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  1. I did sketch and parts with orange is what I am looking for, mine is cut to a little nub at bottom of tray car is BMW 1600-2 1967-68 … Lucian
  2. Looking for early 1600-2 1967 battery hold down bracket and vertical stud/pole to tighten hold down bracket … Lucian
  3. If you want to end it all and have a heart attack also, try the CO Bryce the anything you want guy, you are on the way what they call Battlefield religion, thanks I am making a list who's good vs bad, I was looking for trans and got "see pic", may the force be with you and may the fleas of 1,000 camels get in their pants, axx o jerks .. Trump them …. L
  4. My friend came thru again this time 2002TII looks like he is starting to slid to the right, true sportsman to jump the Motorcycle at the light ... ha ha ha !!!!
  5. Hi Conserv, thank you again for instant knowledge!, worked out I think for best … " Alternators 80+ amp"....they have a 80 amp alt on ebay for 2002,1600, etc  not shown on faq it is  $100.00 less than the tii one w/ reg built in … I am near them and chat with Kirk at BNR  by tel  818-442-9082 open 8-5 m-f and 8-11 Sat … to drop in 1600, it works size wise,  (sent pics and measurements) except if you have reg on side wall you have to do some wiring … so game plan is the alt I bought in Oregon will change out with mine and mine will be re-manuf to a 80 + amp and I will put new reg on side wall, no extra wiring ... will give update 1st phase Monday am …. thanks again your info helped me make decisions I am thrilled about … Lucian 

    1. Conserv


      Great! Looking forward to your update.






    2. Lucian


      Hi Steve, 85 amp in and tested great, I went to shop with  35 amp from Roderick Forrest in Oregon and tested 0, he said working -no pic attached … ask for refund   in process,  I was going to rebuild mine to a 85 amp since I have reg on frame I did not want to rewire … the shop had another core and it tested  0 also so the owner said here is blue wire pig tail and you can leave reg as is plug it in to the D+ … so gave it a go and working, pic attached, John added a heaver red wire and future I would like fuse spliced in so good product ck'ed out with a/c, lights on … now will look for  led tail lights I saw a while back on faq also led headlights … thanks again for help … Lucian

      85  amp.jpg

      RF alt.jpg

  6. Hi Scott, you left me hanging, cliff hanger, did the grass grow in 2 weeks? Is the wife talking to you? Did the Grad Party happen? I was with you all the way... yep yep yep way to go … love the winch (panic buying) … pls follow up bringing it back … great story, happy it all worked … 6 stong guys worth weight in gold ….amazing stuff . tks Lucian
  7. Goof balls that take or damage items on car ... Los Angeles ... some photos 1. each side of lic plate Are there covers where black is shown? .... 2.upper ant bracket taken, a friend put the bracket shown on as temp ... 3.& 4. Front grille looks like some body had screw driver and thought the hood opened from front ... in time will try to bend back out .... not shown is motorcycle panniers, luggage type saddle bags with latch locks ... I always have panniers unlocked and nothing in them the goof balls destroyed one of the locks trying to get the unlocked pannier to open, then other side just the pressed latch and open ... I guess the goof ball wanted to show me how smart he was now that he learned everything about pannier locks ... may the fleas of 1,000 camels get in their pants .... dumb story of the day ... L
  8. The 30 years of knowledge is worth weight in gold ... if he is going to service after you buy you do not know how lucky you are ....... be sure to paint it original color .. there is color tag on fender ... just buy it, Lucian How much is mechanic school? An associate's degree in auto mechanics costs $10,000-$25,000 and takes two years to complete. Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin offers a two-year associate's degree program for $20,150 for tuition and fees.
  9. Hi JC, yes still available, light weight to send ... Lucian
  10. NOS 2002 door push lock brackets ... price $30.00 ... Lucian
  11. Selling for friend Eric C (Eric is BMW moto mech and has few items to sell) BMW Repair Manual 1602 1802 2002 .. looks like part # 01 51 699 551... very nice for the collector or mech ... I do not know price ... I will run by Eric if interested ... L
  12. Selling for my friend Eric C (Eric is BMW moto mech and has a few car parts to sell) BMW hub caps very nice ... see photos ... I will put on e-bay if no one wants them, I do not know value and will run price by Eric if offer ... Lucian
  13. Hi Carl, did not get 2nd photo ... I would like to know a bit of history on your purchase of your '74 such as were you just out high school, what caught you eye and made decide to purchase, have you taken it in high water, snow, desert, do you have a/c ... attached is black and white the photographer with Deus Ex Machina in Venice, CA took while they were running at El Mirage July 2016 ... Lucian

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