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  1. Anyone have a photo of this bracket, either loose or installed?
  2. I have a complete shifter linkage, platform, good tunnel cushion, brace. Top chorme section of the handle is not with it, it's on my currently installed shifter. You need to supply the transmission mounts and bolts.
  3. You may want to reuse the end ring and cap so it fits correctly, else the screen does no good. Customers may have to send their bits for cores.
  4. 320is LSD pumpkin. In good condition. Removed to convert the diff to a Quaife pumpkin. Original miles unknown. I rescued the diff from a salvage yard in 2006 and used it in my 02 in street service (no tracking) since. Breakaway torque has not been measured and friction elements could use replacement. Buyer will need to remove the bearings. I used the wire output shaft retention spring clips in my Quaife build and buyer will need to supply his own. Shipping is not included and unit weight is approx 12lbs from 80231. Sorry, I won't ship international.
  5. You should sketch the path of oil to the rod bearings. Out of the pump, up the main vertical galley. to the engine horizontal galley then to some side ducts to the main bearings, then into the crank thru the main bearings, then finally to the rod bearings that have been spinning at probably 1000-1200 rpm for the 3 seconds. Oil technology development has strived to produced oils that have a high VI and flow good when cold, and users go out of their way to avoid them for the old technology.
  6. How are your rod bearings doing for that 3 seconds? They aren't getting much oil.
  7. @Vicleonardo1 has it right about racing oils. They are formulated for the track and are short on certain elements for occasional or daily use like rust inhibitors. These cars are often stored for the winter months when moisture raises hell. For a classic flat tappet engine get one made for it: https://www.amsoil.com/p/z-rod-20w-50-synthetic-motor-oil-zrf/?=36101 or https://www.amsoil.com/p/z-rod-10w-40-synthetic-motor-oil-zrd/?=36101
  8. The only time I believe 'zero' is when the drained oil volume is measured and compared against the volume originally filled. I've yet to see any results, so to me 'zero' is an unproven number. To add -- Andrew does have a good engine with no noticeable oil usage.
  9. Ok, I looked at my photos of my block.
  10. Welded a plate in the cut out. Attache are pre and post mods in the car.
  11. What is the bolting boss outside of the pan flange on the lower left of the block?
  12. Took a bit off the lower rear side. Rub from booster can be seen on the piece. I would rather have the engine mounted solidly and also to not hit the hood. I'm not interested in chasing a Tii booster and the brake line fiasco that ensues.
  13. That's not what I meant, but no matter if you have it fixed.
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