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  1. Post your request in the Parts Wanted section. You might also look through the Part for Sale section. Good luck!
  2. John_in_VA

    Front windshield availability in 2019?

    Fuyao glass came in my wife's F30.
  3. John_in_VA

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    It would be cool if you could remove the sticker from the filter so one of our talented members could reproduce it!
  4. Paul W. mentioned a sale on tii pumps a week or two ago:
  5. John_in_VA

    Sunroof Part Search, Inquiry, Help

    You might be able to find the metal tabs in the Parts For Sale section of the classifieds. Good luck!
  6. John_in_VA

    Alpine Split Rim Alloys H&B 3-Piece Modular Road Wheels H&B wheels are custom manufactured using our high-strength sand-cast aluminum alloy centers with spun, heat-treated, and polished aircraft alloy rim halves. Centers are powder-coated in silver; rim halves are made in Germany by BBS Racing. Composite construction gives these wheels a high strength-to-weight ratio. The H&B wheel has received five international design patents and copyrights, and are available for the following models: 2002 - 6"x15" (front and rear) for mounting 195/50R15 tires within stock fenders - 6.5"x15" (front) and 7.5"x15" (rear) for mounting 195/50R15 (f) and 205/50R15 (r) for use with wider, flared fenders such as the H&B FA21 kit or with the “turbo flares" of the 2002 tii turbo
  7. John_in_VA

    Gas Pedal

    Heat it up a bit, use a lube like Sil-glyde, twist it on with pliers but don't mar it. You could try to force it on with wide-mouth ChannelLocks - just don't split it. Good luck!
  8. John_in_VA

    Euro bumper license plate lights

    Paul's Chrome, north of Pittsburgh, has been used by hot-rodders for decades:
  9. John_in_VA

    Yet another 2002 in a movie

    The first episode of Fosse/Verdon on FX shows a roundie with driver's trapezoid mirror at ~38 minutes in. Appears to be dark blue or green - hard to tell under (supposed) Munich streetlights.
  10. John_in_VA

    Bimmer Buddies in Middletown, PA

    They definitely have E30 knowledge, but I have no idea if they've completed swaps into 2002s. Good luck with your project!
  11. John_in_VA

    Sale at Cocco mats

    Cocomats has a gallery. Jaspe seems to go well with the tan/brown interior.
  12. John_in_VA

    Sale at Cocco mats

    How much is the discount? Thanks!
  13. John_in_VA

    Gas Pedal

    You're probably missing the nylon bushing that's pressed onto the rod that fits into the slot under the pedal. The bushing can also develop a flat spot - you can rotate it to get a smooth surface back under the pedal. The bushings used to be white - apparently black now. Mike Self uses a length of UHMW slick tape under the pedal to keep the action smoooth! Bush - BMW part # 35-41-4-440-122
  14. John_in_VA

    Centre BMW hub stickers.

    Non-dealer (eBay, for example) ones are rarely a bargain as longevity usually suffers - same for the bonnet & boot emblems.