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  1. So far looks like will be putting panels in vs pulling metal out, looking at shell cars and 1 fellow pricing panels, have to dbl ck with Insurance guy that if I use panels he will let me fix and not total loss.... soon will tell insurance story with the whys L
  2. Hi Mike, do you still have drivers side panel? Lucian 2009 is long ago
  3. Lucian


    North of Los Angeles got hit on FWY 14 I was 55 MPH and guy came behind and side 100 + MPH and Wham-Wham trying to repair ... L
  4. With all due respect, even if you rebuild this car the best possible, it will though of as a Salvaged car. your insurance and his combined should cough up $ 60,000 for equal car in concourse condition I am now butting heads and I think you are right and I am telling them this is it … L
  5. Interesting this 1600 got it same part of car ..
  6. Hi Brandon, I was trying to send message and the last field message is not working, I try to send and it says message required but will not allow type Lucian
  7. Thanks Steve, if you ever do a book, I will be 1st to buy, you have opened my eyes many times as I was headed down a discover path in not right direction or hit a puzzle spot my vote BMW commission you for BMW's in America 1966 thru today . here is my work today, it was raining in LA, hard at times so took the BMW 1600-2 to my PT Westwood (UCLA) to Pacific Palisades doing 2nd phase of testing and a pass grade no leak in cabin, windshield wipers great!, radio ok, lights on, brake lights, turn indicators, battery up and charging so I do not get stopped even though legal for road car looks horrible with rear smashed, hope to have my rims factory silver this time around pics tail lights 8-22-19 & 11-27-19 thanks again Lucian
  8. Bmw 1600-2 manuf Nov 1967, it was Jan 1968 was 1st year for the US 1600-2 and 2002, the items not only stamped on the ID, the rear Lic Plate Lights vs the Euro on the bumper, What really wild about my car history is it came shipped direct to Los Angeles and trucked to Arizona, Only one dealer for all of AZ, so the A/C Frigking was installed by dealer in CA or AZ? (Thanks to Steve for history) My guess as the Lady driving the car in AZ with the A/C & was over heating and as done in those days a overflow was installed ... Idea being the overflow water went in a plastic container about the size of quart and was screwed into fender, 1 line from radiator, was thought to catch water then as cooled went back into radiator? I took it off I was in Bruno's Shop, a 30K orig from a family estate was there it was/is so perfect that is when I decided to enjoy the car, I could never be perfect like the 30K orig garaged 1600-2 Now that I have been looking at the body trying to fig the impact, a couple of items of interest, when I put on the trailer hitch I had looked for a factory hitch and had factory plans of hitch in which I followed .. (of course I could not find factory hitch) I think my spare tire and the hitch helped prevent a total collapse of rear end, maybe puncture the gas tank? In the pic's, we had to let air out of spare tire to get it out the trailer hitch frame work restricts the tire well from hitting the gas tank. I am going to look at that more close and also have the fellow that installed hitch, look it over ... L
  9. Thank you, the front left panel was hit, rust, you replaced? Alum rims? I have lots to fig out, My next step is all new, to me so sort of getting the pic but moving slow, would like to get ins $ for next phase … L
  10. 3 Months later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zYx5hme1b4&list=UUiDJckUg3tPR_EEVHxu26Tw&index=2
  11. Thanks much, you guys keep me going, today I put on pep boys mirror to be legal, tomorrow long test drive, ck a/c, etc, maybe a you tube vid? couple of pic, the one of trunk int is 1st hit . "crazy" . L
  12. Rim/tire installed, rolling now a little ins $$$, body work near future..... L
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