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  1. $190 plus shipping. Selling a good condition 320is sport steering wheel. It has new soft leather hand stitched. It has the turn signal cancel tab and plastic hub cover.
  2. I have a new heater fan blade I purchased from Blunttech that I did not need to use. It's still in the plastic. $20 plus shipping.
  3. I replaced the hoses on all four wheels within the last 2 years. They are in good shape.
  4. No difference in ride quality. It lowered it maybe half an inch.
  5. I recently installed a new reservoir cap.
  6. This started before the calipers were installed. Calipers have bleed valves pointing up. This started after I took the rear subframe out and refreshed all the bushings and put it back in.
  7. Looking for some advise. I've bled the brakes in the correct order many many time and continue to get bubbles while bleeding. I've replaced the two front calipers. and put thread tape on every bleeder valve to make sure its air tight. I see no leaks anywhere. The brake pedal continues to be soft after every bleed attempt. The next thing I am going to try is using a power bleeder that hooks up to the fluid reservoir. Is there any other thing I should try before replacing the brake master cylinder? Thanks
  8. I've seen this one in person. It's a cool little car. Has a lot of character. The owner has a coffee shop and hosts car meets. He also has a porsche 356 and alfa both with a lot of character. I think the reason it's not commanding as much money as he would hope is because it's got quite the mix of mismatched parts and its not the original color. Now, if a Porsche was in this condition, it would still command quite a bit of money. But I think this car might not be able to get top dollar based on character alone. I think people will either see it as not original enough to leave it as is and in that case, they would have to change a few things (seats, paint, dash, carpet, etc) which cost money. With that said, It could be exactly what someone is looking for and I hope it does sell for what he wants.
  9. I cut half a spring in the front. I like the stance but wish the front was a little lower. But I don't want to cut anymore of the springs so that's where she stays. I'm running H&R springs all around with bilstein shocks.
  10. Do you have a passenger side rear short bumper end?
  11. Thinking of selling my sport wheel to get some funds to buy IE sway bars. I recently spend a lot of time hand dying, cutting and stitching the new leather on the wheel. The leather is new, really nice and soft. The stitching is not perfect but I think it came out really good for my first time wrapping a steering wheel. The wheel is in really good condition. The turn signal cancel piece is still attached and It comes with the plastic column piece. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks, Roberto
  12. I went with cowles 1/2" molding and never looked back. The holes are still under the molding. If you're a stickler for real trim, open the holes before paint but I'm super happy with the stick on trim. And I don't have to worry about it getting dented.
  13. I'll check it out the ground wires. Thanks! I just rebuilt the heater box so now that its working, it must be doing some funky things to the relay.
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