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  1. My 1973 Euro 2002tii

    Any tips on how to remove (and install back) the glass from the housing? Awesome updates! it's looking great
  2. Thanks, Tommy. Yes, just a hammer, a few dollies and a chisel is what I have now as metal working tools. A shrinker & stretcher are also on my list of tools to buy
  3. Zinc Plating Door Locks

    Looks great man! Can't be the only one that loves seeing hardware like this
  4. Haven't done a whole lot this week. I cleaned the Golf mk1's engine compartiment as some oil is leaking from the distrubitor again even though I replaced the o-ring.. After finishing the Golf mk1 I got started on painting some of the left over parts. I still had to paint the startor housing of the starter motor, a few small parts and the radiator & air filter housing. Turned out alright. Here you can see the repair I had done on the radiator, the guy also bent the fins straight. The radiator will look great once the paint is dry I then got started on repairing the water scuttle panel as it's quite rotten.. I started with bending the two flanges and adding the little indentation in it with a chisel. Turned out I got the bends spaced to far apart to it didn't line up all that great. Since I had spend quite some time already on the panel, I went home.. lol The day after I tried to get the bend right, which I luckily did. Again, hammering the indentation in the panel with a chisel. Welded and ground down partially, I still need to fabricate a few other bit's like the oval hole in the middle that's also rotten. Still need to grind down the little weld but all my discs are completely used up. I should buy some new ones. Turned out pretty good, will still need some filler though. I am considering buying a sheet metal brake to get better 90° bends. I'm now using a big piece of angle iron but from hammering the flat sheet it gets wavy because of the slight stretching when hammering it against the angle iron..
  5. Photobucket p500

    I also had some problems with downloading all of my pictures. Turns out you can only download all of you pictures once they are in an album not in your main library. I first had to transfer them to an album and then download the album itself. Hope that works for you too.
  6. Photobucket p500

    I'm using Flickr from now one, should have used it sooner as their site it a lot better than PB's. I'm also active on the R3V forum and a member posted a solution by changing something in the forum settings, I'll have a look and post this later. Maybe @steve k. will understand it as I did not edit, turns out it mainly focussing on dropbox. http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=410865
  7. CV joint boot kit (boot en clips only)

    I know I can get the parts from BMW itself but they are rather expensive for only being a rubber boot. 44€ for 1 There are also a few brand that sell kits but those are cheap/less known brands..
  8. Hello, I've been searching for a while now for a cv boot kit for my 02 and can't find one from a well known brand. Spidan does offer a kit but it's with the metal flange. I'm after one without the flange, as I got mine replated and painted. I tried ordering a kit BMW 2series kit from GKN/Löbro which had pretty close measurement but the lip on the bigger diameter doesn't fit the metal flange like it should. Anyone that has some suggestions? Thanks
  9. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Thank you! I'm very pleased myself as it's only the third/fourth time using a spray gun
  10. Today I got the alternator for the 2002 back assembled together. I got the question from 2002faq member @rapandi if it would be possible to explain how I did this so here it is I started with mounting the new stator in the rear housing, feeding the wires through it. I then screwed the base plate with diodes? on the housing and bend the wires on to the contacts. the base plates connects the diodes on the housing and the black plate on the rear of the alternator together. Since the original wires for the diodes on the black plate were too far gone, I soldered new wires on them. Then bolting it on the housing. By then I also mounted the brush plate on the housing as the green cable on this also connects to a spade plug on the base plate (where all the wires come together) I then tapped the bearing on the rotor, make sure you don't forget to put the spring washer (pictured after the rotor) between the bearing and housing! After mounting the rotor, the hard part is done. You then just screw on the front housing and mount the fan and pulley. All done I hope this helps some of you that are also considering refurbing their alternator. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. ____ Also got the remaining parts out of our spray booth. Turned out great.
  11. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Got the remaining parts painted in 2k black and also got my alternator back together Alternator is basically brand new. New rotor, stator, bearings, brushes/plate... Finished
  12. Saturday I gave the parts a second coat, today they were dry so I took the one that were good off the rack. I painted the cv joint bearing races, the underside of the air filter housing, starter motor and gave the diff another coat. I hope these turn out good as I my paint gun wasn't set correctly in the beginning, the paint went on a little too thick.. We'll see how it turns out. These parts are all finished now: I also took our radiator to a local radiator repair shop as I noticed after painting that there was a little crack right above the drain bolt. The guy said he'll also pressure test the radiator to make sure it's all right. He will bend the little fins also straight as there are a few that are bend inwards. I then order new cv bellows and a new Bosch starter drive/gear (as the bearing on the original one is too far gone) + new brushes for the start motor too
  13. After buying another liter of 2k black satin paint we got the second layer on the parts. There were a few spots that had some overspray so I decided to lightly sand these parts first so I could get a smooth finish when applying the second coat. As far as I can tell it came out very good, especially for only using a (cheap) spray gun for the third time. my brother and I also started disassembling the startmotor for the engine. We'll probably give this only one coat when doing the underside of the air filter housing and lid as I haven't painted those yet. The stator still looked good as does the stator, we'll just give them a clean an reassemble them back after painting the housing.
  14. Finally got the remaining parts painted black. After making a spray booth with some square tubing and plastic foil + a little rack to hang to parts on I got started with painting. Second time using a paint gun, turned out pretty good if I say so myself I'll probably give it a second coat when it's all dry as I laid it not too tick to avoid runners + there are a few small spots that I didn't quite fully cover with paint. Radiator, I did not paint the little cooling fins as I still need to bend some of them back into shape. I'll spray these with some heat resistant black paint later on. Air filter housing lid Diff + driveshaft parts Brake booster