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  1. Folks: Thanks for all your feedback. Based on this new info, I think we can conclude that these are NOT Borrani wheels (though I still wonder what that "R.B." connotes). They are not the exact wheels on the Alfa Monteal, which have a different PCD and bore, but they are a very similar design. As one commenter noted, apparently this general design is/was not uncommon in Europe -- though I don't ever recall seeing them on a 2002 in the US. I doubt they are Campys, even though those in the old photo look very similar. Every Campy I have seen had identifying info somewhere on the wheel. Maybe they are Deltas, but the Deltas pictured in this thread also have identifying logos on them. I'm convinced that these wheels were made specifically for 2002's since the specs are perfect and the center caps have roundels cast into them. So the manufacturer part of the mystery continues, but the good news is that I've reduced the asking price to $1,250. Don
  2. Those Deltas are similar but the 4-pointed star in the center is different. Milan must have been quite the industrial hub.
  3. Yep, there was a regional get-together that included a fuel economy contest on the way there. Our '72 tii would have won if I had remembered to turn in my results! Feel free to move my FS post to the best area, or tell me how to do it. Thanks.
  4. Matched set of 5 alloy wheels for sale. These were mounted on a '72 2002 that I imported from Milan, Italy a few years ago. I mounted factory wheels and these have been gathering dust in my garage. Time to move them along. Interestingly, they have almost NO markings on them -- no manufacturer, no size, no date, no model number. The cast center caps are embossed "R.B." and "Milano." I suspect that R.B. may indicate Ruote Borrani (Borrani Wheels), which was based in Milan. A second idea is that these may be Campagnolo, based on the photo on page 2 of the Campagnolo period article attached here. I don't see these wheels in the Wheel Database here. If any of you have more definitive information, please chime in. The wheels are 13x6, 4x100 lugs, 55mm center bore, and ET 25mm (by my measurement). Each weighs 12.3 lbs. The set includes 5 wheels, 4 center caps and 16 correct chrome lug nuts. The center caps appear original and are held on with a spring in a groove. The caps have embossed roundels on the exterior and have been hand-painted (a passable 10-foot paint job). The wheel faces are very good driver condition with no bends or rash. The insides of the barrels have some brake dust staining. All descriptions here are to the best of my knowledge and ability. Happy to answer any questions. Price is $1,500, plus actual shipping. Wheels are in northeast Georgia (30677). I'll be attending events in the next few months in Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, Chattanooga and Atlanta and would be happy to deliver them. Don Bower [email protected]
  5. Steve: I very much appreciate your in-depth research on wheel types, and your sharing that. Based on some of your info, I've recently bought a set of period Borrani steel wheels for my 2002. Very much looking forward to getting them mounted. I do need one clarification. Do you use the terms "rims" and "wheels" interchangeably? I am more accustomed to using rims to refer to the barrels on 2-piece wheels but maybe that is obsolete now. Thanks. Don B.
  6. Benji: So sorry to hear that. That's a beautiful car. Wish I had room. Don
  7. I'm in Athens. Call me. 706.540.1166
  8. FWIW, I recently bought 2 pieces of the beltline trim (driver door and left trunk) from the dealer and neither one fit. Hope yours are better!
  9. One more comment: Someone recommended using the OEM captured nut to secure the mirror base to the door skin -- and NOT a sheet metal screw. Appropriate captured nuts and bolts are available from non-dealer sources such as Fastenal.
  10. 185/60 CN36, cover panel trimmed to fit flat. I use a black carpet piece covering the whole trunk floor day to day. Don
  11. Paul: I found my old regulator with a broken pin but a good spring. See pic. If you want it, shoot me your address and it's yours. You can have the whole regulator if you want it. Don
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