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  1. My Atlantik tii 2763309 turns 47 today!
  2. When I take my 73 apart for paint, I want fix something that happens with age. My quarter window latches don't stay open. It appears that the nut, bolts and washers are still available. I am assuming that fitting new 'pivot hardware' will fix this. I saw an earlier post commenting on not setting the screw too tightly. Any other issues on this?
  3. Hyman is a local (St. Louis) vintage car dealer. Reputation for asking top-dollar, but the cars are usually top quality. I remember when he started in the early 90's with little British cars. Mark Hyman has a special interest in Facel Vegas. Now, he sells mostly very high end classics. How high? Delahaye! https://hymanltd.com/ I think I will mosey over to his shop today to check out the Agave. Nice runner, if a carb car is going to fetch $45k, we won't say anything to our wives about the roundie tii's Chris and I are working on.
  4. If you are still doing these, I would be interested in a set of trunk boards.
  5. I could not find them is 2018, so I went with Koni Sport. Perhaps a little bit firmer ride than the Bilsteins.
  6. On Facebook a Datsun chrome and grill restorer, 222 Restorers, have shown what they call their first early 2002 grill and it looked nice. Don't know anything about them. Any information would be welcomed. I suspect there shop may be in Asia, so I would like to know more about them.
  7. I have had the car for nearly 2 years and for 9 months, it was on my brother's garage hoist while bits were fixed on the motor and clutch, shift linkage and transmission mount, a PO's wiring was corrected and the firewall rust and pedal box were repaired. (See article in the bodywork section.) We started it with patience, so I am thinking this may not have been working at all. (My other old car is a Triumph TR4a, so I have a knack on key and throttle.) Car did not have a CS relay. I borrowed one from the parts car. PO had an arrangement of cable jumpers linking 5 of the 6 connectors in lieu of missing Relay on the harness. On the wiring harness, the two wires going to the temperature timer are both white. I am not seeing the white and black. I also need to look at the switch, not sure if the prongs are marked in any way. Odd, the Relay was made error-resistant by having the prongs mounted in an irregular plug to avoid plugging in backwards, surprised that the Temp Timer was not set up that way. I have many of the various Cold Start articles, so we should test the system into a cup and then test each of the 4 elements: Harness, Relay, temp/time and injector.
  8. We are tracing the Cold Start system which is not kicking in. I am tracking down the items I may need. I noticed that the Temperature Time Switch (136213006) is a wee-bit different from the original. On the original, the male tabs on the unit are parallel and on the new rendition, they are in a line. As the female plugs on the harness are free floating, (i.e. not in a socket), I assume these would not be an issue.
  9. I found the two threads from 2018. I won't tinker with it until I have a fall back.
  10. I am experiencing similar issues under acceleration with the 'Fuel Starvation' bucking and my 73 gave a couple of back fires out the tail pipe as well last week. We had totally redone the fuel line last year with the mechanical work from the fuel tank to the K-Fischer Pump. We have not touched the 'Hallow Bolt' at the front of the pump. We also took out the Crane XR300 as it suffered 'brain death' after the black box had been disconnected for 9 months and replaced it with a stock distributor, new points and rotor. One other complication is that the K-Fisher is set 30 deg advance (clockwise) from TDC. Wes Ingram suggested in an email that a PO may have set this 180 off. (K-Fischer does not work when set at factory TDC). I am leaning on this probably being the ignition. However, I would like to check the timing on the throttle body and the filter inside the banjo. I have reproduction K-Fischer tools on the way: Linkage 85mm jig, Throttle Body post guide and the adjustment hook. Still need to find, fabricate the WUR gap gauge. Before I take out the hollow bolt to clear the filter, I would like to know where to get a back up filter. The filter is not shown in the RealOEM parts diagram, though the banjo is. Perhaps these came together. I saw a You Tube video of a similar hollow bolt used in a Subaru turbo and the filter broke in extraction, so I would like to have a new one on hand.
  11. According to an older book I had on BMW's, the Modell 71 with the new trim began manufacture in May of 1971.
  12. And on the flip side, Modell 71 brought the knee trim, long bumpers, 2 piece dash, and a texture change to the seat vinyl. Early 71 types had the 'clamp' seatbelt, later cars had the familiar belts.
  13. August 1973, which is when the front and rear panels changed.
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