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  1. Hey everyone, what's the trick to getting the airbox disassembled? Took the screw off on the side where the handle is and when I tried to slide the box apart it appears to be hung up on the side in the photo. I'm reluctant to pry it apart as I fear I'll break it. Wanting to spray PBBlaster so I can loosen the screw on the spring (lack of better term) so I can remove the rust on the mechanisms inside. Help is appreciated!! Little bit of heat and it came apart. Thanks Murph
  2. Do the Pirelli Cinturato CN36's have a running orientation to them? I didn't see anything on the tires. Murph
  3. Hi Everyone, Before I start breaking more things I want to get the experts help with reattaching this wire running to the brake fluid reservoir. Does the yellow plastic cover for the wire come off the cap? What's the best way to reattach this? Thanks for your help! Murph
  4. If you click on the settings you can get English subtitles, although they are not very accurate judging by how it reads. At least you get a sense of the conversation.
  5. Is there a source for the mylar on the door cards. My late 70 build has nice two tone replacement door cards but no mylar on them.
  6. PM sent on #4 water diverter and if one of your winter/summer boxes falls through I'd be interested.
  7. Great color and story...congrats on the birthday.
  8. Finally got the Cromodora's installed with some BMW center caps I put together....still waiting on the Cromodora center caps from Italy, but I kinda like the BMW caps. Transformed the car and I love the look.
  9. The power cable was on the car when I purchased it a few months ago. Most of the equipment came from Top End Performance so I'm assuming that did as well. PO bought the car with it on it. I just reconfigured everything and took it for a spin and so far it's performing well and voltage seems to be good when measured at different points. Thanks again Murph
  10. Well that worked. I had cables long enough to go to the back and placed them on the starter and ground (I disconnected the existing cables) and it started right up. So then I hooked the batter back up to the existing cables and it started right up. I'm baffled....almost like a reset (sorry in technology)...any I'm assuming the issue is resolved, but look forward to any feedback. Thanks again! Murph
  11. Thanks for everyone's input. Unfortunately I didn't do the conversion and neither did the PO, so it was previous to that. Here's what I have checked so far. Checked voltage again at the battery and it is 12.53 Checked voltage on the wire coming from battery at the starter and it is 5.50 Mike, that second wire appears to be a black one coming off the starter and is noted in the photos below with a red arrow and the blue arrow is the brown wire coming from the battery. There is no second wire coming off the battery. The voltage at the cluster of wires where the black wire from the starter connects is also 5.50 I turned on the ignition and I have a very dim voltage light showing. I went ahead and hooked up a battery charger to the battery and I am waiting on that to finish. Checked the positive wire coming from the battery to the front of the car and don't see any shorts nor any fuses. Anything else I should check? Again thanks for the help! Murph
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