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  1. Belt sander progressing from fine to very, very fine grit will make the top flat surface look close to new. Clear coat will help keep it that way.
  2. Natural rubber because regular petroleum grease has the potential to eat at the seals. Castrol makes a good one. http://www.redrubbergrease.com/
  3. It's probably an air cleaner bellows for the ti side drafts.
  4. This hasn't been my experience for about 2 years at least. It seems like all the replacement calipers aren't rebuilt at all but are fresh castings that are generic These calipers are in Cardone boxes and you can get a deposit back by sending them your ATE calipers. You most likely will not get ATE calipers back. So rebuilding original calipers is even a better choice than before. Pics are of standard '02 and ti/tii calipers purchased in the last 1.5 years. All generic.
  5. The cap you are pointing to slids off and the filter is inside of the Bakelite collar. Be VERY careful when working around that collar. It is fragile and, if it cracks, you will be looking for another booster.
  6. There is one other possibility for a fuel leak causing air in the line: the sleeve on the fuel sender. See below. Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll send one to you. Also attached is a shot of how to do a PM on the blog. Fuel Sender Tube Sleeve Replacement.pdf
  7. three is the number thou shalt count
  8. Done! Yes! Though I would have to calculate the extra postage and let you know before shipping.
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