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  1. Make yourself a couple of these in M8 and M10 sizes. Screw them into a couple of the block holes, slide the trans on them, align it with the block and then bolt them together. Done. This will work so well you will have plenty of time to try @TobyB's version of mating later that night.
  2. I have done it with a Dremel but if they owe you one I would definitely have them ship the correct version.
  3. You don't need that rubber ring with strut inserts. They are sealed tubes already.
  4. There were actually two different versions of the control arms. The early version didn't have the perpendicular rigidity bend along the top and bottom edges. I still find these on the older '02s.
  5. Speaking of kids in cars, I have to post this as it sounds just like one of my daughters.
  6. I don't have that many of that part, but I just cut a batch of the lock plates for the camshaft and the water pump. Let me know if you need any of those.
  7. These things fit in a large or medium side loading flat rate box. Shipping should be less than 20 bucks.
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