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  1. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/carbon-monoxide/symptoms-causes/syc-20370642
  2. The original caps were red, but the only ones I've found recently are translucent like this--
  3. If the cap isn't broken, perhaps the PO put some gasket sealant around the hole. Also, like Einspritz said, the oil level shouldn't be all the way to the top. Take some out and see if the plug will seat.
  4. It looks like the outside of the plug broke off in the hole. Try prying it out with a blunt tool. You probably need a new filler plug-- 32111102781
  5. Bavarian Machine Specialties (http://bavarianmachine.com/) are very knowledgeable about the '02s. I bought a '76 from them a few years ago and they let family and I work on it for two days in their yard to get it running enough to drive back to KC. Highly recommended.
  6. Agree with jgerock and 02Les. Our '71 1600 did not have a preformed hole in the dash and required quite a bit of cutting to create it. On top of that I had to grind out an opening in the sheet metal so that the clock could slide back into the dash to fit flush.
  7. That "S" means that diff was originally an LSD.
  8. Not an M10, not possible in an M10, but who cares, this is definitely bat Sh!t crazy driving. (He waves at a spectator in a curve while shifting!, yeah bat Sh!t crazy driving!)
  9. The CS passes a turbo and an NK on the hill.

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