contact points are a bigger issue, in my experience. Maybe your experience differs. Cheers,
  14. Gosh he's a cheap guy. I'll give you $20 for it!