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  1. It's a forum app for your phone, according to my Google machine! https://www.tapatalk.com/
  2. I'm familiar with the pop-up style deflector, but don't recognize these pieces - where do they fit? Thanks!
  3. Chris at Stone Racing Co. might also be able to help: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/181198-new-facebook-page-for-stone-racing-co/
  4. HarryBMW - it appears you're looking for a shift knob vs. shifter (mechanism).
  5. My '74 tii rolled on 14" bottlecaps with a polished lip for a few years. Wheels were cheap & easy to find; polished the lip for add'l bling-age; 14" tires were easier to find at the time. I like the basket-weave version, too - a bit more difficult to clean, but most BMWs look great in a Style 5!
  6. If you installed a new shifter boot make sure that it's not interfering with the stick motion - some of them don't fit like the original boots.
  7. The covers were available earlier in 2019. I see the parts link is dead. Try to contact him: https://adamsautosport.com/contact-us/
  8. After gluing multi-color (brown/beige/gold) shag carpet to the interior walls of the trunk of the Sahara '70 (in '80), I added the cheapest +1 wheel set-up available, silver E30 steel wheels from Euro-Tire in NJ.
  9. Don't know how long ago you received goods from AGLA, but reports from the past few years were that quality was way down with pitiful customer service.
  10. I believe David Landow in suburban MD has a restored original Anthracite '74 tii.
  11. Roger's sells them or something similar. http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002tii-turbo-fuel-injection-line-set/
  12. Welcome! The badge bar is a nice option - you could mount your lights there with add'l stabilizers.
  13. At one time I'd heard that brake fluid would would dissolve the amber pigment, if you wanted to try to create another clear one.
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