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  1. Ge Whiz and thank you, I found a guy that understands, beyond plug N play, machine alignment
  2. Without engine vacuum the fuel return valve will divert fuel to the tank. On dry start there may not be enough engine vacuum to put fuel in a dry carb to get a start. Manually fill the carb bowl to have the engine start. From then on there will be enough fuel in the bowl to allow a start until there is enough vacuum to direct fuel from the fuel return valve to the carb.
  3. I'd bet that it does matter. The rotor's position relative to the post in the cap changes with the firing advance. The software/firmware would need to know the rotation is opposite or the rotor position on full advance would be way in the wrong direction. No one here has discussed where the rotor position really is at TDC so it may be compensated for the advance for the rotation that the distr is made for (i.e. is it after the post so with advance it is not too far away ahead of the post or is it right on the post and moves away in the direction of advance).
  4. +1 AC when on needs cooling even if the radiator doesn't.
  5. Also having coolant circulating thru the engine during warmup, warms the entire engine evenly. If there is no flow then some areas could be hot when other areas are cold.
  6. You do chip burns (unless you have the Moates set up). It's a long, long road to a good tune.
  7. No one way to do it. There are at least a half dozen methods. Since I have already done a full synchronous system, ITBs and single throttle body, if I were to drop the M10 back in it would be with MAF load control not TPS (Alpha-N) nor MAP. COPs on the M10 are too messy to mount.
  8. You have experienced what can happen even with a tire change with the parking brake set when the screw that I seem to see is missing. That stops the drum from rotating on the hub. With the lug bolts not studs like the 02 has, the screw is necessary.
  9. I don't think I could get any usable advice here for it, so you never see questions from me for it.
  10. If this is OT and NON-02 why isn't this thread in the OT????????????
  11. Copper seal washer rings get hard when they are squeezed (work hardening). Heated to a cherry red then air cooled, they become dead soft again. This it the std procedures for the copper head gaskets on the old Triumph motorcycles.
  12. I don't see the diode in this discussion. Without one (if the relay doesn't have one internal), the thermo switch gets a big electrical spike when the relay opens. Switch works for a while then burns out.
  13. the one that lines up with the AC compressor pulley.. Can't run with a misaligned belt.

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