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  1. Interested in your goal here, I bought a new trap mirror from Blunt, has BMW markings etched in.
  2. Is the belt line trim anodized or can it have dings removed and buffed? My passenger door one is mangled, still hunting one, but the quarter panel ones I would like to remove large ding and move on.
  3. Has anyone compared reproduction Trap or Flag mirrors from different vendors or are they all the same? or are OEM available? Any good sources for them? (Blunt, Vintageautobahn?, etc etc.. ) Any brands to avoid? (PM is fine). I have single trap 73.. trying to resist the urge to go flag.
  4. Great pics ! I wish it was as easy to caption them as it is to take them.
  5. Well all this bearing talk made me look. C4 is looser clearance than C3 I bought FAG from Blunttech (under driveshaft and axle section) figured FAG would have some inherent quality and beat SKF pricing. Had to see on my own where made vs Koyo My FAG bearings are C3 and made in Korea. Turns out my old bearings were FAG as well. Elring seals inexpensive at Blunt or RMEuropean I am following that good write up, trying to estimate the 35 grams of grease. The old seals were stubborn but a big screwdriver with leverage should pop them out.
  6. Lock Ring tips... Anyone? I just removed my driveshaft to do this job and the OEM lock ring was loose and not doing much. I redid my Diff pinion seal and could not get the lock ring to stay put before I turned it into a potato chip shape. The act of staking it into the locating dimple seemed to make it loose or cocked it. Any tips? A post mentioned getting it into a subtle groove but I could not feel a groove in my flange.
  7. Great car! And Taiga (as previous poster said)? Some lighting makes the color look different. Very clean car you can eat off the bottom! I am about to undercoat mine and lose the OEM Green, but longevity in the rust belt is more important. Great stance and bumper mounting (tucked in well)
  8. I think you are on the right track. You are lucky you can add wheel spacers and just change bolt length, I am running stock brakes and have to change my press in studs. 195/60R14 are called optimal here http://www.iemotorsport.com/tech/bmw-wheels.html I am running E30 Basketweaves and have not calculated my shim yet. I had 205 55 r 14s on the 6.5 wide rims but even fewer choices in that size. I just picked up my tires today. I wimped out and got General Altimax. 195/60R14 from tire rack. They also sell the same Azenis Falkens at a good price. The wet traction (or lack of) got me. I read 6 BMW owner reviews of the Altimax who were very happy. I went with the budget and my tire advisor but I am sure you will like the boy racer tires. Also, Have you tried the rims onto the hub?
  9. lots of pics and builds by them http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1726426-Rare-Rides-76-2002-Laguna-Seca-Blue-widebody
  10. mgben


  11. Great write up and results! Did you change the pilot bearing? any issues? Sealed style? What is the shim you mentioned with the rear main seal? Great to see pic of the foam thing that goes on the end of the trans. (due to center bearing job ahead for me).
  12. About to embark on a full front end rebuild, including possible subframe removal and powdercoat. Have seen AceAndrew's timeline and was going to ask for a step by step reinstall list Does this seem right? Subframe with Idler Arm refurbished. Torque bolts to vehicle to...52 ft lb? will re read posts. Steering Box lower the suspended engine onto motor mounts. install Lower control arms, (no sway bar?) Strut assemblies with ball joints and pitman arms > one piece onto control arms and up into shock towers. Sway bar and end links tie rods and center link Dust shields etc When do you install the tension struts? What nuts do you leave loose till full weight on suspension? Have seen this how to and others http://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles.html/technical-articles/suspension-and-steering/suspension-rehab-r99/
  13. Concur on the choke cable.. very familiar part to those with certain MGB's http://www.bpnorthwest.com/choke-cable-fan-on-knob-mgb-68-to-71.html
  14. Get well soon! Hope you get back to 100 pct.

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