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  1. I ended up realizing I was selling the house soon after we got the garage to a point, and settled on a low rise long reach floor jack. Sorry I can't help
  2. Congratulations on the new ride!
  3. I put a tail of tape on the allen wrench I use. +1 on too easy not to do yourself.
  4. Fantastic car. It should be a blast for you. Congratulations!
  5. At least it has a sunroof. $40K, easy
  6. Two questions on the LSD: - Is it still available? - Can you confirm which car this came out of (year/model)? Thanks
  7. +1 on the headroom benefits of slicktops. When we did Sputter’s resto, we lowered the seats an inch for the same reason.
  8. Agreed. I was just using that as a landmark directionally. Going 11 => 12.5 will cause the charge to burn faster, ergo less advance.
  9. From the "chasing multiple variable" files, if you lean out the mix at WOT (toward equilibrium of 14.7) the fuel charge will burn faster and you will need less advance. I have not input as to the right amount of advance for your motor, but you might want to back it off a little to start as you make fuel changes.
  10. I researched taking Sputter to Europe (and back) awhile back, and have a few nuggets from my recollection: They are serious about how empty they want the gas tank I was looking at containerizing the car. It was not materially more expensive than the RORO, and gave me some piece of mind re door dings/etc. YMMV IIRC, I was looking at Southhampton as the UK port, which is convenient to London More importantly, if you find yourself wheeling through Texas, give us all a heads up, and we will gather up a few folks to feed you some BBQ
  11. kaptanoglu


    Those are Panasports. I'm glad you like the car. It has been a hoot to drive (and work on).
  12. For clarity, Steve at TEP has quite a bit of experience w 92mm in these and said “do it.” Terry offered it as an option but weighed it vs using a different block, given he has not done (m)any 92mm overbores except for race engines. We’e going to give it a go and see what happens. Pictures coming as it happens.
  13. He is thinking that it must have been a detonation or something like that. I will certainly be on top of timing/AFR when we bolt it back together. I can't imagine what else it might have been.
  14. I've done stupider things than this for 7hp 😉 My thinking is predicated on: (a) advice that a 92mm bore is very reasonable on a non-boosted tii motor (from Steve, who has done quite a few of these), (b) the expectation that I can sleeve it later, if I really want to preserve the original block (which, to a point, I do), and (c) tii blocks are readily available If your view is "failure mode with that block is that it goes in the trash", then that is a different calculus. That being said, while, in clean form, at least, Sputter is a pretty fantastic restoration, it will never be considered "original", given the 73 bumpers and other tasteful, appropriate, but non-original mods. It does, however, have the world's best trunk lid tool box. I do appreciate your input. Last, my expectation is that it must have taken a detonation or some other anomaly to bang loose the wrist pin. I just can't fathom how a bad install would take 20K miles to manifest.
  15. I am interested as well, and appreciate the feedback. WS refers to the restoration shop that did the bulk of the work on Sputter, but did not build the engine. They, overall, did a great job, but I have had a few issues that the appropriate application of Loctite and a torque wrench during the restoration would have precluded (and other stuff besides), including a lot of things you would not expect (or, at least, I didn't) when going to the extremes we did in the resto. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97275085@N02/albums/72157641384748863 Steve Nelson of Top End Performance (FAQ) sponsor) did the engine build, to a brief of "friskier than stock" with a 91mm overbore, 9.x:1 compression, forged pistons and rods, a mildly hot cam, etc. I trust his piston clearance efforts, given the number of these he has done. https://www.flickr.com/photos/tep_icp/albums/72157634053646253 One of Steve's subs did the KFish rebuild, which left Sputter running WAY lean when I picked it up. It was subsequently rebuilt by Dave Redzus at Precision Auto Research, and I am happy with his work. Terry at the eponymous Terry Sayther Automotive did the teardown. I haven't looked at it myself yet, beyond the pics that Terry send me (and that I posted earlier in the thread).

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