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  1. Epix debuted their Laurel Canyon music documentary with part 1 last night. Within the photos taken by Henry Diltz for the first Crosby, Still & Nash album at the old LA house (that was torn down the following day) there is a side angle shot showing an early 02 in an adjacent lot. Shame that photo did not make the album!
  2. What is the gap further down along the exterior? Thanks!
  3. The rear is forward about 5mm and the front is by the same amount which ties back to the location of the inner flange and the top cap circled in the photo. The depth of the fender appears ok on the first fitting. The 'Top Cap' appears to have to be cut off and moved forward 0.5 cm to 0.6 cm and re-welded and the trailing edges trimmed. The inner flange and the inner fender flange will either have to be angled or moved to line up. Question: What is the correct front door gap?
  4. Here is the test fit of the left fender. It is a bit forward on top and sits forward of the front end by 0.5 cm give or take. The issue is that the back mounting plate on the WN item is about 0.6cm closer to the rear lip of the fender which opens the door gap and creates a front edge issue.
  5. I will have to simulate the knee trim with a strip of masking tape to see this. It may help define the other alignment issues.
  6. We took off the original front fenders. The Left had quite a bit of rot on the back mounting plate, but the rust on the chassis mounting plate was superficial. An hour plus cleaning with the pneumatic wire wheel to be followed with primer and PUR 15. The WN fender is approaching a fit but it is still sitting a bit forward and possibly at an angle. Had to grind off some weld flash. It appears to be high in the back I wonder if the back plate and top cup are 1/8 to 1/4 " or so too far back on the fender. The door gap measured 1/4" and the other side before removal was 0.18". Has anyone else had to refashion the rear vertical on the WN Fenders? Yes, both fenders will need some fashioning around the turn signal. Don't know why the stamper couldn't do the nearly 90 degree fold beneath the lights and settled for 45. Right fender came off with very little rust but had significant lower impact in front of the wheel well. It appears to have hit something low and pushed in by the bumper anchor bolt. The right WN fender appears to have better quality. We will test fit this one in the next day or so. Once we have fitted these, they will come off for epoxy primer and rubber coat on the inside to prevent rock damage to the outside before final attachment and leading the top seam. Has anyone else had to rework the back vertical surface on WN Fenders?
  7. I am going single stage for the same reasons. I know Glasurite is expensive, there are other BASF Lines of paint down the scale. My brother likes DuPont. Akzo is a good manufacturer. My concern is matching Atlantic as seen a few including my car's last paint that is paler than the proper color. Thanks!
  8. Very nice. I like Malaga! What brand of paint is he shooting. I am getting ready to do the same with an Atlantic 73. Where did you get the OEM doors?
  9. I am from St. Louis and on Pestalozzi Street (where there is a brewery), we have a slogan "When you say 'Null-Zweier', you said it all!."
  10. Thirteen, Shmirteen.... Look at the availability of 15"x 165 for my Triumph TR4a. On that car I have the Vredestein Classics. Very well suited for the old girl and her lever dampers. On my tii, I have Koni sports, HR street, S&S, Factory alloys (from BMW Classic) and CN36's. While the tii has a firm ride with little roll, the 70's era rubber is entertaining. Interesting note, I have a late 'cross hair' speedometer (W=3.91) for the LSD and it is spot on per the local radar signs my community likes to post. Hope to get an all black Modell 71 speedo set up with the W = 3.91 final drive.
  11. Nearly completed sanding down the replacement hood I bought in early March. It had two white repaints over the factory white. I swear the middle layer was IMRON! Should be primed and on by next week. Hopefully we can be prepped for paint soon. Modern Paint stripper could only do so much on old paint. The bottom is already stripped and primed. Project: 2763309, 73 tii Atlantik
  12. Just 5 ahead of mine, 3309! Atlantik, born on week of 23 Jan 1973.
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