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  1. It does. It's under the File drop down. I exported the sample log file, but the files attached to this thread won't load for me, so I can't export them.
  2. Some info for carbies http://4secondsflat.com/Spark_plug_reading.html
  3. Lost ground on gauge, gauge goes to top, just like a temp gauge goes to top on lost ground. An electrical engineer explained it to me in 1973 when my gauges went to the top.
  4. Holly software installation did not create a folder called Saved Datalogs. The message I get in the Holley software when attempting to open the datalog is: "an unnamed file contains an unnamed path" and on the 033 file reports "The system log is not the current version". Updating that file doesn't work either. Says failed. The Holley included datalog opens ok, but none of those from the above post.
  5. 1. Too bad Holley doesn't have a generic datalog viewer instead of having to install the whole set of files. 2. Datalogs are in proprietary format. 3. Can't load files made by someone else that have been saved in a non-Holley designated folder. They won't load unless they are in a folder by the same name as original.
  6. And this was repeated over how many consecutive tank fills did you say? One tank is not believable. Three in a row, maybe.
  7. Swap into a std car per OP. Includes injection system, manifolds, etc.??? or converted to carb??
  8. Just when I thought I had found the ultimate way to waste money, the plug gapping tool tops it.
  9. Clutch slave is mounted upside down on this one too.
  10. The thermostat is located at the INLET to the engine and maintains a constant coolant temperature to the engine (in theory). The temperature sensor is located at the OUTLET from the engine. The harder the engine works, the coolant heats more as it passes thru the engine. Go figure why gauge is reads hotter highway running. Air will work it's way to the radiator if there is any. Don't think you have an air problem.
  11. With all the hoopla about mine is better than yours, I thought I'd do a check. Good for another 5K
  12. He forgot to define his test, the "One armed bandit" or a SAE approved test method.
  13. Too long ago, it was 2006 when I calibrated. What I do remember is that there is quite a bit of sensitivity. Nudge it only.
  14. And re-align the diff so the pinion is the same angle as the engine/trans shaft centerline. Look up what a double u-joint shaft requires for alignment.(double Cardan shaft in Wikipedia) unluss you don't mind driveshaft rumble.
  15. If you are brave to have the tach in parts, with the needle moving around and wired so it still gets the signal and power/ground.
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