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  1. Car and paint looks good. The upholstery is not to my taste. Seems it would be better in a ‘57 Chevy.
  2. No, that is a Stone Gray ‘76. It’s mine. I can tell by the way it smokes.
  3. until

    A great time. First time driving in a Hare and Hound rally. What a blast. Great people, great venue, great roads.
  4. darrinm1

    It Begins

    Good work. Once you get it to where you want it, the car will be priceless. Enjoy the journey.
  5. I have just recently bought a used 2011 Cooper S hardtop. A great car when not piloting the '02. I bet if there was a survey of past and current '02 owners who drive a Mini today, you would find a high proportion. Great car, I still have issue with the torque steer. Too bad it is not rear wheel drive. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I would be there in a heartbeat. I have family coming in from Atlanta this weekend. I hope everyone has fun. Have a beer for me. MidAmerica was a blast, as always. '02 people are the best!
  7. I would like to personally thank everyone this year. As George Zimmerman said, "this is the only place I feel normal." I really agree with that statement. It is good to be around likeminded people when it comes to our cars and their technology, or lack there of. I have also noticed while traveling that we are the ambassadors of our club and cars. I am proud to represent all that is '02 because I am in such good company. Thank you All!
  8. Hey Ed, while being the point man man can be stressful, I feel that my participation is my way of giving back to you guys who support me with the wealth and knowledge I don't have. It is a two way street.
  9. Alright everyone. Are we all set for the AM caravan? What is our headcount in Buffalo at 9:00? Darrin Ed Brandon and Renee JP Steven Le Tran? Anyone else? So many questions....I know.
  10. Steven, That is a good idea to meet at the Exxon. Ed will need to fill up, I am sure. The route is a good start and a pretty good mix of two lane rural and fast highway. Darrin
  11. Last year we met up with JP in Buffalo at about 9:00. We arrived in Paris about 12:00 from what I recall. I planned to meet Ed and Brandon in Hearne, but the turns got mixed up and we met in Buffalo. It all worked out.
  12. Since the 123 was introduced to the FAQ a few years ago, it seems that there are many discussions floating around without any central clearinghouse. I participated in this discussion And this one. You can do a search. But it is a bit overwhelming.
  13. Done! Thanks for your commitment. This is the least I can do.
  14. Ed, Those door gaps need to be adjusted. Is that a rust bubble I see on the rocker? Can't show a car without a nit-to-pick. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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