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  1. halboyles

    Group Buy For I.E. Alpina Diff Covers?

    Unfortunately sold out.
  2. I actually need the version that you have the front half for. Thanks anyway.
  3. Do you also have the rear half?
  4. W&N has their Sebring SS exhaust on sale today for less than $500 plus shipping. Haven't used one but perhaps others can chime in about the quality. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/sebring-sport-exhaust-system-made-of-stainless-steel.html
  5. halboyles

    BMWCCA Tech Tip Manuals

    PM sent
  6. halboyles

    215mm flywheel, Sachs clutch kit

    PM sent re flywheel.
  7. halboyles

    BMWCCA Tech Tip Manuals

    We do have some available. PM sent.
  8. halboyles

    BMWCCA Tech Tip Manuals

    PM sent.
  9. halboyles

    Door hing pin repair

    You might also have slop in the bracket that attaches to the door frame. There are several solutions to be found for both of these problems in a search of the forum.
  10. halboyles

    72 tii short block w/ new Piano Top pistons,

    That should mean 9.5:1 compression in a stock head. I believe that is standard Euro tii configuration.
  11. halboyles

    What to scavenge off of 320i

    Here's the long list: E21 Parts Compatibility for 2002.docx
  12. halboyles

    5 series big brakes and rotors

    I'll take these.
  13. halboyles

    BMWCCA Tech Tip Manuals

    Today we shipped out five more Tech Tip manuals. I think these are all that have been requested up to today. The recipients are as follows: YorkG BeckettJ RuggeD KingR ZiegenhagenK If you haven't received yours yet or think you should be on this list, please let me know. Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and support! {Because of the ongoing response we did make extra copies so let us know if you need one.}