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  1. Major Progress

    Looks amazing! Very nice work. May I ask what brand of tape you used for the wiring loom?
  2. The nuts and bolts of it...

    I once went through whole realoem to make a list of the nuts, bolts and washers etc. I haven't added them all up but I could send you the list. (It's in Dutch but everything is listed with the numbers on the pictures eg "11/10 for engine housing") This is for a regular 2002 touring btw
  3. Rebuilt CV Joints (Thanks!)

    I used Spidan 300445 boots. On the box it says it's for a alfa but I found it was also compatible with a E21. I did check the measurements before buying them, the fitted great!
  4. CV Joint caps - installation troubles

    I was able to reuse my original ones and they just tapped right in.. Try measuring the diameter of both and how much bigger they are?
  5. Question re: Differential

    I also rebuilt my differential and before and after the rebuild it had the same feeling. Teeth looked great, no wear. I have a spare diff and it feels exactly the same like the one I rebuild.
  6. Starter Motor Housing ceased

    Those screws hold the stator on to the housing, no need to remove them when taking it apart. I first removed the screws on the back of the starter motor to remove the little protruding cover cap, there will be some washers and a little C washer that slides onto the rotor shaft, when you remove those, you should be able to remove the back cover of the starter motor after also removing the two long screws that hold the whole starter motor together. You do need to remove those two small counter sunk screws that hold the actuator to further disassemble the starter motor. because the hinge part will prevent the rotor from sliding out with the one way bearing/gear. Picture of the whole starter motor laid out on the bench Included it a exploded view from Bosch with the part numbers of even those screws 0 001 311 100.pdf
  7. Not a whole lot has been done the last couple of days on the 2002, i've been busy helping a friend with welding a roll over jig for the Volkswagen Golf mk1 GTI he's restoring. I found some time to remove the section of floor that was still attached to the left front frame rail. I'm didn't think it would still look this great. Only some surface rust inside. I also received the floor plugs from a guy I found on Instagram who makes these again like the original ones. As you no longer can get them with the square in the middle.
  8. DIY zinc plating / yellow passivation

    I think the included resistor was 8ohm so about 1,5A. When only plating one bolt that's way too much current, the zinc will adhere too fast and too thick on the bolt. You'll need a much bigger resistor. I just hung enough parts in the electrolyte since I did not have a big enough resistor at the time. Thanks! It's awesome plating them yourself although I wouldn't plate a hole cars worth of nuts and bolts. This is a good setup for parts you forgot to give to your plater. Thanks!
  9. DIY zinc plating / yellow passivation

    I'm using an 12V power supply I already had. In the kit I bought there was a resistor wire included to adjust the current but I'm thinking of upgrading to an adjustable resistor with a higher ohm range so I can adjust a bit finer.
  10. Getrag 242 teardown question

    I did heat up the lower bearing which is covered by a big plastic plug. Can't hurt to heat it up.
  11. Outer sill is literally blowing my mind

    Do you mean the gap on the side/in the corner? You could make a cut just at the side next to the radius and pry/push the side more outwards until it meets the outer sill and then weld the gap close.
  12. Getrag 242 teardown question

    I recently pulled my transmission apart, it depends oif you have a bearing with a regular case or plastic case holding the balls apart. Mine had a plastic case so you have to push the input shaft through. By using some square tubing and a bearing puller I was able to put some force on the shaft.
  13. Thank you, Paul! I appreciate your kind words, thanks again.
  14. Alternator Pulley Removal

    I just had a look at the diagram I got from Bosch. I now remember. You just have to hammer the rotor out of the housing. The screws will hold the bearing in place. once the rotor is out, you can removed the screws and little cover plate and tap the bearing out too.
  15. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    My brother and I noticed our front left frame rail had a slight bend, the 02 probably had been in a small accident before. (the bak hole was shifted 3-4mm) We managed to get it all lined up again by using the measurement from the BMW diagram. We also checked the squareness and it all checks out. If you want to know more about how we did this, read up on my project thread.