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  1. IIRC grommets can be changed but could be wrong. No harm to try thou with cleaned old ones. If that's no go then could you use 114/E21/E30 res in your application?
  2. Maybe it's for use with a reservoir that goes directly on those (larger i.d.) grommets? Does your old 02 grommets fit with elbows?
  3. 1st 540mm straight, 560mm at floor 2nd 1480 mm (w/ oe insulator over the hump)
  4. If it's an very old 1.6L block it may have wall thickness enough to handle 89 bore. Which head casting (combustion chamber) you have dictates the piston dome profile you can run...
  5. OE is not enough? I've seen ppl put one to oil filler cap.
  6. It might but i still would like to see how that flows vs. standard.
  7. I'd try something like this. Tweak the numbers and see what happens. Does it allow negative values in the table?
  8. No. I would want a bit larger angle. So for a dd i prefer oem setup.
  9. I use Citroen BX wiper motor. It has about 142 deg sweep angle. Works good enough for a race car. Integrated washer nozzle and light weight.
  10. Gearbox, diff and engine too if complete. Turn them from side to side every now and then to get oil going everywhere and rotate shafts/crank. Long time in one position and internals tend to rust above oil line. Don't be surprised if shaft seals starts to leak when recommissioned.
  11. Thats fast! Mine initial sweep is much slooooowwwer but then it gets going. Redone linkage system so i think it's motor itself that needs attention.
  12. This affects the base fuel map correct? Is the main fuel map based on TPS or MAP values? What parameters there are that affects idle & you can change?
  13. Exhaust is tight up to the lamda - no air leaking to mess it up i assume. Vespa's point 2... i'd try even 11,5 target afr to see what happens. Lowest trace, injector PW = duty? Looks like it's trying to correct but corrects too little. Can this value be changed to something bigger?
  14. This. While i'm not able to see graphs (exel sheet is hmmm off) i take that there is positive and negative values from TPS? Every system that i know of has TPS output + 0 - 5 V (and some allows it to be reversed if needed to show + values). Not neg and pos at the same time so i'd be worried. If Holley's instructions etc. confirms this to be correct then ok but otherwise i'd look into it.

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