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  1. With much apprehension after reading the horror stories here, I tackled the removal of the slave cylinder. Took all of 20 minutes. The last guy who put it in - date unknown - graciously put anti-seize on it. Once the clips were off, it slid right out.
  2. Poor Mike is probably getting close to blowing a fuse over all this.
  3. The wit in this forum is electrifying, it fires me right up.
  4. Did you use that kit and was it good quality?
  5. FINALLY DONE. Seems like it took forever, but really probably only about 10 hours. Still, hard work for an old man.
  6. Nice. I love the way that car sits. What suspension bits are you using?
  7. Went after all the sound insulation/deadening in the interior, with the recommended 30 pounds of dry ice, and got about 80% done after 6+ hours. The two up in the plenum on either side of the heater box were immovable and hard as a rock even with dry ice on them for almost an hour. Literally unmovable. So I tried my heat gun AND I GOT THEM OUT IN ABOUT 15 MINUTES by scraping them out with a 1" chisel. Then I tried the heat gun on the transmission tunnel and it worked perfectly, very easy, no mess, very quick. In hindsight, I'd say the dry ice method is only the best method on large flat surfaces. Otherwise, use a $40 heat gun. My .02 cents worth.
  8. Got those pesky factory rivets out that hold the big ball joints in. Damn. I can't imagine doing that with them on the car.
  9. Great news and good for you Paul. I have only been in the "club" for a few months, but you have already been of great help to me. I wish you the best of luck going forward and will most certainly be in touch!
  10. Got the bulk of the front suspension out. Bushings are all long gone, and that nut on the driver's side ball joint under the strut appears to be an alien life form, not sure what I'm going to do to separate that. Progress!
  11. Can you tell us where your shop sourced the vinyl and the color code for it? I am having two front seats done and would like to get that info to my upholsterer. THANKS!
  12. Pliers are on Amazon. Some are cheaper, these are pretty nice. Lisle 30800. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002SREPY?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details If the question about washers is looking at the CV bolts - they aren't washers. This was new hardware from WN, the bottom of the bolt head admittedly looks like a washer. But it's not.
  13. If you want really nice stainless ear/pinch clamps for your cv boots, and have the right pliers, here are the ones I just got from McMaster Carr after careful measuring. Look great and fit perfectly. Plus since you can only get them in bags of 10 and 25, you'll have enough for a lifetime of boot changes or to share with all your friends. https://www.mcmaster.com/nav/enter.asp?partnum=52545K58 https://www.mcmaster.com/nav/enter.asp?partnum=52545K32
  14. What a FANTASTIC story! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Does anyone have current contact info on Jeff? He is highly regarded for my restoration project and would like to chat with him about it. I am not having much luck finding him on the internet. Thanks in advance.
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