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  1. I am not looking for a Heater box replacement, I was looking to see if there were newer replacements for the AC blower motor in the Behr Evaporator housing. The motor is likely a common motor used with various blower cages.
  2. Out of curiosity, I have been looking at the RealOEM parts diagram for the e21 heater/ac blower. It looks like they got rid of the old heater box and replaced it with a unit that used the same type of blower as the Behr 02 AC unit for both heat and AC. Has anyone been familiar with the e21 ac unit to check this? The BMW part # (as opposed to the Behr #) is different, but that may due to the fact that it is for the e21.
  3. My 73 tii is 2763309, made around Jan. 22, 1973. My block is a replacement marked with 2 crosses. Better than a replacement from the junk yard.
  4. My car is in paint now, but I still need to get sound deadening material for the roof. What are you going with. I want light weight material due to Newton's laws of gravity. I have my black vinyl for the A and B pillars. Be mindful of the wire going to the dome light.
  5. For short bumpers. Long bumpers have an indent for the impact strip.
  6. These are made by MVP. They also make a complete door skin which I am having the body shop put on my passenger door. The primer showed that it was in bad shape with a poorly done patch. The skin will save time and look a whole lot better.
  7. I am doing a Euro Bumper arrangement on my 73. So, I am using the shorter 72 and earlier brackets which brings these in about an inch +. The Front over riders (uber riders?) are the 73 and later (in Europe) pointed variety. The rear bumper contains the license plate lights, (I have taken off the US lights) and has caps over the seams, no over riders, and the rubber impact strip shows as one line.
  8. My 73 tii, 3309, has a factory replacement block marked with + +. According to the block markings, the block is from the mid-80's.
  9. Aardvarc did a great job on the bumpers awhile back.
  10. If you pull the window out of the two-sided vent frame, you can spring the vent window frame out. I am getting the necessary rivets from Maximillian as I think it may be better to assemble the window after the new gasket in that manner. I have some chrome pitting on the base. I will polish this first to see how it turns out.
  11. The Everbrite came yesterday. The coating, their metal polish some disposable items and their well-written instructions. I am taking all of the rubber gaskets and tracks out of the frame and will replace after the coating is done. Everbrite will into eat any of these. One final question, it looks like the rubber "top cap" is inserted prior to riveting. Has anyone replaced these? Should I drill out the rivets and replace, or can I do this without that last step in dismantling. The chrome base of the vent frame triangle needs a little sanding and polish as well.
  12. Actually that is at J&T Auto Body in St. Louis. They will us R-M 2 stage paint. R-M is part of BASF which owns Glasurit, so I am comfortable that the Atlantic will be a good match. J&T is doing the finish work and painting. The parts are all roughed in. Next 2 weeks will see the sealers on and the dents out. After that, primer, color and clear.
  13. Initial Primer coat went on today. Next week the seam sealer with be applied, doors, hood and trunk go on for alignment and then work will begin on several little dents that need to be pulled out. The nose piece will also require some additional work. The hood and trunk will need some attention. On the top photo, you can see some 'oil canning' on the trunk lid.
  14. I ordered some Everbrite after talking with them.
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