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  1. http://ebay.us/eTmgT9?cmpnId=5338273189 In Southern California
  2. https://ebay.us/teyjoc
  3. Do you happen to have the Headlight Switch still available? Is it possible to share a photo of it? Thank you, Ralph
  4. Looking for Door Lock Cylinder.
  5. Mike, I read an old post whereas you may have a door lock cylinder. Let me know if that is still available. We live in La Habra.


  6. Thanks for this one! We used channel locks and just pulled it apart while slightly twisting and rocking.
  7. Ohhh! We'll give it a try this weekend. Thanks!!!
  8. When you did the headliner, how did you remove the rear view mirror? It seems glued on and we don't want to break it. Or did you just go around it?
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