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  1. HI D! I could be interested. Dismantling mine, I discovered 3 shims superposed and rusted. I should mesure their thickness. Ordering new seals and parts for it with Walloth nesch, I received only one shim... So I'm still not sure today on how to deal with that...
  2. Hey Martin I'll go to the car next Tuesday. I'll take some pics. What you call the rain tray is the firewall inside the engine compartment right?
  3. Excellent progresses, congratulations! My Tii is now at the body shop for painting :-) Should come back in January with the body completly done! After 4 years of rust "eating", I'll be ready for the big "mecano" of reinstalling all the equipments. Nice job you've done on the front chassis parts. Mine were in such a bad condition that I replace them by new part$$$$$! Merry Xmas! JP
  4. Guys you're just an inexhaustible and unvaluable source of information!!! Thanks a milion!
  5. Hi gentlemen, I searched the forum to find out how tinning is done on the junctions between the front panel and fenders and rear panel with rear quarter panels. I have a cd and books where they say something like "tinning the upper part of the lip". But when I check pictures from cars from that year, it seems the junction line between the panels is visible all the way from top to bottom... Any clues on this? Was tinning done may be only on the cars with the round rear lights... Thanks for your help. JP
  6. Wow! What a job! Congratulations. I'm busy on a 2002 Tii since 3 years now, and the body is gone to the bodyshop for preparation and painting what I cannot do myself. ...a day later... I took another hour to finish reading your thread...it's an encyclopedia on "how to" on a 2002! Fantastic work you've done there. I'll follow this thread closely and will probably have a few questions if you don't mind... JP
  7. Wow thanks 1936Spyder! We'll try to duplicate that. As Mike says: wheel wells and the spare tire well that's it. The rest of the under body would just not be protected while painting those parts. Interesting to see also that the fuel tank is not protected and seems to be satin black. Here below a few pics of my car during the process of adjusting the different parts and drilling the required holes in the new parts... and some of the "horrors" met during the process!
  8. Thank you alll for your quick answers! You solved my problem! I'll give those to the bodyshop and discuss how practically do it. I like the solution of tainted schutz... I'll see. Thanks guys
  9. Hi all, congratulations for your forum which is a gold mine for finding infos on 2002! I'm working since 3 years now on restoring a 2002 Tii model which was imported to France the day it was built in Germany! Now the body is gone to a bodyshop to check my work, adjust a few details and prepare for painting. And here is the question: The whole body (exterior and interior will be in Baikal metallic as the original, but how was the under body at the time? We will put a gravel protection painting in the wheel wells and under the car, but is that gravel protection has to be painted in Baikal too or does it stay black? Thanks for your help. JP
  10. Toga


  11. Really nice work done there Felix666,! Your car looks stunning! I'm on a 74tii... but far from where you are now, and rust is the first problem to be adressed! Many parts to be replaced. I post some pics to let you enjoy even more the job you've done! Congratulations JP
  12. Hi Adam Hi all, thanks for those pics and videos! Really helpfull and motivating for us, poor souls facing he same rust miseries. I'm working on my first project: 1974 2002 Tii. And what you're are facing here is now hitting me in the face! Separating the body from engine with gear box and suspension is all what's left to be done before "attacking" the rust areas. Could you be more explicit about where to weld supports to avoid the body shell from twisting while replacing the rails? Your rotisserie seems to be excellent in that matter too. Much better than the one using the bumper attach points? Would you have some measurement data to build it? Where do you attach it to the body? Thanks for you help and please keep up posting your priceless advises.

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