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  1. Steve, Lovely repro. Any domestic companies do this? Your sticker looks like mine. May I use your photo? How do they get the correct size? Might they have a file from yours where they can just print one up? See you Sunday!? Steve
  2. Looking to purchase the black sticker shown in the photo. Thanks. Steve O'Neill coupecs@aol.com
  3. I don't know what parts my guy replaced. I do know that whatever he did it was the way to go. Sorry I know no more. I find that cracking a window about an inch and opening the wing window will suck some of the hot air out of the car and add more cold to the mix when the car is moving. But you probably know that. . Works when I have to get into a hot car standing for a long time. This summer I am going to use the fabric winter snow shade. It attaches to the side mirrors, takes seconds to mount and cuts a lot of rays. Steve, the dealer's $800 install price was adhering to the spirit of Max Hoffman.
  4. My 76 2002 purchased a year ago came with a Behr system. A mess. The face plate had a black plate instead of the ashtray, extra buttons, etc. Behind it was worse. Fortunately a guy I met only recently has been working exclusively on 02s for 40 years. He sourced the parts, cleaned up the mess, and now I have the original face plate/ashtray and a modern system that will freeze my knuckles in our Phila PA humid, torrid summers. Temps in the mid 90s and humidity to match. I like the appearance of the Behr unit. It looks "factory" to me with the chrome ringed ashtray. But most important - it really cools the cabin. Finally, find someone who knows their way around 02s in general and the ac units in particular. Worth extending your search to another city if necessary. I know others here have not had the same experience so realize this was my experience. Steve
  5. You have taken her a long, loving way. Let's hope the next owner can take her over the finish line.
  6. Please remind me of what Wallace was and now is in some photos. Thanks, Steve coupecs@aol.com
  7. First, the Pinto business. Take the blue hatchback, change out the bumpers, rebadge it as a 928 and few would know the difference. The wagon is a handsome devil. Rebadge it as a late 70's Madza or Honda and forget about being rear ended and transformed into what we called in the 60s "A Living Ronson Ad" For you youngsters, Ronson was a popular line of cigarette lighters. Second, the Cordoba. I never had the chance to settle my tush into the Rich Corinthian Leather, but I still can hear Ricardo crooning for the cameral in the Chrysler ads. I did, in a moment of great weakness, buy a 1978 Chrysler Le Baron two door hardtop with the Landau roof, Martin should have sued. Again, for you youngsters, Martin Landau was a semi-famous B List Hollywood actor. My great fear with the Le Baron was not being incinerated in a rear ender. It was rolling that baby on a sharp interstate off-ramp. "Those were the day my friend" as Mary Hopkin crooned in 1969.
  8. Not bad until you get to the Passenger Side front fender and rear shock tower. NO undercarriage shots that I could find. Looks like a buyer beware(or at least see it on a lift) car. Sat too long?
  9. An early Mercedes Red Leather interior would be stunning. But, I would not choose the shade shown above. I would look at dozens and dozens of samples and photos of whole interiors. It comes down to a matter of personal taste, but I see some red as brassy, shiny, cheap, and tacky. Others are rich, classy, subtle and beautiful. What strikes me as stunning may hit you as awful. But in the end I would go with red.
  10. Lovely Andrew. Now my envy has turned to,"slotted nose trim." Sounds a bit "kinky." Couldn't resist the pun. Steve
  11. So if someone installed Ransomware on all the scammers computers and took them to the cleaners or fried their computers, who will they complain to? Interpol, the FBI. I doubt it. Steve
  12. How about someone insert a lethal virus in all their computers. Then charge an outrageous fee to unlock them. If they pay the fee tell them they were scammed, don't unlock and disappear. Just a thought.
  13. I don't like speakers in the doors, kick panels or rear shelfs(or is that shelves?). But these got my attention. Their only function other than push out driving music that I can see is to provide an easy grab handle to close the door when it is fully open. Good thing Chris Bangle didn't see these. Steve
  14. On e9coupe.com there is the Off Topic discussion category. But even there there is little or any "current events" discussion. Every once in while someone, myself included, tosses a tiny incendiary device. It is usually ignored or quickly tamped down. And we are all better for it. Posts are usually about non coupe cars or which shipper to use or other "stuff." Since faq has no such category talk of Covid and Trump and climate change really have no place or relevance here. My opinion. Steve
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