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  1. David Layton

    Dating 2002-Era Blaupunkt Radios

    My 73 has 4 speakers. The radio I have now is the early '80s Japanese Frankfurt which is set up for 4 speakers and has a fader. Unfortunately, I recently learned that the DIN plug is an auxiliary OUT for an amp and not an IN plug suitable for a Bluetooth. As my build is very orthodox, with the Recaros set to be upholstered as a nod to the stock seats, I am thinking of looking around for a vintage Frankfurt or Bavaria stereo with the aux in DIN. These Frankfurts only had 2 speaker connections, so would it be possible to tie left front and rear together and the same with the right? The one minor drawback is no fader control. Thoughts? I looked at the old-look new radios and they just don't look right IMHO.
  2. David Layton

    e21 Recaro bucket repair

    I am using the material to make a pair of 114 tribute skins for the e21 Recaros. The weave will be only for the center and we will match the color for the vinyl on the smooth portions. The material came in a one large sheet 130 cm by 300 cm. Should be more than enough to do the centers with the narrow pleats per the early cars and the headrests per the photo above. To answer your question, I am sure that the lady at the auto upholstery shop will sew the panels and the pleats. (If a video I saw on YouTube on how to make pleats in auto upholstery holds for this project, each pleat adds 3mm to the width of the center material.)
  3. David Layton

    e21 Recaro bucket repair

    The basketweave vinyl arrived today! Here is a close up of the material.
  4. David Layton

    e21 Recaro bucket repair

    Mike, The material I am using for the Recaro centers is from Jaymic and should be here either today or tomorrow via DHL. Jaymic only has black. I learn from Bob Lally whose seats were redone by Franzini Bros in the Bay Area that the TMI made replacement foam for the Recaros and sells it through CJ Pony as these were the same seats used in the 79-82 Mustang. Here are the seats from a list member, Barney, using the Jaymic Material but with the later wide pleats. The second is Bob's Seat from Franzini with the thin early pleats and embossed material on the headrest face. If the 3 meters ( 3 times 130 cm by 100 cm) is sufficient, I want to do the narrow pleats and have the embossed material on the headrests.
  5. My 73tii has e21 Recaros which need to be repaired and reupholstered. I have found a good auto upholstery shop locally who can do it, especially when they saw the photos and recognized that the e21 and 79-82 Mustangs had basically the same Recaro seat option. So, I have new padding, hog rings and tool coming in from CJPony, BMW Basket weave Vinyl for the Center and the bottom straps and hooks from Aardvarc. We will have to repair and weld the bent driver's seat back bucket which we can do. (Probably will want to reinforce same points on the passenger seat frame.) I managed to lose an old thread on this. Does anyone have a thread or a site discussing the repair of wayward Recaros? I will make a photo essay of this for the reference section.
  6. David Layton

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Wow! My project (2763309 - Atlantik/Black) is only a month older (January 23, 1973) and I still have the '73 interior save the e21 Recaros which are being redone in a homage to the stock seats. I have some BMW Basket weave vinyl coming in from Jaymic for the centers that will be tufted vertically.
  7. David Layton

    Parting out 72' tii

    You are not pulling the chassis wiring harness?
  8. David Layton

    Door card restoration

    Here is an aluminum mylar that worked for me. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/237046-door-card-availability/?do=findComment&comment=1319164 My post is toward the bottom with the Amazon item. Note the really wide roll allowed me to do the early top piece without curving and wrinkling the mylar.
  9. David Layton

    Diagnostic Tool for BMW model 2002 User Manual

    I was wondering if this was still available. I have a 73tii and my brother will be rebuilding a 72 tii.
  10. David Layton

    Attention Scale Modelers! ISO: 02 paints

    Had that kit back in the late 70's when I had the 68 '02. The Hasegawa kit is much crisper but it is a 'curbside' kit in that nothing opens.
  11. David Layton

    Attention Scale Modelers! ISO: 02 paints

    Zero Paints which are available in the US at Hobby World USA makes color matched paints supplied by Lechter in Europe. They started out with getting racing colors right and have gone into production cars. With the Hasegawa 2002, they brought out 1970's paints. These are a 2 stage paint. The color goes on matt and requires a clear coat. Also, the paint is 'hot' so the model has to be primed to protect the plastic. I will do a kit review of the various kits: 2002ti which is a short bumper, 2002tii long bumper and turbo. When I get these two built and i can combine these with an in-box review. Note the Nevada car has the headliner painted white, so there is tape distorting the window openings. I will likely make a faux headliner with band aid tape. Below are 2 I am working on. The long bumper car is in Malaga and has been clear coated. The Nevada car has not as there are some blemishes to work out. This will be built as a short bumper 2002. The mini is a Revell 998 Cooper in sea foam blue. For some reason, it took months for my order of paints to arrive. It may have to do with the number I ordered, including Agave, Atlantic, Golf, and Baikal.
  12. David Layton

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    If you go back before the 1980's when the compromise 'sealed-beam' halogens came out, it was printed in the automotive press (R&T, C&D, etc.) that the once superior sealed-beam became law in the early 1940's. Since then, the halogen technology improved but our law did not change, thanks to Westinghouse, GE and the rest of the domestic industry. Politics aside, the Reagan administration replaced Joan Claybrook at NHTSA (She felt that the proletarian $5 headlight had to be preserved, so 'no' to better headlights. I recall that was in Car & Driver) and the slow move to better headlights began. We also had laws that if a car had quad lights, they had to be of 5" diameter, none of this 7" and 5" like on a Jag XJ. So a big part of the problem was congress.
  13. David Layton

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Mofares, where did you get your lights from. The Moss catalogue was the first I had seen of the Stella Lux products. The current lights from a previous owner is the Wagoner 'Sealed Beam' halogen. So, looking to upgrade.
  14. My other vintage car is a Triumph TR4a, so periodically I receive the Moss catalogue. Their current flier has a product called the Stella Lux LED conversion. This is a simple to install LED light that can use a Lucas H4 Light or a Hella. Has anyone tried this or other LED conversion? What I like is that LED is bright without a heavy load on 45 year old wires and with this type of set up, I am still using an 'old look' light. https://mossmotors.com/triumph-tr2-3-4/electrical-ignition/led-conversion-kits-for-7-h4-headlamps Thoughts?
  15. David Layton

    New Heater Hose Grommits, odd shape

    These were a bit larger than the heater box items. I suspect then that these are used in a slightly different manner in a later model, but since they are the correct diameter, they are substitutes. We will put these on the wheel to clean off the flange, now that I know it does not have a hidden purpose.