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  1. Is the firewall where it belongs and not closer to the rear bumper than when it came off the assembly line?
  2. I kinda remember it going away some time ago.
  3. Ed, The pics you send were upside down also. The phone is playing tricks!
  4. That doesn't mean you are necessarily on the compression stroke of No 1 cyl. Looks like from the results, if the distr hasn't been removed, look at where the rotor is pointing. At the notch in the distr housing?
  5. Was at Hagerty sponsored open house in Colo. Sprgs. today. First drive for this car since restoration. Everything about it was first class. 1938. I loved those door handles, Bet you don't have to slam the doors on this one.
  6. If you are going to remove the shifter to work on it, the driver's side bolt hole in the trans is drilled thru and will leak. Apply thread sealant to stop the leak..
  7. If you think you need a towing hook, google it. There are bunches of aftermarket hooks.
  8. The lower most bolt on the transmission bell housing to engine runs thru this bracket. My 71 block/trans had it and when I built an engine from a 76, I used the bracket. I also use it now on the S14/245 trans bolting. The S14 block has the 2 threaded holes in the block for attaching the bracket.
  9. err, On a towing operation, isn't the hook on the chain or strap and the loop on the car?? They look like towing loops to me.
  10. That's how you tell, by where the alignment dowels are located. If the pressure plate fits you have the correct size The size is stamped on the pressure plate housing.
  11. Lots of "he men" out there that don't know when to quit.
  12. Clean the ball check in the tensioner
  13. Did you mean 0.010 inch? That's what 0.25 mm comes out at rounded to the nearest thousandth.
  14. Only 20-25 years earlier design experience on the head between the S14 head and the M10 head. Water circulation path within the head is quite different out the side not the front. It's also interesting to note that BMW's current water flow/control scheme on the B58 engine (and may be on others, B48, etc) the water circuit is as on the 2002, although instead of a wax pellet thermostat, a ECU controlled ball valve is there not a variable speed water pump scheme.
  15. Trenching machine demonstration at eh Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion

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