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  1. D.martijn

    E30 TO bearing

    I also have a 325ix (Touring) which just hit 250k kms and I'm also thinking my throwout bearing is on it's way out. I can hear it whine when it's in neutral and I'm listening under the car. When I slightly push on the clutch pedal, the whining/noise is gone. I'm not really looking forward to replace the clutch as you also need to remove the transfercase with it..
  2. D.martijn

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    While going through my weekly search on a Belgian craiglist, I stumbled upon a set of Borrani 13x5.5" wheels. The seller listed them for... wait for it.... 20€! Now, that's what I call a steal. There is some surface rust on them as he had blasted them but just let them sit on a shelve but it's not too bad actually. A quit sandblast at work, some paint and these will clean up nicely.
  3. D.martijn

    CMR Borrani + Alpina wheel center caps NEW PRICE

    Do you still have a set for sale? What's the price? Thanks
  4. Yeah, not much life left on that one lol. I however do like having some smaller cut off wheels when making small panels
  5. D.martijn

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Some more sheet metal progress on the 02 Touring Made a new panels for the inner fender where the firewall will later plugweld onto. I also had to patch the side of the frame rail so I can weld on a new flat piece of sheet metal on the rail.
  6. Pretty productive week / Saturday. First off, we made a new parts order because BMW decided to reproduce the heat shield for the firewall again. Also got some new strut bearings and some other smaller stuff. We are planning on making new plywood panels for our doorcards (and might make a few extra to sell as well). There is a company called Aardvark which makes these panels but they are located in the US and shipping is pretty expensive. We refferenced most of out measurement from the door itself since the wooden panel had shrunk a bit. I already drew a sketch in Solidworks at my work. The plan is to first plot the sketch, check if all measurements are correct. Change them if needed and then to get them lasercut or maybe milled at my work. Sketch of the doorpanel. I also made one for the tailgate trim panel. We also stripped all of the vinyl from the tailgate trim panel, sunroof frame, boot cover. We will get this all rehupolstred and paint the metal parts where the vinyl is glued onto. This Saturday, we first got a new sheet of 0,8mm metal with a zinc layer on (called zincor) as our old sheet of steel was getting too small and quite rusty too. We also stopped at the local DIY store and got some wood finish for the wooden insulation panels for the inside of the car as my brother had sanded these down this week. New layer of finish on the wooden panels. Then it was time to get started on the shell again. We first sandblasted the inside of the frame rail since there was some surface rust and a bit of pitting. The inside got several coats of Brunox and zinc spray. Then it was time to fabricate a new piece of inner fender where the firewall will later plugweld on to. After some hammering, chiseling to make the swage line and some more bending, the panels was done. Comparison of the old and new panel The outer bend of the chassis rail was getting a bit thin and had a few pinholes in it, we decided to cut a section of the flange off and also a small bit of the rail itself. New section welded in and ground smooth, got good penetration. And new flange welded on and ground back. We had to use the shrinker and stretcher on both sides to get the correct bend into the piece. Turned out great. As it was getting a bit late, we decided to weld on the new metal plate for the frame rail some other time. Then we will weld in the new inner fender panel.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's a new mold as there is a big BMW logo & part no printed on the backside of the isolation. The original pad doesn't have this. You'll have to remove quite a bit of stuff to get to the isolation, brake boosted mount, fuel lines, brake lines.. Everything that fits against/just in front of this pad. There is only one part number for this isolation as far as I know so there should not be any difference. It's not that the foil is missing, it's that there is some extra product moulded on top of it. I'm sure that I could make a small cut wth an exacto knife just on the parting line where the foil ends and pull/scrape the extra material off from the foil. But like I stated, it's not visible at all once fitted.
  8. Just wanted to let you guys know the firewall pad is available again from BMW. Here's a picture of my original one and the new firewall pad Mine has a bit of extra moulded product at the heat shield but I tried fitting it in the car and it's not visible at all.. I think they put the aluminium foil in the mould and then pour the material into it as there is a adhesive strip at the top of the aluminium foil.
  9. Today my brother called to the local(ish) upholstery shop where we'll get our seats redone. The owner said we could bring in our seats on the 6th of August. Not too bad. We already went once with some of our interior parts to ask some questions. At first we wanted to go with all vinyl seats but we'll stick to our original vinyl/cloth seats/pattern. As a test to fill the seats with some extra padding, we still had some of the polyester filling material left over from our Golf mk1 restoration. We decided it would be a good idea to fit this between the cocos pads and the seat springs/frame. This will also keep the hairs from falling onto the carpet and making a mess. We also fitted one of the old covers (these are form an extra interior we got a while back, our seats will be black) and some more padding to get a feel for how good the pads turned out with the latex and I'm pretty impressed, there is still some 'cracking' noise form the old hairs but it's not that bad.
  10. D.martijn

    Are my callipers salvagable?

    I would opt to service the calipers, cleaning or replacing to pistons, seals etc.. My pistons from my Touring were also very hard to get out. I used a grease gun from an relative to push the pistons out. I mean shouldn't take more than a good weekend to get them serviced and when done you'll know you'll have good brakes.
  11. Today I gave the seats and rear backing plates a second coat of paint. They turned out great eventhough you will barely see bits of them once they are covered. After cleaning up the mixing cans and gun, we got started with the floor (again). We tried fitting it again and decided to cut a slice in it just past the higher flange at the firewall. After making the cut, we pushed the slice over onto the panel and test fitted the floor again and scribed a line so we knew how much to cut off. (Thank @jmbeatt2 for the suggestion on how to do this!) Then it was time to tack the panel back together, I decided to tig weld it since I got one recently. This panel will be some good practice. Turned out ok, it's not the best but good enough for the floor. And test fitted in the car again, we still have some material left on the sides of the panel so we still have some wiggle room when we weld it completely in. Next we started on the firewall and chassis rail. I removed a section where the pedalbox mounts onto too. I also cut a section out of the flange from the chassis rail as on the the previous owners had welded a section of the 'repaired' floor onto it. I might remove some more sheetmetal to get to the rust between the chassis rail and inner fender Inside of the chassis rail isn't too bad, the worst section it at the lowest point. We'll first sandblast it and see how it turns out. I can still decide then wether or not to cut a section out Finally I welded a new flange onto the chassis rail, I also did this with the TIG. I only blew three holes which I then filled up the the MIG after trying to get it shut with the TIG. Still need to trim it flush with the original section. I'm now using 0.8mm filler wire, I feel like I might need some thicker wire? maybe 1mm or 1.2mm? And my brother cut out this panel for the chassis rail. I made him cut the end a bit wider so I can cut it when fitted onto the car. All in all, pretty productive day. I'm glad we finally got the floor sorted out.
  12. Thank you for the kind words, TNan! I appreciate it. If you have questions etc, please feel free to ask
  13. D.martijn

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Sandblasted the seat frames at work and gave them a coat of 2k black satin paint at the workshop Nest is to try and mimic the splatter paint pattern on the hinges.