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  1. Got the panels welded in we made 2 weeks ago, turned out pretty good. Also welded up some of the holes that were present when drilling the spotwelds out to remove the shuttle panel. Trail fitting the new panel, after some careful trimming I got it to fit very nice. Welded and ground down. A lot better than before! I also bought some more tools, I already had a small power file (10x330 belts) but decided to also get a it's bigger brother (20x520) And finally a proper portable spotwelder as well, it still needs to arrive though. Comparision of both
  2. D.martijn

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Finally some more welding progress on the Touring!
  3. If you know the part number of the alternator, just send an email to Bosch, they will send you a exploded view with the related part numbers. I did this for my alternator and starter. (see attachment) 0 001 311 100.pdf 0 120 400 752.pdf
  4. Thanks guys! Another small update on the Touring. Not a whole has happened over the last few months though. However I did order some more parts. Got new door seals, front and rear window seals as well as a NOS fuel tank cap, NOS Autoflug seatbelts, NOS Pierburg fuel pump & original metal oil cap And probably some other Touring specific parts I can't remember I don't know why but I like the blue stiches in the middle This weekend we started on the front left corner again, still need to get some more adjustment done to get the drivers door fully fitted. Still need to figure a couple things out so push the hinges a bit more forwards as they are sitting 5mm more to the rear as the passenger side.. However, when I adjusted the angle on the black replacement inner A panel so the fit was better to the original one. my borther started making a panel for the firewall where it was rusted through. Fits alot better than before! and the patch he made, looks great! We also had a look at fabricating a new piece for flanges at the heaterbox opening. After trying to make due with what we had at our workshop, we went to my work and use some of the equipment we have there. With the help of a old school shear, bender and a small press and some tubing/angle iron we were able to replicate the original profile. After some more trimming
  5. I was able to remove the metal fan without damaging the plastic bushing. Hopefully I can press it back onto the new motor I have. Clever idea of using a hex screw this way.
  6. D.martijn

    As the worm turns

    Yeah, that's true. I'll have a look what we can get at work
  7. D.martijn

    As the worm turns

    I thought the thickness would have started a lot smaller. Like 0.02-0.05mm I'll have a look tomorrow at work where we order our shims and if they also have big sheets instead of small rolls we currently use. Stainless or steel I can't see a difference
  8. D.martijn

    As the worm turns

    Do you know the different thicknesses there are of shims? I have a friend with a laser cutter, might be able to make several
  9. D.martijn

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Been ordering some more parts for my 02 Touring. One of them was this NOS fuel cap. When looking at pictures of the new BMW fuel caps, the BMW logo is stamped very lousy into the cap. My OCD won't accept that lol
  10. D.martijn

    Sunroof panel restoration

    Do you need to know the size of them? I'll have a look at my parts storage for my Touring and see if I can find them These are just glued onto the panel.
  11. D.martijn

    Cable ties

    Any change you happen to know how many of each?
  12. D.martijn

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Received some NOS Autoflug non retractable seat belts for my 2002 Touring. Includes all the hardware, only thing that's missing are the plastic covers at the B pillar, does anyone know these part numbers?
  13. D.martijn

    02 Touring seat belts

    Any idea when they switched from reguar 3 point belts to retractable belts?
  14. Hello guys, I have the opportunity to buy some new NOS non retractable 3 point Autoflug seatbelts complete with new hardware, (for a pretty good deal) Before buying them I was wondering if someone could confirm that these were originally fitted on 74 Tourings.? When I check Realoem, it suggests retractable Repa seatbelts. Although, there was a non retractable Repa fitted in my Touring. (only one though..) Could someone shed some light on this? Or should I just get the NOS seatbelts anyway. Thanks, Martijn
  15. Soo.. It's been a while.. I'm back again after 4 months I've been busy for over a month with my BMW E30 325iX Touring, refreshing and replacing the cylinder head and soe other car related stuff Everything is sorted though so we're focussed back onto the 2002. Last time we worked on the body of the 2002 we had some trouble fitting the front left floor. We had to remove a slice to get it fitted between the transmission tunnel and the inner sill. Before we weld anything, we first wanted to fit the doors though. Just to make sure everything lines up. And that's where we discovered this... The passenger side fits great, we also test fitted the front fender and it's support and the body lines line up pretty good. The overall fitment is also pretty close. Nothing some carefull massaging can't solve Flush along the lenght of the car Next was the drivers side, this is where we got into some trouble. As you can see, there is almost no panel gap, this is with the door push all the way to the front, against the hinges We already knew the car got hit in the front sometime in it's lifespan, looks like the hit got to the A-post/hinges as well. After taking some measurements, there was a 10mm difference in width + the A pillar is twisted a bit. After comparing both sides, we noticed the A post panel where the fender bracket welds onto, also has a different angle. Passenger side Drivers side After cutting out the bracing we were able to move the A pillar by hand some but not enough to make a difference so we got out our little hydraulic jack. We pushed from the right top to the lower corner of the A pillar, while making sure the window frame didn't change (width wise) we pushed the a pillar out. And managed to get the angle spot on This cause the inner sill to also move to the outside thus making more roo for the floor, only we already modified the floor; we'll go ahead and buy a new one.. Sill itself is also nice and straight, before it was slightly angled. Next time we'll have to make a little jig of some sort to get the twist out of the A pillar. I'm glad we decided to first fit the floor before going any further with welding..