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  1. At the very end is a very odd car. I looked at my photos from the event and I did not get any other information. It looks like it could be a Glas bodied car with a V8. Info on the window. Any one know about those cars?
  2. Chehalis, Washington. May 18, 2002. I was able to pull this from my VHS and old camera. We were living in Corvallis, Oregon at the time and this was by far the largest number of '02s I had ever seen. Such a great event.The Famous David Lumbra from '2002 Restorations in Eugene, Oregon had two beautiful cars on the lawn. Great memories!! May 18 2002festwest.mp4
  3. Car and paint looks good. The upholstery is not to my taste. Seems it would be better in a ‘57 Chevy.
  4. Just in time to get it together for MidAmerica. Make sure Tori has a good milk crate to sit on. 🙃
  5. Hey Barrett, Did you already haul off the car? how is the wiper motor? I would like to checkout the motor and linkage. Darrin
  6. I plan on a Thursday departure as well. Head up 45 and on over to Paris. My car currently looks like a salvage yard special, but it is more about the people than my ego.
  7. I love the mud flaps. Beautiful find.
  8. I have a 2011 MINI Cooper S and wondered the same thing. I love the seats in the MINI. They are height adjustable, but I have yet to see any tan colored ones.
  9. No, that is a Stone Gray ‘76. It’s mine. I can tell by the way it smokes.
  10. It is a great car. Very loved by the previous owner.
  11. I love Tungsten, Nevada! I grew up in Reno and drove my '02 all over Northern Nevada.

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