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  1. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    Should be zero or very very close to it on a power wire!
  2. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    Easier way, no long lead. Pull the fuse and wire at the pump. Check for continuity to ground at either end. A short will show. No short, go pump shopping.
  3. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    To check fuel, route the return from the fuel pressure regulator to a container with a hose, power the pump and the flow should be about 2 liters per minute if you have the correct pump. Engine fuel use is close to 1 liter per minute on the stock 2.3L engine at WOT 7K rpm. Need allowance for filter clogging with attendant flow loss. My engine consumes 160 gms air / min at those conditions and 97 kPa barometric, figure fuel volume consumption for sizing purposes at 12.5: A/F ratio and 737 gms fuel / liter.
  4. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    I have nearly 20k miles since 2013 install with Haltech Elite, LS1 ignition coils, sequential fuel and ignition. No stoppages.
  5. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    Probably 5 bar at shut off head with zero flow. Need to know what the pressure is at system rated flow to make any sense of it.
  6. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    Dave, Did the PO put in a booster pump. Tii is on;y 2 bar and won't run the S14 very well if at all. Time to get that trigger wheel in.
  7. jimk

    S14 remote oil filter

    I attack the filter can at the opposite end making a light saw cut, but stop before cutting thru. Jam a flat blade screwdriver in the saw kerf and twist will open a hole large enough to use an aviation snips to cur the end off. With little care, there won't be any can chips inside.
  8. jimk

    S14 remote oil filter

    Anything captured decreases the "open area" and increases the pressure drop. Gotta have enough open area to allow cold oil to pass without the bypass valve opening (unless it accepted to have unfiltered oil thru to the engine). Realize the micron rating for filters is smaller than the naked eye can detect. Naked eye limit - 40 micron, filter rating 25 micron (some are 15 micron)
  9. jimk

    S14 remote oil filter

    I left that up to the student.
  10. Understood, but the what I said about the fuel capacity limit is there. Both control the volume of injection by the rotary valve/rack concept.
  11. jimk

    S14 remote oil filter

    But how is it on filter surface area. Area is not directly proportional to the overall length difference. A greater percentage of filter area is lost than the percentage change of overall housing length. Cut the stock on and this one apart and compare. Loss of area is loss of foreign material holding capacity.
  12. Fuel capacity of the fuel plunger valve and stroke will be the limit if not tossed an an electronically controlled valve replaces it. The KF pump is simply an adaptation of Robert Bosch diesel injection pumps of the early 1950s design.
  13. jimk

    S14 remote oil filter

    The filter I use with the M10 head is listed at 4.8xx inches long and I can get a band type filter wrench between it and the steering sector.
  14. jimk

    Low compression band-aids?

    Eventually it will need some rings.
  15. Too bad it's a 6 cylinder or the Tii owners here would be in line to buy!