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  1. My friend "Ron the Builder" took a photo of what he thought was 02 ... it was in shadow so I lighten it up and cropped the pic so could see better, when I did the rear doors show so I think a 1800, must be a early .... thank you Ron my eyes around town ... this may have been in land from LAX .... L
  2. Lucian

    2002 sighting on Craigslist

    Great stuff, screen shot enlarged, nice Roof Rack and Baby Blue color, was the horizontal door bumper guard added by factory option or after mkt? L
  3. Lucian

    2002 spotted

    3-2-19 A Contractor friend is good at spotting/photo of 2002 … this looks like near Ventura, CA in land subdivisions... thanks Ron
  4. Lucian

    Sighting in Vero Beach, FL

    Very cool, keep looking, I live in So Cal and thought I would see more, but no, really dried up … so small next to the suv/truck? to the right ...thanks much, " more UFO's are sighted than 02's" L
  5. Lucian

    Prospero’s garage contact number?

    310-473-9083 Lucian
  6. Lucian

    high performance ?

    Some 1600--2 answers, I have never rebuilt clutch, almost feel this is 1st time?, a little old lady from AZ was original owner and made super mkt runs she had Frig King air no front fan , condenser a little on small side I bought 1600-2 in 2009,(time fly's seems like yesterday) I also shift gentle, any fast shift I get the crunch, used trans in box-pic, I was blowing blue smoke (cracked head) found some nos pistons on e-bay, so I am making tel. calls today about step up and kit, I have new rear green springs and will add the air bags, my wheels are stock 13". I thought I was going to tow a few times but been towing a lot, my vin 155xxxx range manuf Nov '67, my 1st outing with trailer LA to Mojave 100 miles I got 30 miles to gal it is all up hill from sea level to 3,000 ft elev ….. thank you guys again all great ...Lucian
  7. Lucian

    high performance ?

    Wow, thank you guys ,,, I have 6 bolt flywheel so I will go with standard 200 mm, also I have used clutch I bought some where along the way, pic's attached, maybe have redone and change out also I have purchased a (good? we will see) used trans and will take my orig. trans out and rebuild in time, so good reason to look for the early 2002 6 bolt with 228 flywheel, verify it will fit, my trailer is Aluminum and bike is under 500# …. it pulls fine … Lucian
  8. My clutch is starting to slip and is there a high performance clutch I should use? or standard is fine, I pull a motorcycle trailer with 500 lb motorcycle ...Lucian
  9. Hey Cubby, I have 4 more if you like … Lucian
  10. Lucian

    Ac parts help please

    I knew I was cold … 10 min fwy … tks to Ben 2002 AD A/C guys … L
  11. Lucian


    Looking for 4 speed in west la by ucla can travel to pick up, still have? Lucian 310 473 9083
  12. Lucian

    FREE 4-speed

    Would like to have but my zip 90024 (sunny Los Angeles) I think a dbl box would work and ground ship will pay labor, shipping + what it is worth … Lucian
  13. Lucian

    Gauge cluster, body panels, 4 speed

    Hi, looking for good 4 speed, my zip 90024 (Sunny Los Angeles} 310-473-9083, my car '67 1600-2 it should fit ok, I was told a 5 speed for early cars would not fit … my syn need replacing … Lucian