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  1. We were actually talking about the cold start mechanism in the colloquial sense of "choking" the air intake to add more fuel. I am not even sure you can order DCOEs without that mechanism installed. But it only takes a few seconds to remove it and replace it with a block-off plate. I, personally, have only pumped the pedal until the engine is "choking" with fuel and then fired 'er up!
  2. Looks really good. Where did the rings come from?
  3. It must be very well known as I often hear folks call it "FAQ U!"
  4. Count me in! A well condensed, pointed aphorism!
  5. I didn't do it! I wasn't even in the room! Anyway...., Toby started it!
  6. Much like the dreaded graphite speedo cable lub...
  7. Whatever you get you need M10 x 1.5 thread pitch not 1.25. Belmetric has some that might be flangy enough: https://www.belmetric.com/hex-with-flange-c-3_51_53/ncf10x15w-copper-flange-nut-wide-flange-p-6907.html
  8. Sorry about that Nate! I didn't read closely enough. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some options.
  9. If you are referring to the strut spindles, most folks just buy used struts instead of trying to cut and replace the spindles. Post a WTB here and if you have no luck, I have a few sets.
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