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  1. Lucian


    Looking for 4 speed in west la by ucla can travel to pick up, still have? Lucian 310 473 9083
  2. Lucian

    FREE 4-speed

    Would like to have but my zip 90024 (sunny Los Angeles) I think a dbl box would work and ground ship will pay labor, shipping + what it is worth … Lucian
  3. Lucian

    Gauge cluster, body panels, 4 speed

    Hi, looking for good 4 speed, my zip 90024 (Sunny Los Angeles} 310-473-9083, my car '67 1600-2 it should fit ok, I was told a 5 speed for early cars would not fit … my syn need replacing … Lucian
  4. Lucian

    Ac parts help please

    My experience, I had original Frig King A/C but needed to have compressor rebuilt, etc so I bought all the parts and gave to 2002 AD and his a/c guys took it from there, they used the my modern compressor and mod the existing support bracket, gave me back my new bracket, new condenser, new fan and used the rest_ hoses, etc, rebuilt my evap.. as bonus I gave Ben a extra dash (similar to pic w/o radio) with E. evap, E.condenser, E fan_ as bonus.......... so someone that wants to restore to orig... Ben and A/C guys comments were as big of condenser and as big of fan as you can install you can see fan thru grille ... I notice it was pulling my alt dn (which was as I bought car) so bought 85 amp (test 100 amp and when heats up will come down to 85 amp every thing runs better, The carb adj is when a/c on rpm is normal idle, I have the tea cup carb, w/o a/c on a little high rpm thus my mpg reduced but hot day windows up, modern radio on/vol up I am young again, just need some big trunk speakers for bimmerfest ... loved your post, tks L
  5. I called Ben at bimmerdoc and Carl (Owner) said he was in LA with Quality? I call Quality Motors near me and not there,... anyone have Ben's tel,? Lucian 310-473-9083 Will have to edit my you tube vid and Ben could come up with hard to find parts …
  6. The Dash and radio where mine, look at interior of car and none shown. … I sold my Becker am and install the look alike that is modern … my unit sits a bit to the right (slant) and will have to fig out how to level … the car is a beauty … I worry about it … the owner does no what he has … I hope he garages it day and eve …. L
  7. Ok, silver it is, attached photo of 1600-2 that was in Bruno's garage a fellow had just bought in estate sale 25K orig miles (new owner not interested in Clubs, Forums, I hope takes care of car) and when I saw this car I knew no way mine could ever be as nice, so mine became my driver, tow veh, etc … and silver are his steelies, I am sold, will put on my ttd list … L
  8. Yes, I have been wondering about that for years, I think this attached movie still pic, they are that way also-body color?, my 4 wheels on the car are date stamped '68 and my spare is stamped '67 and looks to be factory, will take pic today. My car manuf Nov '67 … and is -2, 1st owner was Ariz Lady but have no proof any more other than my orig dealer a/c Frig King story … It did not have fan in front of condenser, now I have largest fan that will fit also condenser was on smaller size … back to no fan in front of condenser it had over flow (that in the day was thought to work) so if Lady was not driving fast no air flow … maybe what lead to my cracked head? Ben at 2002 AD has my orig a/c stuff if some one wants to go all original A/C incl dash … compressor can be rebuilt …back to rims 99% I see are silver color …. L ps there was only 1 dealer for AZ and he is long gone, I had hopes of finding orig. dealer paper work.
  9. I think my friend has his cell, he takes pic with, I do not think I could get him to carry photo lens, I will ask him to get closer … in 2018 he took 2 pic BMW 1600-2002 and 1 MB 190SL … sad only 2 I used to see lots of 2002 along the Coast but now very rare 2 in a year! … he drives from Ventura to Redondo Beach Daily on Coast HWY … just a short look and you can tell so much of the cars story … great stuff Conserv tks … current pic of mine 5th floor new park garage .. stock except for seats (orig good ones in stor) ... L
  10. A builder friend who takes photo for me when he sees 1600-2002 roundie
  11. Lucian

    1967 Bmw 1600

    I was blowing blue smoke, cracked head … anti freeze would seep in when stopped and at start would blow out, Ben at bimmerdoc in San Diego had head type 118 for me & e bay seller had nos pistons ….. my vote make a factory stock ti Conserv = great idea …. pls do not make race car = gone forever …. L
  12. Lucian

    1967 Bmw 1600

    Hi, great car, nice to watch someone else do the hard work, my 1600-2 was manuf Nov '67, they had gone to the 12v battery … When I upgraded my AC I gave all orig. stuffing to Ben at 2002 AD so if you wanted to have orig AC it is waiting for you or upgrade to modern burr cold … 2K!!! , I had 2nds of everything but I went for performance … driving the LA Valley in summer with windows up a real treat and the Valley girls will love the cool air OMG … L
  13. Interesting site all cars that have been in movies or tv … 153 cars listed 1600-2 If already posted sorry will remove L
  14. Thank you … BMW did some thinking … I do not think my Mercedes mirrors were like that (sloping side) will dbl ck …. that makes finding much more possible … Lucian ps waiting for pic's …
  15. Would like Swan Neck Mirror for passenger side, and rubber gaskets for both sides … Lucian ps girlfriend told me she would like to look in outside rear view mirror also … her side