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  1. WOW... just wow. How scary. Thanks for the heads up!! I will be peening that fitting in next time I’m in the garage, and then wiring the inlet / outlet clamps together when I’m finishing out the carbs to keep it belt and suspenders safe. The whole carb setup is coming out for cleaning and hopefully replacement of the 18 carb with a 2. No excuses, that should never happen under any circumstance, but I do wonder why that happens. Does it just work its way loose, or could it pop off if it builds up too much back pressure between the carb and the fitting?
  2. I just swapped out an electric Pierburg (7.21440.51.0) for a mechanical one. Both low pressure, high flow. The electric one is great, much quieter than the piezo ticker the car came with, I just prefer the look and operation of the mechanical one. I think we need 2.5-4 psi tops on sidedrafts and both of these deliver on that requirement. Happy to sell you the electric one, if interested. It’s literally 2 weeks old, drove maybe 100 miles on it.
  3. Happy to help. I went down this road about 3 years ago, with my E30. In a lot of ways, it was painful, difficult, trying, expensive, and totally worth it. Daily driving the E30 forced me to get good and comfortable doing my own wrenching. I had never done an oil change 2 years ago, and just finished a transmission, rear subframe, and drivetrain refresh on the 02 last week. Also check out r3vlimited.com, if you haven’t already, for a great E30 community. Different than FAQ but still good.
  4. Lots of good advice here, on buying and locating and how much to spend and all of that. Totally true. I would also be very clear about your goal for the car. If you want to daily a 50 year old car, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it will cost money and time and will break your heart and your wallet at the same time. Ask yourself, especially if you’ve never done this before, if that’s ok. And I don’t mean, like, yeah it’s fine whatever I’m good I just want an 02 to daily. I mean, like, it’s -10 out and the car won’t start and you are late to a meeting and there ain’t no way she’s taking you to work AGAIN because then SHE’S late and the kids are late and all because yadda yadda yadda. However, if your goal is to drive a cool car every day, and to only have ONE car that gets you around and tootle around with on the weekend, it’s going to cost you $ up front to get something reliable enough to get you to work and back. Every. Single. Day. Think of it this way, even a really good 02 will cost $30k up front, which would get you a Camry these days. I know what I’d drive, if I had the choice. I daily’d the E30 318is for about a year, after buying it for $8.5K and putting another $10K into it. Car is awesome, but I like it too much to daily. Which sounds weird, and I never thought I’d be one of those guys who just doesn’t want to drive it too much. For me, though, it’s more like I like it so much I don’t want to waste the miles on the odo sitting in traffic on the 5 back and forth to work every day, I’d rather have those miles putting a smile on my face blasting out the 2. Bottom line - it’s your money and time and effort and all of that stuff. Do it for the right reasons for YOU and remember the nasty surprises that come along just turn into more awesome stories for later.
  5. Ok, the routing of the fuel lines is a janky mess and will change once I get some new fuel inlet tees for the carbs, but this is very exciting to get the car running on a mechanical pump for the first time in ??? This is the higher flow, lower pressure Pierburg pump that has the 5/16 inch inlet and outlet, I think originally for the E9 (could be wrong on that). Looks awesome and now can be free of the electric whirring in the trunk. Next is to get another 40 DCOE 2 and read up on jets and venturis and all the technical goodness that is a dual Weber setup.
  6. Bought and installed the last piece of trim on the drivers side trunk, so that part of the car is complete. The guy I bought them from had a whole yard full of used 02 parts, which was cool to see and know is there. Looks pretty good, will put a snap up later. Also bought some pin-type jack stands to replace the HF stands that I took back yesterday, need another two at some point. True to form, started tinkering again today. Have been meaning to get timing right, so pulled out the ol’ Sears Roebuck strobe timing light, fired up the car and stuck it down on the window in the bell housing. No ball bearing, so loosened up the distributor pinch bolt, had my son get in the car and rev it up to 2k, and then adjusted the distributor. The ball bearing popped right into view, so snugged it all down and let my son enjoy knowing he helped out dear old dad on the project car. Next was idle adjustments. I’m really new to Webers, and need to buy a good book on the subject. But, I had no idea how long it’d been since the jets were cleaned, so turned off the car and got down to cleaning. Finished that up, then bottomed out the idle needle valves and then brought them back up by 1.5 turns. Turned on the car, it was fine but a little high. Tried adjusting the throttle linkage, which made it sort of better but then sort of worse. The idle doesn’t stay in one spot - seems like it’s either at 900 rpm, 1500 rpm, or just dies. The butterfly valves feel a little sticky at full close, so I’m wondering if they’re dirty inside or if that pivot pin is dirty or the bearings are dirty. Not sure but need that book. So while doing the research on the FAQ, found that it’s likely that the carbs aren’t matched. I have a 40 DCOE 2, and a 40 DCOE 18 - according to the research I need 2 of the Tipo 2s, with a whole recipe book of venturis and jets. If I can swap the 18 for another 2, then replace all the parts to match up along with figuring out how to synchronize them, my guess is it’ll run a lot better. All good, but now I need to source some parts. Because... I like a good project
  7. Returned 2 sets today, got a gift card for later. Will not be buying new ones from them, will be seeking pin-type stands when I can find them. But, have to admit, when the recall came out I had the car up on 4 of these things in the middle of a transmission / driveshaft / rear subframe job. Finished by leaving it on the stands and being very deliberate about placement of my floor jack and any loose tires. And praying, a lot.
  8. Inspired by @ray_, decided to attack my paint today and see where things go. Step one is to watch a bunch of YouTube videos late at night watching ppl take all kinds of interesting things to their rusty cars. Decide that CLR is a bridge too far, go get some Comet and green Scotchbrite pads from the hardware store. Also, some boiled linseed oil. This ought to be interesting. Took some photos along the way. Before, front shot, note the brush and plastic spatula thingy kit to scrape off flaking paint. There’s still a TON on the roof but this seemed a good thing to do out in the street.... Before, from the back: Roof, post scrape / brush treatment: Give it a wash. Never actually washed this car before. Careful to try and miss the windows, to keep water inside to a minimum: From the front: Post scrub with Comet and a green scotchbrite - this was one of the weirder things I’ve ever done to a car, but needed to get a bunch of the crud off: Roof shot, post scrub, windows look like hell but went at them with some Sprayway later: After coating with the boiled linseed oil, on the left / passenger side and pre-linseed oil on the right / driver’s side. This goes on with some sheen, then taking another dry microfiber cloth you wipe off the excess. And after finishing the hood and roof with linseed oil, the rest of the car with some Griots Garage Best in Show. Not the best for this paint but it was all I had: Front shot after the linseed oil had a chance to seep in a bit. Looks alright: Rear general view after using some of the Griots Garage on the back and Blue Magic metal cleaner on the bumper / chrome trim: All in, it looks somewhat better than it did before, and got a bunch of the dead, flaky paint off the car and all the dirt that had accumulated over the years. Not sure where to go from here, but going to live with this for a while and see how I like it. First step on a long road to deciding when / if to paint. Buying the last piece of missing trim on the driver’s side trunk tomorrow, which will at least make it look complete!
  9. Thanks - running 195/65 14 on the 02. I literally pulled them down from the rafters and threw them on the 02, because the 13s it came with had dead tires. They aren’t perfect and overstate speed by about 10% or so (I think, but I don’t drive slow, either). I have a bend in the front air dam on the driver’s side, and when I turn right full lock they rub on the bottom part where it’s bent. I’m also running 5mm spacers on the front, which I probably don’t need but thought they would help with the rubbing in the front (it didn’t, I should just take them off). I will probably replace the tires with 60s or lower. My main goal with this car is handling in the canyons, and I got some awesome results lowering the 318is with H&R OE Sports, 15” Euroweaves on 205/50 Direzzas and a 325iX 14.5mm rear sway. None of that has much to do with the E21 wheels, other than I should reconsider keeping them and getting some new tires.
  10. Total compliment! I am still diggin the rat rod canyon carver look on the ‘02! My wife asks, “what are you doing to the car THIS weekend?” Oh, not much, alignment, maybe some tinkering in the garage, I’m out of parts... (checks IE for Memorial Day sales)
  11. More quarantine drives out the 2 to Newcomb’s. All good except almost losing one of my hubcaps on the road, luckily I heard it come off and go bouncing across the road into the dirt. Stopped, picked it up, it’s missing the BMW roundel in the middle but was glad to save it. Those things are $$$ these days. Alignment is spot on now, but steering wheel is just a touch off, will fix tomorrow. Redid my valve clearances the right way this time. Unhappy with the electric fuel pump for no good reason other than I hate the noise and don’t want to deal with putting in a kill relay, am going to swap that out at some point. How awesome to blast out the backroads for two hours with little to no traffic! Looking forward to a relaxing long weekend.
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