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  1. doslucero

    Reverse Driving Season

    Living in the desert has its advantages and disadvantages. Driving our cars in the summer with no A/C is miserable but we do get to drive them all winter long. I've been driving the car quite a bit since I did the engine swap and got a new driveshaft from IE. Still working out an exhaust clearance issues with the getrag 240 rear mount bracket. I can say the car runs strong and alot better than the tired m10 I replaced. The plan is to take it on some long trips and its getting closer to being ready.
  2. doslucero

    Getrag 240 test mule needed

    Will you be selling the trans mount separate from the kit? I am using a modified 83 240 mount but it still hits the exhaust. Just wondering. Thanks.
  3. I thought I would share this simple diagram I made as a reference for people doing a 5 speed swap with a getrag 240. These are the measurements I got. I do not recommend relying solely on these numbers when doing your own getrag 240 swap. Please do your own measurements and use this diagram as a reference. I installed a getrag 240 from a 1984 318i and have a LSD diff.
  4. Sure man. I actually made a graphic with the measurements I got. Driveshaft Length2.pdf
  5. No, I had to give them the measurements so they could cut a driveshaft to the correct length. They do however sell a 2002 driveshaft ready to go for a getrag 245 but I'm guessing you already knew that.
  6. Yes. I measured it. It is 50mm. Same as a 2002 driveshaft.
  7. doslucero

    2 4-speed transmissions

    I'm selling 2 4-speed transmissions. $200 for both. One is from a 1976 2002 and the other is from a 1979 320i. The one from my 2002 shifts nicely with no grinding and I just pulled it out of the car 3 weeks ago. The transmission from the 320i is a bit of an unknown but i am pretty confident after speaking to a family friend that sold me the car that it came out of that there were no issues with the transmission. I also have a clutch and pressure plate to go with it. Local pick up only at this time. Sorry for how dirty the transmissions are in the pics. All I've done is pull them out from the cars. I also have the 4 bolt flange and nut that is missing on one of the transmissions in the pictures. Thanks, Roberto
  8. Sorry, left that in the salvage yard.
  9. I do not because I sent in my full 2002 driveshaft as a core for the new one I'm ordering. I do however have a full driveshaft from a 1979 bmw 320i. Not sure if that's of interest to you.
  10. This front half of a driveshaft came from a 86 3 series. I was planning on cutting the side with the 3 bolt flange and having it welded to my 2002 driveshaft in order to mate to the 5 speed transmission but my 2002 driveshaft needed new joints so I decided to buy a full driveshaft from IE. I found this 3 bolt front half driveshaft at a salvage yard. I got taken for $100 but will let it go for $60 plus shipping. Thanks, Roberto
  11. doslucero

    Engine and 5 speed trans are in!

    Thanks man! Hope to have it running in the next week or two. I'll let you know. We need to get take the 02's out for a drive.
  12. doslucero

    Engine and 5 speed trans are in!

    Over the last two weekends I've installed the rebuilt M10 with 40k miles I pulled out of a 320is and I installed the getrag 240 5 speed trans from a 84 318i. The engine went in easy but I cant say the same for the getrag 240. I wrestled with that thing for 2+ hours trying to squeeze that thing into the trans tunnel. I had to take the hammer to the trans tunnel a few time to make it fit. I bought the rear trans mount for the 84 318i and after mocking it up, it looks like I'll only have to drill some holes in the floor board and add some shims to make it work. I'm stoked cause I was worried about having to fabricate a rear mount with the correct angles for the bushings. Next step is to get the driveshaft shortened. I hit the salvage yard on Saturday and was able to find a 3 bolt front half of a driveshaft that will be cut and welded to my 2002 driveshaft. Also, I got my seats back from the upholstery shop. Alonzo did an amazing job. I wasn't so sure about taking my seats to him at first cause the dude works on this property filled with toilets, old car parts and a bunch of other trash. But we became fast friends and even though he didn't speak english and my spanish is terrible, I got a good vibe from him and I could tell by looking at his work bench that he's been doing this work for longer than I've probably been alive. I'm super happy with how they came out and stoked to support a hard working dude that definitely appreciates the business and cares far more about his work than google reviews.
  13. doslucero

    Need Help: Re-flanging driveshaft

    Thanks for the measurements. I've been looking for a 320 driveshaft but haven't been able to find one yet. I have found a few e30 driveshafts. wondering if they have the same 50mm ends.
  14. doslucero

    3-bolt to 4-bolt output flange issue

    Hi, I'm finding a few driveshafts that use the 624 guibo but they are not skinny driveshafts like on my 2002. I have a lead on a e30 3-bolt driveshaft but it looks like its skinny on the ends of the driveshaft but fatter in the middle. Will these still work? Do you think the skinny ends are the same diameter as my 2002 and will a driveshaft shop be able to use just the end to weld to my 2002 driveshaft?