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  1. jimk

    trailing arm bushings

    Be a hero and come up with something better. If you can't then struggle along.
  2. jimk

    Time for a Pro? or do I go?

    As I said in the general discussion post, the injectors are a ways away from the cylinder. When it goes into decel fuel cut off, he entire intake system goes dry. When it's time to resume fueling, there isn't much air flow with the throttle closed. The 200rpm above desired idle rpm doesn't give enough time for some fuel to make it to the cylinders. Increase the rpm to resume fuel by about 400-500 rpm and the idle should not droop. I don't know if there is a delay in the O2 feedback, but if none the correction on fuel resume doesn't know what to do. My system adds extra fuel on resume fueling to avoid the problem. The wideband reading is also ignored while enrichments are in effect to stop the overcorrection.
  3. The thermocouples fed into my ECU thru the CAN hub and I logged the values.
  4. jimk

    320i shift platform

    My install. There is a big rubber mount that fits into the platform and rests on the bracket half. In the pdf diagram, I didn't use pc 16 & 17 (didn't get it from the donor car), just made a bracket from a strap. 320i Shifter Diagram.pdf
  5. jimk

    320i shift platform

    Yes, that's what I have done and attached the rear of it to the tunnel using the E21 rubber mount. So no worries about rubbing the guibo and it doesn't jiggle as much from engine/trans moving around. Mark the new front mounting holes and drill before cutting, save some grief.
  6. jimk

    My baby loves being rich.

    The more you drive it, the better the tune will become. The correction map will go almost to zero changes (until you decide to change something in the air/exhaust system, then it will fix things again)
  7. On the S14 header, what was the original use for the factory ports at each port. I made a feeble attempt at inserting Haltech exhaust thermocouples in those ports, but the thermocouple probes have a 90 deg bend with a straight section to the thermocouple. The probes could not extend far enough into 2 of the header pipes to get proper readings. So I kissed it off as an experiment and have an EGT kit paperweight on the bench. I is supposed to have weld on bungs that use Swagelok fittings, but I didn't want to pursue it.
  8. Do the spark plugs also indicate the same rich/lean?
  9. I have been vindicated! Someone else thinks the head won't vent either. I also can't figure out why the E21 fitting in the hose to the radiator is mounted so low and not up near radiator nozzle with the small side tap to the side so air enters easier. Get some radiator hoses that let the fitting be placed in a better location. But on another possible thingy. Is the S14 water pump being used? Some install an M10 pump. It's impeller diameter is smaller and will not develop as much pressure head. Had to be a cooling reason BMW selected a bigger pump (besides the S14 pump has more robust bearings).
  10. Worked on Oahu from '67 to '74 and thru sugar company friends, stayed in the plantation manager property guest house on Maui. That's when sugar was still around. Flew inter island with my dog in a card board box sitting in the isle. Shipped my 02 from Hamburg to Honolulu after 3500 mi vacation in Europe. Shipped it again to the west coast in 74 and now have it in Denver. Mike Self's article in the 2011 July issue of the Roundel has the story of it's travels.
  11. jimk

    Brake reservoir wires

    The brown uninsulated terminal is a ground. Blue needs more research.
  12. It must be because a ridiculous amount of money for a red tip won't make the car go faster.
  13. jimk

    1 Series-2002, discuss.

    When looking at the modern VW bug to the older bug design, I don't see where his custom shape is that bad. A lot of detail in the Roundel article about what the builder is up to.
  14. jimk

    My baby loves being rich.

    Everybody else's system is tuned that way. You are doing good. The hot idle should be where you want it without much if any help from the IAC. IAC is there for cold engine/oil condition idle speed control. On the subject of your idle A/F - if you have the capability to disable (turn off) the O2 correction loop at idle speed (just above idle) and tune for best idle smoothness, it may help. What usually happens is the A/F feedback control loop is fast and the injector gets a command to change the fuel amount. At idle it takes time for the changed fuel amount to make it's way to the cylinder, be combusted and the gas to reach the O2 sensor. The time for the sensor to see the change is longer where the injector is farther from the intake port as with the Holley on the long runner manifold. So the control loop might be making more correction before the first change is sensed. This delay and over reaction of the control loop happens at idle when very little air is used. At higher loads all can be fine. I'd say to give it a try, you can always revert to O2 control at idle. Also some systems allow the PID control or sample rate time to be changed at low speeds to slow down the control loop response time.
  15. The OP said he has a S14 (about $470 new) pulley/dampener to use.