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  1. Do you mean one up and one down? I believe the 1800 and 2000 ti's had the same configuration. Here's a pic from an original article about the 1800ti. 1381887978_Page5.pdf
  2. The rubber bellows are flexible enough to work with either the straight or angled funnels. I think the reason the 2002ti versions were angled was because of the tighter dimensions of the engine bay compared to the NKs. Even the air boxes have angled tubes to mate with the funnels. In the pic, A and B are 2002ti air boxes, C is a 1600GT (I think!), D is the NK version and E is the tii air box.
  3. The air funnels that connect the carbs to the air box via the rubber bellows are an NK indicator also. The 1600/2002ti version is slanted upward and toward the front of the car. The NK versions are straight. See pics.
  4. You are correct! I don't have deep enough calipers to measure the ID below the threads. But the OD of the tube past the threads is 45 mm and the wall thickness at the threads is about 2.25 (though the threads probably add some thickness.) So if the weld bead is 40.6, and not perfectly circular, you could definitely have a tight fit!
  5. The strut tubes themselves are the same. It is only the spindle and caliper hole spacing that are different on the ti/tii/turbo struts. A quick measurement of both yields about 43 mm.
  6. Those are the BMW Bermuda triangles. They mysteriously disappeared in 1968.
  7. This should cover every '02 nut and bolt you might scrape a knuckle on. BMW_bolt_torque_specifications.pdf
  8. Well, yes and no! Most folks trying to use an e21 LSD on an '02 will run into half shaft length/flange bolt size differences and might have to use a hybrid of both. There are many very good articles on the subject to be found on the FAQ. @AceAndrew has some very good pieces on differentials and rebuilding them.
  9. This one should work for you. bmw2002tii-usa-mod71.pdf
  10. If you split the calipers, be sure to replace the little o-rings between the two halves. PM me for details.
  11. Those look like tii calipers alright. They have nuts instead of tapped holes for the caliper half bolts. The spacing for the ti/tii/turbo caliper mount holes to the strut is 3.5". Regular '02 calipers have 3" spacing. So these won't fit to your standard struts. Also, tii's never had vented disks fitted. Only the Turbo of the series did. Even then you would need a different hub to accommodate the Turbo caliper/disks. I can't actually tell from the pics if those are indeed spaced apart for the vented disks used on the early 6-cylinders. Either way, you'll not be able to use them with standard struts.
  12. Meet NK Hans and Franz--when they actually built the cars. See if you can spot the 2002 toward the end of the film. It has a flat tire!
  13. I just received this notification in an email and wanted to share it with the community. Sign up! https://2002forever.com/dont-forget-to-join-our-chapter-at-bmw-cca-national/
  14. You can always use duck tape to fix a quack!
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