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  1. FS: Chrome air cleaner in good condition with gasket and screws for sale, $35. + shipping. Pair of black wiper arms in fair condition: $20. + plus shipping.
  2. Yup, these photos confirm, a bargain at $6900.
  3. An additional selling point. "Custom carpet mats by esty." I sold my 74 euro coupe for some of the same reasons as you are selling your cars. Will be watching. Steve
  4. esty, understand perfectly. There comes a time.... Steve
  5. Looks like a good deal to me! esty, do you have a 2002 to replace it with? Technically not a faq question in my opinion. Just wondering why after all this time and labor. Steve ONeill
  6. Thanks Steve. I think a black headliner would have made a great option.
  7. Steve, here is where I went off the rails, or the road in this case. I have lived most of my adult life on The CSRegister and then E9coupe.com having owned four coupes and five Bavaria's. I sold my last coupe about a year and half ago and had purchased Lilli, my 1976 2002 for my wife. CSL's had black headliners and somehow my addled brain came to believe that ti's, rare birds indeed, came with black liners. I guess this qualifies as a self-created myth. And Steve, you do know all the right people. Steve
  8. Olive, not two minutes ago I looked at your perfect Behr ashtray. I have the Behr system in my 76 2002, Lilli, and feel the oh so stock/factory looking ashtray sets the face plate apart from all the other ac units. i.e. a look or originality. How much do you want for the wrap? PM or email to: coupecs@aol.com Steve
  9. Confession, I have not read screens 2-4. Wondering how a post about a starter motor is "Off Topic"? Perhaps one of the Supreme Leaders(can you have more than one?) can explain that. steve(not one of the supreme leaders)
  10. Title says it all. I will just keep posting every week or so until I source one. Help! Steve
  11. So how did this fad/myth begin? And how does one source a black headliner? How closely do they resemble a stock factory white? Steve
  12. Beautiful. One of my favorite colors by far! Love to see the more of the interior, engine bay and trunk. Steve
  13. Great bones. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Steve
  14. I see multiple red flags in spurcap's story. A "Dr.s car" is right up there with the little old lady who drove it to church on Sunday.
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