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  1. When you pull the carpet and the sound padding and if you find a bit of surface rust, POR 15 will do the trick. Since this is beneath the carpeting, no worries about applying a color coat. When we repaint my 73 Atlantic, I will use Dynamat for the sound insulation beneath the carpet.
  2. "Heat" is the key? I did a nice job on mine but even while set aside for after the paint, the chrome mylar is curling. Did you use a hair dryer, iron or heat gun? Thanks!
  3. Let me give these the clean up and see. Thanks!
  4. No, I am looking at options for rebuild. I currently have Japanese early 80's Frankfurt. The plus on this unit is that it is wired for 4 speakers with fader, if I want to do that. Negatives, out of time period and the DIN plug is out-bound for amplifier and not in-bound or suitable for iPod/ adaptor. If I did a Frankfurt mit adaptor, I would go for a stereo unit. There have been some Bavarias up for sale, usually a bit less pricey than early Frankfurt stereo.
  5. It appears from the various posts that the Blaupunkt "BMW Bavaria" radios are Frankfurt radios in basic black. Are there any real differences between these and Frankfurts?
  6. While I was pulling out the Recaros for their rebirth, I also pulled out the two rear lap belts to see if these can either be re-webbed or replaced. My 02 is a '73, the rear belts are Autoflug two point lap belts with a spool. The spool and latches work well. My concern is 46 year old webbing. While it would likely be once in an Atlantik Blue Moon that I would have a back seat occupant, I have an obligation to have belts in the back. Thoughts about repair or replacement? I figure with the paint and interior planned for the colder months, I should look into items that may need to be re-built. I have new front belts from Maximillian.
  7. The seat model appears to be from Recaro literature an LXC, LX seat back and a C bottom with a movable knee bolster.
  8. My real concern is the availability for hoods and front pieces for accident repairs. The silver tii at the salvage auction on the forum last week was very fixable.
  9. Pulled the Recaros out for the rebuild and reupholster work and put in a tired pair of seats from a '74. The seats pictured are both the passenger side and are both sitting on their slides. The Recaros are attached to plate brackets from Massive which reclaim about 8/10 of inch of height compared to the 320 rails. Sitting on the stock seats, you do sit slightly lower than the Recaros. Although the pictures would appear to show the Recaros are lower. I will be photographing the repairs and process for an article to add. Driver's seat is a bit twisted. Plan to repair the drivers and do similar reinforcement on the back of the passenger. New bottom straps, hooks and seat back cables from Aardvarc. New foam cushions from TMI (a Mustang source) as the 320i and the Mustang both offered the Recaro ST seats.
  10. Vintage Dash responded to me the other day. Looks like their 2002 dashes will not be ready until the new year. They are working on one other product now. Assume it is a Datsun item which is their bread and butter.
  11. Looks like it is a NLA item. I was surprised that the metal covers went to plastic as early as 71. Explains why the little rubber piece is tough to find.
  12. Looking for the rubber infill piece for the steering column cover that goes over the ignition on the metal steering column cover. Danke!
  13. As this is an 'active' part of the suspension, the Products Liability rates for insurance are likely too high for a small shop to take on. If a company that makes struts and hubs in the course of things, adds a 2002tii component, then the cost of risk is already baked into the cake.
  14. If you own a car like this, you should insure it for agreed value, which may require an appraisal. I am on agreed value, but I am not at the value of a restored car, yet. When I get there, I will have to have some documentation for the valuation. If that my car, I probably would have worked a cash settlement the cost of parts and repairs, using the $40K value tii's are getting. But I am an insurance broker.

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