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  1. darrinm1

    Always wanted an e28...

    I love the mud flaps. Beautiful find.
  2. darrinm1

    1970 BMW 2002 project car

    Right in my backyard.
  3. Let us see some pictures. Sounds nice.
  4. I have a 2011 MINI Cooper S and wondered the same thing. I love the seats in the MINI. They are height adjustable, but I have yet to see any tan colored ones.
  5. darrinm1

    Sammy Hagar! - July 10, 2018

    No, that is a Stone Gray ‘76. It’s mine. I can tell by the way it smokes.
  6. darrinm1

    2002 Beauty Shots

    It is a great car. Very loved by the previous owner.
  7. I love Tungsten, Nevada! I grew up in Reno and drove my '02 all over Northern Nevada.
  8. Looking forward to yet another great MidAmerica event!
  9. darrinm1

    Cross Country Trip tool bag

    I have not heard the name Aquapel in forever. I was a fan boy when I lived in Corvallis 2000-2005. Works so much better than Rain-X. I had totally forgot about that product until now. I have not seen it in any of the local parts stores here in Texas. Might be worth an Amazon trip. Darrin
  10. darrinm1

    Tii's gone to tii grave.

    Hey...those seats look better than mine do.
  11. darrinm1

    Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    Congratulations Steven. See you next year with your new copilot.
  12. darrinm1

    Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    After a text discussion with the famous JP Lips, the two of us decided to meet in Madisonville at 8:00 am Thursday morning. No location decided. I am going to suggest Buc-ee’s right off I-45. Clean bathrooms and cheap gas. Obviously, anyone is welcome to join us in the two car caravan.
  13. darrinm1


    Be strong. You got this!