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  1. dalimizer

    1976 BMW 2002 Chamonix / Blue

    1976 BMW 2002, 4-speed, sunroof sport sedan. Chamonix (white) exterior with blue interior. Overall condition is excellent in every respect. The car has been repainted its original color with the body in near mint condition. Of course there are imperfections; no apparent dents, dings scratches save for a small portion of the sunroof. Yes it works. Windshield is new and the car has new weather stripping all around. The only rust I can see is a small bubble behind paint near the front wheel which is typical for these cars. Easily repairable, but never bothered me. The car has a new Bosch battery and starts first time every time; very reliable. The engine has recently been rebuilt and has very low miles on the rebuild. Tasteful modifications include a 32/36 Weber carb, restored 13"x 6" BWA sportstar wheels with new 187/70 13 tires. Inside there is a three spoke BWA steering wheel, red turbo style dash panel (removable) and a pair of black leather Scheel style, ASS front seats and hidden amber fog lights (not hooked-up). Frame rails are straight with no rust. Rockers have no rust. No rust in spare wheel well or any of the shock towers. Original jack & lug and it has a spare wheel. Carpet appear new with new floor mats. Door cards are uncut. Included with purchase are the original blue front seats and an original set of wheels with tires. It has a 1976 orange owners manual. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. dalimizer

    Lynx Manifold-Weber 45DCOE-tii Neck

    still available..make me an offer
  3. dalimizer

    Lynx Manifold-Weber 45DCOE-tii Neck

    Still availabe
  4. dalimizer

    Lynx Manifold-Weber 45DCOE-tii Neck

    Niemand ?
  5. Brand new Lynx manifold, marked M86, NOS Weber 45DOCE 6J Carb. Chokes are 36 mm. I do not know recall any specific jet/tube sizes however I think it could be used as is; but can't guarantee. Carb will need soft mounts, Air horns and stud kit included. Used Tii water neck in good shape. No linkage available. $725 + shipping .
  6. dalimizer

    BWA Wheel/Hub, Striker, Badge, BWA Centers

    I purchased a set of BWA Sportstars and used the centers in them as well..Sorry guys but notice I started this post in 2016
  7. dalimizer

    BWA Wheel/Hub, Striker, Badge, BWA Centers

    Sorry but the BWA steering wheel along with the horn button are currently installed in my '76 '02..
  8. dalimizer

    Cosmic Wheels

    Set of Cosmic wheels , Made in England. 5 1/2" x 13". Drivers quality, painted Graphite with polish. Shipping extra via FedEx ground. Overall width: 6 1/2" Inner lip: 5 1/2" Front space 2 3/8" Back space: 4 3/16" Diameter: 13" Bolt pattern is 4mm x 100mm Hub bore: 2 3/4"
  9. Looking for Tii Water Divider for Side Draft Conversion..water by-pass tube as well
  10. dalimizer

    Cosmic Wheels

    $425 shipped anyone ?
  11. dalimizer

    Cosmic Wheels

    First I must apologize. The size should have been listed as 5.5" x 6". I do see a stamp on back of wheels: 25 which I assume is the offset. Dimensions calculated are: Overall width: 6 1/2" Inner lip: 5 1/2" Front space 2 3/8" Back space: 4 3/16" Diameter: 13" Bolt pattern is 4mm x 100mm Hub bore: 2 3/4"
  12. dalimizer

    Cosmic Wheels

    No interest here ?
  13. dalimizer

    Cosmic Wheels

    13" x 5.5", 4 x 100 Cosmic wheels, Made in England. Polished and painted Graphite. Centers are not original but included. All wheels spin well. Drivers condition with some imperfections. Shipping will depend on location but expect to be around 65-85 FedEx ground.
  14. dalimizer

    Vintage 5" x 13" , 4 x 100 Libre Style Wheels

    Does anyone know for sure the application for these wheels ?