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  1. Oh yeah, I also enjoyed moving the platform around through the manuals just to ogle the parts. Yes but it would require a commercial version that automatically converts the images and I haven't found one yet that was affordable enough to make it a viable option. There are also microfiche to digital conversion services but most I've looked at want a dollar a page making it rather expensive.
  2. Thanks for the response Hans. The old readers are really just illuminated magnifying glasses so they can't take the photographed fiche and turn them into digital form. I suppose you could take a photo of each one as you scroll around through them but there are thousands of pages in each of the manuals so it might take some time.
  3. Here is how I cut the pillar to accommodate the brackets. As you can tell from Jim's photos, there is only a little room inside of the pillar to fit the bracket. You have to first cut a significant amount off of both sides of the bracket. If you then cut a slot with a hole for the nut, you can just get the bracket inside to pull it back against the inside skin of the pillar. I put a nut on a seat belt bolt and then tightened it down enough to drill holes for the temporary rivets. You can then weld up the slot and finish it so it looks original if you want to.
  4. Does anyone have access to a microfiche reader that can output the pages into PDF files? I have almost all pre-81 parts manuals on unused microfiche that I think would produce very good images. I even have the parts manual for the M1! If we could scan them into PDF documents, I would like to upload them to the forum. Thanks
  5. I have used an aftermarket plate like this one to retrofit the mounting point. I cut a slot in the pillar and slide the anchor plate inside, affixed it with rivets and then welded it in place. https://www.seatbeltplanet.com/i-30498173-threaded-mounting-plates.html?ref=category:1389311
  6. Unquestionably the best investment you can make for this job is a pressure bleeder. Don't bother putting brake fluid in the pump container itself, just keep the brake fluid reservoir topped up. Makes the whole job much easier and more efficient.
  7. Those are still available. Part # 61211353680. Your local dealer might have them and I'm sure Blunt does.
  8. I'll take the diverter please
  9. Those do appear to be the standard four piston caliper for the 2002. And they have what appears to be the expected 8 mm ribe splined bolts.
  10. FYI-- W&N is offering half price shipping to the US for a brief period. In addition they have a 20€ discount on orders over 200€. https://www.wallothnesch.com/newsletter/20190704_Newsletter_englisch_versus_h.html
  11. Judging from the seat belt posts on the tunnel side, I'd say you've got e21 adapters under those seats. They do increase the height of the seats by about 5/8". There are adapters that lower the seat even compared to the stock 2002 versions.
  12. Here's a couple of pics of one from our '71 1600 complete with expected water damage for a switch in that position on the dash.
  13. You are looking for the vented version I assume.

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