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  1. Just for general information, we have the complete 2002ti and the NK ti linkage kits available now. Here are some pics. Those interested can contact me at halboyles at 2002sonly.com. We also finally have the ATE T51 brake boosters, professionally rebuilt. Those are $675 plus shipping.
  2. Uhh, I'm the one who made up the "transmission bench test device" meme as a joke. The original video was only about demonstrating the possibilities of using the drivetrain with small equipment.
  3. I do have one for sale. I'll PM with more pics and details.
  4. I'll be happy to send you or anyone else my Caswell kit. Results were so erratic that I finally gave up (and one of my majors is chemistry). Not only that but you need oceans of distilled water, heating units (or not, Caswell's own tech staff will tell you different stories), pH adjusters, bubblers, copper wiring and pipe, and be able to read the Runes of Thorgard. It would be better use of your dinero to buy ultrasonic cleaners and tumblers that you will continue to use for other auto projects.
  5. I agree with their opinions to some degree, but if you really want to spend some time with a fine wire wheel, you can achieve an almost chrome like finish. And, as I mentioned above, vibratory tumblers produce an excellent finish on even very small parts. When we started making our side draft linkage kits in earnest last year, I contacted large companies about the process they use to do industrial plating. Almost all of them use some form of tumblers to deburr and then polish their parts. Following their lead, we use ultrasonic cleaners to remove grease, dirt, etc. and then pickle the parts in muriatic acid for several hours to remove mill scale and rust. We then process them in two different media in the vibratory tumblers to get the best finish. Finally, and this is a very important step, after rinsing we dry them in a convection oven to prevent flash rusting. In a low moisture environment, they will stay shiny for months. Here is a pic of our latest batch of linkage components done using those methods. While not every enthusiast needs our level of manufacturing capability, ultrasonic cleaners and vibratory tumblers are real time savers in any shop environment.
  6. That is exactly why I drill and tap threads for a small set screw in the body of the wiper arm head to lock it to the ribbed spindle.
  7. If you really want your small parts, nuts, bolts, etc. to look like new after being plated, invest in the large HF vibratory tumbler and some ceramic media. Clean the grease and scaled rust off, throw them a bucket of Muriatic acid to digest the remaining rust, and then tumble them to the desired shiny surface. Adding some degreaser and water to the tumbler helps speed up the process. After rinsing the parts, use a hair dryer to dry them and prevent flash rust from forming.
  8. Yes indeed it is Toby. Sorry I don't have any pics of it installed but we have been so busy making the linkage kits I haven't had time for much else. Basically you bolt this where the normal guibo goes and this insures that the transmission and the front part of the driveshaft are perfectly aligned. You can then move the transmission and driveshaft as one unit to determine the optimum placement and shimming of the CSB and transmission brackets. Then with the mounting points bolted in place, you simply remove the alignment tool and replace it with the new guibo. This simple tool eliminates all the guessing, eyeballing, measuring, "hoping it's right" kind of installation we have been stuck with over the last 50 years. It is especially helpful with a 5-speed conversion because of the strange-angled installations you sometimes end up with. Technicians who have to do this procedure on a regular basis really appreciate the time saved and the confidence that it is done right. I'd like to donate a couple of these to the FAQ as loaner tools but I don't see any mention of such a program on the website. I could perhaps start a thread and folks could just forward the tool to the next requester after using it?
  9. Just so you know, the ti style side draft linkage set we make also works with the Jenvey "DCOEs".
  10. Or, you could just use the above tool which does all of that in much less time and gets in right the first time!!
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