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  1. Unscrew the large ends off of the new spark plugs. Underneath should be the smaller threaded end you need.
  2. You can cut a piece off of a 17mm allen wrench, then put a box-end wrench on it to get that side plug out. They are indeed 24x1.5.
  3. Picture a power supply for your printer/laptop/... You've got a wall wart!
  4. Many "wall warts" used for electronics are 12V. You can get them in various amperages. I cut the wires, add alligator clips and AC/DC!, you've got 12 volts on your bench.
  5. Yes, and the downpipe attaching studs are M10 while the head studs are M8.
  6. You only need three of the 10x25 that attached the down pipe to the exhaust manifold. You are thinking of the head studs that attach the manifold to the head. You need eight of those.
  7. They do in fact. I had to finish up an exhaust just two days before '02 Fest. (I usually wait until the last minute to do such jobs, but this time I was ahead of the curve!) So I ordered them from Amazon, and got them the next day with free shipping. I am pretty sure that the price is as cheap or cheaper than our local hardware vendors.
  8. The part number you cite is different than the one for the '02s. 07119909117 (10x25) is the one associated with the '02s. It is still available and only $1.30 at Amazon even! https://www.amazon.com/BMW-Genuine-Stud-Bolt/dp/B06Y3XPWTK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=07119909117&qid=1557338848&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  9. They are 35mm long. You can always use longer ones if that size isn't available. Make sure any studs you buy have a shoulder to butt up against the manifold.
  10. First, thank you for taking the time to save this for the group. These are invaluable resources for all. Most of these tools are NLA or were really never readily available except to BMW techs. I am looking into the possibility of reproducing some of the most needed tools at costs that make it affordable for the DIYer. So, I will PM you regarding that.
  11. I have some good 32/36s I could trade for this. I'll PM you.
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