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  1. When a friend helps you start a rebuilt engine. When a friend helps you start a rebuilt engine.mp4
  2. Jay (golf02), What are these hoses for? Vacuum gauge connected to all cylinders?? Nice car!!
  3. Roy, Here's how I would wire the driving lights. The high-beam tap is located in the wiring harness near the left headlight and battery (see attached picture). Caution...do not use this tap for direct power to your driving lights! Use it only as the trigger source for the relay. This will allow the driving lights to only come on if the high-beams are on. If fog lights are used, they should only come on on the low-beams. The dummy fog light button can easily be removed. Pull out the instrument pod to gain access. Or...leave it for future fog lights and use a round lighted switch (preferably blue) on the console for your driving light switch. If you don't use the cig lighter, consider replacing it with a round switch and add a "UP" after the LIGHTER decal....(driving lights = Lighter Up). Good luck with your project! John
  4. Are you sure all the GREEN wires are connected only to the ignition switch double terminal #15? This should give you +12V to the turn signal stalk when the ign. is on.
  5. I didn't show the Red wire (always hot) to the headlight switch in my last sketch of Fuses #9, #10 and #11. Be sure it is there...you need +12V power to the light switch PLUS the switched power from the ign.
  6. Check the resistance through the ignition switch. The first sign that mine was bad was a fading radio at idle.
  7. Yes, High beam, Low beam and Horn relays are all identical. Switch them around to identify a faulty one.
  8. This is the plug for the Seat belt, EGR and Reactor warning lights on the small panel on top of the dash.
  9. Just found the receipt for my "Tii" manifold purchased in 1980 (for $95.25). It has the part number 11 62 1 265 449 which superseded 11 62 0 743 100. So, Steve, I take it back....it is a Tii exhaust manifold.
  10. The manifold I have has the casting date 29 . 1 . 79. It does have a stub for the EGR, but it is not tapped. Could this be a manifold for the E21 (1975 to 1983) ?? All '71-'74 had EGR exhaust manifolds and the '75-'76 all had air injection. This info is for the carb cars. I don't know if the Tii's had any of this stuff. So, based on the date code and the difference in the webbing and the size of the exhaust runners, and that it was not drilled and tapped for the EGR pipe...I'll agree with Steve that this is not a Tii manifold. Did any Tii manifold in your collection come with a heat shield? John PS: Original thermal reactor compared to regular manifold....those are nasty!
  11. The hose that connects to the heat box (attached to the snorkel) is connected to a fitting at the end of the exhaust manifold.
  12. Check the float and needle valve. Easy to see by looking down the primary when the engine is idling. If you see drops of fuel dripping onto the throttle plate, your float is not "floating" or the needle is not seating, causing a rich mixture that eventually stalls the motor. Replace the old plastic float with a brass float (alcohol resistant). The "old" plastic floats don't hold up well with modern gas. Also check the small filter inside the large nut under the fuel intake on the Weber. Your picture #0653 shows a black plug on the vacuum nipple (under the fuel filter). Is this closed? Looks like just a piece of open vacuum hose. Check the one on the #1 runner as well.
  13. You mean two fuses....and one low beam relay? 82BMW633, you can identify your 3 relays by the wires. Note: All relays are identical. High Beam: Green (30), White (87), White/Blue (86), Brown (85) Low Beam: Yellow/White (30), Yellow (87), Green (86), White/Violet (85) Horn*: Violet/White (30) and (86), Green/Yellow (87), Brown/Yellow (85) * Factory wiring for horn. Improve by adding a separate (fused) wire directly from the +battery to relay terminal 30 and connecting the Violet/White wire only to relay terminal 86.
  14. No...the third relay in your photo is the horn relay. First is High Beam, second is Low Beam. I added an extra relay for fog lights to the vacant spot in the rack (next to your ground strap).
  15. This will give you the basics. Let me know if you need other fuse details...I have them all.
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