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  1. I'm looking for a driver quality passenger side rear bumper end. This is for the short end bumper. Mine was damaged in an accident. It doesn't look too bad from the picture below but the whole end piece is folded like a taco. Thanks, Roberto
  2. Dropped my car off at the body shop this morning. Thanks to the 2002faq community for the advice after my accident and for sending me the lead on the quarter panel. Hope to have that booty back in no time.
  3. No, I just have these 4 center caps.
  4. I tried to fix a bent brake bleeder screw on the rear drum ( it wasn't air tight) and I ended up breaking the screw. What I came to find out is that the rear drum bleeder screw is 6mm x 1 thread. When I searched online and at the local auto parts store, I'm only coming up with 7mm x 1 screws. Believe me when I say I tried the 7mm x 1 bleeder screw on the drums and its too wide of diameter. Does anyone have a lead on where I can find the 6mm x 1 drum brake bleeder screw? It doesn't seem to be a common size at stores.
  5. Selling a rear passenger side marker in great condition. Also comes with additional parts. $50 plus shipping Thanks, Roberto
  6. $50 plus shipping for all 4. These turn signals are a bit roached out but I though I would put them up for sale incase anyone wanted them. Thanks, Roberto
  7. 4 Good condition center caps for $30 plus shipping. Thanks, Roberto
  8. doslucero

    Steering wheel cover

    No, this is the first time doing any kind of leather work. No template for the leather so that was kind of a guessing game, since the leather stretched. The stitching looks pretty decent but a more heavy duty sewing machine that makes bigger holes would have helped. The leather feels pretty awesome.
  9. From someone who just dropped the subframe and replaced all bushings and cleaned and painted, it took me roughly 2 weekends. Roughly 32 hours of work. I did not replace bearings or cv axles. You will also add hours on top of 32 if you run into issues like seized bolts or cracked subframe mounts that need welding.
  10. doslucero

    Steering wheel cover

    I've been able to tackle some projects I've been wanting to do since the car got hit including wrapping the e21 steering wheel in new leather. I love the look leather steering wheels that have a bit of age to them so thats what I was going for. This turned into quite the task but im happy with the outcome. I found the leather scrap at local upholstery shop, dyed it a dark brown, and hand stitched it. Let me know what you think.
  11. Rear diff from 76 2002 with e21 rear plate - $40 plus shipping 76 2002 shift plate and linkage - $30 plus shipping Center caps - $20 plus shipping e30 rear view mirror with windshield piece - $15 plus shipping
  12. Thanks, This looks perfect. Gonna reach out to the guy.
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