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  1. Last time we removed the strut brace piece, since then I sandblasted it at work and coated it in Corroles. Nice top piece for the inner wheel well, still need to clean up the hole for the hood latch. I need to get one of those sanding drums Was able to use the spotwelder to weld the new piece to the flange Using the shrinker, we made a new flange for the lower section as well. Turned out pretty good Tacked in place Still need to trim some of the extra material of the flange to match the original width
  2. I also replaced this cover, you can just tap it out of the bellhousing.
  3. Finally finished the front left A post repair on the Touring. Took a while to get everything to line up a the lower corner of the door sticked out at the quarted panel a lot Was able to use my spotwelder to weld it to the inner panel and sill. I did add a couple of plugwelds just to be sure Nice even 4mm gap top to bottom.
  4. After the last time we worked on the 2002, adjusting the drivers side door fitment and the a pillar, it got so very hot for a couple of days so no progress was made on the 2002. Finally when it cooled down again, I finished up some work on my uncles E30 325iX Touring. Last weekend we again test fitted the door a couple of time and tinkered with a couple of spacers as the lower rear section of the door sticked out a couple of millimeters from the quarter panel. Also the fitment of the new W&N panel wasn't that great compared to the other side This weekend, I made some more adjustments to the W&N a post panel and got it pretty close, after clamping it and adding a few tack welds, we test fitted the door again, without any spacers/shims. Fitment is pretty good, nice even gap of 4mm and there is still some more adjustment left at the hinges if the door needs to move. It does still stick out at the lower corner but significantly less then before After this we started welding the a post panel fully in place. We were able to reach all the way to the front of the panel with our spotwelder, however just to be sure, I did add a couple of regular plug welds with the MIG. Corner section also cleaned up And one final fitment of the door, we added a 1,8mm shim to the lower hinge, this brings the door more to the inside on the car and caused the door to sit flush with the quarter panel. I'll have to make a proper shim at work since we now used some washers. And in some Corroless paint, I'm really liking this paint, applies very nice and is very scratch resistant, much better than the regular zinc spray. although it's not weldable. Also the inside got an extra coating of zinc spray, I used the tube that come with a can of hollow wax to spray the inside. Next up is repairing the flange at the end of the firewall/ inner a post panel, we already removed the shock reinforcement panel and removed a couple of dents
  5. Thanks man! I appreciate your great comment. I can't wait till the bodywork is done, still a lot of work left to do..
  6. Like stated above,the W&N panel is good but not perfect, I had to bend the side at the transmission tunnel a bit more for it to match. The swage lines in front of the seat mounts didn't line up exactly but you shoudl be able to get them close enough with a hammer and dolly. I also but welded the panel.
  7. Hey guys, I've been busy with replacing the driver side A post on my Touring last couple of weekends and noticed the following. I repaired the passenger side A post a while back and the door fits great. However when fitting the W&N replacement panel, I had to fiddle with it a little so it would line up correctly. Top and bottom section are nice and even with the rear quarter panel and there is a nice even 4mm gap. I now started on the drivers side. For whatever reason, the pillar doesn't line up completely. However I am able to pull it nice and tight towards the new A post. The A pillar also lines up nice and flat with the inner rocker and the inner panel. Also, the door doesn't fit as nicely like the passenger side. When the top section of the door is even with the quarter panel, the lower section sticks out quite a bit. We can remedy this by putting a 2,5mm thick washer between the lower hinge and the door frame so the door 'rotates' and the lower section gets more even with the quater panel, as there is no real way of shifting the door more inboard or the the outside... Has this been done before? Or should we try to get it better without the washer? After fiddling with it some more for a couple of hours, my brother noticed the following. Top hinge of the passenger side door: Lower hinge Drivers side top hinge (I forgot to take a picture of the lower hinge) But as you can see, for some reason the hinges are welded more to the outside of the door. Has anyone noticed this as well on their car? As far as I can tell the welds look to be original from the factory. Because of this, there is more room between the rain gutter and the door on the drivers side than the passenger side. Could this give us problems later on when fitting the rain gutter trim and side door trim? Some feedback would be appreciated
  8. It's been a while!! If been busy for the last couple of months with refreshing the suspension & driveline of my E30 325iX Touring 😎 Since I have a 2 week holiday now, it's full attention on the 02 Touring! Today we started fitting the driverside door again before starting to weld in the replacement panel for the A pillar. Noting how much adjustment we have in the mounting holes of the door etc, we were pretty satisfied with the initial fitment. We first started with repairing the upper corner of the inner A pillar panel as there was still some rust. We first sandblasted the panel but decided it was best to replace a small section. First time using the pneumatic sawzall to remove the pitted panel in this tight area, pretty handy tool although if used for too long your hands start getting numb by all of the vibrations this thing makes! 😛 I also finished welding the new section of the inner panel in completely as I hadn't done that yet And fixed! We used the remaining piece we had from the inner A pillar panel Also reused the little wiring clip and spotwelded it back into place, looks great That's it for now, more to come soon!
  9. Finally got the drivers side floor in! After getting it tacked in place and plugwelded ot the chassis rail and firewall, I used the spotwelder to spot the flange of the flloor to the inner rocker. In only 1-2 minutes it was spotwelded. Oh man, do I love this thing! Completely welded and ground down, turned out great! And covered in paint.
  10. Another update! Today I fitted the floor several times again, each time trimming it more and more until it fitted just right. After getting it tacked in place and plugwelded ot the chassis rail and firewall, I used the spotwelder to spot the flange of the flloor to the inner rocker. In only 1-2 minutes is was spotwelded. Oh man, do I love this thing! Completely welded and ground down, turned out great! There is however a small hole where the metal was too thin to weld to. I'll have to make a small patch panel next time It's hard to see, but it's at the upper corner, where the pedal box hole and transmission tunnel meet. And covered in paint. Underside also looked very good, still need to clean up the welds but that'll be for when the car is on it's side. Nice and thight against the frame rail.
  11. Yesterday the carpet set for the Touring arrived, I'm impressed with the quality Looks great! I found this guy (Arnold t auto teppich) http://www.carnold.de/ via an German 02 forum, there were a lot of other people who had purchased a set from him and they all had a great experience with him. He was als the only one that could deliver the coarse bouchlé fabric and the grey side boarding as original. Although sometimes contact was a bit slow via mail, I would buy again. Where ever is a hole needed in the carpet is nicily marked out on the underside. Nice touch. A couple of pictures, After work this Friday I cleaned up the welds some more of the firewall patch panel I've made previously. I also welded in the inner rocker panel at the rear and started preparing the section where the floor plugwelds on to. We might be able to use the spotwelder to spot the floor to the rocker. Frame rails I'll plug weld
  12. Finally got the interior back from out upholsterer. I'm really happy with the out come. And a close up.
  13. Finally got the interior back from out upholsterer. I'm rally happy with the out come. Only thing that's left is to get the hinges painted and finished with the same splatter design. And getting some of the hardware sorted before we can assemble the seats themselves. I'm glad I took the time to sandblast and paint the frames. Our upholsterer also added some extra padding to the inside of the seat covers. This week our carpet set I ordered from a guy in Germany should also arrive shortly. Savely stored at home Headrests, the side pads are not installed yet. And a close up.
  14. Got to play with my new spotwelder. Man, I love this thing. Shoudl have bought one a lot sooner! New firewall piece I've made, both pieces side by side, turned out pretty good Spotwelded into place And done, next up will be the floor!
  15. This week after work, we finally tested out the spot welder. After fiddling with the settings and electrodes a bit, we got it pretty dailed in. This is how the spots look Today we did some more work on the front left corner of the 02. I already made a firewall patch but needed to tweak it some more to get it to fit right now. Here's a picture that shows both pieces I've made Spotwelded into place, The longer shafts already came in handy for this. And fully welded in, still need to grind the welds down some more and planish the sheet Oh wow, it's been a very long time this car has seen a front left floorpan lol Next weekend I'll finish up this repair, hopefully get started welding in the floor and then it's off to the A post

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