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  1. Five speed OD trans have the fill on the passenger's side. I access my fill from a different location.
  2. What brand of tire shine did you use. I have a hose like that with the clamp marks too. I'd like to shine it up for a quick sale.
  3. Did you get a sale @MikeinNC ?
  4. It's better than death by fire. I've been preaching this since 2006 on this board. The vent line hasn't been used since 2004, It's abandoned in place.
  5. I thought it is a steering wheel discussion.
  6. Read the mfr's requirements for bung placement and where there is room, on the downpipe not the exhaust pipe, it get replaced in time.
  7. Yes, C3 is radial play. If the play is axial, and the nut is tight, then need to confirm the shim is the right size. Note the spec axial play is .004 inches in the outer race/shim stack dims per Haynes. Bearings alone should have no axial outer to inner race play
  8. A little research says it's the ball clearance (i.e. looser than standard).
  9. In the first video, there is a lot of crankng. Wouldn't it be easier to pour oil in the oil galley opening by the head bolt and let it fill the other galley and pump? He hand turned the engine over dry as many times as the starter would have in the chasis. So I am amused by this extra effort
  10. Applying the above logic to the distributor then, a 123 distributor should not be used because the shop manual does not recognize those modern things.
  11. Please explain why any grease is needed around the spacer if sealed bearings are used. Seems like the grease around the spacer with open bearings is just to keep grease in the bearings. Sealed bearings have their own grease held in by the bearing seals. Grease might only be needed between the bearing and the housing seals which are still needed to keep water out of the housing.
  12. Be careful what you buy. The rear wheel bearings are a deep groove bearing to handle the side thrust when turning at speed. Bearing dimensions are accurate and would not affect the shim. 123Bearing has been selling deep groove sealed bearings for rear bearings on cars that used grease way back when to get rid of the greasing.
  13. The main contactor that powers the cranking motor is in the solenoid. It is a big copper disc. The disc bangs against two contacts in the head of the solenoid housing, One contact is directly behind the battery cable lug and the other is behind the lug where the stranded copper cranking motor lead is bolted to. When power is applied from the ignition switch in start position to the small terminal on the solenoid, the solenoid armature is pulled towards these two big contacts inside the solenoid and at the same time as the pinion gear is shoved into the flywheel. When the disc closes the circuit (it's actually a big power switch) the motor begins to turn. In time the contacts in the solenoid get burned from the arcing when the contacts open and close when the starter is used.. Pull the solenoid apart and rotate the big disc contactor to fresh points on the disc. The starter motor may turn on the bench but not transmit enough current to crank the engine if the contacts are frazzled.
  14. The bushes might be hiding it. The streetpeep photo was in the driveway on the house side of the pole. The google pic looks like a from the road shot.
  15. No, the axle hub, inner race of both bearings and the long spacer are pinched together when the nut is tightened. The bearing balls are not loaded by the nut. The other large spacer sets the outer races. If the nut was loose, it would be a good idea to pull off the hub and examine the splines in the hub and on the axle to see they haven't been worn by running with the nut loose.
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