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  1. My '70 - 1673695 - didn't have them, but I retrofitted them for added protection.
  2. John_in_VA

    Vintage Air difficult customer service

    Things like this have been previously noted about their customer "service."
  3. La Jolla Independent has a wire set for $45. It's >half-way down at this link:
  4. Yeah, there was talk about reproducing these, but I don't think it happened.
  5. John_in_VA

    Package tray help.

    Free from work is always good! Home Depot, Lowe's, Menards, Amazon all carry tempered hardboard panels. 0.115 - 0.125 thick.
  6. You can see the clock surround in the 4th photo, and possibly reflection off the glass cover in the last photo.
  7. John_in_VA

    Euro front signal light conversion

    It would be great if you could edit the subject of this thread to "Euro" to help it be found with a future search. Thanks in advance!
  8. John_in_VA

    Package tray help.

    Masonite/tempered hardboard might be a consideration vs. plywood. The original material was very thin.
  9. Cut some pipe insulation or exterior color-coordinated pool noodle to length & slap it on top of the door panel when summer cruising!
  10. John_in_VA

    No keys

    Don't let Paul (wegweiser) see those - they have the patina he cherishes!
  11. John_in_VA

    14" wheel tires

    My son recently purchased a set of Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-season grand touring tires for his Mazda3 5-door - they did well in the Tire Rack survey:
  12. John_in_VA

    M30 4 barrel carb intake manifold

    Or try - they came with M30s.
  13. I would assume the knob & wheel were purchased & installed after vehicle purchase, possibly dealer-installed, unless you are the original owner & the Personal parts were on the car from the factory, some how. Cool stuff!
  14. John_in_VA

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    I like Weldwood contact cement gel to stick things together:
  15. Surely there is someone here with an example of the sticker with more complete text that will help you. Start a new thread mentioning the need for the metal airbox sticker info in the title. Good luck!