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  1. Just need center caps , did these myself
  2. I have a set of wheels , all I need is one so I can reproduce the other 3 .
  3. No problem my friend How do you want to get paid ? PayPal ok for you ?
  4. Looking for a set of the wire loom tabs , how much to send to Miami Fl 33155 ?
  5. How much shipping to Miami 33155. I will take them.
  6. How much to ship to Miami fl 33155 both of them ? Total price.
  7. I'm building a 69 160TI will that tac fill the hole where the big clock goes in the instrument cluster ? If it does how much for the tac ?
  8. Possible shipping to Miami Fl 33155 quote plz
  9. All four look like this and are they snow tires ?
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