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  1. 1st things i do. I use jumper/starter cable to provide temporal extra earth to rule this one out. Earth may be sufficient to start a car and even idle but spark isn't strong enough to drive.
  2. "deep" flanges comes in with two different (at least) spline configurations so keep that in mind when you hunt for one.
  3. Jack that corner up until full droop and check if the wheel turns? Hit brakes hard and try again to turn the wheel. Lsd preload will f this up thou if you got one.
  4. How old are your rear brake hoses? Might be a slight swelling inside that doesn't release pressure all the way/fast enough. Just a thought.
  5. Which rods & bolts? How does other rod bearings look like?
  6. Interesting that timing affects only two cylinders. Have you checked & adjusted valve lash? Taking lower timing cover has some labour. There are usually also worn sprockets. New chain does not last that long with very used gears so maybe it's time to change those too?
  7. It’s a one man job. No need to call your boy friend over to assist.
  8. Spear and wrench are accepted tools? A cap is optional.
  9. Stretch: Oh i thought you say change oil on lift?!
  10. I have used Ferodo ds2500 and ds3000 pads. Both are good, ds3000 has a bit more bite but works pretty well from cold (10-15 C deg temps). I have used ds3000 pads for years.
  11. Put a grommet to a wire bundle that goes to wiper motor. Test socket has hadsome robbing before? Not vital but al least cover those end for shorting. Find schematics and you’ll be able to see what comes from where if you want to replace wiring to test socket.
  12. By outer door sill you mean complete outer skin? Jaymic has them. https://www.jaymic.com/02-models-door-skin-steel-p-l-2295.html
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