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  1. Belts aside, my 1971 1600 had the chrome loop for attaching the belts. A lovely piece of sculpture that was always right there, no hunting and poking, Screw the warning light and the bureaucrats who thought that one up. Sigh.
  2. "RetroSound" Hermosa AM?FM radio for sale. It came out of my 1976 2002. With: USB MP3/WMA Playback and InfiniMount Shaft/Bracket System, BLUETOOTH. Radio has been carefully removes to make for easy reinstallation. All plugs, wires, etc intact. Worked perfectly, replaced it with a Becker europa not hooked up yet. Price $225.00 OBO + shipping and insurance. Steve O'Neill [email protected]
  3. The refrain is always the same whether it's in a parking lot or at the pump. "I owned one of these..." or "I always wanted one of these..." And then while they are telling me story of regret or desire I am following along in my mind, word for word. We are blessed. Steve
  4. bavariaboy


    Last Feb. I purchased a Chaminox 76 2002 with 78,000 actual miles. Excellent original condition. I was looking for ac and automatic(my wife can't drive stick anymore). Put up a post on E9coupe.com. Up popped a guy two hours away. I am in Bucks County PA and our summers are longer and hotter and more torrid each year. Grown soft, love the power robbing ac. The bumpers were the first to go. Used the Blunttech kit, license plate lights in the bumper, caps instead of over riders. It already had a Weber, Pertronix, and I added beefier sway bars. What a difference. Water pump went in De
  5. Really enjoying your new project. Will you do a bumper swap? Repaint in original Inka?
  6. Thanks Mark. BMW had so many beautiful shades of Blue back in the day. Happens to be my favorite color. Gorgeous 2000 CS Steve
  7. I have never seen that color or even seen the word Pazific Can someone post some photos of a well cared for Pazific? Thanks
  8. Go to screen 4 or possibly screen 5 in the Parts For Sale Section. I posted an ad and a photo of the mats. No interest at the asking price of $45. Price reduced to $20.00 + shipping. Would like to see them go to a good home/car. First email to [email protected] takes them. I will not respond to PMs just the email. Steve
  9. MOLD KILLER Walked into my garage a couple of springs ago to discover MOLD on the headliner, seats and vinyl of my 1974 euro CSi. Garage is not insulated, brick floor with vapor barrier. Unheated, no ac of course. I live in Bucks County PA where the summers are getting to be like New Orleans and the winters like North Carolina. A buddy suggested Trisodium Phosphate mixed in water. Rubbed gently, mold was gone in a couple of hours. Then it was time for a DEHUMIDIFIER. There have been long discussions about them on E9coupe.com, a place I lived much of my life before I sold the coupe(no regrets, no remorse, it was time) and bought a '76 2002 with 78,000 miles in perfect original condition. I run the dehumidifier all year round when the humidity is above 50%. And yes, on cold January days, much to my surprise, the humidity can run 85% or higher. The dehumidifier has a thermostat and a drain hose to the outside. I now spend too much of my life on 2002faq. What fun. Steve O'Neill [email protected]
  10. Right, a spare. The PO included a genuine BNW which went on about a month ago when what may have been the original failed at 78,000. Always kept one in the trunk of my coupe.
  11. The pump I ordered from Ireland is the spare I keep in the trunk. As we all should. steve
  12. Went to Max's site for a water pump. $185. + tax and shipping. Ireland Engineering was $87. total. Pump, ship, tax. Steve
  13. bavariaboy


    love the color original or not. Will you do the bumper swap. The first thing I did on my '76. Actually the second after tearing out ALL the smog crap.
  14. Grey front and rear, very good condition, NOT custom cut. See reverse side of rear mat for no-slip feature. $45.00 + shipping. Might fit in a USPS flat rate box. Will check prices. Steve
  15. A great tutorial with an excellent outcome. Thanks
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