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  1. Today I got the rear diff cover cleaned up and coated in clear. I did paint the little metal vent tube in silver to protect is some more. After degreasing the inside of the diff so there wasn't any oil left I wire wheeled the outside so remove some of the small rust spots. I then taped it all up and gave the bare metal spots a coat of primer. The housing is now ready to be painted black. I still need to blast the bearing housings and input flange but ran out of primer.
  2. Next week we are going to paint most the parts for the touring in 2k satin black paint that are now currently sitting in primer after we got these sandblasted previously. We'll be making a small paint booth with some steel tubing. Since the differential is still assembled, we started on disassembling it. With the help of some brackets and a long breaker bar we were able to brake the big nut on the input shaft loose. Also the 2 bolts on the output shafts got removed. Everything disassembled and also removed the old seals. Teeth on the ring gear, little spiders and input shaft still look great. I don't think we'll replace the bearings as these also look good. Next thing is to get the hardware plated with a kit to do it yourself. And also cleaning up the housing and bearing housings with the sandblaster and some wirewheels. Then on to painting!
  3. Today I cleaned and refurbished the Bosch distributor for the 02. I started with cleaning the outside and lightly go over it with some scotchbrite. I also cleaned the inner mechanism as it was quite dirty/greasy. When we plated the nuts and bolts, I took the hardware from a one of the spare distributors that was already missing a few pieces to also get plated. I then installed the new breaker points and set the correct gap (0,4mm) I also tried getting the vacuum chamber plated but it did not turn out all that great so I decided to bead blast the one fitted on ours and paint it with some RAL 9006 aluminium color. Aso got the little clips blasted and painted black. I'm pleased with the result.
  4. Floor looks very nice! Even around those holes! Looks like a solid car, great work.
  5. You will need the panel for the front section of the arch too as the rocker sits behind this. You can get this part from WallothNesch. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/replacement-panel-for-rear-sill-part-front-lower-part-from-the-rear-side-panel-left-41-03-00.html As for the rocker, Its a genuine BMW part so it should fit pretty well.
  6. Hhaha, thanks man! Appreciate it!
  7. other

    Looks great, I was wondering though. How did you clean that carb so nicely?
  8. I use 0,85mm for the floors and other thinner sheet metal and 1,25mm for the inner sills/A post as this was also thicker from factory.
  9. Haven't done as much to the Touring but today I finished cleaning up the valve cover. I also sandblasted the corrosion on top and then glass beaded the cover so there it had a nice smooth finish. I then protected it with some clear varnish. Turned out great! Being that the blasting cabinet was now full of glass beads instead of glass grit I decided to blast the rubber bushings for the rear and front springs as they were quite dirty and had some rust particles on them. This gave it a nice finish. I might treat them with some kind of product so the pores will be sealed. Also gave the newly purchased coil for the alternator a coat of primer. Still need to find some kind of red/orange paint like original.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/martijndemeulemeester/
  11. I used an old rag to clean most of the dirty thinner, I than sprayed some brake cleaner on the cover and used compressed air. Thanks!
  12. I was questioning if someone ever tried removing the metal plate on the inside of the valve cover so you can clean inside of there? I let my valve cover soak in a degreasing solution and removed most of the gunk from the inside, the stuff that was harder to get rid of I removed with some thinner. When I wanted to clean the little chamber I poured thinner inside and sloshed the thinner back an forth but can't seem to remove all of it. Has anyone removed the plate before? Do you just drill these out and then reinstall the plate with some new revits? Thanks
  13. Hello Tom, Thank you for taking the time to read through all of my blog I appreciate the very kind words about the work I've done so far to the car. I haven't done much over the last 2 months as I've been busy fixing (and also welding) on my BMW E30 (325ix touring). I hope I can start to pick up the welding again where I've left if very soon. And yes, can't wait to get it finished, hopefully it won't take several years lol.
  14. Yes, but if I can find a new rotor cheap enough, why go through the hassle of cleaning/resurfacing the rotor? I went to my local electric refurbishment center and they told me they solder/apply new cupper/silver on the commutator but it's almost the same price as a new rotor. You can still get the separate diode assembly (1 121 099 007) but not the one that's in the body itself. Although the same guy here locally told he these never seem to go bad. I'll still try to measure these out though. I've since yesterday found a Bosch rotor in Germany with the number the guy from Bosch gave me so I might pick that one up. And yes I do understand that they will have used those parts on other alternators too but when I search the for the stator number that he gave me I can't find it back on their online catalogue, so how does one know it that is the right number/that stator actually exists...
  15. No one here every rebuilt their alternator before..?