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  1. Hi Jake, I got hit from behind and never will be they same, was surfing around and came across your '67 project, it is early to ask ins, etc but think you may have interest in chat Lucian 310 473 9083
  2. Need left front strut, 1967 BMW 1600-2 … Lucian
  3. Need left front strut for 1967 BMW 1600-2, will put ad in wanted … L
  4. Yes you are right, I was going to try to drive back and forth to store, I know poor thing is gone, sure has a lot of heart, the engine was bored out and I found nos pistons on e bay, redone head, new clutch, starter amp, battery, brakes, driveshaft with new Gu... long nose diff … trailer hitch and A/C !!!!, tea cup carb 30 mpg restored heater, beautiful 3 piece dash, retro modern radio, side panels with speakers …. in CA it is year to apply for salvage title, Ins will give me paper work, my brother's Boss bought a Ranch in Texas … maybe … L
  5. Here is pic of car with spare on, bonnet up (goes up dn latches ok, trunk lid opens goes up dn doors both sides open close ok) ... I requested radiator ck/repair, elec ck/repair, lights again!, look over test drive use ties for front lic and see if Santa brings any thing? L
  6. Wow, wow, wow (Canyon Country) Tow yard Hot Hot Hot ... Insurance guy did not bring $ after I ask him twice (oh yea no problem, tow guy said he did not even have ck) so I had to go to tow yard pay from crash to Delivery today $1,275..00 ... now back at German Car Service with 1600-2 see pic the spare tire in trunk, we had to let air out of tire to get it out, left rear tire change out to spare and she rolls ... front bumpers off rt front tire rubbing and she rolls ... starts up and rolls nice but something leaking in front "radiator" ... Swiss body shop to take a look Bruno thinks they may do it, David does not think they will be interested... I will go by Monday and bring/drive it to my park spot, claim adjuster est 10,000-12,000.00 As it stands now would make good Redding, CA or Junction Texas Ranch car hay and feed in trunk/rear seat, extra Whiskey dings no problem, rodeo horse/bull kick it ... heck yea ... finally cooling down fan on high, drinking cool water, what next??? L
  7. 2 ways around the Mtn,, from my place to EL MIRAGE 100 miles L
  8. Hwy 14 north bound 15 miles south of Palmdale, CA the CHP report will done tomorrow, I did not know this at time but this part of Hwy is known for problems or so says some locals at Denny's (Sand Canyon exit area 30 miles south of Palmdale) one thing they say is never drive in fast lane at night because drunks have got on Hwy wrong side and they think they are in right lane but the are head on coming traffic fast lane,... crazy I may try to put my demo in 3dmax/Revit and do vid someday! Insurance is not classic car but similar low miles driven per year … L
  9. Thanks much for all the support, wow never any idea how exhausting, now a little ray of sunshine, the good Samaritan that was behind me,, got his lic, saw the whole thing, if this happens to any one get the LIC number 1st thing !!!!, never know when it goes south … L
  10. Latest news 9 5-19, CHP CALLED, they found the hit and run guy and he has Insurance !!! ….. L
  11. I just had wiring for rear lights checked/corrected and all was working ok, I am curious if left tail light lights up, amazing it is still there, thanks again for all the support, will try to correct everything, will need experienced body shop and a friend that used to work in that business says it is difficult and need right stretching tools/jigs, even if I had all good, new body panels, what a task, waiting this am for insurance to call again, after holidays I have talked with 3, the 1st one was experienced the other 2 new and not sure about anything, they have to ask supervisor and will call back, will keep at it …. L
  12. I was at Doc today and he gave me bill of approval, he said lump on head still there and where my head hit was hard part of skull, he said if I wanted to go to court then I have to take a full series of tests, so ok with ck, good idea thank you, now onward and upward L i
  13. Thank you, each day that goes by, getting my mojo going, I have head rest on seats in car '75 BMW seat driver side, 320i seat passenger side, my 67 seats are in storage, very good condition, 1st hit started from left my head hit door post, so far neck does not hurt but a friend said doc may want x-ray (reason for seats is long story) . L
  14. Lucian


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