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  1. Your connections at the solenoid look a bit suspect. As mentioned by others, the starter needs a huge cable to the +battery, and similar huge connection from the block to the -battery. Also check the wire colors in the blue covering. The Black/red connects to the #15 solenoid terminal, and the Black/white to #50. If you have any other terminals, just cap them so you don't accidentally short anything when fishing for that dropped wrench.
  2. Maybe this was the 2002 stolen in Idaho....The guy was clueless and didn't know what to say.
  3. Just be careful on what and where you use zip ties. They tend to become brittle and break when exposed to the elements.
  4. Sorry....at my age I tend to reverse numbers, e.g. 2002...
  5. Very cool! Would love to see a video of a 5K rpm run. John
  6. Good one! And....you don't need a front license plate.
  7. Yeah, probably pointless. The smog station scans the bar-code on your registration renewal form, so it knows the model year, license plate and VIN. The visual inspection is fairly subjective, if everything is installed and hooked up correctly. They do not test the functionality of the EGR system, fuel cap (should hold vacuum), or evaporative controls. You know how hard it is to see the bb on the flywheel, even when you know where to look. The smog guys generally just go with what the CA spec is (25 deg. BTDC @ 2800 rpm) and notes that value on the receipt. Hint: Smog guys do not like to look stuff up in the book, so be present to point stuff out to them. Some guys are downright picky. I failed once because the flex hose to the thermostatic valve (on the snorkel) was missing. I got a warning for a Fasten Seat Belt message that did not display (bad relay), and a written warning for a missing Timing Sticker on bulkhead. I told the guy the sticker crinkled-up and fell off during the first 10 years of ownership. Emissions wise, no problem if you have good spark, fresh gas, and no vacuum leaks...or fuel leaks. Finally, keep a good sense of humor.....you need one to drive a '76 in California!
  8. Tip on the brown/*** wires in engine bay: Brown/green = Oil Pressure Switch Brown/white = Coolant Temperature Sensor (on water divider) Brown/black = Coolant Temperature SWITCH (underneath intake manifold) Brown = Ground
  9. Yikes...looks like the PO did a lot of cutting and pasting of weird colored wires. Here a a few of my sketches that may help. I too can't look at the factory wiring diagram without getting a headache.
  10. My tool roll is green! Don't know where that came from...never seen a green interior. This is my original, never used.
  11. If you keep the round washer bottle in your square tail....at least you can brag that you have a "roundie".
  12. My BMW motorcycle uses the same voltage regulator as my '76 2002. One of the cautionary notes in the cycle manual is to make sure the ALT bulb in the dash is always "fresh". It supplies the excitation voltage to the alternator through the bulb filament. LEDs can't do this. John
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