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  1. 185/60 CN36, cover panel trimmed to fit flat. I use a black carpet piece covering the whole trunk floor day to day. Don
  2. Welcome to the Cult of the Baur! What are your plans for it? Don
  3. Paul: I found my old regulator with a broken pin but a good spring. See pic. If you want it, shoot me your address and it's yours. You can have the whole regulator if you want it. Don
  4. Paul: I think I have a good spring that you can have. I'll check the parts stash tomorrow and let you know. Don Bower don.bower@gmail.com
  5. Harry, your private message inbox seems to be blocked.
  6. Tom: A local sign shop here in Athens. I'm sure you have better options in Atlanta but I'm happy to help from here if needed.
  7. Tom: I had to have a couple of stickers remade from rough originals on my '72 Euro 2002 targa. They are different from yours, but my point is, you can have yours remade at any competent graphics/sign shop -- assuming you have enough left of the originals to work from. Don
  8. I found one on German eBay. Apparently all of them in the US are a brushed-aluminum type finish.
  9. My '72 targa (VIN 2795660) was completed Sept 27,1972 and has the vinyl-covered targa bar. It would be interesting to determine more precisely when this change (from body color) began. Welcome, Michael. Please post photos of your progress. Don
  10. Mark: You've been a great caregiver for this rare specimen with your tasteful mods. Hope it stays in the US but I bet it goes back to Europe. Don
  11. Landon: Filter arrived today in good shape. Thanks again! Don
  12. Landon: That's the air cleaner and carb that I have. Let me know about shipping reimbursement. Thanks again. Don
  13. I'll take it. Happy to paypal you for the shipping. Don Bower 1111 Meriweather Dr Watkinsville, GA 30677 Thanks!
  14. http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-headlight-plastic-rear-cover/
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