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  1. You referring the floor cover over the box or the one under the car on the outside? If it is the inside one, my owner car never was never glued, I do a visual in the box at least annually.
  2. Use Moly grease on the pin because of Moly's inherent qualities for slow moving, high load application and yes the plastic pin is not you ordinary plastic and should wear less than the brass on steel. The old pin if used with the existing steel piece has been run in already. A new one will wear in anyway.
  3. Hatech ECU, wiring looms and other stuff. https://www.haltech.com/product-category/black-friday-sale/
  4. Bleeder hose with a check valve. Snap on nipple, open nipple and pump as quickly as you want without sucking air or old fluid back into the system. Waste container does not need any fluid in it. McMaster has the teflon check valves.
  5. Public posts are a free for all on this board. I'm barely ahead of you! You were 15 years old when I bought my car. I fuel injected it with side draft throttles in 2004. The Bosch unit is nothing magical.
  6. Don't be testy. I've been around since 1943. The TPS is a simple resister with a slide for the signal voltage reading. Using whatever that fits is easier than chasing a brand. A Jeep 4.0 Throttle body is a lot easier to setup on the 318 manifold than a 325, plus it has an integral TPS and ICV. I've used a Ford throttle on an early E21 manifold because it fit and has an integral TPS. I've Have you determined the pinout? I can provide a method using a multitestor.
  7. Not much. Propeller fans do not develop much pressure rise and flow becomes erratic at much back pressure from recirculation around the blades. Modern system went to squirrel cage wheel with backward curved blades and have stable flow with rising pressure and reduced flow. Plus they are less noisy.
  8. I read the P/N from the pic and Googled it. Nothing magic about Bosch.
  9. Looks like that 313 cfm fan at full speed might blow you right outa there assuming 4 openings at 2.5 in diam. I doubt there is much back pressure. Calcs come out at nearly 26 mph each hole.
  10. I think SPAL publishes the inches of water column at which the flow is rated at and sometimes listed is output at other pressures.
  11. i will be using this. Guns have to operate in subzero weather too and a synthetic will no dry out or turn gummy.
  12. Where on the part do the cracks appear? I am guessing in the bend area and they crack because the subframe load tends to buckle to strap. It flexes back when the load is relaxed but in time it cracks in the flange area of the part.
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