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  1. David Layton

    Kugelfischer Timing Adjustment Question

    It was late at night.. Thanks!
  2. We came across a situation when taking the timing chain and fuel injector pump belt cover off as we prepare to change the timing chain, oil chain and sprocket and the drive belt for the K-fischer pump. When we move the crank and cam sprockets to their Top Dead Center timing marks, we see that the same on the K-Fischer Pump pulley is 35 degrees (roughly) clockwise of the timing mark; i.e. at roughly 2:00 instead of 12:00. Before we try to reset this and possibly throw off the system, is their anything we could be missing, or reason why a previous owner would have it set this way? The pulley position is set by a key so its location on the pump shaft is set. Is there a possibility that the pump shaft could be attached to the internals of the pump 35 degrees off? The car runs but is not as quick as recall. Could it be that the pump can work 35 degrees off clockwise? Would rotating the pump to have the pulley at TDC with the crank and cam, bring the fuel delivery to its proper function? Kugalfischer Pump is not at TDC.pdf
  3. R&T BMW 2002tii 10-1971.pdf
  4. R&T BMW 2002tii 10-1971.pdf View full article
  5. David Layton

    Roundie spotted in Jack Ryan Series on Amazon

    I wonder if at the end of the series and the action with the 5 series, will he be reunited with his '02. (Hopefully, the young, attractive lady Coast Guard ensign knew to let the fuel pump run a couple of seconds before turning the ignition.) I read on other sites that BMW had some input on the auto placement. So, this will make us all look more cerebral than we actually are! If the bumpers are on the original brackets, it appears to be a '72. Tires appear to be 165's as well. The color appears to be Baikal. Note it has the FPS wheels and vintage correct rear model badge that tucks up to tail light.
  6. David Layton

    Door Panel Chrome

    Here is my first door panel rescue in progress. The door vinyl has been attached to an Aardvarc wooden door panel with medium quilt batten underneath, replacing the old wool. I have not cut the openings yet, so you see the quilting material. The attached photo shows the chrome conundrum. The short upper strip on the bottom is metal tape polished with Mothers Mag Polish. It has several wrinkles. The lower long piece is the Mylar from aardvark. It looks very nice, except that it cannot hold along the sides and pops up. Looking at one of the original pieces, it appears that BMW also used a Mylar tape on the three strips and the thick piece appears to be coated in a manner not unlike the chrome plastic on a model car. I will have to re-do these and come up with a new solution. My thoughts are: 1. Finding a high quality Mylar material, 2. finding a suitable cement to hold the Aardvarc Mylar to the strips, 3. there are high quality chrome paints in the hobby world, particularly with RC in lieu of tape. These have the added risk of faulty application, paint bleed under the tape, wearing off quickly from contact with human hands. It could be possible that I needed to do more to prep the strips for the Mylar. Any suggestions?
  7. David Layton

    A few newbie questions

    Another 'Newbie' question. My car has had its ignition replaced, so the doors and ignition are different keys. Can a locksmith set the tumblers in the door locks to match the ignition? I have the key code for the ignition as well as the key. If so, I can do this while the car is being painted in the winter.
  8. What coating did the factory use on the chrome strips?
  9. David Layton

    Hundreds of 2002 and 2002 Tii Rare Parts

    Items I would be interested in: 1. 2 Vent Window Crank Springs and plastic washers, 2. Early Kidney Grills 2002, 3. Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio face plate,
  10. David Layton

    Momo solid hub and BMW horn button

    Tempting. I have my old 'Jackie Stewart' 13" wheel in need of an adapter.... Or I could sell the wheel to complete the set....
  11. David Layton

    Front Windshield

    This is good to know. I have a large star crack in the front on mine. We are going to replace this when we paint the car in the winter. Body shop cautioned me that modern glass can be thinner causing problems with early designed seals.
  12. It's not in that group. It is in the Behr catalogue as 'Mounting Angle' 74 074 13 405 (Behr #). See attached, part 31. I also will have to make 'L' Brackets to replace the broken Wing tabs. I have one of the wing tabs, so I have a pattern and measurements. BMW 2002 - Behr AC - Console Parts Diagram.pdf
  13. This is the one Behr Console part I am missing and will likely have to fabricate. Per the drawing in the Behr parts guide, it is a simple left right left bent metal, roughly the width of the base. I would like the other dimensions as well. Steve, can you find that part?
  14. David Layton

    Behr Console Radio Mount

    I pulled the Frigiking evaporator and what was left in the engine bay, (dryer and hoses). I test fitted the Behr and you are right, I did come together more easily on the table than between the tunnel and the dash. Even on the table, the fit between the shift surround (plastic OEM) and the sides was spacious. Under the dash, I still needed to get it 3/8" or so closer to the firewall to line the holes with the bolts in the lower dash for the tabs and the front. Currently, the gear lever brushes the front. Not sure if the carpet will have to be cut away. Will be installing new from Esty after paint. I have the Behr installation directions. I will be following Rob's advise in his book and attaching couplings through the firewall instead of just running the hoses. We will have seal up the old holes as the Frigiking went directly behind the console but the Behr is to the right. On the evaporator, we need to hotwire the blower and test it and replace the tabs on top. I have one of this loose and I can use it as a pattern. Also, one of the attachments for the front bracket needs to be replaced. Front 'C' Bracket and the faceplate are colliding on top of the tunnel.
  15. David Layton

    "The Stance Thread"

    The center of the chrome belt line is at about 30 1/8". The tires are 185/70 13r Cinturato CN36's on FPW wheels (old school) with H&R springs, Koni Sports and ST sways. The wider track (1.15 ") on the tii is evident.