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  1. Few quick updates. Holding off deconstructing the original engine in favor of switching the whole intake and carb system over to 38/38. Was able to source a new Cannon intake for a reasonable price, and just picked up the new 38/38 from IE earlier today. IE jetted the carb to what I *think* is in the motor now (should be stock cam and pistons for a 75), but will throw that on there and see where that puts things. While the coolant is out, going to re-adjust that annoying heater valve. The engine rebuild can wait a little while, I want to see how this changes / improves response and drivability. Oh, also, bought a set of E21 Recaros. Will need a little bit of love but really looking forward to getting those in the car. So that's about it, for the time being. Figuring these are all things I want to do anyway, and if I end up having to rebuild the engine, I'll want to do that around the 38/38 rather than the DCOEs. Seats are another matter altogether - that was more of an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I did have the pleasure of spending about 30 min on the phone with Jeff Ireland last week, talking carbs and heads, pistons, etc., completely unplanned and in between my meetings on zoom. Very generous of him to spend his time talking me through a few pointers on my project!
  2. Didn’t realize, this one is right down the freeway from me. FWIW.
  3. Such a great car, and well done - I love the fact this isn't done to the nines and super perfect. Whoever buys this will get a great driver, lots and lots of documentation, and a healthy dose of good 02 karma!
  4. Looks like a fun driver, but it looks like this is a standard '02 with a tii engine. Still fun!
  5. Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes, the bar eats you.
  6. Good working condition 002 tii distributor and Crane XR-700 ignition! Went back to points on my original vacuum distributor, don't need this one now. This setup worked coming out of the car, no problems. Ready to ship. $175 plus the ride!
  7. Ronald Reagan?! The actor?! And I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady!?
  8. Getting started, making a little progress. Finally managed to get the oil pan off, then removed the oil pump, lower timing cover, tensioners, and timing chain. Looking to pick up a hoist this week to get at the flywheel end of the block, to pull that off. Was left with this: Oil pan and lower timing cover ready for degreasing. There's a ding in the oil pan, so that may not be worth keeping, although it's original to the car so may just clean it up and see how bad it is. Original oil pump, chain, shims and assorted bolts. I'm going to degrease this and check the clearances on the rotors per the Haynes manual. I'm tempted to reuse this if it works fine, since a new one is at least $300 for the E21 version (assuming the pickup is good). This pin looks bent, compared to what it should look like. I thought this was supposed to be straight but the bend in it looks pretty...deliberate? I'll definitely open this up and potentially replace the oil pressure relief innards, and look for a replacement on this assuming the clearances check out.
  9. Alrighty...picking up an engine hoist later today, and have started bagging and tagging items from the original numbers-matching block. I did a dry (but warm) compression check on engine in the car, and all cylinders were in the 80 range, which seems really low and could be attributed to a very old compression gauge that I inherited from a family member. Might be worthwhile to either rent or buy a leakdown tester and gauge, but it may not be as important since I'm starting to build up another motor anyway. Getting more coolant tracks down the block from the head as well, between cylinders 2 and 3. Never done this before, lots of questions, but the general plan is to consider both the top and bottom ends with the machine shop, do the bottom end first, pull the E21 head off the current motor and have that refreshed with a bit of cam, then mate up the two. Of course that may change as we go, but that seems to make the most sense for now. At the moment, the block is on the stand upside down, pulling the oil pan and front lower timing cover off and will continue with the disassembly and degreasing before taking it over to the machine shop.
  10. Not much to report on the 02 front these days, just lots of driving and enjoying the car. I’ve found a new road or two over the mountains near home, which I’ve gone out a few times, so that’s been great. Driving it to work and back here and there. You know, like a normal car. I’m selling the E30, which is bittersweet. There’s no pressing need to, but with all the uncertainty going around, I was able to get a good price for a solid, reliable driver 318is. I also don’t want to let it sit and will be awesome to get my driveway back. I’m going through smog hell with it right now, hoping it doesn’t need a new cat (even though it probably needs a new cat). Buyer is up north and being patient for now. Plus, it’ll let me focus in on the 02 and the FZJ80.
  11. Fire related road closures in Angeles National Forest, took a picture and headed home. Stay safe all!
  12. COVID / fire / apolcalypse drive cut short today. Can’t get into the Angeles National Forest at all. Got a few cool pictures but it is extremely gross out right now. Good news is, got a red center taillight to replace the yellow one that was on the passenger side, so it matches now. Stay safe and cool all!
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