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  1. Hey Mike,


    Could you kindly send me the column you wrote about adjusting the flasher relay so the dash blinker light is more reliable? I am having the same problem.


    Many thanks,

  2. Hey do you still have the trap mirror?

    I'll take it if you do. Shipping to Portland Oregon.



    1. Kingryan86


      Yea I do. Shipping is $7 via USPS. My PayPal is [email protected] It’s already boxed up, I can drop it off tomorrow morning.

  3. Hey I notice you mentioned you have a set of black door cards and rear panels...What are you looking to get for them? I'm in Portland Oregon...

  4. There must have been something wrong with the 912 that you drove if it felt like crap. At the factory Porsche set up the suspension on the 912 a couple inches higher than the 911 so the 911 would be faster in the twisties - a correctly set up 912 can sometimes out perform a 911 on a really tight road due to better balance with less weight in the rear. I currently own a 912 and a tii and I love both, but to be totally honest the 912 handles better than my 02.
  5. Neat to see them together. I have a 912 and a roundie 2002 but never get them out together. They are both great cars in their own way.
  6. I got belts from him about 18 months ago. They are great and I feel fine with my kids in the back now that I have 3-point belts. He's a good guy and easy to work with.
  7. Hi Harry,


    Any door brake sets in stock currently?




    [email protected]

  8. My '73 has it next to the air cleaner so it must have been when they made the big 73-74 changes. The closest Exide dealer I've found is an hour north of me, which I can do, but if anyone knows another option or a mail order possibility I'm all ears.
  9. I've searched the archives and wasn't able to turn up a source for the group 26r battery with the hold down tabs on the end. It's no problem for me to find a 26r battery locally but none have the tabs in the right spot. I can order a Bosch but heard rumors those are not correct anymore either? Any advice much appreciated.
  10. I had a set of these on a Datsun Roadster years ago. Not sure if they're the same but you could look into it.
  11. Is that the correct battery hold down for a tii? Not sure if they're different than a regular 02.
  12. I also got into classic cars after multiple motorcycle crashes age 19-23. Only now after I have kids do I understand the relief that my parents must have felt when I gave up 2 wheels to move on to 4 - even if they were 4 old wheels.
  13. Where do you find all these great vintage lights? Did you get a shipping container full or something! Great job offering them to the 2002 community.
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