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  1. I am prepping my 73 for paint. When I unbolted the Left (driver's side) vent window frame, I found that the front brace was broken. So, I am looking for a Left Vent Window Frame. Thanks!
  2. I would think that we should set up a gallery of the various vinyl patterns and put these in the knowledge base for reference. I can take a snapshot of the black material on my '73.
  3. I am a member of both St. Louis and the 2002 Chapter. Looking forward to getting my 73tii finished!
  4. The '02 Bumpers' are a little different in shape from OEM. They run longer on the bottom so OEM seam caps do not work. I have a set of long bumpers and the issue I could not resolve was the placement of the attachment holes for the impact strip clips which we set too high. BTW, these are made subcontract in Viet Nam. I have recently sent a set of OEM to Aardvarc for re-conditioning and holes for Euro License plate lights.
  5. Mike, I have a 73, so I am best off staying with the English. I always liked the international symbols compared to the script. I plan to replace the dash with a Vintage Dash 2-piece unit ordering without the script around the knobs using my Euro knobs.
  6. With the US Safety act in 69, English labels replaced the European pictograms on knobs and levers. In my restoration, I have Euro knobs and I am wondering about finding the two control plate covers for the fan and heater on my 73. What would a Euro Modell 71 have instead of the king's English? I recall the 68 had the blue and red wedges on the heater slides?
  7. In 78, my sophomore year in college, my 10 year old '68 red FIAT 124 spider was a cop magnet, my father brokered a deal where I swapped my FIAT for the 68 2002 my brother was selling. I got the better end of the deal. A 68 2002 was essentially a 1600 with the big motor and was very nimble on its 165 Semperits. I could zip around to my heart's content, not bothered by the local constables. Great car but the rear shock towers were dissolving. Car was sold to a teacher in Iowa. Shame in 1981, old '02's were usually left to their fates. I replaced it with a 72 Atlantic. Now I have the 73 Atlantic tii
  8. Thanks, for whoever re-started this. My 73tii has the 5 speed and LSD and a 75-6 gunsight speedometer which reads amazinginly accurate per the nice testing trailers our local police provide along the roads. However, I want to replace this gunsight with a proper all-black Modell 71 speedometer, calibrated for the car. I will send an email to Seattle Speedometer.
  9. Lovely Inka. I am in St. Louis area. Welcome!
  10. Not easy, but you will have to get behind the car and squat down and look under the bumper.....
  11. I have had great success in small things with this German shop: BTS-Autoteile https://www.bts-autoteile.de/index.php/de/
  12. The AC console is a later frigiking. It was re-styled to flare out in the same manner as the Behr and the Clardy.
  13. What I have is a 73 which appears to have 3 different locks between the doors and the ignition. The trunk is a different item. The chrome was not in the best of shape on the driver's door handle, so I bought a matching pair of door handles (for the less than the cost of re-chroming) with very good chrome, matching key codes! However, no keys! So, I would like to get the Ignition and the door locks to match. I am thinking of having the doors matched to the ignition for which I have a good factory steel keys.
  14. Can a Locksmith examine the ignition key and determine the Key Code? I am assuming the key code correlates to the standard patterns and depths on the key face.
  15. Mike, I am replacing all of the Windshield, Rear, Door and Quarter Window rubber. I have new Gutter Rail bright work as well. It will visit the shooter for an estimate next week and we do the final gutting of the interior, bumper mounts, Headlight brackets, hood latch, wiper mechanism, Heater box and radiator all need to come out. The inner engine bay was painted when the motor and subframe were out last year.
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