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  1. Hmm i have a lot of Evo 2 parts in my ”replica” engine and it idles just fine (e2 & e3 has same f/wheel, 5.3 kg vs. std 7.8 kg). Maybe they have hotter cams? Can’t say anything about gearbox as i have Getrag 280 and not the Sport Getrag that goes with S14. I’ve been told that E30 M3 Getrag 265/5’s has different bearing cages (plastic of some sort?) that does not withstand hard track abuse. Maybe they are driven hard and that is giving the noise?
  2. Here ya go https://e28goodies.com/files/bmw-2002-tii-kugelfischer-guide/
  3. Thanks bro but i’m fine. Well except toes that is. I quess. Uh umm...
  4. When you hit your thumb with a hammer and it hurts... put a sewing needle under your big toe nail and kick the wall. No more thumb pain.
  5. 2JZ and Barra would be good platforms and hotside is on the right side. VQ35 has very good potential too.
  6. Nah. Everybody has those. But skis... and Tahoe is only about an hour away 😉
  7. Now you'll need a pair of old wooden cross country skis on it.
  8. Two S14 turbo engines at sale here. Finnish i know but i think you'll get the idea. Hand deeeep into pocket
  9. That is the easiest way. One can just change camshaft gear to correct one. Haven’t done this myself but i know this has been done. What i have done (twice actually) is Frankenbutor. After dismantling both versions on a table i figured out what was needed to combine. Hardest parts are getting couterweights right and fixing top most piece to shaft. Lots of labour - i don’t recommend.
  10. Ridgeway makes repro 16v heads but one needs to get cam carriers & covers somehow (hand deep into pocket). https://www.ridgewayraceengines.co.uk/bmw-m12-parts
  11. The plate that i used was about 15-20 mm thick.
  12. @Benjamin A.R. TY. I use 1.8L capacity as my racing class rules allows me to build lighter car (1001 kg). I use pre-77 blocks if i can, never E30 era blocks (and yes i have hoarded old blocks enough). I have seen E30 blocks broke (cracked from head bolt area) in normal use. CHRA is from HY family i believe, not sure thou. I think both HY35 and HX35/40 can have w/c chra - they exists. I told turbo builder what i need it to be (perform) and this is what i've got.
  13. Other side stays. Just torque removed bolts. Thats how i have done it.
  14. I'd take that shaft out and bin it. It is possible to change that (one) shaft without pulling the head. I have done it as have others. So that's what i'd try.
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