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  1. Off topic and surely Rob didn't want this posted on this forum, so, of course, I did. https://www.hagerty.com/media/opinion/the-dirty-little-secret-of-rv-ownership/?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20_September_19_Newsletter_Weekend
  2. This seems to be the case according to the parts manual as it only lists one exhaust manifold for all Europe LHD cars (Turbo has it's own exhaust manifold page) and then the US tii.
  3. BMW still makes many of these body plugs to fit the original openings and they are very cheap. Check with your local dealer. Here are two that might work depending on the diameter of the hole. 41007140847-- 35mm plug 41007140848-- 20mm plug
  4. Since I know nothing at all about this topic, I felt as qualified as many other posers posters to opine my thoughts on the subject. Actually, the machining and techniques in this video were so impressive, I had to share it since we are all looking for ways to adapt other flavors of transmissions to our '02s.
  5. Definitely! I've used this "Action Packer" (no crude comments please!) to ship diffs across country many times and it is still usable. If the back cover is off, you can even use an old plastic milk crate with 3/4" plywood on top and bottom (last tip courtesy of @Rozz).
  6. Could use the control arms and wiper motor. Hope your mom gets better!
  7. Yes Jim, I know of at least two versions of the Solex PHH's throttle shaft positions and they appear to be divided between the NK version and the 2002ti version. We had to create a separate version for each one since, as you say, they are not mutally compatible. We have these in stock and ready to ship. Please email me at halboyles 2002sonly.com
  8. We've actually make these with a few improvements on the original including using stainless steel and opening both ends for use on the 2002 adjusters. They are $42 shipped.
  9. For the last couple of years, we have been working on creating a complete, bolt-on, sidedraft carburetor linkage system for the 2002. Because, other than jetting, the linkage system is usually the most troublesome aspect of installing and tuning sidedraft carburetors on the 2002. Certainly there are generic, incomplete, sidedraft linkage kits out there. But they usually require manifold/throttle lever mods, bracket fabrication, cable routing, etc. and, in a lot of cases, are just plain ugly! The three prime requirements for our system design were that it would include all the linkage parts needed for the sidedraft conversion, that it would work with all intake manifold and carburetor combinations and that it would be based on the original BMW 2002ti linkage system. After years of development, thousands of miles of testing on 2002’s around the globe, and much hair pulling, I believe we have created the Ultimate BMW 2002 Sidedraft Linkage System! We call it “Ultimate” because: · It is designed uniquely for the BMW 2002’s Only · It includes all the linkage parts necessary for installing sidedrafts on 2002’s Only · It works with all combinations of sidedraft carburetors (Weber, Solex, and others in development) and intake manifolds (OEM, IE, Korman, Cannon, …) · The form, fit, and finish are like the original 2002ti linkage system · It puts the synchronization procedure on the carbs where it belongs, not on the linkage · The throttle lever and balance lever are designed specifically for each carburetor version · Once installed, it is virtually maintenance and adjustment free · It comes with actual installation instructions and tips for the BMW 2002s Only We are proud to make the initial announcement of the availability of this system on BMW2002FAQ. And we will soon be launching an e-commerce website called—www.2002sOnly.com with all of our products for the BMW 2002s Only. In the meantime, here are some photos and a video brochure on the Ultimate BMW 2002 Sidedraft Linkage System. We have these in stock, ready to ship. The price for the complete system is $265 plus shipping (we do ship internationally). For orders or inquiries, please use my direct email, halboyles at 2002sonly.com.
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