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  1. halboyles

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    We ran out of tabbed dividers for them and I am going to be out of town for the next week or so. But we should be able to get the next set of manuals out in the first week of October. I'll keep you posted. You can go ahead and pre-order a copy or wait until I send out a notice that we have them available again. PP is halboylesjr@gmail.com Thanks, Hal
  2. halboyles

    Help with quick engine measurement

    Yes I believe it is as I used a straight edge to plane it to the block's bossed surface that adjoins the transmission's face.
  3. halboyles

    Help with quick engine measurement

    Is this the measurement you need? Looks like right at 2 cm.
  4. halboyles

    Free to good home. Bad homes pay cash money

    I could use the tii manifolds and the shocks.
  5. halboyles

    Alternator Mounts - Part #-less ???

    Try this for part numbers and pics: https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/zuendung-motorelektrik/bmw-1502-2002-turbo/katalogbild-12-13.html
  6. Thank you for the gracious words. Stephanie and I were happy to disseminate this treasure trove of hands-on knowledge from some of the original enthusiasts. In a similar fashion this board is carrying on a 50 year old tradition of sharing knowledge. Kudos to all!
  7. halboyles

    BMW E9 Coupe 3.45 LSD Rear Differential

    Cool, a real 40% LSD!
  8. halboyles

    Timing Chain Tensioner Leak

    This easy to check and fix without getting under the car. Put a wrench on the cap (19mm) and see if you can turn it easily in either direction. If so, it is probably loose. Tighten it till snug. Go gently though as it is steel going into aluminum. Wipe off the area around it and see if the leak persists.
  9. halboyles

    New Member! 1969 2002

    Very Nice!
  10. halboyles

    parts lot

    I'll take the Solexs and manifolds
  11. halboyles

    Fall Cleaning - doors, sheet metal

    Lots of parts missing, but body looks salvageable. Maybe sell as a complete unit?
  12. halboyles

    Free to good home. Bad homes pay cash money

    I'll take this and provide shipping container. PM sent.
  13. halboyles

    Wiper motor nos 1602 $125

    Just researched this and it is 6V. Thanks anyway.
  14. halboyles

    Wiper motor nos 1602 $125

    I'll take this. It is a 12V version, correct?
  15. halboyles

    WTB: Early 02 pedal box, brake booster

    I'd be interested in the old pedal box and linkage if you are discarding it.