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  1. Got the car all back together and took it for a drive to the desert.
  2. Yesterday I picked up my car from the body shop. They replaced the rear quarter panel and deleted the rear side markers.
  3. I've taken mine off a couple times by hand. I usually start at the quarter panel side. push down on the trim with your fingers and then pull towards you and up with your thumbs. Just ease it off a little at a time. Its pretty flimsy so it will probably bend a little but its pretty easy to bend back into place. The hardest part will be curve near the front windshield. Try to get both ends off first and then the curve last. Other people may have a better technique but this has worked for me.
  4. Paypal works for me. Ill send you a private message.
  5. Right on. Thanks for the info. Most of the emissions system including the air pump was pulled prior to me purchasing my car. Do you know if these are desirable? I have no need for them.
  6. Can anyone tell me what these brackets are supposed to hold? I believe one came off of a 1979 320is and the other was from a 1976 2002. I believe they hold something belt driven and attach either to the lower front left or right side of the engine. Thanks!
  7. Buyer pays shipping Drivers Mirror: Ok quality, plastic around mirror is chipping. $20 Dash Mat: Ok quality, no rips $10 US Turn Signals: All in rough condition $25 for all 4 SOLD Driver rear side marker: Good condition. $15 Center console shift surround with ash tray: Needs a clean. $10 SOLD Fan: $10
  8. Quite an adventure. Electrical issues are the worst and frustrating but breaking down, figuring shit out and meeting strangers is part of the journey. Looks like it was still an amazing trip. Bet a multimeter and some crimpers will be in your tool box for the next trip.
  9. doslucero


    Dropped the car off at the bodyshop to get the paint finished. They'll be blending the paint on the doors and roof. Can't wait to have it fixed.
  10. I'm looking for a driver quality passenger side rear bumper end. This is for the short end bumper. Mine was damaged in an accident. It doesn't look too bad from the picture below but the whole end piece is folded like a taco. Thanks, Roberto
  11. Dropped my car off at the body shop this morning. Thanks to the 2002faq community for the advice after my accident and for sending me the lead on the quarter panel. Hope to have that booty back in no time.
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