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  1. Agree, It ain't on TDC compression if the valves are open, that's what will be if the cam is 180 out.
  2. Download and read what Pertronix requires for coil primary winding resistance. Too low a resistance and the high current thru the Pertronix burns out the Pertronix.
  3. Cam is not 180 deg out, distributor is though. Turn it over by hand until the TDC with the cam hub mark by the sprocket indicates both valves on no 1 cyl are closed. The remove the distributor rotor points to no 1 cyl notch in it's housing. Start the car and set the timing with a timing light.
  4. GM TBI alternated injector firing. Put a timing light on the spray with the air cleaner off and the alternating can be seen. On another note, batch firing injectors produces pulses in the fuel pressure from the large pulsing flow. FPR bounces pressure around.
  5. My post suggesting that Webcon be consulted about injector control concerns the issue that there are 2 throats and I assume each throat has it's own injector. So between fuel pulses, air with no fuel will be passing the butterfly (and is not the same as port injection where the valve is closed and no flow occurs in the runner between fuel pulses). Injector duty at engine idle will be small, leaving air flow with no fuel the remainder of cycle time. A GM TBI system had 2 injectors spraying into one throat one injector open at at time alternating. It also hit the upper side of the butterfly and was dispersed as air pulled the fuel into the intake. Grabbing devices and hoping for the best can lead to disaster.
  6. @Dudelandplease input your experience with a 2 injector TBI system
  7. Nope, semi-sequential. It has 2 injector drivers, 2 injectors paired to each driver.
  8. Suggest you find out from Webcon the control sequence for the injectors. Fuel going on a common plenum intake is different than on a port injection for the 318i that controls injectors in semi sequntial pairs in half cycle conrol. You could get lucky and it works out ok or have a bunch of stuff that won't marry.
  9. That should work. I happened to have opened a mht file this morning that I have on the hard drive of a FAQ post.
  10. Instead of $500 on a steering wheel that does nothing for car performance, I'd rather put the money to work.
  11. If as you say the car runs ok, your AFR gauge may be wonky. Car won't hardly run at 18 AFR it it runs at all.
  12. If you don't have the ECU, it won't be of much use. Requires a 0-5v ref voltage, instrument ground in addition to the two signal connections. It will read a usable pressure, but temperature at that location is more a head temperature than an oil temperature.
  13. I think 6Keuro is just the beginning with the A4s. If a person knows anything about fueling an engine, he can set up an EFI.
  14. The filter is the non-metric filter that was used from about 1953 to early 1990s until Ford and others began building "metric" engines. Dodge used the same one and it's base and 0-ring are the same as the M10 filter (3/4"-16 threads). It is known as the "Long Ford" filter. There is a "short Ford" as well and was used the same series of engines in chasis that didn't have room. There is another that is smaller in diameter but has the same 0-ring/threads. I have been using that series in the Amsoil filter for the last 20 years or so.
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