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  1. So, if 'body-schutz' was an option - what was it's purpose ... as an option?
  2. hi ,i am after a silver dash gauge holder for my 1967 1600-2,any one have a spare for sale cheers keven

  3. Hey Guys - am looking for the early 1600/1602 driveline flex disc or guibo. It is the small 6 hole version which is smaller than the later 02 or E21/E30 variety. Car is a '67 1600 and there are 3 along the length of the driveshaft. Thanks, Peyton [email protected] (530)798-8978
  4. Looking for a new Bosch distributor or new Bosch reman unit for any year/model 2002 or 2002tii -- for example, ID48X. No made in China units, Cardone, Napa, CarQuest, etc. Should look like the example below. Thx in advance but does not have to be a tii version - Peyton
  5. Hi Sam - yes, those are the goodies. I have tentatively bought a couple off of another faq member. If that deal falls through I'll definitely take you up on them. Thanks for the timely reply -- Peyton
  6. Yes, a bit different -- slimmer and chrome. The knob is thinner and some say, elegant. To me, just different
  7. Am looking for an early 1600 window crank - thx [email protected]
  8. Shoot me a text at 530-898-8978 or email [email protected] Thx.
  9. Still looking for the early rear axle boots - Thx
  10. I went to shop today and can't find the rear subframe.  I have a feeling thatI sold it last December when I was cleaning out a bunch parts. So sorry for the false alarm!

  11. Hi Mike, I'm happy to buy the half shafts complete. I'm in northern California above Sacramento.
  12. Hey thx for reply, By "being attached" do you mean that they are on the axles? I'd be willing to disassemble and return axles if you want to keep the axles, or buy the axles with boots outright. Whatever suits you. Let me know - thx. Peyton -- [email protected]
  13. Need a pair of the early 1600/02 white axle boots, part# 33213614150 Thanks - [email protected]
  14. Saw an silver-ish square tail light car being towed on Bell road being towed towards Interstate 80 earlier this afternoon. Had Oregon plates. Nice, tidy looking car

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