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  1. Yes they are still available and we were just firing up a new batch. I'll PM you with details.
  2. Here ya go. Cylinder head CCs volumes, pistons, block.pdf
  3. Only cars built before 1905 can participate. And you thought you had a "Vintage" motor car! http://veterancarrun.com/
  4. Like Toby says, you can tell the intended compression ratio by measuring the height of the dome. Here is a good article written by Pat Allen on what the height means for various pistons. Cylinder head CCs volumes, pistons, block.pdf
  5. One of those should be for the horn. Don't trust the markings, pull one relay at time, see what doesn't work and label the socket with the connected device.
  6. Just a thought, shouldn't this discussion be in a "Wheels" thread?
  7. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/bremse/bmw-1502-2002-turbo/katalogbild-34-03.html
  8. Park our baby next to a truck used to haul buffalo.
  9. 02berfest 2019 was a fantastic gathering of at least 25 2002's and their enthusiastic owners and families. The Saturday Hill Country Drive was so good even the free-range cows were excited! Happy cow at 02berfest.mp4
  10. I have got one in great condition. PM sent.
  11. Contact W&N about this issue. They need to be aware of it and they should make it right.
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