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  1. Hi there, would you happen to have the 1-barrel air cleaner assy. as well? Thx, Peyton (1600)
  2. I personally saw this car early last year after I bought some miscellaneous grills and bumper parts from the original owner. This 'white' car was sitting under his carport. At the time I wasn't in the market for another car but wandered over to have a look. I really was amazed at how straight it was with no signs of nose damage, nose replacement or any panel replacement. When I saw it, it was in 'white primer' but saw traces of the original Ceylon in the cabin and under the dash. Was very surprised how the doors, trunk and hood opened with ease - no binding. The VIN matching block was present but out of the car. Big project but ... if you've got a thing for Ceylon, this one might be worth looking at.
  3. Apples and uh, walnuts here. The i3 does have utility, albeit at short distances, and as such is simply an 'appliance' as remarked. The model 3 is a full blown supercar by any measure, and consumes no gas :) Both vehicles cost a fair chunk of change and both have substantial insurance considerations. For 50 miles one way or less with the ability to simply be charged at home, the i3 is reasonable. The model 3 is from a different paradigm -- the future! Both super cool
  4. Well not a tii but an E28 in Taiga! Just when you thought you’ve seen em all
  5. So, if 'body-schutz' was an option - what was it's purpose ... as an option?
  6. hi ,i am after a silver dash gauge holder for my 1967 1600-2,any one have a spare for sale cheers keven

  7. Impressive, very impressive!
  8. Einspritz - The bracket you're after is available easily from Blunttech: https://blunttech.com/products/4216119 Rob Torres / 2002Haus is indeed the original craftsman of said bracket. Pic below of Rob's original (bottom) and Blunttech copy (top). Both will work just fine - currently I am using Rob's with my 235/5 - works perfect - no weird torsional problems - no trans falling out of car - no tearing up tunnel, etc, etc. Plug and play, no cutting required
  9. 1600


    Yes have been talking to Harry and he's attempting to get more pics ... structural, etc. Not his car, I think, but hardly matters - nice guy. Not opposed to a fixer at the right price. Well acquainted with rust and don't care for it but maybe the above car never becomes restored and is kept (safely) as is. Perfect would get my attention as well 😎 Thanks for chiming in
  10. 1600


    Also would be open to an original INKA car that has been color changed. Colorado, Ceylon and Sahara are also on the table if not been resprayed, in other words, original paint from the factory.
  11. Looking for an original INKA car. Not interested in a color changed car. Any year ok, tii or standard, manual or auto Thanks, Peyton 530-798-8978 [email protected]
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