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  1. Did you have the Lynx manifold installed on your car?

    How did you like it?

    is your car stock or has it been modified?


    I am considering this as an option but are undecided.

    Your experiences may convince me that the Lynx manifold is the way I want to go from my 38 DGAS.


    Thanks, Frank

  2. do you still have the cosmic wheels...if so and will let them go for 300 I'll take them and have my son pick them up...Barney 512.789.3593   [email protected]

  3. Not so fast...I saw this car or one very much like it being towed inside city limits today
  4. Parts for sale: (All + shipping) 1. Early 1600 "Football" Washer Reservoir; Good condition. SOLD ! 2. Early 1600 6V Ignition coil; New. SOLD ! 3. Headlight Switch $35 4. Horn Pad Good condition. $20 5. 1600 Owners Manual + Owners Guide; Both dated '68. $75 6. 1600 Brake Pads New in box. $35 7. 2002 Side mirrors.(Pair) Drivers' condition, mirrors good SOLD ! 8. Early Lug wrench Fair condition. $25 9. 2002 Motor mount Used $15
  5. Jay,

    Got the water divider this AM - Thank you!


  6. Some small bits for sale 1. BWA steering wheel with hub and horn button. Condition is good, driver's quality. $150 + shipping 2. Rear bumper seams for early 2002's. SOLD ! 3. New water neck/divider for two carb conversion. SOLD ! 4. New Driver's door striker $17.50 + shipping 5. Refurbished early 2002 rear badge. Marked 18015603; 70mm $20 + shipping 6. Qty. 2, Chrome door pull hardware $15 + shipping 7. Home made BWA wheel centers $35 + shipping
  7. Prices are below what I paid
  8. I am offering one(purchaser's decision) for sale first to buyer of manifold/carb. I have an interested party who is still deciding on pulling the trigger. Roger's Tii has new ones for $181 (ouch). I'm will ask $50 for the used one and $65 for the new + shipping
  9. In addition I have for sale a used Tii water divider and a brand new IE water divider as well.
  10. Brand new Lynx manifold. Unused Italian Weber 45DCOE 9 Carb. 40 mm choke and current jetting undetermined SOLD !
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