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  1. It will be around $500-600 for the pedal and the motorized operator. Lokar makes both.
  2. Not to bring down the tiis, but they have a few nice things brought over from the 02s.
  3. It's the defacto standard. If you don't own one, you are inferior. But notice tii owners don't go out when it rains for fear of water getting up the nose.
  4. What's the rest of the info in the flag box? "sensor for phase detection on a ...." what, ITB engine single throat monitoring? I think a map sensor could only be used where the intake pressure is extremely lumpy and the software is counting the lumps for cycle reset signal.
  5. How do you keep the cats from crawling on the dash and taking a dump?
  6. If the paint is shinny that's all that matters, right?
  7. @Stu lift the carpet and dry the floor area. There are ribs embossed in the floorpan that could have water in them and you wouldn't want to have the floor rust out.
  8. Might as well add my 02 cents. TSB DT-2008-03-25 Thermal Runaway.pdf
  9. Your ecu doesn't have "enleanment" function for open to closed throttle.
  10. If it isn't necessary, then why would BMW spend the money on all that glue?
  11. Looks like the head bolt holes still have the oil in them. Remove the oil or you may be shopping for a new block too after the headbolts split the block.
  12. I have had good experiences with Colorado Automotive Machine located on W. Union just west of Sante Fe. Terry is a one man shop and knows the M10. He has done work on two engines for me and I know first hand for another person who I referred to him.

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