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  1. Actually Hoods are probably the next 'High Demand' piece and likely one of the more difficult to produce. There is a local BMW shop and collector who would like to be able to buy a few hoods for restorations and parts.
  2. Steve, my 73 had a Frigiking and I tracked down Behr evaporator elements including a NOS console front form Saul at Maximillian. This is the reason why I was researching the blower motors, including later cars, as a contingency. Also, Rob Siegel's book in a 'must-have' for an AC install.
  3. With the 2 tii projects we have going, we only have one of these, so my thought is to buy one and have you refurbish the one we have.
  4. If the evaporator fan works, then you can change out the elements in front of the firewall with a rotary compressor and parallel tube condenser and get an updated 70's AC. (Note I did not say modern) If the blower is out, it is a Bosch motor. Need gear pullers to pull the cages off. Another thought is that the blower in the first gen and possibly 2nd, 3 series appears to use the same blower unit. The Real OEM search shows the 3 series unit as a re-numbering of the Behr 2002 blower. The 3 unit tipped the AC 90 degrees to use the same outside air intake as the heating, rather than drawing from the footwell. Euro 320's without AC had a console similar to non-AC 2002's.
  5. This popped up from a new Facebook friend, Stefan Ries from Germany. https://www.facebook.com/stefan.ries.923?__tn__=%2CdC-R-R&eid=ARC5t1d8rTsO_wNB1nnvQ__xcUvHWv0Ni5uaoob0lyXnN3b0-c3XhdRVZcE3nlh-EroFrFgdtTLH7dUj&hc_ref=ARQbERjrMQK5x5oKTteCyl20lYBIwNO68c0iT3gQ_41jegHljILbTEszXphfSlGMfsY&fref=nf This is a pleasant surprise. Price shown in another post was 898 Euros. Produktion der Frontmaske ist in vollem Gange Ab Mitte Januar sind sie dann lieferbar. Production of nose panel runs! From middle of january they will be available! Production of the front mask is in full swing They are available from mid-January. Production of nose panel runs! From middle of january they will be available! · Rate this translation
  6. The e9 was my dream-machine when I was in high school in the mid-70's and I learned to drive in a '72 2800 Bavaria. Back then, my short term goal was a 2002. My second and third cars were '02's, ('68 Manila resprayed tan, '72 Atlantic). After raising the kids et al, I am back in the fold with a 73tii (Atlantic). As beautiful as they are, e9's carry a high cost of admission and maintenance. Finding one without serious rust issues is another factor. An e3 would be a nice, but then again, rust and parts availability. Interesting note, the e3 was lighter than the e9, so in theory may have been faster. 02tii has it's challenges. Some of the ti-tii specific items are at or approaching un-obtainium.
  7. That is in line with the quote I received. There is also a charge to have the gearbox pattern stenciled on which would look better than a decal.
  8. Added to my to do list this weekend, take a couple of the spare turn signals and fit to fender.
  9. 02Les, I did not know that WN had nose panels other than the very bottom bit that is on their website currently for a price. Was your piece, the entire nose piece or the just the front sheet metal? I have a pair of WN front fenders as both of mine were mangled on the bottom. We have some issues to deal with on the front nose panel from earlier repairs, but it is a proper 'nicht snorkel' item. So we will repair it.
  10. Vintage Dash is working on the 2002 Dash, planning to do 1, 2, and 3 piece units. Last I heard, these will not be available until 2020. The challenge that I had read was unlike the 240Z Dash which attach to a metal frame, the '02 dashes, both upper and lower pieces (on a 2 piece) had the foam formed around the metal frame. I suspect that Vintage Dash will need to replicate metal frame(s) to place in the foam molds. So, these will likely be north of the price for a 240Z dash as its frame can simply be re-used. Vintage Dash is on Instagram.
  11. I learned how to drive in my folk's '72 Bavaria (2800 auto, Polaris with Blue Skai, late 72? had later, cleaner tail lights and vents). I have seen e3's described as NK, did they share the floor structure or subframes?
  12. Last weekend, Chris took my hood, trunk and the empty unit body for his 72 (0440) to a bead blaster service. On my hood, some bondo came off at the spot right over the shallow dimple on the front piece. Not a surprise, a lot of 02's were punched in the nose. We now know what to deal with both on the hood and nose piece. The metal needs sanding and will be epoxy primed in pale gray. Attached are photos of the anchor holes for the filler and 0440.

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