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  1. halboyles

    Wet Sanding Rattle Can Paint?

    Them's fightin' words stranger! I assure you that I can paint worse than you any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  2. Please refer to this previous thread for a long discussion regarding these rebuilt units: My experience with and the product from this seller was good. And as far as the core goes, here is the worm gear from the last core I returned. I received my refund in less than three days.
  3. halboyles

    1972 2002ti, NMNA

    He must mean to say "2002ti tribute" car. There is no interior dash mount clock, no front "ti" badge and the rear badge appears to be the grille badge not the proper rear version. The water divider appears to be that of an e21.
  4. halboyles

    Conductive grease

    Doesn't spit serve the same function?😉
  5. The Parts Manual certainly bears this out. It is always fun to note that ALL M10 engines used the same camshaft from the factory. That is, the 1.5/1.6/1.8 and 2.0 liter versions used the same camshaft. In addition the ti, tii, and turbo used that same camshaft. Other than the performance versions, the only variation occurred in the 1976 US versions and even then not in the CA versions.
  6. halboyles

    E21 recaro seat covers made by iggee

    Thanks for the info and sorry I missed out on these but I see they will have a good home!
  7. halboyles

    E21 recaro seat covers made by iggee

    How was the fitment of these covers?
  8. halboyles

    Tii clock

    That's what all the girls say!
  9. halboyles

    Tii clock

    I'll take this please
  10. I have purchased a couple of these and they seem to be properly redone. There is a recent thread addressing this exact issue: I believe this is the same reseller.
  11. When you are pulling the fuel sender out do it slowly as there is a tiny hole near the bottom that will leak until the sender is empty. If you pull it out quickly the sender will pee all over your gas tank!
  12. PM me with your address and I'll send you one gratis. I make them the same way BMW had them made by cutting pieces off of the nylon fuel line that is used to run to the engine bay. If your tank shows fuel around the sender after cornering, then Toby's remedy is probably the answer.
  13. On the off chance that Toby is right, here is the technique he is referring to. Although it appears the original workshop manual wasn't as concerned as Toby with OHSA regs and the sparky thing. The o-ring is readily available from many sources.
  14. halboyles

    A little Humor can be a good thing

    Even has a built in port for the AFR sensor!
  15. The clamps with rolled edges tend not to cut into the hoses but you can use any properly sized clamps.