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  1. 2.5 liter is not/was never an M3 engine. The US market M3's (E36 chassis) received a 3.2L S52 engine. Euro and early NA (Canadian) received 3.0L S50 engine (later the 3.2L S50). This looks like the standard 2.5L commuter plant.
  2. Seems there is enough "non-original" about this car that a PPI would be imperative - especially at the asking price.
  3. I just learned that a friend of a friend bought this car. Glad to see that it stayed in the area (southeast Wisconsin). I do not know the final sale price. But it is a keen lesson for me to keep a closer eye on the classifieds!!!
  4. Wow - this one went fast. This is about an hour from me, and I would have darted right over there to see it. But I didn't see this until this morning and the listing is already down. Maybe the next one...
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