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  1. Hi Matt, looking for trunk badge, used ok temp. for a while, also 1 to 4 dog dish hub caps early 1967 the ones I have on car can trade in if you like, 1 good stk on large? 2 hc ok shows age 1 rather beat up can provide pic's, also I have rear bumper set long with vinyl good condition minus left bumper guard Lucian
  2. Thank you, nice to say, one time I was asking Bruno, German and Dave German South African about car strength and both said tough little cars, A friend of mine Mike claims always "car saved my life", and the witness behind me thought I was going to flip over so owe it to the little rascal to give it best shot, much of it was dumb luck and not knowing any better on my part. Thank all the helpers, parts suppliers, Jack NW Paint and Body, 2002 FAQ incl you very helpful it was a a group effort ... Lucian
  3. Already put her to work doing errands, etc .... L
  4. Thanks tech 71, I still have this and that to do, the trunk lid, was from a '73 and Jack/me missed to fill in where badge goes, so I have 2 holes for badge but hard to see in pic's so will leave along as is to help vent heat in trunk, my rims I will paint silver and noticed Jack put my spare on ground so all rims paint match, will need 2 dog dish hub caps, driver side front-back. If you look at pic from behind lights on you can see bumper dips down, so in mean time I used my bumper center piece heated up and twisted as best as possible, I used bumper guard off '73 and bought left short return from Brandon looked every where there are stainless steel euro type but no US... donner car came from AJ, wow crazy stuff a pic attached of my swan neck and in the wreak the other car broke/bent the mirror only and I muscled it back to some life with wood table, cedar wood studs and hammer, Jack's guy cut the mirror ... all for temp .. will attend each area as time allows but you look at car moving and still your eye passes over these items somewhat .... so thank you but not done Jack's guy from euro had been repairing bodies in country (I think Lebanon) which was major art gone in USA, will need a little door adj and new door brake .... whew, more as time goes onward ... will be fun to drive tomorrow, adj carb as bit, thanks for interest and ear, one day she will be sweet pea again L
  5. Hi Steve, taking photos I noticed two holes rear portion top of trunk lid Jack/me missed it, may as well put badge '73 on, also idea about painting rims Jack put spare on and new rim with new tire I bought in trunk ... that tub looks good, I still have a little this and little that never ends like C19 L
  6. She is home, few pic from me, more coming in wtb little things such as emblem on trunk, etc L
  7. Try Ben at 2002 AD, I upgrade my A/C with modern stuffing and gave Ben all my spares which, a 2002 faq-er gave me extras free for shipping Ben now has a complete original assembly of everything a/c, he may/may not want to part out, good luck L
  8. Jack's info, I found him on FAQ 2002
  9. I sent Jack request last min, car is in spray booth and will spray it Monday, last minute request paint wheel rims dull alum .. hope he says ok ... getting giddy today thinking about Monday's spray, sharing excitement since you folk been supporting since start ... L
  10. Yes, I was thinking about that, I am leaving Jack alone and will see if comes up.... if not now down the road will do at new tires time or now .. thanks for reminder .. nice pic thanks Lucian
  11. Some pic from Jack, he had to close for a while but now on the homestretch
  12. Looks like German Car Service is no longer, he has put some other shops for service in LA area ... Lucian
  13. Lucian


    Thank you nice to hear, everybody gets credit for this one. L
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