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  1. Hi B, a fellow I know rec a part with other stuff a would like to sell or trade? what I do not know he sent me a lot of photos they are large, need email to send, I resized one to see if had Interest. He also has a BMW 507 model jimmeymalj @Gmail.com L
  2. Not sure myself, my guess is in or going into to Torrance street takes a dog leg and pass under truss bridge but not for sure I will ask Ron and publish L
  3. Possible Jack could make one up ... he would need plans or one to copy .. L
  4. Hi Steve, thank you, I found a SS 2002 rear bumper 1968 and see if I can get them to make bumperettes also, I can send them right side if Jack still has .... to construct and match, finally, looked for a year could not find orig rear bumper, used mine and bent back you can see in pic low left side and the return is fully rusted inside ... Lucian
  5. Hi, you did great job, I did same with mine, so now at bottom of list when I cycle around again will see if you still have my base was ok ... Lucian
  6. A friend sent me pics he got on line so here is couple and A BMW elec Car 1972
  7. Update, New shop pic _ Stuttgart Auto West Los Angeles I was going to put sender in myself and I was on right track for a few moments, experimenting I connected neg of old sending unit (in addition to under bonnet connection) to what I thought was Eng Neg knocked out gas, temp, tach (I put in vs clock) 1 fuse out 8 amp ? replaced checked still out so off to Randy's 1st time, David worked on car and used hammer to loose sender, per shop manual cross screw drivers but been there too long (did not see any dents in old sender) after installed started right up gas, temp and clock working? I had to stay in customer area and must have looked like monkey trying to see everything , my car below the BMW 3.0 CS 1967. ... Court/CA Law I put in 11K more than insurance and guy that hit me starts paying $300.00 a month to start, tied in to his 2 years probation, will see! So this ends my Topic Post on Wham _Wham ......... amazing stuffing .... car and me on my own, just have to get trailer lights connected ... L
  8. INTERESTING, share, I found braded ground wire 27" long (3') and before order, had to mess with it ... pic in trunk neg on sender to brown wire on tail light (bounced as usual) under bonnet brown neg in view so connect... it is connected to sheet metal and other end to bell housing and started it and rev a little, it worked no bounce, I have a new short sender and will be putting that in, after if bouncy gauge or not.. braided neg (maybe will need cloth wrap and similar routing will drive around Monday to dbl test and thanks to RCF925
  9. Put my car up and all ok with exh and muffler all ok... Eddie did good, running rich … so he directed me around the block to Ace Carb, past by there 1,000 times fellow dialed in carb, may have been owner … I missed 1 adj screw … bought both shops lunch … now back to bouncy gas gauge .. ground … then trailer hitch connection … L
  10. Two hour wait so appt tomorrow 9:30 am, said put it on rack right away, back to e bay for braided ground L
  11. I thought mine was fixed, went to super mkt today and I get better reading than before,, so will try your fix above, also want to see how reacts at 1/2 tank and below almost there but 30 mpg takes a while in City .... question when you say ground strap I think a strap 1/4" to 1/2" wide of metal mesh or neg wire ok? also was going to try adding a ground (brown wire) from sender neg ground to my rt rear turn indicator _ back to under bonnet, removing my sheet metal screw connection and sanding it clean reattach see what it does, use bolt if I have one that fits or take screw to hardware to match threads up with bolt, the hardware close has metric but letting it deplete (new owners) .. going by new repair shop Monday (German Service closed, 2 guys that worked there too far away) I think hole in my Audi straight muffler on tel new guy said if hole small they could repair and they have mufflers in stock, I have contacted 3 shops and they all want me to leave car, no thank you ... pic is place original called Major Muffler? Seems like the muffler shops start out as exhaust repair and soon doing mech work in West LA-Santa Monica ,the Santa Monica Midas said when I called their muffler guy no longer there ... be at shop in pic 9:00 am Monday, other pic is West LA City Plan drop off, walk back 1/2 block Lucian
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