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  1. Most important is the 12 31 1284306 upper bracket... thanks!
  2. Need one manual shifter surround... either older padded style or newer moulded hard plastic. Shipped to 77479, thanks!
  3. Yes, it ate my text after doing an edit after initial post... maybe that is a clue. I will have to start keeping a copy of text to make replacing it easier!! Thx!
  4. Thanks All! I unknowingly did the 02Les fix... washers! Sad that a new part specific for the application has to be re-engineered to work correctly -- or maybe that is part of why we like to work on these old cars!!
  5. [Text of posting disappeared! - edit to put in again] New Cannon DGV intake and new OEM water divider share the upper bolt on cylinder one. But the intake is much thicker! Anyone have this happen and have a fix?
  6. Go have a beer, or two and chill?? 🤔
  7. The entertainment from this sale would have been better on BAT!!
  8. From Stan’s latest batch... excellent! Just be patient and follow the installation instructions carefully...
  9. That really comes best by watching and studying the marketplace to get a "feel" for this car. Look up all the past recent sales you can find here, BAT, eBay etc. to gain some background to the market. Buying in low with an eye toward flipping it later or 'getting my money back if I sell' is one path. Pick out what type repair/restoration work you DON'T want or can do yourself and find one that has that already covered. You will have to decide how modifications add or subtract value to YOU. Good luck with your path!
  10. Ho Mo... I’d like a set but instead of rear defrost my 4th one needs to be heater fan: Thanks!
  11. Crack free NON-smog exhaust manifold and heat shield like this? Thx!
  12. Haha... No my OEM wheel was padded and wrapped and now back on...
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